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🎾 | World ranking, Nishikori is 48th. 20-year-old Shinner is about to enter the top 10!

Photo Kei Nishikori at "ATP1000 Miami"

In the world ranking, Nishikori is 48th. 20-year-old Shinner is about to enter the top 10!

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Carlos Taberner (Spain), who won the tournament on Lošinj, Croatia, moved up 18 to 93rd place, making his first Top 100.

ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) announced the latest world rankings on the 25th."AT ..." held in Russia last week → Continue reading


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Lošinj (-Today,Croatian:lošinj,Italian:Lošinj,German: Lötzing; Latin Apsorrus, Greek language: Apsorros, Αψωρος) IsCroatiaIsland of.Adriatic seaNorth,Kvarner GulfLocated in.Mainland cityRiekaTo the south ofPrimorje-Gorski Kotar CountyBelongs to.It covers an area of ​​74.36 square kilometers and has a population of 2001 as of 8,134.


The settlements on Lošinj are as follows:

  • Nerezine
  • Sveti Jakov
  • Chunski (Ćunski)
  • Artaturi
  • Mali Losinj(Mali Lošinj)
  • Veli Lošinj

The road on the island runs the entire length of the island.The ferry is next doorCresViaZadarFrom andPulaCome from.There is also an airport.


Lošinj is part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago.The Cres-Lošinj archipelago includes Cres, Lošinj, Ilovik, Susak, Vere Surakane, Male Surakane, and many small uninhabited islands.Cres is the largest island and Lošinj is the second largest.Cres and Lošinj are connected by a small bridge.

Lošinj is the eleventh largest of the Adriatic Islands, with a total length of 11 km and a width of 33 km from the north to the middle of the island (a narrower 4.75 km near Mali Losinj).coastlineWill have a total length of 112.7 km.

AnnualDaylight hoursOver 2600 hours, in summerGermanyItalyIt will be a popular tourist destination for tourists from.The annual humidity is 70%, the average temperature in summer is 24 ° C and in winter 7 ° C.

The highest points on the island are 588m on Mount Televrin (also known as Osoršćica) and 557m on Sveti Nikola.Nerezine and Sveti Jakov are in this mountain range.The islandLimestoneDolomiteRocks dominate.Sand deposits are located in the western part of the Krila Peninsula.

The island has a warm climateevergreenThere are many (Myrtus communis,Ubamegashi,laurelSuch).Vegetation is even more sparse in the northern highlands.Southwest coasts such as Veri Rossini and TwikatPine treeSurrounded by the forest.


Lošinj is believed to have been settled since ancient times.This is evidenced by the foothills of Osorshtuika and the forts around the port of Mali Losinj.RomanApsorrus the islandPtolemyThe islands of Rossini and Cres were collectively called Apsrtides.In several places, Roman villas have been excavated.Some small hermit churches are Roman.中 世, Rossini became the property of the church or the property of a nobleman living in Osor, Cres.And no one settled down.

The first record of migrants from the mainland is 1280.Following a contract with Osor, the settlers gained autonomy in 1389.The name of Rossini first appeared in 1384. In parallel with the gradual decline of Osor since the 15th century, the inhabitants of Veri Losinj and Mali Losinj have become increasingly important.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, trade, shipbuilding and sailor families further heated the island's development.Long dominated the Adriatic coastRepublic of VeniceAfter the fall ofAustria-Hungary EmpireWas ruled until 1918. It became Italian territory until 1943, and in 1945ユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アWas annexed to. When Croatia achieved independence in 1991, it has become a part of it and continues to this day.

The annexation by Yugoslavia in 1945CommunismIt led to the departure of Italian speakers who did not want to live in the regime's Yugoslavia.These exiles still have vibrant communities in Italy and around the world, publishing current affairs that make use of their memories and convey traditions (http://www.lussinpiccolo-italia.net)。

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