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⚾ | Memories of Katsuo Osugi, who created many famous scenes by "hit toward the moon"


Memories of Katsuo Osugi, who created many famous scenes by "hit toward the moon"

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* This article is an excerpt from Yutaka Enatsu's book "Smasher" (Wanibooks: published).

Katsuo Osugi, who played an active part in Toei and Yakult, retired while being missed with only one home run left until 200 home runs in both leagues ... → Continue reading

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Excerpt edit

Yuka Enatsu

Yutaka Enatsu(Yutaka Enatsu,1948/5/15 -) isHyogoAmagasakiFrom (NaraYoshino-gunbirth[1][2]) SourceProfessional baseball player(pitcher),Commentator-critic-talent.

Season 2021, which is still a Japanese record as of 401StrikeoutIn addition to achievingNPBRecord the most tiesBest Relief PitcherHas won (currently the most saved pitcher) 6 times.Regarding the play itself, "All-Star 9 consecutive strikeouts""21 balls of EnatsuHas many episodes.

Until becoming a professional


Born May 1948, 5 in Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture.KagoshimaMy mother was from Osaka when she was in OsakaOsaka air raidIn Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture, where he was evacuated, he met a man who became Enatsu's father, and Yutaka was born.For Enatsu's mother, Yutaka is the third son, and it is a complicated family environment where the eldest son, 14 years older, and the second son, 7 years older, all have different fathers.[3], Enatsu's surname was also his maternal surname.His father disappeared shortly after Yutaka was born.Yutaka didn't remember this time at all, and from the moment he got sick, his mother told him, "My dad has already died. I'm alive."What is "Enatsu"?South KyushuWith many surnames, my mother said, "If you follow your ancestorsShimazu DomainI'll hit the old man. "[4]. Also,Kirishima BreweryWas foundedgrandfatherThat[2].

Enatsu is Kagoshima prefecture, the hometown of his mother in the second half of his life.Hioki-gunIchiki Town(CurrentIchikikushikino City) Moved to his parents' house and spent 5 years.After that, with my mother and two older brothersHyogoAmagasakiMoved toAmagasaki City Sonoda Junior High SchoolI grew up in Amagasaki until I graduated from high school[2].

In my childhood, I used poor tools with my neighborsbaseballWas enjoying.When he was in the 5th grade of elementary school, his eldest brother said, "You should do it on the left."left handedEnatsu himself was right-handed, but he was forcibly corrected to left-handed.[5][6].

At Amagasaki Municipal Sonoda Junior High School, he joined the baseball club, but he was dissatisfied with the fact that he could only pick up the ball even after two months had passed. To leave[7]..At this time, the teacher who was the director advised me, "Baseball is the crystallization of various sports, so please experience various sports."volleyball-rugby-SumoAfter experiencing such things, I finally settled down in the track and field club.In the track and field clubShot putHe has been active as a player and has won the prefectural tournament.[8].

High School days

Osaka Gakuin University High SchoolStart baseball in earnest after enrolling in[9]..At that time, baseball coach Shiogama Tsuyoshi was a sportsman who had participated in the national polity in rugby when he was a student, but he had no experience in baseball.[Note 1]..Enatsu had never received technical instruction in baseball from Shiogama during his three years in high school, but he instructed players with enthusiastic instruction, and Enatsu felt fascinated.[10]..Shiogama imposed fierce spartan practice on the members, and after the practice was over, he was tired and often took an hour while taking a break from school to his parents' house, which was only a 10-minute walk.

1966/ OfNational High School Baseball ChampionshipAdvance to the semi-finals in the Osaka tournament qualifying, but laterHanshin TigersBecome a colleagueToshiki Okuda(Osaka Prefectural Sakurazuka High School), But he threw 6 qualifying games, struck out 81, and scored 2 goals.Also, he never crossed the fenceHome runHas never been hit, the only one hitMitsuyasu Hirano(Meisei High School) Only allowed a running home run[11].

Enatsu looked back on his high school days and was a shocking event.Suzuki revelationThe match with is mentioned. One day in the second grade, holding SuzukiIkuei High SchoolWe played a practice game with, and ended up with an extra 15 times and a 0-0 draw.In this game, Enatsu showed a good throw with 15 strikeouts while taking walks, while Suzuki, who was a third grade ace, recorded 3 strikeouts, which greatly exceeded that. Enatsu, who stood in the at-bat as the fourth batter, recalled that he couldn't even hit a single ball because he couldn't reach the fastball and sharp curve that Suzuki threw.[12]..It is said that this event sprouted a desire to master the curve that Suzuki had thrown in Enatsu.

Active age

Hanshin Tigers era (1967 --1975)

Rookie era

1966/Made in1st draft meetingAtHanshin Tigers-Yomiuri Giants-Toei Flyers-Hankyu BravesAs a result of the competitive lottery, Hanshin got the right to nominate and was decided to join the team.Uniform number is only when joining the group71Was worn, but later from the team1,13,28Enatsu, who was recommended to wear one of the1"Rival Keishi Suzuki and number suffer",13Is erased from the candidates because it is "somehow unlucky number", and by elimination method28Was selected.This is2014/"Jersey number chronicle" broadcast on December 12 (NHK BS1).By the way, in the same program, 28Full numberHowever, Enatsu himself said, "I didn't even know what a" perfect number "was."

1967/In the spring camp of, to learn the changing ball that was not thrown until high schoolMasato GondoI asked my senior pitchers to teach me, but the official game started without being able to completely learn how to throw.Even so, he made 225 strikeouts with a fastball as a weapon, and while he was a newcomer, he recorded the most strikeouts of the season, but there were also many walks and home runs, and the team situation at that time was poor in batting power.[Note 2]With 12 wins and 13 losses, the number of losses exceeded.Newcomer KingThe title ofShiro TakegamiI was blocked by and did not win.However, because he had an incentive contract with the team for 1 win and 10 yen, he said he earned an income equivalent to his annual salary.[14].

The heyday (1968-1973)

A new record for professional baseball with the most strikes of the season

1968/Was appointed as a new pitcher coach at the campYoshikazu HayashiThe habit of "carrying throw" caused by the effect of shot put was corrected, and the changing ball was thoroughly taught.As a result, the ball control ability was improved and the number of ball types was increased, and the number of wins and strikeouts increased at a pace higher than the previous year from the opening.Enatsu suffers from blood circulation disorders after this yearMurayama MinoruBecame an ace in place of, and grew into a pitcher representing the ball world.For this reason, Enatsu adores Hayashi, who has been gentle and sincere in teaching, as a "master."Impressed by Murayama's stoic view of baseball, he decided to become a disciple, and he was observing every move from practice to the locker room at a close distance to Murayama, but Enatsu performed well in the first year. After leaving, Murayama blatantly moved away from Enatsu.Enatsu was indignant at Murayama's narrow-minded behavior when he was about to be deprived of his ace position, but later he recognized himself as a full-fledged pitcher, so he said he graduated from his discipleship. He noticed his intention and said in his book, "I was taught that it was a real professional and a game master."

1968/9/17Pair ofYomiuri GiantsBattle (Hanshin Koshien Stadium)soSadaharu OhSteal a strikeout fromKazuhisa InaoRecorded 354 strikeouts in season to break Japan's record[15][Note 3]..And in the game, he took the 353rd Japanese-Thailand record from the king, but Enatsu himself misunderstood this as a Japanese record break, and it was not until he was pointed out by catcher Yasuhiko Tsuji after returning to the bench.[15]..Therefore, Enatsu deliberately beat all the subsequent batters with a mediocre hit, and at the next king's turn at bat, he did a feat of taking the 354th strikeout, which was a record break as declared.[15]..Enatsu later said, "(Rather than robbing fielders other than the king)WoodsWith(I.e.It was rather difficult not to strike out from Mr.In particular, it was the most troublesome to drive Mr. Takahashi to two strikes. "Moreover, in this game, Enatsu himself won the 2th inning with a goodbye hit.[15]..In the same year, the number of strikeouts was finally increased to 401.[16].

All-star game 9 consecutive strikeouts

1971/7/17 OfAll star gamesRound 1 (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium), Enatsu pitched with a fastball and outstanding ball control.Pacific LeagueStrike out one after another from the battersRecorded the first nine consecutive strikeouts in historydid.This record is the de facto highest number of strikeouts in a single game, as pitchers in All-Star games can only pitch up to three innings by regulation.[Note 4], Is still the sole record in the All-Star game.Catcher when the batter hits the catcher flyKoichi TabuchiIt is said that he chased but shouted "Don't catch!", But in reality, Enatsu thought that he didn't have to chase the ball to enter the audience seat, and he was striking out. He said in his book that he shouted "Don't chase!" Because Enatsu himself wanted to pitch at a good tempo, partly because he was in the middle.

After this, the Central League pitched after Enatsu.Hidetake Watanabe-Ichizo Takahashi-Toshinori Mizutani-Masakatsu KotaniNo hits, 1 walk, 1 error, 16 strikeouts, and a succession to the Pacific LeagueNo hit no runHas achieved[17].

The ball was missing when he recorded nine consecutive strikeouts because he was not in the hands of Enatsu.This is the catcherKoichi TabuchiIt is said that he unknowingly threw him into the spectators' seats at the same time he heard the ball umpire's strikeout call without knowing that he had achieved the record of Enatsu. You can see how the ball is thrown into the audience seats behind while walking in the direction.However, in later years, Enatsu was on the programRie Wang"A catcher named Tabuchi threw the ball in, but your father (Sadaharu Oh) picked it up and handed it over to me," he said.

Enatsu took 5 consecutive strikeouts in the previous year's All-Star game, and 2 strikeout in the second round of the next day, and 1 consecutive strikeouts are also all-star records.Furthermore, in this match, Enatsu1960/ OfTatsumiIt is the second person in history to hit a pitcher's home run in an All-Star game, and the pitcher's home run in an All-Star game is not recorded at the end.

First ever extended no-hitter no-run

1973/8/30Pair ofChunichi DragonsThis will be the 59th time in history at the battle (Hanshin Koshien Stadium).No hit no runAchieved.The starting lineupYukiyuki MatsumotoAnd throw the first ball thrown by Matsumoto in the bottom of the 11th inning to the light side.Lucky zoneIn the dramatic form of "shooting a goodbye home run by yourself"First ever overtime no-hitter no-runAchieved. As of 2020, only Enatsu has achieved no-hitter no-run in overtime in Nippon Professional Baseball.[18].

But at that timeYomiuri GiantsIs unprecedented9 consecutive wins(いわゆるV9)を成し遂げている真っ只中で、チームは優勝争いに加わるものの、優勝を経験することは出来なかった。中でも9連覇を許した1973年は、あと1勝すれば阪神のリーグ優勝が決まる試合(10月20日、対中日ドラゴンズ最終戦)に先発するも5回3失点で敗戦投手となり、チームも勝った方がリーグ優勝という10月22日甲子園球場での巨人戦で0-9で大敗し、またも優勝を逃した。

After retiring from active duty, Enatsu was just before this match.Mutsuo NagataThe team representative and managing director said, "If you win, it will cost you money, so don't win the remaining two games.directed byI also agree with you. "[19]..On the other hand, regarding the appointment, "There is no reason to throw an ace to lose in the game, and later," Chunichi Dragons(I.e.There was also a voice saying, "I should have gone to the Giants in Enatsu," but that is a consequential theory, and if I should win one more, it is natural to go from the one with the most winning stars.It was a disappointing result, but I still think it was a straightforward approach.I lost because I couldn't reach it, "he said.[20].

After the end of the 1973 season, Enatsu stated that he could not play under the coach due to his dissatisfaction with Masayasu Kaneda, and Kaneda also announced his resignation as "I am not confident of building a team with Enatsu". rice field.In this caseKazutaka TozawaThe president of the team entered arbitration, and both of them eventually remained, but the feud was not resolved.

Falling period (1974-1975)

Since 1974, when the number of balls exceeds 100, the right elbow always becomes numb and the person becomes aware of the weakening of power, making it difficult to throw long innings.[21]..This year, 12 wins, 14 losses and 8 saves, the number of winning stars was halved from the previous year's 24 wins, the team finished in 4th place B class, and Kaneda resigned from the coach for this year.Off Enatsu got married.

In 1975, instead of KanedaYoshio YoshidaBecame a director. He was appointed as a starting lineup for the opening game against Chunichi on April 4, and will be the winning star from Chunichi for the first time in four years. A total of 5 wins in the Giants match on April 4Tsuneo HoriuchiEnatsu won and achieved 150 wins in total.After the match, he said, "It's my pace to go fluffy. The giant hit, and when I hit it, it became stiff and I was stuck in my pace."In pitching, he started throwing a lot of slow balls and began to seek a model change from the previous fastball pitcher in earnest.[22]..Blood circulation disorders became more serious, and the arms were often swollen, making it difficult to catch a ball.From the second half of the game, with Yoshida's intention, there will be more opportunities to pitch in relief.

Enatsu hasn't matched her personality with director Yoshida since she was active, so she was close to her.Yoshinori TsujiWith the coach in between, I was finally able to communicate.Yoshida, who saw that Enatsu's long innings caused him to lose his power, said he had no intention of doing so at that time, although he implicitly asked him to switch to restraint.[23].

And Enatsu will finally be traded. On December 1975, 12, Nikkan Sports announced that "Hanshin is with Nankai and Enatsu.Mengiki EmotoIt is expected that multiple trades including[24]..Knowing this, Enatsu visited the team office and confirmed the truth of the report to the team representative Mutsuo Nagata, but he denied that he was "not willing to trade you."However, on January 1976, 1, the following month, he was called by the team and discussed with Nagata, but Nagata announced the trade as "I can not see the attitude to blend in with the team".[25]..He complained to the press, "I'm lonely. What have you been doing in Hanshin so far?"[25].. On the 23rd, the team was notified of multiple trades to the Nankai Hawks.[26]I didn't immediately agree with the answer, "I want time to think for a few days."[27], When he met Nagata on the 26th and told him that he would accept the trade to Nankai, Nankai and Hanshin immediately went to Enatsu.Mitsuru MochizukiMengiki Emoto-Yutaka Ikeuchi-Tsutomu Hasegawa-Shimano IkuoAnnounced that the trade was successful[28]..Enatsu said goodbye to Hanshin, who had spent nine years as a player since joining the team.

Director Yoshida replied to the press after the Enatsu trade was completed, "I didn't know that the trade was decided by the front desk."[29]..However, he later admitted that he had decided to trade Enatsu at the end of 1975, and at this time, the president of the team, Nagata, said, "Let's say you didn't know the story of trading," and agreed. Explained that it led to the remark[30]..Nomura also admits that he had already been consulted by Yoshida for the Enatsu trade in the summer of 1975.[31]..However, according to Enatsu, Yoshida stated to the people around him, such as his mother and supporters, that he would never trade Enatsu, and the opposite was true, so Enatsu told Yoshida. "It's fine to trade me, but I won't fool my parents," he criticized.[31].

Nankai Hawks Era (1976-1977)

Immediately after Enatsu was notified of the trade by Hanshin, he was not prepared to accept it because he had fallen into misanthropy and was even thinking about retirement.[32]..However, at the recommendation of a Nikkan Sports reporter, "Apart from the trade story, why don't you meet once?", I had a dinner with Nomura at the Plaza Hotel in Osaka.[32]..When Enatsu meets Nomura, she suddenly says, "Hey, you. Let's consciously shoot the ball at that time."Nomura pointed out that in the game against Hiroshima on October 1975, 10, he intentionally threw a ball at Kinugasa Sachio in the scene of bases loaded with one out and struck out.[32]..Enatsu was surprised and confused by this point, "Did you remember that?", But after that, Nomura started talking about baseball and never talked about trading.After breaking up with Nomura, Enatsu ruminated the meeting with Nomura and felt that "Nomura is an interesting person" and decided to accept the trade to Nankai.[33].

Enatsu changed his jersey number from "28" to "17" in the Hanshin era when he joined the Nankai team, which meant that he had a change of heart. He started in the open match against the giant at Osaka Stadium on March 3.Due to the popularity of Enatsu and the giant battle of the popular team, the crowd was a big crowd of 13 people and it was a great success to put out a packed bill in the open game for the first time in 3 years as a team.[34]..Enatsu threw 5 innings, 96 balls, 1 run, and no strikeouts.

4月4日の太平洋クラブ・ライオンズとの開幕戦の9回に救援で初登板を果たし、7日の大阪球場での近鉄戦で初先発、9回1死1,2塁となったところで佐藤道郎と交代し、移籍後初勝利を挙げた。しかしその後は先発で好投しながら打線の援護がなく勝ち星につながらないという試合が続く。6月15日の太平洋戦で4回までに4本塁打を打たれて降板し、早くも8敗目を喫した[35].. He won his first shutout victory after his transfer in the match against Nippon-Ham on June 6.[36]..After the first half of the game, 4 wins and 8 losses, 1 wins, 6 losses and 12 saves throughout the year, and the winning star broke double digits for the first time since entering the pro.

In 1977, he was diagnosed with neuritis of the left elbow in January, and he continued to make slow adjustments at the spring camp due to the cold weather. He started for the first time in the Kintetsu match on April 1, and threw 4 times, mainly throwing dodge with a changing ball, and 18 runs.He won his first victory of the season with a complete game against Nippon-Ham on May 6th, one month after the opening.He started the Kintetsu match on May 3 and dropped out with 1 runs in the 5th inning, which was his last starting pitcher.

Before the match with Kintetsu at Nippon Life Stadium on May 5, Enatsu was asked by the director Nomura, "Would you like to do a relief?" During the warm-up in the outfield.It has already become difficult for Enatsu to throw a long inning as a starting pitcher, and Nomura has already been percussed from the previous year.It was not until this time that Nomura clearly handed it over, but Enatsu replied, "What are you talking about? That's ridiculous."[37]..After that, Nomura persuaded him to "do relief", and Enatsu refused it.Then one day, Nomura said, "Why don't you revolutionize the baseball world?"When Enatsu asked, "What is a revolution?" Nomura said, "Now, with the development of pitching machines, batters can practice as much as they want, but pitchers have limited practice because their shoulders are consumables. Professional baseball is becoming more and more prone to high pitching and low pitching. The only way for pitchers to counter this is to divide the work between starting pitchers and relief pitchers. "[38]..Attracted by Nomura's words, "Let's make a revolution," Enatsu finally agreed to turn to restraint.

After that, Enatsu turned to restraint and set a record of 6 consecutive saves at that time.He ended up with a record of 4 wins, 2 losses and 19 saves in the Pacific League.Best Relief PitcherShined in.

Hiroshima Toyo Carp Era (1978-1980)

1977/Off, Nomura was dismissed from the Nankai director because of public-private confusion, and it was decided to leave the group.Enatsu, who longs for Nomura, volunteers to trade with the team, saying, "Because Mr. Nomura quits, please leave the Nankai."same year12/22With money tradingHiroshima Toyo CarpTransferred to.

After transferring to Hiroshima, the power of the fastball, which had been declining since the latter years of the Hanshin era, began to recover, and as a result, it became possible to throw to the batter with all one's might, and the range of pitching expanded.[39]..Enatsu, who regained his confidence, recovered and scored 5 wins, 4 losses and 12 saves.In 1979, he scored 9 wins, 6 losses and 25 saves, contributing to the team's first league victory in four years.He enjoyed his first victory in his 4th year as a professional pitcher, and made a save in the match against Hanshin on October 13, which was the championship match, and became a pitcher.With Kintetsu BuffaloesJapan seriesClimbed from the bottom of the 7th inning of the final round 7 and invited a pinch of bases loaded with no death in the bottom of the 9th inning, but struck out Kyosuke Sasaki from there, removed Shigeru Ishiwata's squeeze from one death, stabbed the runner, and then Ishiwata. He struck out and survived the pinch, leading Hiroshima to the first in Japan.This pitch was the first issue of Sports Graphic Number magazine in April 2, and was written by Junji Yamagiwa.21 balls of EnatsuIt has been handed down as one of the best scenes in the history of professional baseball.

In the same year, he won the Central League MVP for the first time.She also released a record called "My Poem" as a singer and sold 7 copies.

1980/7/22All-Star Game Round 3 (Korakuen Stadium), The Central League won 2-0, but in the bottom of the 9th inning, they were squeezed by one point and carried a pinch of bases loaded without death.Nomura(Ocean Whales) RescueLeon Lee,Arito Tsuyo(bothLotte Orions),Shinichi Yamauchi(Nankai Hawks[Note 5]Strike out three consecutive strikeouts and hit firstMayumi Akinobu, Hit a home runMasayuki KakefuI got MVP by suppressing.Continuing from the previous year, he contributed to the team's second consecutive year in Japan with 9 wins, 6 losses and 21 saves.However, on November 2, it was announced that he would be transferred to the Nippon-Ham Fighters in a trade with Naoki Takahashi.

Nippon-Ham Fighters Era (1980 --1983)

1980/ OfNippon Ham FightersWas fighting for victory in the late season of the Pacific League.I felt a response to strengthening my teamKeiji OsawaWhen the director gets information that Hiroshima will release Enatsu off[40]I entered Hiroshima in secret, and the ownerKohei MatsudaAceTakahashi NaokiEstablish an exchange trade with[41], Succeeded in acquiring Enatsu.It seems that Osawa's boss's skin matched Enatsu's temperament, and Osawa also trusted Enatsu as "the winning pattern of our team is to use Enatsu last (9 times)", so that Enatsu will respond to it.1981/Contributed to the victory as a relief ace and won the MVP.The award in both leagues was the first feat in history, during the Hiroshima era.1979/から1983/For the fifth consecutive year, he won the title of the most save pitcher across both leagues, and at the same time achieved the record of all 5 team saves for the first time in history.

1982/Achieved a total of 200 wins and met the admission requirementsJapan Professional Baseball MeetupTo join.The team won the second half and won the first halfHirooka TatsuroSupervisedSeibu LionsWill face off in the playoffs.According to the preliminary forecast, Nippon-Ham was considered to be dominant because the Seibu Lions were held down by Enatsu throughout the season, but Hirooka saw that there was a big difficulty in defending after Enatsu pitched, and Enatsu's Relentless aroundPush buntWas set up.As a result, Enatsu, who broke the pitching rhythm, was caught by the Seibu line, and Nippon-Ham was defeated by Seibu and could not participate in the Japan Series.As a result, Enatsu will have respect for Hirooka's strategic eyes.

It is said that the team power of Nippon-Ham at that time was poor, partly because he transferred from Hiroshima, which was the best in Japan the previous year.I was a teammate at the timeTatsuo Omiya-Noriaki Okabe-Shigeyuki Mabashi-Akira SakamakiIt is said that Enatsu was instructed by Osawa, and Enatsu himself looked back on those days and said, "I learned baseball with them."

Seibu Lions Era (1984)

1983/After the end of the season, Osawa retired from the director.In response to this, Enatsu had a history of being begged by Osawa to transfer to Nippon-Ham, so he thought, "If Mr. Osawa withdraws, he will be there too." You should go out. "[42]..After this, when Yoshinobu Uemura, a pitcher coach of the XNUMXst Army, took office as the new coach, Uemura removed Enatsu from the force concept and decided to trade Enatsu.[42]..Upon the transfer, Enatsu was asked by Osawa, who remains at the baseball team headquarters as a managing director even after leaving the field, asking for a team of his choice, and answered, "You can go to Hiroshima, Hanshin, or any team that defeats giants. Ta[Note 6]..But the same year12/13ToYasumitsu Shibata-Hiro KimuraIt was decided to transfer to Seibu Lions in exchange trade with.Seibu gave 2 wins, 4 losses and 34 saves this year as a restraint.Mori ShigekazuAbout the reason why I got Enatsu despite the fact that I was thereYasuyuki SakaiThe team representative later said that it was due to the intention of "seeing that the giant will embark on the acquisition of Enatsu and pulling it in to himself before being taken by the giant."[45]..Osawa also said that when he recommended the transfer to Enatsu, Seibu had already made an offer and thought that it would be better for Enatsu to know the strict Hirooka baseball.[Note 7].

1984/Since the opening of the season, Eka hasn't been feeling well and complained of poor physical condition in the middle of the season.Hirooka was distrustful of the fact that Enatsu's physical condition reports were inconsistent over and over again, and ordered the fall of the second army and hospitalization.On the other hand, Enatsu was also dissatisfied with Hirooka's failure to communicate with the players, such as knowing the decision to drop the second army not from Hirooka himself but from newspaper reports.The team also dropped out of the competition for the championship early in the same year, and was replaced by a younger player who was looking ahead to the next season as early as the middle of the season, so Enatsu was not given a turn at the end of the pitching on July 7. ..Enatsu retired from Seibu for the same year and announced his retirement, with 12 saves for the first time in history and 200 strikeouts in total.Unlike Tabuchi, who assembled a battery during the Hanshin era and became a colleague again at Seibu, there was no retirement match sponsored by the team.

Major challenge, retirement from active duty (1985)

A magazine that once used Enatsu as a commercial for the first issue of the magazine because the retirement match was not held.NumberThe first editor-in-chief of文藝 春秋Was the editor-in-chief ofMitsuyoshi OkazakiOn January 1985, 1, in Tama City, TokyoTama Municipal BallparkIssue Number atBungeishunjushaSponsored byMeikyukaiWith the cooperation, the "retirement ceremony for only one person" was held, and the stadium was packed with 1 spectators.[47][48]..In the middle of a match between local Little LeaguesBeat takeshiWhen he appears in front of the crowd and declares, "Please give me a minute."[49], Enatsu wearing a Hanshin era uniform pitched and once assembled a batteryYasuhiko TsujiServed as a catcher.From a youth baseball playerHiromitsu Ochiai,Koji Yamamoto,Fukumoto YutakaHe showed off his last pitch in Japan against eight players and OBs who gathered beyond the boundaries of the team.With his retirement greetingMajor League Challenge"I don't know if Yutaka Enatsu is 36 years old and a really stupid man, but when he comes back to Japan, just say one word,'Gokurou-san'," he said.[50].

Enatsu on December 1984, 12 in Los AngelesDan NomuraSigned a minor contract with Milwaukee Brewers in the presence of[51], Participated in the team's spring training in February 85 as a non-roaster player.The number is "68"[52], Aimed for major promotion as one frame of the middle reliever left arm. He joined the camp in Sun City on February 1st and pitched for the first time on the 2th free batting. He pitched for the first time in the red and white game on March 21 and threw one inning to keep him hitless.

He pitched for the first time in the open game against the San Francisco Giants on March 3, and pitched twice and got off to a good start with no hits and no runs.[53]、18日のシアトル・マリナーズ戦は2回1安打無失点で初勝利を挙げ、23日のサンディエゴ・パドレス戦で本塁打を浴びて初失点も2回を投げ3安打1失点、2イニング目に二死満塁のピンチを招きカウント0-3から強打者のTerry KennedyWas struck out[54]..The director's probability of major promotion to Enatsu on the 18th is "70%"[55], Said on the 25th that it was "75 percent"[54].

However, in the match against the Chicago Cubs on the 26th, 1 hits and 4 runs in the first inning.[56], 30 hits and 2 runs in 4 innings against Athletics on the 3th[57], Also became the first defeated pitcher against the California Angels on April 4 with 2 hits and 2 runs in the 4nd inning.[58], 3 games in a row.And on April 4, the team made the final selection of 4 final rosters, but Enatsu was not selected among them, and Enatsu was notified of his dismissal.[59]..Pitcher coach Harm Starlet said, "To be honest, I had Enatsu on the list two weeks ago. What went wrong was that he could only throw two innings. The middle reliever pitcher had three or four innings. I have to throw it ... "[60]From the pitching that was hit in the second half, it was decided that Enatsu did not have 3 innings in the middle reliever from the leaders.[61].

Director George Bamberger said, "I did well in Enatsu. I can't keep 36-year-old Enatsu in the minor league because there are so many young and promising players. I wanted to do that, but it's unavoidable. Asking if other teams are interested in Enatsu is all that can be done for Enatsu. "[60]..Since he did not finally enter the roster, the official number record does not include the number 68 worn by Enatsu.[62].

Enatsu stopped at Sun City and waited for offers from other teams.However, the team that won Enatsu did not appear, and on April 4th, Brewers general manager Harry Dalton offered to join 8A Stockton from Brewers.[63]By refusing this, Enatsu's major challenge was completely over.It was reported that he entered the Nankai in some areas, but Enatsu completely denied his return to the Japanese baseball world.[64]Declared to start again as a baseball critic[64].. On the 16th, he announced in the Tokyo Chunichi Sports newspaper on the same day that he would be appointed as a critic of the magazine.[65]..Enatsu returned from the United States on April 4th.

Enatsu explained the reason why he challenged the major league at this time, saying, "If the main purpose is to enter the major league, it will definitely remain. There was a start from the minor lower rank, and I was able to try again the following year." He said, "I wanted the" place of death "of the" pitcher soul "that caused incomplete combustion and continued to smolder. I was taken" the place of death "(Seibu) by a man named Hirooka. I wanted to throw it in a place where I was convinced. I was convinced by participating in a major league camp. "[66]..On the other hand, Ray Poitebint, who was the scout manager of Brewers, said, "Comparing relief left-handed pitcher Bob McClure and Enatsu, Enatsu was a little better. He said on the phone, "I have a chance. Stay in the minor for a while." Enatsu thought he would accept the minor, but he held a press conference and returned to Japan. Half a month later McClure broke. If Enatsu remained, he could be a big leaguer. "[67].

After retirement

1985/FromNippon TV-Radio JapanBaseball commentator,Tokyo Chunichi SportsWhile working as a baseball critic, he has appeared in movies, TV dramas, and variety shows.talent-An actorWas also active.

1993/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Stimulants Control LawArrested for the current offense of violation (possession / use)[68]..He was a temporary pitcher coach for the Nippon-Ham Fighters until a few days before his arrest, which shocked the world.The criminal fact indicted is the use of stimulants, which was injected into his left arm with approximately 0.25 ml of an aqueous solution of stimulants.[69]And possesses a total of 52.117 g of stimulants and about 0.5 ml of stimulant aqueous solution.[69]..The trial was held in the same year and as a witnessKatsuya Nomura-Mengiki EmotoAppears in court[70][71]Also stood on the testimony stand as Enatsu's best friendKinugasa YoshioSought generous treatment[72]..According to the ruling, "I got a large amount of stimulant (about 100 g) and continued to use it for several years until I was arrested in this case, and from around September last year I recommended it to a woman who lived with me and let me use it together." Shown.And, "The amount of stimulant possessed is about 9 g, which is a large amount that is rarely seen for self-use.[69]"A woman living with her has been convicted of using stimulants, which triggered her.[69]"It is pointed out that" it is not admitted that the case is equivalent to a suspended sentence. "ImprisonmentSentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison[69]..Enatsu remains as it isShizuoka prisonImprisoned in[68],1995/Paroleed in April[68].

In June, one month after being released on paroleNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.He has appeared on the radio and commented on baseball.1996/から2010/In addition to serving as a Daily Sports baseball criticTV OsakaBaseball commentatorAlso serves[73], Has been highly evaluated for its easy-to-understand and clear technical theory.He is a baseball commentator who calls players by his name, and he says that this is due to his respect for the profession of baseball players.Also,"Weekly playboy』(Shueisha), "Yutaka Enatsu's Outlaw Baseball Theory" is being serialized. Until 2007 "Weekly baseball』(Baseball magazine company), "Yutaka Enatsu's ball world human exchange biography" Kyujinzo "" was also serialized.

Masters LeagueTokyo DreamsMalts baseball teamIn addition to being a member of the Hanshin Tigers, he served as a temporary coach at the 2015st Army Spring Camp in 2016 and the XNUMXnd Army Spring Camp in XNUMX.

Characteristics as a player

As a pitcher

1960/From generation1980/In his early generations, he was the left-handed pitcher who received the highest evaluation in both starting pitchers and relief pitchers.During the Hanshin era, he left a brilliant record such as a strikeout record as a starting lineup.Generally speaking, when it comes to fastball pitchers, there is an impression that ball control is not good, but Enatsu was a fastball pitcher who represented the time, but he also had excellent ball control, which seems to have led to his achievements.on the other hand,Katsuya NomuraFrom the Nankai era when he turned to relief after the percussion, he gave off a new brilliance with his high ball control.As a relief, it was before the record was adopted at that time.1967/から1973/A total of 37 saves have been listed.

In the Nankai, although long innings could not be thrown due to blood circulation disorders and heart diseases, Nomura thought that a short inning of about 50 balls would be a force, and asked Enatsu to switch to relief. By persuading Nomura to "revolutionize the baseball world,"1977/In 6 monthReliefI decided to turn into a pitcher.At that time, there was no established adjustment method for relief pitchers in Japan, and it was difficult for Enatsu, who had back pain, to sit on the bench and wait all the time, so I told a reporter I knew.Major LeagueAfter hearing about how to adjust the relief pitcher in Japan, I started to adjust my own style.The adjustment method of getting a massage and sleeping in the locker room without entering the bench up to 5 times even after the game started was criticized in the team and the ball world at that time, but now it is a relief that is obliged to wait for all games. It has become a well-established method for maintaining the condition of pitchers.

At the end of the active eraSeibu LionsReceived Enatsu's pitch as a catcherIto workEnatsu's high pitching power, the extraordinary technique of pitching to a place where the catcher can easily catch the ball by changing the course instantly with just the operation of the fingertip at the moment of pitching, and the sign exchange without seeing the movement of the third base runner Despite not doingSqueezeHe said he was amazed at the accurate judgment he could see.[74]..For this reason, Enatsu is still "One of the best pitchers of the 20th century”, And contributed to the victory with the success of the big wheels during the Hiroshima / Nippon-Ham era.Winning contractorI also took the nickname.Yahoo! JAPANIn the pitcher section of "20th Century Nippon Professional Baseball Best Nine" planned byEiji Sawamura・ Masaichi Kaneda, Kazuhisa Inao, and others have been selected as the number one pitchers over the past.

I once said that when I was wondering what kind of ball I would throw, it was "straight out course".[75].

Play against the batter

During the Hanshin era, Enatsu was particularly particular about taking strikeouts from the giant Sadaharu Oh.It always strikes out Murayama as a milestone recordNagashima ShigeoMurayama told Enatsu that "Your opponent is that (king), I am this (Nagashima)" when he was a newcomer, and he made the king who is left to left as a rival. It is also said that he was ordered to do[76]..Since then, Enatsu has been sticking to the game with the king, and while striking out 57 in total, he has hit 20 home runs because he challenged the game with a straight ball.The pitcher who took the most strikeouts from the king is Enatsu, but the batter who hit the most home runs from Enatsu is also the king.[Note 8].

Nejime ShoichiThe book "Hiromitsu Ochiai In a dialogue with "Study of Weirdos," Enatsu said, "The most difficult batter to attack is the one who just waits for a certain type of ball."One day when he was active, Enatsu was enjoying Ochiai and Mahjong, and Enatsu said, "Pitchers hate waiting for a specific ball type. I can't hit it for the rest of my life, "he told Ochiai.afterwards,1982/Pair ofLotte OrionsI played against Ochiai in the battle, and although the result was a strikeout, Ochiai was at bat.curveEnatsu noticed that he didn't look at other types of balls, and said, "I was very impressed when I saw Ochiai's growth."The curve is one day in the rookie era,Yomiuri GiantsIn battleSadaharu OhFrom "I know the curve of Yutaka (Enatsu), but I can't hit it.Because it doesn't bendWas said[77].


As a pitcher

In the Hanshin era,Most wins(1968/73),Best defense rate(1969 years),Best pitcher-Sawamura Eiji PrizeWon the title (both in 1968), won the season more than 20 wins four times, achieved the most strikeouts in the league for the sixth consecutive year, only the fourth year1970/Is the holder of the total strikeout recordShoichi KanedaIn the shortest time in history, it recorded a total of 1000 strikeouts, both in name and reality.Central LeagueBecame a pitcher representing.

The season 2 strikeout marked in 1968, the second year of the pro, is still a record for Nippon Professional Baseball as of 401, and although it has not been certified as a world record,MLBRecord (Nolan RyanIt exceeds 383).In addition, Enatsu has an extremely high rate of strikeouts as well as strikeouts, and there have been nine years in which the number of strikeouts exceeded the number of pitches in a total of 18 years of actual work.Moreover, four of them were recorded during the Hanshin era when he was a starting pitcher.The fact that the number of strikeouts in the season exceeds the number of pitchesKazuhiro SasakiIt is not uncommon for closer pitchers such as, but it is rare for starting pitchers.It was a rival of EnatsuTsuneo HoriuchiWas never achieved at last.

In addition, in the match against the old nest and Hanshin Tigers that he played while he was in Hiroshima, he could never be the winning pitcher, so he was active in total.All team victoryIs missing.


As a batter, EnatsuNo hit no runBoth hit home runs in the achievement match and the achievement match of all-star nine consecutive strikeouts, and no-hitter no-run is his owngoodbyeAchieved by home runs.In the official game, he has 852 at bats, 128 hits, a batting average of .150, and a record of 7 home runs.


Since Enatsu first played in a high school practice gameSuzuki revelationI have a close friendship with him.On the other hand, there was a feud with SuzukiHideo NomoFrom now on, he was adored as a master.OnceKintetsu BuffaloesAt the time when the clash between Suzuki, who was the director, and Nomo, who was the ace, was being talked about, Enatsu said, "I understand Nomo's claim about training, but from my own experience, Suzuki's statement is not all wrong. No, only this matter cannot be synchronized with Nomo, "he said in his own book.

Kinugasa, who took a strikeout in the match against Hiroshima, which was impressed by Nomura during the Nankai era, became a unique best friend from the time Enatsu was enrolled in Hiroshima, and even after he retired from active duty until Kinugasa died. The exchange continued.According to Enatsu's book, "In the Hiroshima era, I spent more time with Sachi (Kinugasa) than with my wife," and after Kinugasa died, "I had a good guy with my friend. It's my treasure. I'll chase after myself and have a baseball discussion in the world, "he mourned his death.[78].

Relationship with the director

Fujimoto definition

Enatsu, who was a newcomer, was a director at that timeFujimoto definitionWas very much loved by. Fujimoto, who has raised a number of famous players as a "demon director," was a good old man when he was approaching his last years as a baseball player, and he liked to take a break with Enatsu and listen to old tales of the ball world.Enatsu used to call Fujimoto "Grandpa" behind the scenes, but FujimotoThree consecutive throws of Enatsu in an all-star gameLetTetsuji KawakamiWhen I saw, he called Kawakami to the Hanshin bench in the giant battle after the resumption of the season, and said, "Hey, Satoshi! Use our Yutaka (Enatsu) roughly! This idiot!" I had been scolded by a swordsman.Enatsu was really surprised that Fujimoto, who was a demon director, suddenly revived when he saw that Kawakami, a big director who is strict for Enatsu despite being another team, was yelled at by his grandfather Fujimoto in an upright and immovable posture. ..The relationship between Fujimoto and Enatsu continued even after Fujimoto left the group, and Enatsu laterNankai HawksWhen he was traded to, Fujimoto was shocked and cried and became ill.Also, when Enatsu decided to win his first victory in the Hiroshima era, he rushed to the back of the bench in Hiroshima and congratulated him with tears, saying "I'm really glad! Congratulations", even though he was too old to walk. Was.

Katsuya Nomura

After transferring to Nankai, Enatsu was asked by Nomura to convert to relief and accepted it, and after leaving a track record such as shining as the best relief pitcher, Enatsu devoted himself to Nomura, and because his home was a neighborhood, he was dating with the whole family. It is said that.When Enatsu was late to return home due to a night out, Nomura sometimes took a young daughter, Enatsu, to take a bath at her home.

It is said that Enatsu himself admired Nomura in the above-mentioned transfer negotiations against Hiroshima, but Nomura said that this event was merely a factor in his decision to transfer to Nankai.According to Nomura, Enatsu began to yearn for himself after a match that was defeated by Enatsu's intentional ball control mistake.Black fog case"No matter how many times a suspicious person says,'I'm innocent,' no one believes. Show me your mound attitude." He sternly rebuked him, saying, "In the Hanshin era. There was no one who said such a difficult thing to say, "he said.Until now, Enatsu has described Nomura as "the knowledge about baseball is definitely the best in the world of baseball", and Nomura also described Enatsu as "the guy with the best brains of the pitchers he came in contact with. The fastest fastball in history." He was highly evaluated as a pitcher.

Hirooka Tatsuro

Hirooka, who became the director during the Nippon-Ham era, saw that Enatsu's weaknesses were defensive, and the team worked together to practice bunts, and in the playoffs, he succumbed to Seibu's bunt attack.From this experience, Enatsu became devoted to Hirooka's view of baseball.However, the transfer to Seibu in 1984 became disgusted with the strict management baseball and began to oppose Hirooka.

The direct cause of Enatsu's departure from Seibu was a feud with Hirooka.According to his own book, Enatsu was head coach because he had been told by Nomura in advance.Masahiko MoriI often heard what the battery coach said (Nomura and Mori have been close friends for many years beyond the team), but they didn't sledge at all with Hirooka.The decisive cause of the collision is1984/At the breakfast party where the management also participated on one day of the camp, there are Hirooka and other coaches / players who usually force brown rice and soy milk to the players with an emphasis on nutrition for health. "Hey, director, why did you eat this?goutIt is said that Hirooka's anger was bought by asking "What?", And the chances of participation have been reduced since then.It was the first time in his 18th year as a professional that Enatsu fell into the second army.[79].

In addition, Enatsu said that there was something that humans could not forgive about Hirooka due to the above-mentioned circumstances, but on the other hand, Hirooka's view of baseball was highly evaluated due to the relentless bunt attack received from Seibu during the Nippon-Ham era. "Even if there are problems as a human being, I was often taught in terms of baseball, and I am a wonderful leader," he highly praises Hirooka as a director.[80]..Hirooka also evaluated that "Enatsu was wonderful when it came to throwing, and after all, he was extremely smart."[81].


Ryotaro ShibaI love reading the work, especially "Burn sword] Is listed as a favorite.The reason is to fight with one swordShinsengumiI fight with one left hand, and even the leading roleToshizo HijikataIs the final land ofHakodateIt is a place where he challenged the major leagues when he was active.ArizonaIt seemed strangely overlapped, and one woman who was a character seemed very attractive.[82].

Currently drinkingliqueurdo not.It's not that I don't accept it because of my constitution, but during the Hanshin era, my doctor told me, "If you continue your current unreasonable life, you will definitely die within a few years.tobacco,woman,MahjongI was told to stop one, "and chose sake, and I'm still up to the present.However, if you can't stop smoking,News station』(TV Asahi) In the corner "The Last Supper".

More informations

A writer who is an unrivaled Hanshin fanYoko Ogawaof"Formulas that Dr. loved"(1thBookstore grand prize(Award), the uniform number of the Hanshin era28(Full number) Is enthusiastic from the authorTributeIs dedicated.Enatsu himself also commented when this work was made into a movie.

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1967Hanshin42298201213----. 480923230.11672788132253181702.741.11
1968493726832512----. 6761259329.02002997244012083782.130.90
1969442317731510----. 6001000258.11721778132623056521.810.97
1970523725832117----. 5531295337.22322973533405187802.130.90
1971453016641514----. 5171006263.21822566322675277702.390.94
197249311633238----. 7421059269.21953060342330186762.530.95
1973533918722413----. 6491228307.02582382642154095882.581.11
19744123122112148--. 462772197.21532450321493065602.731.03
1975492791112126--. 500852208.11692472721322092713.071.16
1976南海36206116129--. 333612148.11151261041094058492.981.19
19774131004219--. 66734684.07252105602028262.791.11
1978Hiroshima4900005412--. 55639595.17773832991132323.031.21
19795500009522--. 643420104.2771036211173031312.661.08
19805300009621--. 60033486.061122041861027252.620.94
1981Nippon Ham4500003625--. 33333983.069102401751030262.821.12
19825500008429--. 66735491.056831121070022201.980.96
19835100002434--. 33331877.16362713822024202.331.16
1984Seibu200000128--. 33310624.22211210282011103.651.38
Total: 18 years8292991544521206158193--. 566126183196.02340299936434629874369858842.491.03
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league,Red boldIs the best ever in NPB


  • Most wins: 2 times (1968, 1973)
  • Best defense rate: Once (1)
  • Most strikeout(No federation commendation at that time): 6 times (1967-1972) * The longest award in Thailand for 6 consecutive years (others)Suzuki revelation), 6 times awardShoichi KanedaSecond place in the Central League.Awards in the Central League since 2
  • Best Relief Pitcher: 5 times (1977, 1979-1982) * Most tie record (othersMotoyuki Akahori,Kazuhiro Sasaki,Hitoki Iwase), The longest record in Thailand for 4 consecutive years (Kazuhiro Sasaki)
  • Most saves: 6 times (1977, 1979-1983) * The most in history, the longest in history for 5 consecutive years.Awards based only on the number of saves resumed in 2005



First record
  • First pitching: July 1967, 4, vs.Ocean Whales2rd round (Kawasaki Stadium), 2th on the back of the 2th, and 4st without a goal
  • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindIsao Itoから
  • First starting lineup: April 1967, 4, 19rd round against Ocean Whales (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 2 runs 4 runs (earned run 3), defeated pitcher
  • First victory / first complete game victory: April 1967, 4, vs.Hiroshima Carp1st round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 9th inning 1 goal
  • First shutout victory: May 1967, 5, 28th round against Ocean Whales (Kawasaki Stadium)
  • First save: September 1974, 4, 10th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hiroshima City Stadium), 7nd place on the back of the 2th, and completed the rescue, and scored 3 times
Record of milestone
  • 1000 strikeouts: July 1970, 7, 2th round against Ocean Whales (Kawasaki Stadium), in the bottom of the 12thShozo ShigematsuFrom ※ 38th person in history
  • 1500 strikeouts: August 1972, 4 vs.Yomiuri Giants1st round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 2nd inningTsuneo HoriuchiFrom ※ 18th person in history
  • 100 wins: June 1972, 6, 21th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 12th inning, 9 runs complete game victory * 3th person in history
  • 2000 strikeouts: June 1974, 6, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 13th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 11th inningShuichi FukasawaFrom ※ 8th person in history
  • 150 wins: April 1975, 4, 20rd round against the Yomiuri Giants (Korakuen Stadium), 9 times 2 runs complete game victory * 27th person in history
  • 500 games pitched: August 1977, 9, vs.Nippon Ham FightersLate 12th round (Korakuen Stadium), 9 death in the bottom of the 1th inning, 2nd place for relief pitching / completion, 2/3 times no runs
  • 2500 strikeouts: May 1979, 5, Yomiuri Giants 11th round (Hiroshima Municipal Stadium), 5th inningSadaharu OhFrom ※ 7th person in history
  • 600 games pitched: August 1979, 9, vs.Hanshin Tigers23rd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 6 deaths in the bottom of the 2th inning, 3rd place for relief pitching and completion, 3/1 in the 3rd inning, 1 goal * 18th person in history
  • 100 saves: September 1981, 5, vs.Hankyu Braves3rd round of the previous term (Korakuen Stadium), 8th inning, 1st death, 2nd place for relief pitching / completion, 1st 2/3 no goal * First in history
  • 700 games pitched: September 1981, 9, against Hankyu Braves late 12th round (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium), Relief pitched and completed in 10nd place with 1 death in the bottom of the 2thEiji KatoLeft front goodbye timely hit and lose goodbye * 9th person in history
  • 200 wins: April 1982, 7, vs.Kintetsu BuffaloesLate 1st round (Korakuen Stadium), 7th inning, 2nd in the table, 2nd in the rescue pitch, completed, 2nd inning 1/3, no runs * 18th in history
  • 800 games pitched: August 1983, 8, vs.Seibu Lions18rd round (Seibu Lions Stadium), In the bottom of the 7th inning, 2 deaths, 4th in the rescue pitch, completed, 2nd inning 1/3 with 3 runs, save pitcher * 5th in history
Other records
  • No hit no run: June 1973, 8, vsChunichi Dragons20th round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) * 48th person in history (Achievement in overtime is the only one in history, decided by his own goodbye home run)
  • Season 329.2 Innings pitched, 225 strikeouts: 1967 * High school graduate newcomer Central League record
  • Season 401 Strikeout: 1968 * World record since the 20th century (However, records other than MLB are not recognized as world records)
  • 1 strikeouts per game: August 16, 1968, 8th round against Chunichi Dragons (Chunichi Stadium) * Central League record
  • 23 innings consecutive strikeouts: August 1968, 8-August 8, 8
  • 41 consecutive innings no runs: April 1969, 4-May 12, 5
  • 1 batters in a row retired in one game: September 34, 1970, Chunichi Dragons 9nd round (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) 26nd inning 22rd out to 3th inning 3rd out
  • Season 11 draw: (1978, 1980, twice)Kazuhiko Ushijima,Fujikawa Koji, Along with the Central League Thailand record
  • 100 wins and 100 saves * First ever (laterKazuyuki Yamamoto-Akio Saito-Yutaka Ono-Genji Guo-Shinji SasaokaAchieved, starting 100 wins and 100 saves only for Enatsu and Sasaoka)
  • Save from all teams:1984年5月3日、対日本ハムファイターズ6回戦(西武ライオンズ球場)、8回表1死に3番手で救援登板・完了、1回2/3を無失点 ※史上初、交流戦導入前の達成者は江夏のみ。
  • Defeated by all teams * First in history[84](Achievement is with EnatsuToshiya Sugiuchi(= 13 team defeat) only)[Note 9]
  • All star gamesParticipation: 16 times (1967-1976, 1978-1983)
  • All-star game 15 consecutive strikeouts (1970-1971) * All-star record

Uniform number

  • 71 (At the beginning of joining the group in 1967)
  • 28 (1967-1975)
  • 17 (1976-1977)
  • 26 (1978-1983)
  • 18 (1984)

Related information



  • "Yutaka Enatsu's Outlaw Baseball Theory" (Weekly Playboy, Shueisha)
  • "Yutaka Enatsu's baseball world human exchange biography" Kyujinzo "" (Weekly Baseball, Baseball Magazine)

Starring program

Appearance work

tv set

Manga anime


  • Yutaka Enatsu "My Lyrics" Side B "Women's Heart Score"(Victor SV-6687) Song: Yutaka Enatsu
  • Tokuma Goro "Surrai Hoshi" (Minorphone) Lyrics: Yutaka Enatsu


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