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⛳ | Hinako Shibuno rises to the top with “68”, and Ayaka Furue, who takes a total of 7 under 3 weeks V alongside Bae Seon Woo, is in 5th place.

Photo Hinako Shibuno leads to the final day (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

Hinako Shibuno rises to the top with "68", and Ayaka Furue, who takes a total of 7 under 3 weeks V alongside Bae Seon Woo, is 5th.

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Jiyai Shin (Korea Republic), Yui Kawamoto, Ayaka Takahashi, Nana Suganuma, and Asuka Ishikawa will enter the final day in 5th place in Thailand.

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Ayaka Takahashi

Ayaka Takahashi[1](Sayaka Takahashi,1998 May 7-) isNiigataNiigataNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationToshiba.


Started playing golf at the age of 10 due to the influence of his father[2].

"Niigata Junior Golf Tournament" (Junior High School Girls Division = 2011) as a major achievement in the amateur era[3],Year 2013[4]), (High school girls' division = 2015), etc.[5], 2016 "Japan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipThere is a victory[6]..Also joined the JGA national team in the second half of 2016[2]..Around this time, she became the number one girl in the Japan Amateur Golf Ranking.[7].

Kaishi International High School2017 after graduation,Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Advances to the final protest but fails in 53rd place Thailand[8]..In the same year, he advanced to the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament (QT) and finished 22nd.[9].

In 2018, participate in the JLPGA tour as a TP single year registrant (until passing the protest) with the qualification of a final QT advancer[10], Passed in 2th place after advancing to the JLPGA final protest for the second time in the same year[11].. Become the 90th generation of JLPGA[1].

In 28, when we reached the 2019th place in the QT ranking,[12], Studied under Masaaki Okushima from the middle of the season[13].. June "Nichirei LadiesAfter a playoff that I had never experienced in my amateur days,Suzuki AiAlthough he was kidnapped by the championship, he became the second highest in himself.[14].. After that, "1st reranking[15]10th, "2nd reranking[16]10th place and qualified to participate throughout the year[12]Although he did not win, he was the first to seed himself in 19th place in the annual prize money ranking.[17].

Belongs to Toshiba from January 2020[18].

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Love[1](Shin Jie, Hangul:신 지애, English: Jiyai Shin,1988 May 4 -) isSouth KoreaJeollanam-doReiko-gunNative girlProfessional golfer.Japan Women's Professional Golf AssociationThe registered name at (JLPGA) is "Application'[2].National Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) It was called "Final Round Queen" because it showed strength in the final round when participating in the tour.[3].


Yonsei University(Korea) Graduated[2].

Father starts golfing at age 11[4].

In November 3, when she was in the third year of junior high school, she sent Ai Jin to a golf driving range, and her mother died in a car accident while returning home by car.[5].. My brother and sister were also seriously injured[5].

Held in Japan in April 2005Japan-Korea rivalry middle and high school golf championship] (High school girls' division) Win[6].. In June of the same yearKorea Women's Professional Golf Association(KLPGA) Amateur winner in "SK Enclean Invitation" tour[7].. I was exempted from protest and joined the association in November of the same year[1].

2006 KLPGA Tour Major Tournament "Korean Women's Open" First professional win[8].. 3 wins, including this, won the New Face Award and the Queen of the Prize, and 1 win of the Asian Women's Tour (LAGT)[9].

2007 KLPGA Tour Major Tournament "KB Kookmin Bank Star Tour Round 4" win[10].. 9 wins including this, shining as a prize queen for the second consecutive year, LAGT 2 win in addition[9].. Begins spot competition on the National Women's Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour in the same year[9].

2008 wins on the KLPGA Tour in the 7 season (including the China Women's Open, which was co-sponsored with the China Women's Professional Golf Association held in December of the previous year)[11]) And win the prize queen for three consecutive years[9].. These seven wins were KLPGA's major tournaments (the "Korean Women's Open")[12], "KLPGA Championship"[13], "KB Kookmin Bank Star Tour Round 4"[14]) And become the first player to achieve an annual grand slam on the KLPGA Tour[9].

In the same year, on the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association (JLPGA) tour,Yokohama Tire PRGR Women's CupTo win the first victory[15].. This is my first appearance on the tour,Yokohama sakuraIt was the victory that won the 4-hole playoff with[15].. In December of the same year, joined JLPGA as the 12th generation[2].

In the same year, on the LPGA tour,British Ricoh Women's OpenIn addition to the tournament's first victory at a major competition,Mizuno Classic[Note 1]","ADT ChampionshipAlso won[9].

In 2009, he became a member of LPGA Tour,HSBC Women's Champions3 tour wins, including the newcomer award and the prize queen[9].. JLPGA Tour 1 win[16].

Lorena OchoaWith retirement[9]Became the first place in the world ranking of women's golf on May 2010, 5[17][Note 2].. 2 wins on LPGA Tour in the same year[9], JLPGA Tour 1 win[16].

In the same year, won the KLPGA Tour Major Tournament "KLPGA Championship"[18]With this victory, as a professional, he won 20 tours in total and was qualified as a KLPGA Tour Permanent Seed.[19].

At the Kingsmill Championship in September 2012Paula CreamerAfter two days of playoffs over 2 holes[Note 3], Won the tour for the first time in two years and won the major tournament "Ricoh Women's Open" in the following week.[9].

The end of 2013 season[9]Give back tour card for LPGA Tour[19].

Since 2014, the JLPGA Tour has been the main battlefield[19], 4 wins in the same year, 4th place in annual prize ranking (prize ranking)[16].

January 2015Three BondIt was announced that he became a member (the contract was from January of the same year).[20].. The same year was the official matchLPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup3rd place, including 3 wins[16].

In 2007, he entered the KLPGA Hall of Fame,Park SeriWas the third member to join[21].

2016 JLPGA tour 3 wins, 2nd prize, 2017 same tour 2 wins, 5th prize[16].

2018 will be JLPGA TourWorld Ladies Championship Salon Pass Cup","Japan Women's Professional Golf Championship Konica Minolta Cup], "LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup" and 3 official games[22].. 3 wins in the official match in the same year is the first time in the history of the JLPGA Tour[22], Got a 2019 year seed from 2025 to 7[23].. In the same year, he won another game and won a total of 1 wins, ranking second in prize money.[16].

July 2019 ``Earth Mondamine CupIn the first day, he won his third win of the season with a complete victory that did not give up the top spot.The victory earned the JLPGA Tour's total prize money of over 3 million yen, the fastest achievement ever in 9 appearances.[24].. In the same year, the tour prize money rank finished at 3rd place,[16]Recorded an average annual stroke of 60, the first 69.9399 cars in the tour history[25][Note 4].

2020 isGlobal pandemic of new coronavirusThe opening of the JLPGA tour was significantly delayed due to the influence of the above, and while he was returning to his home country (Korea)Japanese govermentHowever, he was unable to come to Japan until October due to immigration restrictions for foreigners as a measure against corona.On top of that, the pain in the left elbow and the pain in the right wrist tendon of the old wound worsened, so I had to go away from golf for a while, such as undergoing cleaning surgery in my home country.[26]..In this situation 2020Japan Women's OpenWhen I participated for the first time this season, it was the third race.Fujitsu ladiesOn the last day, he is a junior of his compatriotsBae Sung WooWinning the championship with the JLPGA tour for the first time this season[Note 5]While decorating with[27], By winning a prize of 1,800 million yenAnne Song JuOvertook the 253 games held by the company and exceeded the lifetime prize money of 207 billion yen in the 10th game, the fastest on the tour.[26].

Major tour win history


*This sectionJIYAI SHIN | BIO | LPGABased on (English), the tournament name is shown at the time of the event, and the bold type is the major event

  • 2008:British Ricoh Women's Open,Mizuno Classic, ADT Championship
  • 2009: HSBC Women's Champions, Wegmans LPGA, P & G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship
  • 2010:Evian Masters, Mizuno Classic
  • 2012: Kingsmill Championship,British Ricoh Women's Open
  • 2013: ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open


*This section excludes someShinji | Profile detailsThe tournament name is written at the time of the event, and the bold face is the official game

LPGA major competition results

*The results in this section areShin Jie Tour ResultsBased on each year

ANA inspirationT15T31T21T5T29T26T7T16DNPDNPDNPDNPT21
National Women's Professional Golf ChampionshipDNPDNP3T3T34DNPT5DNPDNPDNPT11DNPDNP
British Women's OpenT281T8T14211T36T29DNPT60DNPCUTDNP


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注 釈

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