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⛷ | Miho Takagi wins the second crown in the women's 2M for the fifth consecutive time Speed ​​skating All Japan by distance

Photo Miho Takagi who won the women's 1000 meters

Miho Takagi wins the second crown in the women's 2M for the fifth consecutive time Speed ​​skating by all-Japan distance

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Nao Kodaira (35) = Aizawa Hospital = finished second with a time of 1'15.

"Speed ​​Skating / All Japan Distance Championship" (23rd, M-Wave) In the first match of the 22nd Beijing Olympics season, the World Cup ... → Continue reading

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1 minutes 15 seconds 65

Nao Kodaira

Nao Kodaira(Kodaira In addition1986 May 5 -) isNaganoHadanoI'm fromspeed skateplayer.Aizawa HospitalAffiliation[2].OlympicJapanese women's speed skatingFirst ever gold medal[3]..The grade is2010 Vancouver OlympicsGroup pursuitsilver medal,2018 Pyeongchang Olympics500cmgold medal·1000cmsilver medal,2017 World Single Distance Championship500m gold medal, 1000m silver medal,2017 World Sprint ChampionshipOverall victory,ISU World CupOverall victory (500m)


  • Sumio Shintani (Shitami ShintaniFather) as a teacherChino City Northern Junior High SchoolIn the second year, he broke the 2m junior high school record, and at All Japan Junior (Sprint Division)Sayuri YoshiiDefeat[4], Shines as the first junior high school champion in history.
  • Inanishi High SchoolAdmission to the entrance course[4]..There is no skating clubClubActive in[5],Inter HighObtained two crowns of 500m and 1000m[4],All Japan JuniorBut he won the championship.
  • Shinshu UniversityFaculty of EducationGo on to[4]..For classmatesMiyako SumiyoshiThere is[6].
  • In 2009, graduated from Shinshu University Faculty of Education, Lifelong Sports Course, Department of Regional Sports[4]..Social Medical Corporation Foundation JizumikaiAizawa HospitalWill be hired as a staff member of the Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment Center. While devoting himself to the competition as a "long-term business trip," he also receives medical support.
  • 2009 times of 16 yearsAll Japan Speed ​​Skating Distance ChampionshipsThen, I won the 500rd event of 1000m, 1500m and 3m.Kodaira is the first to win three crowns in short-medium distance, and is evaluated as a player who has both speed and stamina.
  • 2009 year 11 month 7 dayISU World Cup・ At the Berlin Games, I was ranked 500rd in 3m and 1000nd in 2m.Both are the highest ranking Japanese players.
  • In February 2010, it was the first time to participate in the Winter Olympics.Vancouver OlympicsThen, I won the 1000th place at 1500m and 5m.GirlsGroup pursuitThen,Hozumi Masako,Tabata MakiAt the same time, he won the first silver medal in the history of Japanese women's speed skating.
  • Sochi OlympicsThen, he won the 500th place at 5m and the 1000th place at 13m.
  • After the Sochi Olympics, while still enrolled at Aizawa Hospital NetherlandsThe practice base was moved to Japan for one year.HeerenfänActive in the professional team "Team continu" based in.Stayed in the Netherlands for 2 yearsDutchHave mastered[7].
  • First World Cup victory at 2014m at the ISU World Cup Seoul Tournament on November 11, 22.
  • Made in July 2015World Single Distance Championship500rd place at 3m.
  • Won the overall championship in the 2014/15 season World Cup 500m.Japanese female athletes will win the overall championship in this eventKyoko ShimazakiIt's been 24 years since then.
  • 2017年2月、世界距離別選手権で、500mを37秒13で優勝、1000mを1分14秒43で2位。500mでの37秒13は、ふたつの高速リンク(Olympic ovalUtah Olympic Oval) Is excluded, it is the fastest record in the world at that time.[8].
  • 2017年2月、スピードスケートの世界スプリント選手権、第1日の500メートル(36秒75)、1000メートル(1分12秒51)ともに日本新記録で総合首位、最終日も500メートルは1位、1000メートルは3位で総合優勝を果たした[9].
  • On March 2017, 3, in the final round of the World Cup season, she won the women's 11 meters with a time of 500, and won the second event-specific victory for the first time in two seasons.[10].
  • World Cup held from November 2017th to 11th, 10Hehlen FeinWon both 500m and 1000m in the tournament.This is his first time to win the World Cup at 1000m.
  • On the first day of the World Cup Stavanger tournament held from November 2017th to 11th, 17, he won both 19m and 500m. 1000 at 500m is the fastest record in the world at that time, excluding the record of two high-speed links, which is 37/08 seconds higher than 2017 that he set in Gangneung in February 2. ..In addition, 37m has extended the record of consecutive wins in Japan and overseas since last season, which was a total win, to 13.The total number of World Cup winsTomomi OkazakiWith 1000m, it was the most 14 wins in the history of Japanese women.
    • At 2m on the second day of the tournament, he won the championship at 500, which is 100/1 second higher than the world record for lowlands at that time, which he set the day before. 37th win in total, including 07m.
  • 2017年12月1日から3日に行われたワールドカップ・カルガリー大会の2日目、1000mに出場したが、転倒により最下位に終わった。最終日に行われた500mで当時世界歴代2位となる36秒53で優勝。
  • 2017年12月8日から10日に行われたワールドカップ・ソルトレイクシティ大会の初日、500mで5日前に出した自己記録を上回る36秒50で優勝。翌日の500mでも優勝し、この種目ワールドカップ15連勝[11]..At 1000m on the final day, he set a new world record of 1'12 and won the championship.Kodaira is the first Japanese female player to set a new world record in an individual event.
  • In the Spring 2018 MedalPurple ribbonThe award[12].
  • November 2018, 11, World CupObihiroWon the women's 1m on the first day of the tournament (500).The next day's 37m also won in 49.
  • November 2018, 11, World CupTomakomaiWon the women's 1m on the first day of the tournament (held at the outdoor link) (500). The World Cup consecutive win record, which has continued from two seasons ago, has been extended to 38, and it has become 03 consecutive wins in domestic and overseas races.2nd World Cup win.

Pyeongchang Olympic

  • At the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the first event was to participate in the women's 1500m and finish 1th with a record of 56'11.In the next event, the women's 6m, while out-starting, which is said to be disadvantageous, marked 1000 minute 1 seconds 13, and won the first silver medal in the individual event.Miho Takagi also won the bronze medal, and at the Winter Olympics, the first two Japanese women's national teams to climb the podium.
  • In the women's 500m, which continued to be reported as an "absolute favorite," he set a new Olympic record of 36 seconds and won the gold medal. Recorded in-start of 94 out of 16 groups.This record surpasses his own lowland link world record of 14 seconds 0 and is the first 13 seconds in the lowlands.He became the first speed skating girl to become the captain of the Japanese team and the first gold medalist in the Winter Games.

Relationship with Lee Sang-hwa

  • speed skate South KoreaRepresentativeLee Sang HwaIs a close friend who invites each other to their homes and serves meals.At the press conference after the Pyeongchang Olympic Women's 500m competition, when Kodaira, who won the World Cup Seoul tournament for the first time in November 2014, had to hurry back to the Netherlands, Kodaira should be disappointed to stop the winning streak. An episode in which Lee called a taxi from the link to the airport and cut himself off.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfAstanaWhen we took a picture while waiting for the bus, Kodaira said, "You will win the next Olympics and I will be in second place." "Then you will win and I will be in second place." ", And the episode that Lee answered.The strong bond between the two created a scene in which Kodaira embraced Lee in tears and made a winning run after the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.[13]..Even before the Olympics, Lee was shown to the media not to get along well with Kodaira because he hated being compared to Kodaira and even called Kodaira "that player". It is reported that.Lee explained in an interview after the Pyeongchang Olympic Women's 500m competition, "I was so busy preparing for the Olympics that I didn't have time to talk to each other, and I was upset and I think that was the case. ing[14].
  • On April 2019, 4, South Korea's "7 Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation" awarded Kodaira and Lee Sang-hwa the "Korea-Japan Friendship Award", judging that it fits the purpose of the foundation's activities to pass on the heritage of the Olympics to posterity.[15].


EventRecordDate and TimePlaceRemarks
500cm36 seconds 472019 May 3United States flag Salt Lake CitySecond place in the world
36 seconds 942018 May 2Republic of Korea flag Ping ChangOlympic record[16],Lowland world record[17]
36 seconds 392019 May 3Canadian flag CalgaryUnofficial, special participation in men's race[18]
1000cm1 minutes 11 seconds 772019 May 3United States flag Salt Lake CitySecond place in the world
1 minutes 12 seconds 092017 May 12United States flag Salt Lake CityWorld record at that time[19]
1500cm1 minutes 59 seconds 032009 May 2Flag of the People's Republic of China HarbinUniversiade record
500m x 273.55 points2017 May 2-26 daysCanadian flag CalgaryWorld record[20]
Sprint composite146.390 points2017 May 2-26 daysCanadian flag CalgaryWorld record[21]
Team sprint1 minutes 26 seconds 822015 May 11Canadian flag Calgary

500m consecutive win record

World Cup 23 consecutive wins / International tournament 28 consecutive wins / Domestic and overseas tournament 37 consecutive wins
  • Women's 500m winning streak has been more than two seasons since the 2016-17 season, Austria's 2 World Single Distance ChampionshipHerzogIt continued until I lost to.According to media reports, it is common to count from the 2016rd All Japan Distance Championship on October 10, 22, but in reality it won the Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval Competition in September, so it is simply a domestic and international competition. If it is a consecutive win in, there will be one more win. The World Cup winning streak will be on November 23, 9 at the Minsk tournament.HerzogWas disqualified from flying and was forced to run alone and continued until he finished in 3rd place.[22].
totalW cupDateConventionVenuelanetime100cm2nd place playerdifferenceRemarksDetails
02016/09/10Japanese flag Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval CompetitionMeiji Hokkaido Tokachi OvalIN38.02010.51Konami Soga+1.77Details
12016/10/22Japanese flag The 23rd All Japan Distance ChampionshipM WaveO37.75010.52Kamiya Erina+0.35DR / CRDetails
212016/11/11Flag of the People's Republic of China World Cup Harbin TournamentHeilongjiang indoor linkO38.00010.46Maki Tsuji+0.17Details
322016/11/13IN38.04010.49Lee Sang Hwa+0.07Details
432016/11/20Japanese flag World Cup Nagano TournamentM WaveIN37.75010.46Lee Sang Hwa+0.18Details
542016/12/09Dutch flag World Cup Heerenveen TournamentThialfIN37.69010.43Yu Jing+0.12Details
62016/12/28Japanese flag 41st All Japan Sprint ChampionshipM WaveIN37.70010.45Arisa Go+0.48DR / CRDetails
72016/12/29O37.91010.45Miho Takagi+0.34CRDetails
852017/01/27German flag World Cup Berlin TournamentSports forumIN37.43010.43Elba Nova+0.69Details
962017/01/28IN37.57010.43Elba Nova+0.71Details
102017/02/10Republic of Korea flag World Single Distance Championship, GangneungGangneung OvalIN37.13010.31Lee Sang Hwa+0.35NR / RR / WRslDetails
112017/02/21Japanese flag 8th Asian Winter Games SapporoMeiji Hokkaido Tokachi OvalIN37.39010.52Lee Sang Hwa+0.31CR / AR / RRDetails
122017/02/25Canadian flag World Sprint Championship CalgaryOlympic ovalIN36.75010.40Elba Nova+0.31NRDetails
132017/02/26O36.80010.37Elba Nova+0.43Details
1472017/03/11Norway flag World Cup Final StavangerSol Marca ArenaIN37.14010.33Elba Nova+0.73RRDetails
1582017/03/12IN37.24010.35Elba Nova+0.48Details
162017/10/21Japanese flag The 24rd All Japan Distance ChampionshipM WaveO37.25010.33Arisa Go+0.48DR / CR / RRDetails
1792017/11/10Dutch flag World Cup Heerenveen TournamentThialfIN37.29010.27Lee Sang Hwa+0.31RRDetails
18102017/11/11IN37.33010.33Lee Sang Hwa+0.20Details
19112017/11/17Norway flag World Cup Stavanger TournamentSol Marca ArenaIN37.08010.24Hadi+0.79RR / WRslDetails
20122017/11/18IN37.07010.33Golikova+0.78RR / WRslDetails
21132017/12/03Canadian flag World Cup Calgary TournamentOlympic ovalIN36.53010.19Lee Sang Hwa+0.33NR / RRDetails
22142017/12/08United States flag World Cup Salt Lake TournamentUtah Olympic OvalIN36.50010.27Lee Sang Hwa+0.21NRDetails
23152017/12/09IN36.54010.14Lee Sang Hwa+0.25Details
242017/12/27Japanese flag Pyeongchang Olympics representative selectionM WaveO37.13010.28Arisa Go+0.27DR / RRDetails
-2018/02/07Republic of Korea flag Time trial (unofficial)Gangneung OvalO37.05010.33Arisa Go+0.56OR / RR / WRslDetails
252018/02/18Republic of Korea flag Pyeongchang OlympicsIN36.94010.26Lee Sang Hwa+0.39OR / RR / WRslDetails
262018/03/03Flag of the People's Republic of China World Sprint Championship, ChangchunJilin speed skating rinkO37.23010.26Golikova+0.55RRDetails
282018/10/19Japanese flag Japan Cup Round 1M WaveIN37.78010.47Miho Takagi+0.19Details
292018/10/26Japanese flag The 25rd All Japan Distance ChampionshipIN37.30010.32Miho Takagi+0.68Details
30162018/11/16Japanese flag World Cup Obihiro TournamentMeiji Hokkaido Tokachi OvalO37.49610.34Herzog+0.12Details
32182018/11/23Japanese flag World Cup Tomakomai TournamentTomakomai Highland Sports CenterO38.03110.44Herzog+0.49RR / OutdoorDetails
34202018/12/15Dutch flag World Cup Heerenveen TournamentThialfIN37.17110.33Herzog+0.06RRDetails
352018/12/29Japanese flag 42st All Japan Sprint ChampionshipMeiji Hokkaido Tokachi OvalIN37.50010.40Maki Tsuji+0.37CRDetails
362018/12/30O37.44010.34Miho Takagi+0.67CRDetails
37212019/02/02Norway flag World Cup Hamar TournamentHamar Olympic HallO37.25410.29Herzog+0.12RRDetails
×2019/02/08German flag World Single Distance Championship InzellMax Eicher ArenaO37.20210.37Herzog.Consecutive win stopDetails
2019/02/23Dutch flag World Sprint Championship HeerenveenThialfO37.27010.33Herzog+0.04Details
222019/03/09United States flag World Cup Final Salt LakeUtah Olympic OvalIN36.47410.27Herzog+0.37NRDetails
232019/03/10IN36.49210.36Fat Cleaner+0.34Details
2019/03/15Canadian flag Olympic Oval FinaleOlympic ovalO36.74010.28Irvine+0.57Details
-2019/03/16O36.39010.21Unofficial for special participation in men's raceDetails
2019/10/25Japanese flag The 26rd All Japan Distance ChampionshipYS Arena HachinoheO37.66010.43Miho Takagi+0.71RR
×2019/11/16Belarusian flag World Cup Minsk TournamentMinsk ArenaIN38.17210.593 bit.World Cup winning streak stop
Disqualified as a runner and skated alone
…World Cup… International competition, DR… domestic best, CR… competition record, NR… Japan record, RR… link record, WRsl… lowland world best, OR… Olympic record

The serial number of consecutive wins is based on the media, and the original first win, the Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval Competition in September 1, will be set to 2016.



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