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⛳ | "Riding on the seaweed" First V checker Yuta Uetake "thinks about what will happen tomorrow" even if he runs alone by 5

Photo Yuta Uetake, 5 differences towards the first V, what will happen on the final day? ?? (Photo: Bridgestone Open) (Photo: Bunpei Fukuda)

"Riding on the seaweed" First V checker Yuta Uetake "thinks about what will happen tomorrow" even if he runs alone by 5

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Tohoku Fukushi University Golf Club is in sync with Kazutaka Higa, who has already won two tours.

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2 tour wins

Kazutaka Higa

Kazutaka Higa(Higa Kazuki,1995 May 4-)teeth,OkinawaA Japanese professional golfer from Japan.


He started playing golf when he was 10 years old and won the "Okinawa Prefectural Junior" for the third consecutive time.

Motobu High SchoolWhen I was in school2012 ,Japan amateur golf championshipFinal (36 holes ・Match play) soHideto Kobukuro2 down to runner-up[1].

2013 ,National High School Golf ChampionshipWinner of the "Spring Tournament", which achieved the second place in the previous year[2].

Tohoku Fukushi UniversityWhen I was in school2014 , Lost 1 down in the Japan Amateur Championship final and second runner-up[3].

2015 ,Gwangju ( South Korea) Held in28st Summer Universiade(English editionIndividually, he won a gold medal with a total of 15 under.Gold medal with groups[4].

2016 , Lined up with a total of 6 under at the Japan Amateur ChampionshipJunya KameshiroToplay offLost in and third runner-up[5]. "Japan Open Golf ChampionshipIn lowamateurA senior at the university who won the championship in the same tournamentHideki MatsuyamaWas commended with[6].

2017 ,Neighbors Trophy Team ChampionshipThen I won the championship individually.Even in a groupTakumi Kanaya, And won the championship.In addition, girls alsoInemi Moning,Yuna Nishimura,Ayaka FurueIs a group victory[7].Taipei (Taiwan) Held in29st Summer Universiade(English editionA silver medal for individuals.Gold medal with Kanaya and Konno in the group[8]..Turned professional in the same year.

2018 ,JGTOAlthough I didn't win the tourAbemaTV TourWon the championship.In the final round, he played 10 games in the top 3 and entered the seed for the first time in the 9th place in the prize money rank, even though he participated in only 60 games.[9].

2019 ,KBC Augusta Golf TournamentIn 』, a total of 26 under, second place to break the tournament recordRikuya HoshinoFirst victory of the tour with a big difference of 5 strokes[10].. He won over 5,740 million yen and ranked 14th in prize money.

2020 ,Fuji Sankei Classic9th place Thailand is the highest.It was the same season as the previous year2021 ,Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf Tournament”, Although the final day was reached in 2nd place, it increased to 6 birdies and a total of 20 unders, 2nd place and 2 strokes difference to win the second time.[11].


Japan Tour Winner (2)

No.ScheduleConventionScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
1August 2018-September 8, 29 KBC Augusta-26 (66-63-67-66 = 262)5 strokeJapanese flag Rikuya Hoshino
22021 year 8 month 19-22 dayShigeo Nagashima Invited Sega Sammy Cup-20 (68-67-65-68 = 268)2 strokeJapanese flag


  • Rookie of the Year (2019) --Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association


  • Height 158 ​​cm is the lowest record for a JGTO tour winner
  • A female professional golfer with the same surnameMamiko HigaIs a senior at the headquarters


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