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🏐 | Valley Gunma Bank Green Wings Team's first foreign player joins


Valley Gunma Bank Green Wings Team's first foreign player joins

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Gunma Bank Green Wings will face Rigale Sendai in the opening round.

Volleyball VXNUMX League Women's Gunma Bank Green Wings will join the team before the start of the season on the XNUMXth of this month ... → Continue reading

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Gunma Bank Green Wings

Gunma Bank Green Wings(Gunma Bank Green Wings)GunmaMaebashiWomen's business group based involleyballIt's a team.The operating entity isGunma Bank.. 2021-22シーズンはIn the XNUMX-XNUMX seasonV.LEAGUE Belongs to DIVISION2 (V2 league).


Founded in 1975 as a 9-person volleyball club[1][2]..Nationwide 9-person title championship total 44 times[1][2].

In April 2015, the main body was changed to a 4-person system[1][2].. From the 2015/16 seasonV. Challenge League IIParticipation[1][2].. From the 2018-19 seasonV.LEAGUE Participated in DIVISION 2[1][2].

The origin of the team name is the corporate color, which is based on the image of "green", which is associated with the lush greenery of Gunma prefecture, and "wing", which is named after the crane wings of "Gunma prefecture in the shape of a crane".[1][2].

The team location isGunma BankThe main store and gymnasium are GB sports centers nearby.[1][2].

As a team mascot, with consent from Gunma PrefectureGunma-chan(2nd generation) is adopted[3][4].


Founded in 1975 as a 9-person volleyball club[1][2].All Japan 9-person Volleyball ChampionshipHas won 1981 times since its first victory in 11.[5][6]. Also,All Japan 9-person Volleyball Business Team ChampionshipIt became a powerful team that won 11 times in the championship, 9 times in the Sakurada Memorial 9-person volleyball business team selection championship, and 13 times in the National Sports Festival. It is a record)[5][7].

August 2014, 8-person systemTakefuji Bamboo,JT MarvelousServed as the director ofAkihisa IshiharaIs appointed as director[8].

From April 2015, the main body of the activity will be changed to a 4-person system[1][2].National Sports Festival Volleyball CompetitionAt2010 With this, the 9-person system was abolished, and it was judged that the transition to the 6-person system was indispensable in order to participate in the National Sports Festival.[5].

From July of the same yearV League OrganizationToAssociate teamJoined as, and will be newly established from the 2015/16 seasonV. Challenge League IIParticipate in[9]..In addition, the team name was changed to "Gunma Bank Green Wings".[10].

It was my first time to participate2015/16 seasonThen I settled in 4th place[11].

In the 2017/18 season, he won his first victory in Challenge League II.[12]..In addition, the new birth starting from the next seasonV.LEAGUEObtained the S2 license of V.League, and became a regular member of V League (formally joined). Transferred to V2 in the first year of V.LEAGUE[13].

2018-19 season,V23rd placeV. Challenge MatchOne step closer to participation[14].

2019-20 season,V2Won the first victory inV. Challenge MatchDecided to participate[15][16]..However, in V. Challenge MatchVictorina HimejiLost straight in both games and was not promoted to V2[17]..With this season, Akihisa Ishihara, who was the coach for 6 seasons, retired from the coach and the coach was promoted to coach.[18].

2020-21 season, January 2020, 11V23rd league match ・Chiba Angel CrossCaptain Setter was injured in the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee in the war and was diagnosed as having a full recovery of 8 months, and his return during the season was desperate.[19]..In response to that, at the end of the yearSendai BellfeuilleWas acquired from the Yamanashi Chuo Bank in a hurry.[20].. January 2021, 1 for one playerNew coronavirusInfected, missed 1 games from January 16th to 24th[21][22][23].. Due to the epidemic of new coronavirus infection in 11 prefecturesEmergency declarationDue to the announcement of, many of the other games scheduled to be lifted until February 2 were canceled, so in consideration of the infectious disease epidemic, the absence period was extended until February 7.[24][25]..Activity resumes with recovery of infected person[26].. Returned to the league match on February 2, and achieved 14 consecutive victories after returning, achieving V3 and 2 consecutive victories.[27]..Continuing from the previous seasonV. Challenge MatchIt became a participation.However,KUROBE Aqua FairiesEven though I took the set in the second round, I could not win and I was not promoted to V2[28][29].

In the 2021-22 season, aiming for V1 promotion next time, the team's first foreign playerCroatia national team OfCarla ClaricReinforced[30].


Main grades

V. Challenge League II
  • Win 1 times (2017/18)
  • No runner-up
All Japan synthesis (9 people)
  • 優勝 11回(1981年、1982年、1985年、1986年、1994年、1995年、1999-2002年、2004年)
  • 4nd place 1983 times (1987, 1996, 1997, XNUMX)
All Japan 9-person Volleyball Business Team Championship
  • 11 wins (1982-1985, 1988-1990, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001)
  • Runner-up 6 times (1993, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2009)
Sakurada Memorial All Japan 9-person Volleyball Business Team Selection Championship
  • 9 wins
National Sports Festival (9 people)

Results by year

V. Premier League / V. Challenge League

Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
Challenge II2015/164 bit5 team4 bit1679-
2016/173 bit6 team3 bit1596-
2017/18Win6 team1 bit15132-


Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
DIVISION22018-19 3 bit10 team3 bit18144541
2019-20 Win8 team1 bit21183-
2020-21 Win9 team1 bit12102-

Players / Staff (2021-22)


Uniform numberNameShirt nameDate of birth (age)heightCitizenshipPosYear of enrollmentPrevious affiliationRemarks
2Minami YoshiokaYOSHIOKA (‭1992-11-09) 1992 May 11(29 years old)163Japanese flag JapanL2020-Philippines flag (English edition)
4Carla ClaricKLARIC (‭1994-09-05) 1994 May 9(27 years old)190Croatian flag CroatiaOH2021-Hungarian flag Fatum-NyíregyházaTransfer subscription[30]
5Runa TanakaTANAKA (‭1998-07-09) 1998 May 7(23 years old)171Japanese flag JapanOH2017-Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School
6Furuichi AyaneFURUICHI (‭1995-06-16) 1995 May 6(26 years old)169Japanese flag JapanS2018-Utsunomiya Universitycaptain
7Akane TerasakaTERASAKA (‭1997-12-30) 1997 May 12(24 years old)175Japanese flag JapanOH2016-Kanazawa Commercial High School
8Yui NakataNAKATA (‭1993-08-16) 1993 May 8(28 years old)167Japanese flag JapanOH2020-Ohno Oil
10Arai ShoARAI (‭1998-06-30) 1998 May 6(23 years old)174Japanese flag JapanOH2018-ToyotaVice Captain
12Tomoka KobayashiCHIKA (‭2003-01-16) 2003 May 1(19 years old)166Japanese flag JapanOH2021-Mito Girls' High SchoolNewcomer[31]
13Ai ShimizuSHIMIZU (‭2002-05-13) 2002 May 5(19 years old)178Japanese flag JapanMB2021-Japan Aviation High SchoolNewcomer[31]
14Ryu KurisuKURISU (‭1998-04-03) 1998 May 4(23 years old)159Japanese flag JapanL2021-Nippon Sport Science UniversityNewcomer[31]
15Natsuko MatsuoMATSUO (‭1994-08-31) 1994 May 8(27 years old)164Japanese flag JapanS2020-Yamanashi Central Bank
16Anfuku WakanaYASUFUKU (‭1999-09-07) 1999 May 9(22 years old)177.5Japanese flag JapanMB2018-Funabashi City High School
17Juna ItoJUNA (‭1997-09-17) 1997 May 9(24 years old)173.7Japanese flag JapanMB2020-Fukuoka University
18Ai FujiwaraFUJIWARA (‭2001-06-21) 2001 May 6(20 years old)163Japanese flag JapanS2020-Yuri High School
Source: Team official website[32] V League official website[2]
Update: 2021 year 10 month 21 day

ス タ ッ フ

ManagerYukio Utsuki
AdviserNaoyuki Sato
Senior adviserYukio Nagata
directed byYu Takahashi
trainerTetsuya Kawamotonew[33]
coachYoshiho Maruyama
Coach and playerMinami Yoshioka
AnalystIto Minami
managerNatsumi Kano
Source: Team official website[32] V League official website[2]
Update: 2021 year 7 month 3 day

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外部 リンク

Rigale Sendai

Rigale Sendai(Rigale Sendai)MiyagiA girl whose hometown isvolleyballIt is a member of the working club team. 2021-22 seasonV.LEAGUE Belongs to DIVISION2 (V2 league).


It is run by "Neo Volleyball Club Sendai" and is represented by Kenzo Endo, the chairman of the Miyagi Volleyball Association.[1].

Launched in December 2018[2].. From the 2021-22 seasonV.LEAGUE Participation in DIVISION2[3].

HometownMiyagiSendai city, Subhome Town in the same prefectureTomiya CityTo[1].

The team name "Rigale" means "connect" and "tie" in Latin, and the idea is to create a lot of connections and become a team that is tied with strong bonds.[1].


2018 year 8 month,MiyagiSendai cityWas active until June last yearSendai BellfeuilleEstablished in the city centered on the people concerned[4][2]..Newly opened this yearV.LEAGUEEstablished as a team aiming to enter the market, taking advantage of the experience of Belfille's dissolution due to management deterioration, Miyagi Prefecture Volleyball Association officers became the representative director and established a general incorporated association, aiming for a transparent management body[4].. ExJapan Women's National TeamHe was the director of BelfilleNobuchika KuzuwaIs the team leaderToyota Body Quincy'sWas playing for the same team when he was the director ofMegumi FunasakiIs appointed as director[4]..And a former representative from Japan from Sendai2016 Rio Nejaneiro OlympicsBut I played as a regular liberoArisa Sato Hitachi RivereTransferred more[2][4].

March 2019, 3 Uniforms, new playersS-pal Sendai storeAnnounced at[5][6].

January,FukuiAll Japan 6-person Women's Volleyball Club Cup Championship Winner[7].

In September, Megumi Funasaki, who has been the director since the formation, retired due to the difference in the direction of the team.Arisa Sato, who is the captain and has experience of representing Japan, will be the player-coach[8][9].. Same month,IwateIchinosekiHeld atEmperor's Cup / Empress's Cup All Japan Volleyball ChampionshipTohoku block runner-up.

December 12, 2-2020 seasonV.LEAGUEV.LEAGUE's entry was postponed because the V.League License Examination Committee for entry did not pass the examination.[10][9].

2020 May 3, Minami Amazutsumi, Riko Konno, Masako Ogino announced their departure.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayS3 licenseWas acquired, and V.LEAGUE entry from the 2021-22 season was unofficially decided.[3][11].

2021 years,2021-22 seasonEntered V.LEAGUE DIVISION2 (V2 league)[12].

Players / Staff (2021-22)


Uniform numberNameShirt nameDate of birth (age)heightCitizenshipPosYear of enrollmentPrevious affiliationRemarks
1Fumika SugiuraAYAKA (‭1998-07-31) 1998 May 7(23 years old)172Japanese flag JapanMB2021-Aichi Gakuin UniversityNewcomer[13]
2Izumi KomatsuMIZUHO (‭1998-05-09) 1998 May 5(23 years old)163Japanese flag JapanS2021-Tohoku Public Interest UniversityNewcomer[13]
3Akari MiyataAKARI (‭1998-09-09) 1998 May 9(23 years old)173Japanese flag JapanMB2021-Shoin UniversityNewcomer[13]
4Ozawa Shienshion (‭1997-03-17) 1997 May 3(24 years old)170Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Nippon Sport Science University
5Arisa SatoARISA (‭1989-07-18) 1989 May 7(32 years old)166Japanese flag JapanL2018-日立
6Manami KiyowaSEIWA (‭1998-03-16) 1998 May 3(23 years old)165Japanese flag JapanOH2020-Tohoku Gakuin UniversityNewcomer[13]
7Nao OnukiONUKI (‭1996-04-07) 1996 May 4(25 years old)171Japanese flag JapanMB2019-Tokai University
8Yui TakanoTakano (‭1996-10-08) 1996 May 10(25 years old)162Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Tokai University
9Yuna KatoKATO (‭1996-05-09) 1996 May 5(25 years old)159Japanese flag JapanS2019-Shokei Gakuin University
10Masaru WatanabeWATANABE (‭1996-05-08) 1996 May 5(25 years old)171Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Tohoku Fukushi University
11Mayu SuenagaSUENAGA (‭1996-06-25) 1996 May 6(25 years old)175Japanese flag JapanOH2019-Sendai University
12Yuki EgawaICHI (‭1994-04-13) 1994 May 4(27 years old)171Japanese flag JapanOH2020-Aran Mare
13Ayaka KatoKATOH (‭1994-08-19) 1994 May 8(27 years old)170Japanese flag JapanOP2021-浜 松Transfer subscription[14]
Source: Team official website[15] V League official website[16]
Update: 2021 year 11 month 2 day

ス タ ッ フ

directed byArisa Sato
coachMasataka Watanabe
trainerAimi Komatsu
Division ManagerNobuyuki Satonew[17]
Public relations officerTakuji Fujiwaranew[17]
ComplianceSatoshi Arataninew[17]
TreasuryKatsuaki Washionew[17]
Security officerTeruo Takanonew[17]
Source: Team official website[15] V League official website[16]
Update: 2021 year 8 month 6 day


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