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⛳ | <Breaking News> Hinako Shibuno rises to the top position with 4 consecutive birdies!7 under in total to the second half

Photo Hinako Shibuno is doing well!Elevated to the top in the first half (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

<Breaking News> Hinako Shibuno rises to the top position with 4 consecutive birdies!7 under in total to the second half

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Shina Kanazawa and Ayaka Takahashi are attached to the total of 2 under.

<Higuchi Hisako Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Day 2 ◇ 30th ◇ Musashigaoka Golf Course (Saitama Prefecture) ◇ 6650 yards par 72… → Continue reading

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Shina Kanazawa

Shina Kanazawa(Kanazawa Shina,1995/May 7 -) isIbarakiKasama CityNative Japanese girlProfessional golfer.. What is your affiliation?


He started playing golf at the age of eight, and achieved high grades in the tournament in junior high school and high school.

Iwase HidakaWhen I was in school2011/,National High School Golf ChampionshipI won the individual divisionKawagishi Fumika, 2nd place in ThailandSaki Nagamine4th place Thailand next to others.6th place in the group[1].

Chuo Gakuin UniversityIn 2015 when I was in school South Korea-GwangjuHeld in28th Universiade Games(English editionIn "Individual silver medal, in women's teamInouekoWon a silver medal with[2].70th National Sports FestivalAs a representative of Ibaraki prefectureHataoka Nasa・ Group victory with Tanno[3].

2016/,Japan Women's Student Golf ChampionshipWin at[4].

2017/,Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) For the final protestMinami Katsu,Aragaki Hina,Cherry blossomPassed with[5]..In the same year, he won the step-up tour without any prize money.[6].

2018/,Women's window5th place Thailand is the best.The prize money rank is 57th.

2019/, Recorded the top 10 three times and played a prize seed battle until the end, but unfortunately did not reach 3st place[7].

2021/, Also ranked high in the 1st re-ranking[8],Earth Mondamine CupIn total, 10 under, 4th place tie and good fight[9]. "ITO EN Ladies Golf Tournament』In the leadInemi MoningAlthough it was 9 strokes behindMao SaigoAlong with personal best second place tie[10]


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Ayaka Takahashi

Ayaka Takahashi[1](Sayaka Takahashi,1998/May 7 -) isNiigataNiigataNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationToshiba.


Started playing golf at the age of 10 due to the influence of his father[2].

"Niigata Junior Golf Tournament" (Junior High School Girls Division = 2011) as a major achievement in the amateur era[3],Year 2013[4]), (High school girls' division = 2015), etc.[5], 2016 "Japan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipThere is a victory[6]..Also joined the JGA national team in the second half of 2016[2]..Around this time, she became the number one girl in the Japan Amateur Golf Ranking.[7].

Kaishi International High School2017 after graduation,Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Advances to the final protest but fails in 53rd place Thailand[8]..In the same year, he advanced to the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament (QT) and finished 22nd.[9].

In 2018, participate in the JLPGA tour as a TP single year registrant (until passing the protest) with the qualification of a final QT advancer[10], Passed in 2th place after advancing to the JLPGA final protest for the second time in the same year[11].. Become the 90th generation of JLPGA[1].

In 28, when we reached the 2019th place in the QT ranking,[12], Studied under Masaaki Okushima from the middle of the season[13].. June "Nichirei LadiesAfter a playoff that I had never experienced in my amateur days,Suzuki AiAlthough he was kidnapped by the championship, he became the second highest in himself.[14].. After that, "1st reranking[15]10th, "2nd reranking[16]10th place and qualified to participate throughout the year[12]Although he did not win, he was the first to seed himself in 19th place in the annual prize money ranking.[17].

Belongs to Toshiba from January 2020[18].

2022 season, AprilFuji Sankei Ladies ClassicAt the start of the final group on the final day, which was his 10th time, he improved his score, and in the end, he won the long-awaited professional first victory by 12 strokes behind the 2nd place as 2 under of the tournament tie record.[19].

Main record

Tour victory (2)

JLPGA Tour (1)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12022/4/24Fuji Sankei Ladies Classic-12 (63-69-69 = 201)2 strokesJapanese flag Saiki Fujita

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