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⛷ | [Speed ​​Skating] Miho Takagi wins the women's 1000m 5th straight title for the second time ... All Japan Distance Championship Day 2


[Speed ​​skating] Miho Takagi wins the women's 1000m 5th straight title for the second time ... All Japan Distance Championship Day 2

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Tatsuya Shinhama (Takasaki Kendai), who made a big leap in the next season of the Pyeongchang Olympics and stood at the top of the world in the 1000 World Sprint, participated in the men's 2020 meters, but the speed slowed down in the final stage and ranked 7th and 3rd. I didn't win the championship in a row.

On October 2, the second day of the All Japan Distance Championship for speed skating was a mass start for men and women 10m ... → Continue reading

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2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics(2018 Pyeongchang Olympics,Buddha: XXIIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver,British: XXIII Olympic Winter Games,Korea: 제 23 회 동계 올림픽) Is2018 May 2からMay 2Up to 17 days,South KoreaGangwon-doPyeongchang-gunWas held in the area centered onOlympic Winter Games.. TypicallyPyeongchang Olympic(Pyeongchang Olympics[2])Pyeongchang OlympicsIs abbreviated as.The theme is"Passion. Connected." (Korea: 하나된 열정, One passion).

January 2011Republic of South Africa OfDurbanOpened in123th IOC General AssemblySo, the venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics has been decided in Pyeongchang[3]..The host city (Host City) isPyeongchang-gunSo, the name of the Olympic Games is named "Pyeongchang", but the competition venue isGangneung CityJeongseon-gunIt is also placed in.It has different characteristics from the past several Winter Olympic Games, where a large city was the main venue.

This is the first time that the Winter Olympic Games have been held in a county that is not a city and in South Korea.Also including the Summer Games1988 Seoul ConventionThis is the second time in 30 years since then.Also, the Winter Olympics will be held in Asia in Japan.1998 Nagano Winter GamesThis is the third time in 20 years since then.

Background to the tournament

2018 Winter Olympics Venue Voting Results
cityCountry1 th
Ping ChangRepublic of Korea flag South Korea63
MunichGerman flag Germany25
AnnecyFrench flag France7
  • 2011 May 7 - South Africa OfDurbanOpened in123th IOC General AssemblySo, Pyeongchang won the majority of votes in the first vote and was selected as the venue[3].
  • 2011 May 10 - (English edition (POCOG) is established[4].
  • 2014 May 7 --The groundbreaking ceremony for the Jiangling stadium will be held for the first time as a new large-scale stadium.
  • 2014 May 7 --Kim Jin-seong, the organizing chairman, announced the resignation of the organizing chairman with a term of office, saying that "the system of the committee should be strengthened under new leadership".[5].
  • 2016 May 5 - Cho Yang HoPyeongchang Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee ChairmanHanjin GroupResigned due to devotion to business due to business deterioration[6], To succeed(Korean versionWas appointed.
  • 2016 May 8 ――I was supposed to be in charge of directing the opening ceremonyChungHas declined to direct the opening ceremony, complaining that the Olympic Organizing Committee has postponed the conclusion of the contract.[7].

Tournament mascot and emblem

The tournament mascot is the white tigerSuhoran.

emblemWas announced in May 2013.HangulPyeongchang (평창) OfFirst voiceletter,"(p) "and"(ch) ”is the motif, and according to the tournament organizing committee chairman at that time,"" Focused on the "heaven, earth, people" idea of ​​the Orient, and put the meaning of a plaza where people are united between heaven and earth. "IsSnowflakeIn the shape of, it resembles the appearance of a star[8].

Budget / operating expenses

The budget for the Pyeongchang Games is about 90 billion dollars (about 1 trillion yen).Compared to the Sochi tournament (2014) of $ 510 billion, it is explained that the infrastructure is already in place and the cost has been significantly reduced, but it is more than four times as much as the Vancouver tournament (2010) of $ 18 billion. Has become[9].

Participating countries/regions

Participating countries and regionsTeam[13][14][15][16][17]
Countries that participated in the 2014 Sochi Games but did not participate in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games (NOC base)Countries that participated in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games but did not participate in the 2014 Sochi Games (NOC base)

Number of participating countries / regions

IOC codeParticipating countries/regionsof people
USAThe United States of America The United States of America241
CANCanada Canada226
SUISwitzerland Switzerland170
OAROlympics from russia Olympics from russia168
GERGermany Germany156
JPNJapan Japan124
ITAItaly Italy122
KOR South Korea South Korea[A]121
SWESweden Sweden119
NORNorway Norway109
FRAFrance France107
ENDFinland Finland106
TUEAustria Austria105
CZECzech Republic Czech Republic95
CHNChugoku Chugoku81
SLOスロベニア スロベニア71
POLPoland Poland62
GBRUnited Kingdom United Kingdom59
SVKEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu56
AUSAustralia Australia51
KAZEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu46
CORNorth-South joint team North-South joint team35
LATラトビア ラトビア34
Netherlands Netherlands33
BLRベ ラ ル ー シ ベ ラ ル ー シ33
UKRウクライナ ウクライナ33
ROUルーマニア ルーマニア27
ESTエストニア エストニア22
BELBelgium Belgium21
BULBulgaria Bulgaria21
NZLNew Zealand New Zealand21
CROCroatia Croatia19
THEDenmark Denmark17
HUNHungary Hungary19
ESPSpain Spain12
ISRIsrael Israel10
PRKnorth korea north korea[A]10
BRABrazil Brazil9
LTUリトアニア リトアニア9
TURTurkey Turkey8
CHIチリ チリ7
ARGArgentine Argentine6
ANDEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu5
ISLアイス ランド アイス ランド5
IRLIreland Ireland5
BIHEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu4
Collarコロンビア コロンビア4
GEOジ ョ ー ジ ジ ジ ョ ー ジ ジ4
GREGreece Greece4
IRI(I.e. (I.e.4
MEXMexico Mexico4
SRBEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu4
TPEChinese Taipei Chinese Taipei4
THAThailand Thailand4
ARMアルメニア アルメニア3
JAMJamaica Jamaica3
LBNLebanon Lebanon3
LIELichtenstein Lichtenstein3
MKDNorthern Macedonia Northern Macedonia3
MON(I.e. (I.e.3
MNEEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3
NGREur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3
WHITEアルバニア アルバニア2
BOLBolivia Bolivia2
INDIndia India2
KGZEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2
MASMalaysia Malaysia2
MDAEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2
MGLEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2
TUEモロッコ モロッコ2
PAKPakistan Pakistan2
PHIフィリピン フィリピン2
BYPortugal Portugal2
TOGト ー ゴ ト ー ゴ2
UZBEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2
AZEアゼルバイジャン アゼルバイジャン1
BERBermuda Bermuda1
CYPCyprus Cyprus1
ECUEcuador Ecuador1
ERIEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1
GHAガーナ ガーナ1
HKGHong Kong Hong Kong1
KENKenya Kenya1
KOS(I.e. (I.e.1
LUXLuxembourg Luxembourg1
MADEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1
MLTMalta Malta1
PUREプ エ ル ト リ コ プ エ ル ト リ コ1
SMRSan Marino San Marino1
SGPSingapore Singapore1
RSASouth Africa South Africa1
TLS東 テ モ ー ル 東 テ モ ー ル1
TGAトンガ トンガ1

Competition and schedule

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, 15 events will be held from the following 102 competitions.Of these, snowboardingBig air, Curling mixed doubles, speed skating mass start, alpine skiing mixed group was adopted as a new event of this tournament[18]..Also, the date and time of the competition is AmericanNBCWants to be broadcast live on figure skating, and it was held in the morning[19]..Below, the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of events in which medals will be awarded in each competition.

OpenOpening ceremonyQualifying1finalEGExhibitionClosedClosing session
Olympic Rings Icon.svg ceremonyOpenClosedN/A
SkiAlpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing1221112111
Cross country skiing pictogram.svg Cross country skiing11211112 1112
Ski jumping pictogram.svg Ski jump11114
Nordic combined pictogram.svg Nordic compound1113
Freestyle skiing pictogram.svg Freestyle skiing11112111110
Snowboarding pictogram.svg ノ ノ ー ボ ー1111111 310
skateSpeed ​​skating pictogram.svg speed skate11111111121214
Figure skating pictogram.svg Figure skating11111EG5
Short track speed skating pictogram.svg Short track speed skating112138
Ice hockey pictogram.svg Ice hockey112
BobsledBobsleigh pictogram.svg Bobsled1113
Skeleton pictogram.svg skeleton112
Biathlon pictogram.svg Biathlon11221111111
Curling pictogram.svg curling1113
Luge pictogram.svg Luge11114
Total number of confirmed medals by day56784979635710484102
Cumulative medal confirmation total51118263039465561646976869098102

Note: All datesKST (+9 UTC)

ハ イ ラ イ ト

February 2th, 9st day, opening ceremony

February 2th, 10nd day

February 2th, 11nd day

  • Cross country skiingMen's 30km ski athlonNorwaySiemen Hegstat Kruger was hit by an accident that fell immediately after the start, but he won the gold medal by showing a fast run without 67 people (that is, all participants other than himself) from the end.[22].

February 2th, 12nd day

  • Freestyle skiingBoysMogul OfTaichi HaraWon the bronze medal and became the first Japanese medalist in this tournament and the first Japanese medalist in this event.[23].
  • It was the second time the Olympics were heldSki jumpIn women's normal hillSara TakanashiWon the bronze medal and became the first Japanese medalist in this event[24].

February 2th, 13nd day

February 2th, 14nd day

  • Short track speed skatingRepresentative of JapanKei SaitoWas suspended from the Pyeongchang Olympics due to a positive reaction in the unannounced doping test conducted before the Games.[25].
  • ノ ノ ー ボ ーBoysHalf pipeThe final was held,America OfShaun WhiteIs JapaneseAyumu HiranoHe won a gold medal by winning a fierce battle with him.On the other hand, Hirano also succeeded in the second run of "Double Cork 2" with 2 vertical rotations + 4 horizontal rotations for the first time in the Olympics and marked 1440 points, but the final runner White succeeded in the same trick with the third run and 95.25 points. And surpassed the plain score at the last minute[26].
  • speed skateAt 1000m for girlsNao KodairaIs a silver medal,Miho TakagiWon the bronze medal.This is the first time that a Japanese female athlete has a double podium at the Olympics.[27].

February 2th, 15nd day

February 2th, 16nd day

  • skeletonMen are done, South Korea OfYun SungbinWon the first gold medal other than Western players[28].
  • As mentioned above, Tonga's Taufatofu, which attracted attention at the opening ceremony,Cross country skiingParticipated in the men's 15km free race and completed the race in 114th place[29].

February 2th, 17nd day

February 2th, 18nd day

  • Freestyle skiingBoysSlope styleIn the same kind of Sochi tournament silver medalistゲ イAmerican coming out to beGus KenworthyIs kissing lover actor Matthew Wilkas before the startNBCIt was broadcast by chance through. "I'm moved by the historic" Olympic kiss "." "The moment of such casual expression of affection is all over the world.LGBTQGives hope to the people. "[34].
  • speed skateAt women's 500mNao KodairaWon the first ever gold medal in the Japanese women's speed team with a new Olympic record of 36 seconds.[35]..In addition, Korea ’s silver medal, which missed the third consecutive Olympic title after the race,Lee Sang HwaThe appearance of Kodaira approaching and praising each other's good fights became a hot topic in both Japan and South Korea, and two sportsmanships such as "Storm of emotion", "True sportsmanship" and "Tears do not stop". Many voices praised[36][37][38].

February 2th, 19nd day

  • BobsledIn the two-man men's race, the total times of Canada and Germany were the same, so they won the same victory.The tie-breaking goal in the Olympic Bobsleigh competition is1998 Nagano OlympicsIt has been 20 years since then[39].
  • Freestyle skiingIn the women's ski halfpipe qualifyingHungary OfElizabeth SwaneyWas controversial because he did only basic gliding without showing any particular technique.The result was a loss at the bottom of the qualifying[40].
  • speed skateIn the women's team pursuit quarter-final, Korea Rep. Got away from the one who was late and lost.Further separated at the press conferenceKim Bo ReumWas delayedNoh Seon-yeongPublic opinion was confused in South Korea due to his responsible remarks, and a signing activity was carried out to disqualify him as a representative.[41].

February 2th, 20nd day

February 2th, 21nd day

  • speed skateJapan won the gold medal in the women's team pursuit with a new Olympic record of 2: 53[47]..In addition, this marks the 11th number of Japanese medals won in this tournament.1998 Nagano OlympicsThe number of medals in Japan's Winter Olympics was the highest, surpassing 10 medals.[48][49].
  • Ice hockeyBoysスロベニアRepresentative Jiga Jegrich was suspended due to a positive doping test.Also participated in OARcurlingAlexandre Kurschelnitsky, a male player who won a bronze medal in a mixed doubles but had a positive reaction in a doping test, also detected a positive reaction in a preliminary sample[50].
  • Figure skatingA short program for women's singles was heldArena Zagitowa(OAR),Evgenia Medvedev(OAR),Kaetlyn Osmond(Canada),Satoko Miyahara,Kaori Sakamoto5 people, including the top 17 of the team, updated their highest score this season.In particular, Medvedeva will perform more than the world's highest score marked in the team competition of this tournament, but Zagitova, who appeared three people after Miyahara and Osmond, will take the lead by showing the performance of the spirit to overtake it. It became a very high level development[51].
  • curlingParticipated in the girls as a representative of JapanLoco SolareDecided to break through the qualifying for the first time in Japan for both men and women[52].

February 2th, 22nd day

  • Ice hockeyThe women's final will be held, and the United States will defeat Canada 3-2 at the end of the game winning shot to hold the women's ice hockey for the first time.Nagano OlympicsWon the gold medal since then.In addition, Canada was defeated in 2002 due to this defeat.Salt Lake City OlympicsThe record of consecutive wins at the Olympic Games, which continued from the beginning, was cut off with 24 consecutive wins.

February 2th, 23nd day

  • Figure skatingFree skating of the women's single was held, and Zagitova (OAR) managed to consolidate all seven jumps in the latter half of the performance, and won the gold medal over Medvedeva (OAR) who has won the world championship for the second time in a row.[53].

February 2th, 24nd day

  • Participated as OARBobsledNajejida Sergeeva has tested positive for doping, the Russian Bobsleigh Federation has announced.The second drug positive was discovered at this tournament[54].
  • ノ ノ ー ボ ーCzech Redetka won the gold medal in the women's parallel giant slalom.As mentioned above, Ledecka also won a gold medal in alpine skiing (9th day) and became the first player to win both events in the history of the Olympics.[55].
  • ノ ノ ー ボ ーSouth Korea's Lee Sang-ho won the silver medal in the men's parallel giant slalom (which took place at the same time as the women mentioned above).This is the first time South Korea has won a medal in a snow competition.[56].
  • speed skateAt the women's mass start,Nana TakagiWon the second gold medal of the tournament itself and became the first queen[57]..The reason why Japanese athletes won multiple gold medals in the same competition in the Winter Games1998 Nagano Olympics OfKazuki FunakiThis is the second case since then and the first for girls.[58].
  • curlingLoco Solare (Japan National Team) played the women's third place playoffUnited KingdomWas defeated 5-3 to win the bronze medal.It is the first time for both men and women to win a medal in the curling competition at the Olympic Games.[59].

February 2th, 25th day, closing ceremony

  • curlingThe women's final was held,SwedenWon Korea 8-3 and won the gold medal for the first time in two tournaments.South Korea lost but won the first silver medal in Asia[60].
  • Ice hockeyThe men's final was held,OARDefeated Germany 4-3 at the end of the extension and won the gold medal.At the awards ceremonyOlympic hymnThe Russian national anthem, which should have been forbidden at this tournament, became a hot topic.
  • BobsledThe German C team and the Korean team had the same time for the four-man men, so both teams were awarded silver medals.This Korean medal became the first Asian medal in this competition.[61].
  • Served as Tonga's flag bearer again at the closing ceremonyTaufatofuAlthough he wore a down jacket and gloves at the time of admission, he became a hot topic again when he declared the closing of the session.[62].
  • 2004 Athens OlympicsAt the closing ceremony2008 Beijing OlympicsSupervised the presentation ofZhang technicianWill be held next time2022 Beijing Olympics8 minutes of introductory performance, with a video projected on the screenChinese leader OfXi JinpingHead of state(General Secretary of the Communist Party of China) Concludes the introduction of the Beijing Games by saying, "I and the people of all China welcome everyone in the world. Let's meet in Beijing in 2022."

Competition venue

There are a total of 13 competition venues in the mountainous area (Alpine Cluster).Pyeongchang-gun-Jeongseon-gunAnd the coastal area (coastal cluster)Gangneung CityIt was held in three places. As of January 3, the mountainous areas have been combined into one.Pyeongchang Mountain ClusterGangneung Coastal ClusterThere are two categories[63][64][65]..The location of the venue is the original center of "Pyeongchang"Express BusMainly Jinbu and Gangneung, 30-40 km away from the terminal[66].

JapanThe air route fromIncheon International Airport,Gimpo AirportThere are regular flights to, but the teamYangyang International AirportToCharter machineWill be arranged[67].

During the tournamentKTXAfter arriving at the nearest station, the nearest bus terminal or parking lot by highway bus, you can move to the stadium only by the spectator shuttle bus.

Mountain district, Pyeongchang

Become the main venuePyeongchang-gun Of(English edition,Korean versionIs a small village with a population of only 6,141 (2016).

Below is(English edition,Korean versionIt is in.Population 5,841 (2016)

Mountain district, Jeongseon

Jeongseon-gun Of(English edition,Korean versionIt is in.Population 2,678 (2015)

Coastal district, Gangneung

Gangneung CityHeld in.All indoor competitions are held in this area.Population 215,807 (2014). (Gangneung Bus Terminal, Gangneung Station)

Number of medals won by country/region


Near the main venue, about 850m above sea levelOzekimineRegarding the climate of the district, in February when the Olympic Games will be heldAverage temperatureIs -5.9 ℃,Sapporo(-3.1 ℃)White horseLower than (-2.6 ° C). February average(I.e.Reached -10.9 ° C,1974 On January 1th, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -24 ℃.Below freezingIt is not uncommon for the temperature to get cold at around 20 ° C, and considering the fact that it is a highland, it is considered to be the coldest place in Korea.For this reason, the temperature is one of the lowest in the past cities hosting the Winter Olympics, which is a perfect condition for hosting the Winter Olympics.In addition, wind is often added to this cold, and the sensible temperature is considerably low.Also,Snowfall188.8 cm as the deepest snowfall ever1989 It generally boasts a sufficient amount of snow, such as recording (February 2), but it is not an area where the amount of snowfall increases due to the winter-type pressure distribution, but ratherCold winterIn that case, the use of artificial snow is essential because it brings low temperatures rather than snow.Artificial snowEven when using, the average temperature is around 5 degrees below zero, which is quite low.Powder snowThere is an advantage that it tends to be in a state close to.

On the other hand, indoor competition events will be heldGangneung TheSea of ​​JapanDue to its location on the coast, it has a relatively warm climate, but sometimes it causes heavy snowfall, and the deepest snowfall ever1990 On February 2, it recorded the largest number of 1 cm in the urban and plain areas of South Korea.

Opening / closing ceremony

The general director of the opening and closing ceremoniesSong Seung Hwan, Overall productionMasao Liang, The music directorKunihiko Ryo..The opening ceremony is at 2:9 pm local time on February 8th (XNUMX pm local time)+9 UTC) Scheduled to start[68].

Trends after the decision to hold

north korea

North Korea participation

2017 year 9 month,north korea OfChang UngIn an interview with the official IOC media, the IOC members acknowledged that "politics and the Olympics are two different things" and "if athletes qualify, participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics is okay."In fact, in September, North Korea's Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-sik won the Pyeongchang Olympics in all competitions at the German tournament, which also served as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics qualifying for figure skating.As the international community tightens sanctions on North Korea, President Moon Jae-in urges North Korea to participate in the Pyeongchang Olympics, and North Korea's participation in the general debate speech at the UN General Assembly on September 9. He expressed his intention to continue his efforts toward.Meanwhile, North Korea did not announce its participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics.[69][70][71].

November 2017, 10 in KoreaKyou KyowaForeign Minister in Parliament, ruling partyDemocratic together"As North Korea deepened its international isolation over nuclear and missile development, it submitted a letter of intent to participate in the Pyeongchang Paralympics to the International Paralympic Committee," he said in a reply to a member of the Diet.On top of that, regarding North Korea's participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics, "The pair of figure skating got the right to participate. The IOC is also actively cooperating so that many other players can participate, and we are looking for a way. "I hope that many people from North Korea, including athletes and cheering squads, will participate," he said, calling for participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, but North Korea has not disclosed its attitude.[69][70][71].

2018 May 1, The supreme leader of North Korea金正恩In his "New Year's Address," he stated that he was ready to send a North Korean delegation to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.[72].. In response to thisMay 1Also, a North-South ministerial talk was held, and it was officially announced that North Korea would participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.[73].

On January 2018, 1, North Korea's external promotion site "Korea Today" released a video promoting the Olympics as part of their unified policy.YouTubePublished in.In the video,Korean Peninsula FlagNorth Korean flagThe scene of waving the flag appears many times, but the Taegeuk flag (South Korean flag) Has never appeared, and some people said, "It may be misunderstood as the'Pyongyang Olympics'."[74]..In addition, local dissatisfaction exploded when the eve of the festival was held in North Korea in the form of "Mt. Kongouzan Cultural Event" despite 20 years of invitation activities. "International Olympic Committee(IOC) is likeUnited NationsI get the illusion that I'm playing the role ofAP communicationIs "Kim Jong UnKorean Labor Party ChairmanI'm playing the Olympics as if I were a champion. "[75].

Regarding North Korea's participation in the competition, it was agreed to form a North-South joint team of ice hockey at the North-South ministerial and vice minister-level working meetings. IOCThomas BachThe chairman is said to be very positive about the North-South joint team and has influenced the decision of the South Korean government.In the qualifying round, Japan and Switzerland opposed this agreement from the perspective of fairness, such as increasing the number of people.Currently, there are 4-6 North Korean players joining the North-South joint team, and it is said that they will be appointed collectively in a "line (group)" consisting of five offensive and defensive players so as not to kill the organizational strength of the team.

On the player side of the parties, the national coachSera MurrayCommented, "I wish there was no pressure to include North Korean players."[76]..Dissatisfied by the members of the national team, goalkeeper Shin So-jung said, "I have dreamed of the Olympic stage for 14 years. I am very embarrassed and disappointed because I have high expectations." "We can't change (the North-South joint team problem), so let's all focus on the practice," he said. "I want to show you how to do your best on the Olympic stage without being upset." Ta[77].

Since North Korea stands out more than the venue, Pyeongchang, South Korea, criticisms of the "Pyeongchang Olympics" have come out from within South Korea.Wen ZaiyinPresidentThe criticism from the supporters of the company also caused a decline in the approval rating.The political movement of North Korea to use the Olympics and the concession to North Korea indicated by the Moon Jae-in Government have raised voices from the South Korean media that it is "as if it were the'Pyongyang Olympics' led by North Korea."[78][79][80].

"Mt. Kongouzan Cultural Event" on the eve of the festival has been cancelled[81], North Korea did not win a medal during the Olympics, but it was said that North Korea, which brought relief of tension even temporarily, won the "gold medal" class due to diplomatic achievements.[82].

Relationship with UN Security Council Sanctions Resolution

North KoreaNuclear test,Missile launch caseBecause ofUnited Nations Security Council ResolutionSouth Korea is also subject to sanctions based on the Security Council's sanctions resolution, as is the case with Japan.Mangyeongbong 92It imposes its own sanctions against North Korea, such as a ban on entry into North Korea.However, as an "exception" during the Olympics, the North Korean Cultural Exchange Corporation's "Miikebuchi OrchestraMangyeongbong 92, which carries the personnel, was allowed to enter South Korea.In response, a Korean conservative citizen group protested by burning a photo of Kim Jong Un.In addition, the South Korean government has been requested to provide food and oil to Mangyeongbong 92, but it is said that it will discuss closely with the United States, fearing that it will be pointed out as a "sanction violation".[83]..In addition, North Korean delegation has banned foreign travel by a Security Council sanctions resolution, Choe Hwi.Korean Labor Party Central CommitteeSince it includes a vice chairman and chairman of the National Physical Education Guidance Committee, it is said that this will also be discussed with the United States and the United Nations as an exception during the Olympics.[84].

Participation of the Russian team (OAR)

On December 2017, 12, the IOC held a board meeting and organizeddopingDecided not to allow the participation of the Russian team to Russia, which is said to have done[85]..Athletes from the country who have been confirmed to have no previous doping violations or drug test history are allowed to participate in the Olympics with individual qualifications, but not the Russian flag and national anthem.Olympic flagOlympic hymnsTo useRussian coat of armsUse the Olympic mark instead of "double-headed eagle", prohibit the use of any symbol identified as Russia, change the word "Russia" to "Olympic athlete from Russia" in uniforms etc. It was forbidden to receive IOC approval and to write only the letters "Russia" in large letters.[86].

Japan and South Korea

  • January 2017 banned political use of the OlympicsOlympic CharterAs a violation, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested corrections regarding Takeshima being listed as Korean territory "Dokdo" in the place name notation on the map used on the official Olympic website and news distribution materials. Ta[87][88].
  • On September 2017, 9, on the world map displayed on the page introducing the "Dream Program" on the official Olympic websiteKarafutoIncluding (Sakhalin)Japanese archipelagoWas not drawn, the Japanese government criticized it as "extremely inappropriate" and requested the Korean embassy to rectify it immediately.[89]..The Organizing Committee explained, "I didn't notice that the neighboring areas were not listed after the homepage was revised in February of the same year," and "it was a simple mistake that occurred when the homepage was reorganized." I hurriedly corrected the image containing the Japanese archipelago[90][88]..With this problemYoshii KanThe Chief Cabinet Secretary said at a press conference on September 9, "It is extremely inappropriate. The government wants to take appropriate measures."[88].
  • The Japanese government protested against the South Korean government because Takeshima was drawn on the unification flag instead of the team's national flag during the warm-up game of the South Korean and North Korean ice hockey women's joint team.In response to this, the Korean side uses the unification flag without Takeshima in accordance with the IOC Charter, which prohibits political claims at the opening ceremony under the jurisdiction of the IOC, but it is not an official event and is sponsored by the private sector. To use the unification flag with Takeshima drawn on it[91].
  • Korean ice hockey men's team goalkeeper Matt Dalton's helmet used by anti-Japanese heroesLeeThe IOC recommended that the statue be banned during the Olympics, saying it violated the IOC Charter, which stipulates a ban on political claims.In response to this, Dalton decided to tape the part of the statue of Admiral Yi drawn on the helmet and participate in the Olympics.[92].
  • Of the three major networks in the United StatesNBCIntroduced at the opening ceremony of the Japanese team entrance scene, "Japan occupied South Korea from 1910 to 1945, but Koreans are important to the transformation of South Korea in terms of culture, technology, and economy. Would say it became a book[93]By saying, from Koreans inside and outside the countryJapanese rule on the Korean PeninsulaNBC was forced to apologize on the next morning's broadcast after being flooded with accusations of defending[94].

Trouble / problems during the tournament

From the beginning of this tournament, multiple competitions were canceled or postponed, and competitions were held one after another in bad weather.[95]..In the ski jumping men's individual normal hill final on the second day of the tournament, a strong wind of 2 meters or more per second blows in the extreme cold below freezing point 10 ° C, and the competition is in a harsh environment near freezing point 5 ° C. (According to an article in Sports Hochi dated February 20, 2018, the reporter said, "The letters I wrote in the cold were so cold that they trembled like freezing." [96][97]..The start time of the competition is 21:35, and due to repeated interruptions due to strong winds, the end time is 0:19 across the dates (1 hour from the originally scheduled end time). It was late), and at the time of the awards ceremony, the audience was almost gone.[96]..About this, it will be the 8th participation in the winter Olympics in the jumping competition.Noriaki KasaiBut "(the cold) is unbelievable. The sound of the wind is amazing. I'm scared. Buwa. Conditions that are almost nonexistent even at the World Cup." It's a cancellation like this. " I was able to withstand the cold, though it was good. "[96].

Snowboarding girls held on the 4th day of the tournamentSlope styleThen, the qualifying that was scheduled to be held the day before was canceled due to strong winds, so it became a situation to decide by one shot of the final (in addition, the final was originally supposed to be able to try three times, The start of the competition was delayed by more than an hour due to the "strong winds of snow and smoke," and the number of trials was reduced to two. In addition, he fell and was seriously injured in the practice for qualifying and abstained. Some players were forced to do so)[98][99][100]..In the final, all 25 players who participated were in a harsh situation where they fell in one or more of the two attempts.[101][102]..Regarding this, the players who participated said, "Honestly, it is quite impossible to do it this way" (Yuka Fujimori[103], "I've practiced a lot, but it was painful because I felt that the practice was completely meaningless." (Onitsuka Masaru[104]"I don't think it was a fair competition. I'm a little disappointed by the organizers who forced me. In my opinion, it wasn't a good show for women's snowboarding."Anna Gasser[100]As such, players who complain of dissatisfaction and discomfort have come out one after another.[105].

Regarding the alpine skiing competition, the men's downhill scheduled on the 3rd day of the competition and the Giant Slalom Women's University scheduled on the 4th day of the competition were forced to postpone the schedule one after another due to strong winds.[106][107].

Pyeongchang (and its surrounding areas), which is the venue for the postponement of the competition schedule and the continuous holding of competitions in bad weather, is a mountainous area with an altitude of over 800 meters and the surrounding mountains are huge for wind power generation. It is mentioned that it is a windy area where windmills turn.[97][99]..In addition, because the jumping platform "the platform itself doubles as an observatory overlooking Alpensia Resort," the tower was built on the top of a small mountain and a runway was provided. I made it well, "he said.[97][98].

In addition to this, it is said that the irregular holding time, in which the influence of the huge broadcasting rights fees in the United States and Europe can be seen and hidden, also affected (forced) the holding of the competition in bad weather.[96][97][108][101]..In fact, the ski jumping competition will be held at night during the daytime hours in Europe, and the figure skating competition will be held in the morning from the evening to the night of American time (for example, the men's free competition starts at 10 am). became.[96][97][109][110]..Therefore, Japanese figure skating athletes have become a lifestyle of having breakfast around 4 am while "advancing the body clock by several hours" as a "morning type measure" when the start time of the competition is in the morning.[110]..For this reason, regarding the operation of the Pyeongchang Olympics this time, "I have to wonder if it is'athlete first'", "player first was ignored", "more players, to drive the audience. "Naru" "The culmination of four years of desperate efforts is overly influenced by the whimsical wind." "Don't forget the true purpose of the Olympics, but the current Olympics create a wad of bills and bring wealth to the operators. The result was that there were quite a few criticisms such as "It exists in the Olympic Games."[97][111][108][102][101].

Ticket vacancy issue

This tournament has become a tournament where vacant tickets are conspicuous. From the opening ceremony held on February 2, it was pointed out by an overseas media that "It should be a premier ticket. I have never seen such a rattling ticket."[112], Figure skating (men's free, women's short program, etc.) also resulted in conspicuous vacant seats[113][114]..It was sold outspeed skate,Short track(Both are said to be popular sports in Korea)[115].

The reason why the vacant seats became conspicuous was that it became "(on the Korean calendar) Chinese New Year holidays" (2 days from February 15th to February 2th).[116], Expensive ticket price[115], Near the entrance gate of each competition venue of the Olympic GamesWi-FiThe connection environment is unstable (or not maintained. There is a "mobile ticket" as one of the sales tickets, but it is said that an internet connection environment such as Wi-Fi is required at the time of admission. )[115], Etc. are mentioned.There was also a report that it was "the worst watching environment for fans from overseas".[111].

The balance of the tournament

Initially, there was concern that the Pyeongchang tournament balance would be in the red, so we made improvements by taking cost-cutting measures such as streamlining facilities and increasing income by turning seats for related parties into general sales.Partly due to the success of local Korean athletes in the Games, the number of tickets for the Olympics was 86 (6284%) in Japan and 80.3 (21%) overseas, for a total of 2278 sales.This is about 19.7 more than the Pyeongchang Olympics Organizing Committee's target of 107, and sales revenue amounted to 8562 billion won.As a result, the PyeongChang Olympic Organizing Committee has achieved a surplus of at least $ 106 million (8630 billion won) at the 1rd International Olympic Committee (IOC) General Assembly held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 1573, 2018. reported.[117][118][119]

Food poisoning problem

On February 2018, 2, just before the Olympic Games, at the staff dormitory of a private security company in my countryNorovirusSeems to be the causeFood poisoningIs occurring[120]..Approximately 1200 people involved were quarantined, and about 5 military personnel on behalf of the business were dispatched on the 900th.[121].

after that,(Korean version(Lee Hi-bom) The chairman of the organizing committee apologized for this matter.He also explained that various measures are being taken, including the above measures.[122].

Issues surrounding the treatment of volunteers

Approximately 1 people have quit by February 2, one week before the event, due to dissatisfaction with the treatment of volunteer management staff.Insufficiencies such as accommodations that do not have hot water and inferior mobile buses that require waiting for an hour outdoors in extremely cold weather are mentioned.[123]..Also, at the opening ceremony rehearsal on February 2, 3 out of 249 business staff who are proceeding with the ceremony are boycotting because of dissatisfaction with treatment.[124].

Issues related to Olympic coverage

Reuters CommunicationsThe IOC has decided not to allow coverage of the opening ceremony of the Reuters news agency, saying that has delivered a photo of the torch ignition rehearsal (despite the contract not to cover the main part).[125].

Cyber ​​attack

6 million times before and after the OlympicsCyber ​​attackThere is an internet inside the organizing committeeWi-FiThere was an impact such as the system going down[126][127]..Investigations were underway on these,United States Department of JusticeBritish GovernmentIn November 2020Directorate General of Information, Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation ArmyAnnounced that it was due to[126][128].


International Volleyball FederationEuropean Volleyball ConfederationDecided to hold an exhibition match called "Snow Volleyball Night".Snow volleyball is on the snowBeach volleyballSo, for the same exhibitionKim Young Kyung,Vladimir Grubić,GibaVolleyball and beach volleyball players will participate[129].


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  • Inui County --The North Korean beauty corps stayed during the Olympics.We also performed at a multipurpose stadium in the county.
  • Paju --The municipality where the North Korean team first entered Korean territory by land.

外部 リンク


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