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⛳ | 26-year-old Yuta Uetake keeps the lead alone to the first victory, Hideto Tanihara, Kaito Onishi and others lead in 5nd place with 2 difference

Photo Will Yuta Uetake keep the lead and win his first victory? (The photo is from Bridgestone Open) (Photo: Bunpei Fukuda)

26-year-old Yuta Uetake keeps the lead alone to the first victory, Hideto Tanihara, Kaito Onishi and others lead in 5nd place by 2 difference

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Shaun Norris (South Africa), who will win consecutive wins from the "Japan Open", will enter the final day with a total of 8 under and 9th place tie along with Yosuke Asaji.

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Japan Open Golf Championship

Japan Open Golf Championship(Nihon Open Golf Championship) is held every autumn (October)JapanThe professionalGolfOne of the major tournaments.Japan Golf Association(JGA) It is also a sponsored competition,Japan ChampionshipEquivalent to.

Convention summary

The history of the tournament1927 Starting in, this year is an amateur playerRokuro AkaboshiWon the first victory.Since then, top Japanese professionals and top amateurs have participated,Japan Professional Golf ChampionshipIt has grown into a big event alongside.

The tournament is held every year in 4-hole stroke play for 72 days in different prefectures, but if 4 holes cannot be completed in 72 days due to natural disasters, Monday is a preliminary day.[2]..The following players are eligible to participate.The maximum number of participants is 120.

1996年大会から2005年大会までの賞金総額は1億2,000万円、優勝賞金は2,400万円だったが、2006年大会からは賞金が大幅に増額となり、2021年現在賞金総額2億1000万円、優勝賞金4200万円[1]It has become.However, in 2020, it was reduced by 25% due to the cost of measures against the new corona.[4]..In addition, the winning player is the champion blazer (since 2009,AOKIProvided by), JGA Open Cup,NHK Cup,Prime Minister CupWill be awarded, and JGA official sponsor as a supplementary prizeNECMore prizes and 5 years of unconditional seeding rights.Also for low amateursBobby jonesA cup will be given.

The tournament is co-sponsoredNHK 1972 (The same year's tournament was also NHK's first golf broadcast)[5]..Previously it was only general TV,2011 Since it was fully integrated into digital broadcasting, it has been relayed to BS1 in the early afternoon and to NHK General TV in the latter half.2013 TheDiet broadcast(185th Extraordinary Diet-House of CouncilorsRepresentative question[6]) Partly due to the influence of), the live broadcast on NHK General TV was not possible on the first day, and the entire movie was broadcast on BS1.On the final day, due to the postponement of rain and the broadcast of the Diet (intensive deliberation by the Budget Committee), live broadcasting on NHK General TV became impossible, and only live broadcasting on BS1 was available.To supplement the daytime broadcast, NHK General TV broadcasts a highlight broadcast of about 50 minutes at midnight on the day (dawn the next day on the actual date).

Tournament winners

Number of timesScheduleWinnervenueHeld course
1 times1927 May 5,29 daysJapanese flag Rokuro AkaboshiKanagawaHodogaya Country Club
2 times1928 May 5,27 daysJapanese flag Asami RyokuzoTokyoTokyo Golf ClubKomazawa course
3 times1929 May 6,9 daysJapanese flag Tomekichi MiyamotoOsakaIbaraki Country Club
4 times1930 May 10,26 daysOsakaIbaraki Country Club
5 times1931 May 10,May 11Japanese flag Asami RyokuzoKanagawaHodogaya Country Club
6 times1932 May 10,9 daysJapanese flag Tomekichi MiyamotoOsakaIbaraki Country Club
7 times1933 May 10~The 8thJapanese flagSaitamaKasumigaseki Country ClubEast course
1934 Was canceled due to typhoon flood damage.
8 times1935 May 10~May 11Japanese flag Tomekichi MiyamotoSaitamaTokyo Golf ClubAsaka course
9 times1936 May 10~The 30thHyogoNaruo Golf ClubInagawa course
10 times1937 May 6~5 daysRepublic of China flagKanagawaSagami Country Club
11 times1938 May 10~13 daysRepublic of China flagKanagawaFujisawa Golf Club
12 times1939 May 6~The 9thJapanese flag Toda ToichiroHyogoHirono Golf Club
13 times1940 May 5~30 daysJapanese flag Tomekichi MiyamotoSaitamaTokyo Golf ClubAsaka course
14 times1941 May 5~10 daysJapanese flagKanagawaHodogaya Country Club
1942 ~1949 TheSecond World WarCanceled due to the influence of.
15 times1950 May 10,3 daysJapanese flag Yoshiro HayashiChibaAbiko Golf Club
16 times1951 May 10,4 daysJapanese flag Koichi OnoHyogoNaruo Golf ClubInagawa course
17 times1952 June 10th10 daysJapanese flag Tokichi NakamuraShizuokaKawana Hotel Golf CourseFuji course
18 times1953 May 10~7 daysJapanese flag Koichi OnoHyogoTakarazuka Golf Club
19 times1954 May 9~29 daysJapanese flag Yoshiro HayashiSaitamaTokyo Golf Club
20 times1955 May 9~21 daysJapanese flag Koichi OnoHyogoHirono Golf Club
21 times1956 May 9~20 daysJapanese flag Tokichi NakamuraSaitamaKasumigaseki Country ClubWest course
22 times1957 May 9~The 19thJapanese flag Haruyoshi KoneeAichiAichi Country ClubHigashiyama course
23 times1958 10 month 28 day to 30 dayJapanese flag Tokichi NakamuraChibaTakanodai Country Club
24 times1959 May 9~30 daysRepublic of China flagKanagawaSagamihara Golf ClubEast course
25 times1960 May 9~The 28thJapanese flag Haruyoshi KoneeHyogoHirono Golf Club
26 times1961 May 11~10 daysJapanese flag Kenji HosoishiChibaTakanodai Country Club
27 times1962 9 month 26 day to 28 dayJapanese flag Teruo SugiharaChibaChiba Country ClubUmesato course
28 times1963 9 month 18 day to 20 dayJapanese flag Toda ToichiroMieYokkaichi Country Club
29 times1964 May 10~29 daysJapanese flag Hideyo SugimotoSaitamaTokyo Golf Club
30 times1965 10 month 6 day to 8 dayJapanese flag Nori kitadaAichiMiyoshi Country Club
31 times1966 10 month 4 day to 6 dayJapanese flag Seiichi SatoChibaSodegaura Country Club
32 times1967 10 month 2 day to 4 dayJapanese flag Nori kitadaHyogoHirono Golf Club
33 times1968 10 month 2 day to 4 dayJapanese flag Takaaki KonoChibaSobu Country Club East course / Middle course
34 times1969 9/30 to 10/2Japanese flag Hideyo SugimotoHyogoOno Golf Club
35 times1970 9/30 to 10/2Japanese flagSaitamaMusashi Country ClubSasai course
36 times1971 June 9thMay 10Japanese flag Yoshimasa FujiiAichiAichi Country ClubHigashiyama course
37 times1972 9/28 to 10/1Republic of Korea flagIbarakiOtone Country ClubEast course
38 times1973 9 month 27 day to 30 dayPhilippines flag Ben ArdaOsakaIbaraki Country ClubWest course
39 times1974 9 month 26 day to 29 dayJapanese flag Shoji OzakiIbarakiCentral golf clubEast course
40 times1975 May 9~The 28thJapanese flag Takashi MurakamiAichiKasugai Country ClubEast course
41 times1976 May 11~15 daysJapanese flag Shimada KosakuIbarakiCentral golf clubEast course
42 times1977 May 11~20 daysSpanish flag Seve BallesterosChibaNarashino Country Club
43 times1978 May 11~5 daysKanagawaYokohama Country ClubWest course
44 times1979 May 11~4 daysRepublic of China flagShigaHino Golf ClubKing course
45 times1980 June 10thMay 11Japanese flagKanagawaSagamihara Golf ClubEast course
46 times1981 May 10~ November 11stJapanese flag Yutaka HagawaGifuNihon Line Golf ClubEast course
47 times1982 May 10~The 31thJapanese flag Akira YabeSaitamaMusashi Country ClubToyooka course
48 times1983 9/29 to 10/2Japanese flag Isao AokiHyogoRokko International Golf Club
49 times1984 June 10th7 daysJapanese flagSaitamaRanzan Country Club
50 times1985 10 month 10 day to 13 dayJapanese flag Nakajima TsuneyukiAichiEast Nagoya Country ClubWest course
51 times1986 10 month 9 day to 12 dayKanagawaTotsuka Country ClubWest course
52 times1987 10 month 8 day to 11 dayJapanese flag Isao AokiHyogoArima Royal Golf Club
53 times1988 10 month 6 day to 9 dayJapanese flag Shoji OzakiSaitamaTokyo Golf Club
54 times1989 10 month 5 day to 8 dayAichiNagoya Golf Club/Waido Course
55 times1990 10 month 4 day to 7 dayJapanese flag Nakajima TsuneyukiHokkaidoOtaru Country Club
56 times1991 10 month 10 day to 13 dayYamaguchi Shimonoseki Golf Club
57 times1992 10 month 8 day to 12 dayJapanese flag Shoji OzakiChibaRyugasaki Country Club
58 times1993 10 month 7 day to 10 dayJapanese flag Seiki OkudaShigaBiwako Country Club Ritto / Mikami course
59 times1994 9/29 to 10/2Japanese flag Shoji OzakiMieYokkaichi Country Club
60 times1995 9/28 to 10/1Japanese flag Toshimitsu IzawaSaitamaKasumigaseki Country ClubEast course
61 times1996 9 month 26 day to 29 dayUnited States flagOsakaIbaraki Country ClubWest course
62 times1997 10 month 2 day to 5 dayAustralian flagFukuokaKoga Golf Club
63 times1998 10 month 1 day to 4 dayJapanese flag Hidemichi TanakaIbarakiOarai Golf Club
64 times1999 9/30 to 10/3Japanese flag Naomichi OzakiHokkaidoOtaru Country Club
65 times2000 June 10th15 daysChibaTakanodai Country Club
66 times2001 June 10th14 daysJapanese flag Taichi TeshimaSaitamaTokyo Golf Club
67 times2002 May 10~20 daysNew Zealand flag David smailYamaguchi Shimonoseki Golf Club
68 times2003 May 10~19 daysJapanese flag Keiichiro FukahoriTochigiNikko Country Club
69 times2004 10 month 14 day to 17 dayJapanese flag Toru TaniguchiIshikawaKatayamazu Golf ClubHakusan Course
70 times2005 10 month 13 day to 16 dayJapanese flag Shingo KatayamaHyogoHirono Golf Club
71 times2006 10 month 12 day to 15 dayAustralian flag Paul SheehanSaitamaKasumigaseki Country ClubWest course
72 times2007 10 month 11 day to 14 dayJapanese flag Toru TaniguchiKanagawaSagamihara Golf ClubEast course
73 times2008 10 month 16 day to 19 dayJapanese flag Shingo KatayamaFukuokaKoga Golf Club
74 times2009 10 month 15 day to 18 dayJapanese flag Ryuichi OdaSaitamaMusashi Country ClubToyooka course
75 times2010 10 month 14 day to 17 dayRepublic of Korea flag KimAichiAichi Country ClubHigashiyama course
76 times2011 10 month 13 day to 16 dayRepublic of Korea flag Bae Sang-moonChibaTakanodai Country Club
77 times2012 10 month 11 day to 14 dayJapanese flag Kenichi KubotaniOkinawaNaha Golf Club
78 times2013 10 month 17 day to 21 dayJapanese flag Masanori KobayashiIbarakiIbaraki Golf ClubEast course
79 times2014 10 month 16 day to 19 dayJapanese flag Yuta IkedaChibaChiba Country ClubUmesato course
80 times2015 10 month 15 day to 18 dayJapanese flag Satoshi KodairaHyogoRokko International Golf ClubEast course
81 times2016 10 month 13 day to 16 dayJapanese flag Hideki Matsuyama[7]SaitamaSayama Golf Club
82 times2017 10 month 12 day to 15 dayJapanese flag Yuta IkedaGifuGifu Seki Country ClubEast course[8]
83 times2018 10 month 11 day to 14 dayJapanese flag Inamori Yuki[9]KanagawaYokohama Country Club
84 times2019 10 month 17 day to 20 dayUnited States flag Chan Kim[10]FukuokaKoga Golf Club[11]
85 times2020 10 month 15 day to 18 dayJapanese flag Inamori Yuki[12]ChibaPurple Country ClubViolet course[13][14][15]
86 times2021 10 month 14 day to 17 daySouth African flag (English edition[16]ShigaBiwako Country Club Lake Biwa / Mikami Course[1][14][17]
87 times2022 10 month 20 day to 23 dayHyogoSanko Golf ClubJapan course[18][19]
88 times2023 OsakaIbaraki Country Club・ West course[14]
89 times2024 SaitamaTokyo Golf Club[20]


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