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⚾ | Hanshin / Teruaki Sato, fielder's worst 54 at-bats in a row

Photo Hanshin / Teruaki Sato [Photo: Kyodo News]

Hanshin / Teruaki Sato, fielder's worst 54 at-bats in a row

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With this, the consecutive no-hitter record that had continued since the Chunichi match (Vantelin Dome) on August 8 was 22 at bats, which was the worst fielder record that surpassed Tobe (Orix) in 54.

No hits in 8 consecutive at-bats from the Chunichi match on August 22 ■ Hanshin-Hiroshima (54th, Koshien) Hanshin's draft 29st place rookie ... → Continue reading


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    Fielder worst record

    Nagoya Dome

    Nagoya DomeIt is,Japan OfAichiNagoya cityHigashi WardTaikou SouthIt's on XNUMXDome baseball field.Professional baseball-Central League(Se League)Chunichi Dragons Private stadiumIt is used as (home). From 2021Kowa Naming rightsHas been acquired, and the name is "Vantelin Dome Nagoya"[1][2].

    In this section, the companies that operate the stadiumNagoya Dome Co., Ltd.Will also be described.


    1994/8/8ThanMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesConstruction started on the site of the Daiko Factory (construction started8/23Groundbreaking),1997/2/18Completed in the same year3/12In the same cityNakagawaLocated in RohbashiNagoya Stadium(Former Chunichi Stadium / Chunichi Stadium)Chunichi DragonsOpened as the home of.

    The name of the stadium follows the notation of Nagoya Baseball Stadium and becomes the katakana "Nagoya Dome".The official page explains that if you write Nagoya in katakana, it will be auspicious and will be popular from a wide range of ages.[3](Nagoya City ChapterTestimony of a staff member of Nagoya Stadium seeking relevance to[4]See also).Other than professional baseball, it is used as a venue for large-scale indoor concerts and events.

    If it is abbreviated, it will beChinese and Japanese ArmyIn order to avoid confusion with the Nagoya stadium that is used as the base of the stadium, "Nagoya" and "Nagoya D" are often used instead of "Nagoya" that has been used as the abbreviation for the Nagoya stadium.Baseball magazine companyIn the magazines published by, you can also see the notation "Nagoyad" and "Na Do."

    In December 2020, Kowa acquired the first naming rights (naming rights) since its opening.The name is "Vantelin Dome NagoyaThe contract period is planned to be 2021 years from January 1.[1].

    Yomiuri GiantsEach Central League team, except for, tends to be weak at Nagoya Dome, especiallyHanshin TigersHas lost a lot with 2021 wins and 300 losses out of 106 games from the opening to the 187 season.For this reason, it is often referred to as "demon gate" in sports newspapers.[5].

    Equipment outline

    Facility data

    The whole building
    • Site area: 104,447m2
    • Building area: 48,169m2
    • Total floor area: 119,445m2
    • Number of floors: 6 floors above ground (some mezzanine floors)
    • Height: 66.9m above the ground
    • Diameter: roof outline 230m, lattice part 183.6m
    • Both wings: 100m
    • Mid-sized: 122m
    • Left-right middle: 116m
    • Ground area: 13,400m2
    • Outfield fence height: 4.8m
    • Inner and outer fields: Long pile with curly hairArtificial grass(MizunoMade by MS Craft Baseball Turf)
    • Ceiling maximum: 64.3m from the ground
    • Capacity: 40,500 (Lower row seats: Approximately 26,500 seats, Middle row seats: Approximately 2,000 seats, Upper row seats: Approximately 10,000 seats, Standing: Approximately 2,000 seats, Infield seats: Approximately 27,600 seats, Outfield seats: Approximately 12,380 seats, Restaurants, etc. (520 seats)
      • Capacity for professional baseball: 36,370 (standing and outfield seatsBack screen(Excluding the part)
      • Wheelchair seats: 24 seats (3 seats on the 10rd floor side, 3 seats on the 14rd base side together with the group box)
    score board
    • Mitsubishi ElectricMadeAurora vision4 units (Main name is "106 vision"[Note 1]Is assumed)
    • Size: Main has three visions of 9.92m in height × 35.52m in width arranged side by side, 3m in total.[Note 2]Becomes The sub is 4.2m long x 15.12m wide.
    • LED lighting(Light emitting diode): 690 lights (Field lighting: 570 lights, Space lighting: 48 lights, Spectator seat lighting: 24 lights, Auxiliary lighting at power failure: 48 lights)
      • When professional baseball is held: Between batteries 2,500ル ク ス, Infield 2,000 lux, outfield 1,650 lux
      • In 2018, the lighting system was updated for the first time since it opened. Change everything to LED lighting and reduce the number of installations. The brightness is the same as before, but power consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced by about 60%.
      • Until 2017, high color rendering to make the color closer to naturalMetal halide lampWas using.This was designed with an emphasis on how the ball looks in baseball.1058 field lights, 48 ​​space lights, 24 spectator seat lights, 48 ​​auxiliary lights in the event of a power outage.At the time of professional baseball, 780 lights were on.
    • Full-color LED floodlight: 102 lights


    Both wings are 100m, middle size 122m, left and right middle 116m, which is a general size for a professional baseball field recently built in Japan. Home run (Home run) Is hard to come out. In fact, after the move to Nagoya Dome2019/Chunichi Japanese players who recorded more than 30 homers a yearKousuke Fukudome-Kazuhiro WadaOnly two of[6], Both names belonged to Chunichi, and the home run king could not be obtained in any of the other teams. On the other hand, for foreign playersLeo Gomez,Tyrone Woods,Toni Blanco,Alex GuerreroOf the four have recorded 4 home runs a year, and three other than Gomez have won the title of home run king. Therefore, the pitcher has become an advantageous stadium, and since the Sino-Japanese team moved to this dome, they have been forming a team that puts the pitcher's power to the front. The foul ground is a standard size for a circular stadium, but it is characterized by a bow-shaped protrusion due to the stand design.

    The ground was a short pile artificial turf from the beginning of the opening to 2021, and it was rolled up and stored at concerts, etc., but from the 2022 season, the conventional short pile winding type has been changed to a long pile fixed type. It was decided to do.This gives a feeling closer to that of natural turf, and is expected to reduce the burden on athletes.Re-covering has been carried out five times in the spring of 2002, the spring of 2006, the spring of 2011, the spring of 2018, and the fall of 2021. The 5rd to 3th generation artificial turf used two types of pile and cushioning material, long and short, using special fibers that feel similar to natural turf.The first and third to fifth generations are all green, but the second generation is between bases andWarning zoneIt was an all-natural turf-like color with earth color.In addition, the 4th generation adopted a darker green than before the 3rd generation, and the 5th generation adopted a darker green. The 6th generation (current) adopts the first two-tone color in the main stadium, and the warning zone is colored with earth color like the 2nd generation.[Note 3]..The first one isChukyo University Baseball ClubTo the second generationMie Chukyo UniversityTo the baseball club, the third generationChukyo University Chukyo High SchoolTransferred to the baseball club.In addition, it is also reused in the foul ground section of Nagoya Baseball Stadium.In addition, in the "Dragon's World" (described later) on the 3rd floor of Nagoya Dome, samples of successive artificial turf are exhibited and can be touched by hand.

    At design timeサ ッ カ ーWith the view of holding an official game of, the movement of the stand will change from a baseball type (fan shape) to a football type (vertical rectangle) and an exhibition type (horizontal rectangle). Natural turf planted on a retractable pedestal during professional soccerBig egg turf) Was also considered, but currently there is no prospect of use (Later).

    moundIs said to be solid and easy for fastball pitchers to throw. According to pitchers of other baseball teams other than China and Japan, third base sidebull-penHave a reputation for having different heights and slopes[7].. However, Hiromitsu Ochiai during the coach's era said, "The bullpen mound at Nagoya Dome reproduces the exact same situation as the ground mound. Therefore, pitchers are easy to throw regardless of whether they are home or away. It's bad, but it's made properly, and many pitchers feel a little strange when standing on the ground mound." In addition, the soil of the mound was renewed in 2016 to the same hardness as the Sapporo Dome, and in 2019 to the same hardness as the major, and to a harder mound.[Note 4]..Also, from the 2016 season, the Chunichi Dragons logo (CD mark) will be drawn behind the mound.The usual color scheme is white, but it may be arranged due to events, etc.[Note 5].

    The dugout was refurbished in the 2016 season and has been changed from an orthodox sitting type to a major standing type[8].

    Outfield fence

    In order to avoid troubles by the spectators near the fence, there is a handrail at the top of the fence, so that the spectators cannot reach within the play area. In addition, the vicinity of the handrail and the gap between the fence and the passenger seat are protected by a rubber to prevent the ball hitting over the fence from bouncing and to ensure safety when the spectator falls. Even if the hit ball hitting this part returns to the fieldHome runIt is stipulated that May 2005, 5ChunichiversusFukuoka SoftbankIn the battle, in the bottom of the seventhKousuke Fukudome Takeshi WadaA ball hit by the ball hits the top of the fence directly, initially by mistakeThree basesIt was decided, but there was one case that it was corrected and it became a home run. Therefore, the color of the rubber, which was initially light blue, was changed to navy blue when it was repaired in 2006, which is difficult to be mistaken for a white ball.

    From the 2016 season, the material of the outfield fence has been changed to the same cushioning material as Kyocera Dome Osaka.[Note 6].

    Foul pole

    The foul pole at the time of opening was 13.2m in height (height from ground level was 18m), but from August 2009th, 8, a pole (without inner wire mesh) was added to make it easier to identify whether or not a home run was made. The height was 14m (36.2m above ground level). The top of the pole is fixed with wires from the roof. This is ChunichiHiromitsu OchiaiOchiai, who argued that the Central League had experimentally introduced video recording as a judgment material for home runs from August 2009 on the initiative of the director, said, ``Video is easy to say, but baseball plays differently from American football. It wasn't a sport that would stop the race. It was decided to improve it so that the referee could see it more easily."[10].. Chunichi OB commentatorTatsuhiko KomataIs "SwingIt is named "Paul".


    The basic design of the stand isYokohama Stadium,Fukuoka DomeBut with the movable seats adoptedfootballDual useRound stadiumbelongs to. However, football form (on the official websiteサ ッ カ ー-American footballThe directions of fields in the form and notation are different.

    The fixed stand is a perfect circledonutIt is a type, with a pair of crescent-shaped movable seats (1 seats x 3,340) insideBack netBy installing a movable back seat (850 seats) and rotating it in a circle (up to 120 degrees), you can change into three styles. In the form of football, it is possible to have the honorable seats and press seats on the back of the back net in front of the main stand (it becomes a side stand in the conventional 3 stadium). Three rails are concentrically arranged on the ground surface of a perfect circle, on which movable seats with steel wheels move and are locked in place. Note thatSapporo DomeIn this system, the one without the movable seat behind the back net is adopted. The crescent-shaped movable seat is located in the center of the front row.Bow shapeBy increasing the number of seats in the front row by making a notch, the height of the fixed stand and the outfield fence is suppressed more than the Fukuoka Yahoo Auc! Dome of the same ground scale and the Sapporo Dome constructed later. HoweverTokyo DomeIt is also pointed out that the stand is generally too high compared to the other things, and besides the danger of falling, you can not see the fence near your seat, and in the infield seat near the back net, the home base is the first base (XNUMXrd base). There are many opinions that it is difficult to see first base (third base) in some of the infield seats.

    Both the infield and outfield are of three-layer type, but a stadium with two or more layers in the outfield opened on March 1997, 3 at the same time.Osaka Dome(Based on the naming rights contract, Kyocera Dome Osaka from July 2006, 7) became the first structure in Japan.However, the upper part is not as protruding as the Osaka Dome, and the back screen is easy to see even in the upper part including the outfield.The lower seats are on the 1st to 1rd floors, the middle seats are on the 3th floor, and the upper seats are on the 4th floor.The middle seats are called "prime seats" and are equipped with seats that are different from the others.There are two types of "seat search" that allows you to search for seat positions in advance, with an access banner on the official website of the team. , The middle seats handled by Nagoya Dome Sales Department can be searched by "Prime Seat Search".

    To support various eventsBack screenThere are also steps and seats. From the home direction, one side is painted so that it looks the same dark blue as the Chunichi Dragons team color, and it is off limits as a back screen during baseball games. In order to prevent spectators from accidentally entering, close to the entrance and exit of the areaSecurity guardIs resident.

    The seats are basically foldable in the infield and fixed in the outfield. All the movable seats in the front row of the lower infieldtagColor, lower infield middle row, lower outfield front row (below the passage in the stand on the second floor)light blue, The lower back row (above the passage in the stand on the second floor) is thin绿Color, docomo 5G prime twin (see below)blackColor[Note 7], The upper row is allCreamIt is a seat of, which is in contrast to other stadiums where the color of the seat is almost one color. According to the Nagoya Dome pamphlet, the sunlight (2th floor seat) in the deep sea (lower 5nd floor) is reproduced with a gradation of seat colors.

    The concourse on the 3rd floor is directly accessible from the underground parking lot, and there is a parking space exclusively for wheelchair seat buyers, making it easy to visit by car.

    There is a "prime seat" on the 4th floor, a lower seat on the 3rd floor, a broadcast seat (back of the back net) and an "Arena View Restaurant" (rear of the center) on the top, and the others are concourses. This concourse was a standing seat (2,000 seats) and a handrail was installed, but now part of it is not used except for wheelchair seats, handrails other than wheelchair seats have been removed and no standing is posted ing.

    After 2011 refurbishment, cup holders were installed in all seats. Until then, it was not installed in the outfield seats. The installation location is different in the infield and outfield. The infield is the space between the seats in the front row, and the outfield is the space just below the seat where you are sitting.

    Some season seats have been renewed since 2013. The name of the annual reserved seat on the back of the net was changed (super diamond seat → platinum seat) and at the same time (diamond seat/platinum seat) was changed to one with excellent cushioning properties. With this renewal, the seat color of both season seats is unified to red, and the area where it is located is newly surrounded by partitions to create a "luxury" look. The area itself has the name "Executive Area". Unlike other infield seats that are also operated as general seats, this area is not available for general sale in official games, but you can watch it cheaply in open games where season seats are not applied.

    In 2014 renovation, "Wheelchair/Group Box", "Variety Terrace Seat", "Doara Terrace Seat", and "Dairaku Pair Seat" were newly installed.

    From the 2016 season, beside the third and third basesField sheetIs installed. There are 3 rows, only the 3rd row is on sale. In addition, the ball-proof net of the stand is hung so that the pillars are eliminated and the material is changed to a thin material to make it easier to see the game, and the color of the net is brown to make it easier to see the play. If the Dragons win, only the first-base side seats have the privilege to open the ball-proof net and make a high-touch with the player.

    In order to expand the live vision to the left and right from the 2017 season, construction such as removing about 2016 seats of the Panorama B seat on the 5th floor was performed from 1,200 off. The staff diary on the official website of the Nagoya Dome introduced the state of construction at any time.

    Prime sheet

    On the 4th floor, there is a prime seat on the home base side called "Suite Room Prime 1" for corporate use (sales price and sales method are completely undisclosed) with balcony, from the infield to the outfield "docomo 5G prime. twin"[Note 8]There are two seats (2 grades S, A, B, of which S and A are season seats, B is general sale), and there is a four-seat seat called "Prime Box" behind the center.

    The "Prime Twin" has undergone a major renewal since the 2020 season, in line with the aforementioned naming rights contract. Previously, some seats had four seats side by side, but all seats were changed to bench seats for two people facing the aisle. In addition, a high-quality artificial leather cushion has been introduced, and natural wood is used for the armrests. In addition, mobile charging outlets and slide hangers for luggage hanging were newly installed in all seats. There is also a new utility seat that can be replaced with a wheelchair seat by removing the wheelchair seat and bench seat. The number of seats has been changed from the previous 4 to 2, and the area has also been changed from the infield and outfield 1232 divisions to S, A and B divisions.[11].

    "Docomo 5G Prime Twin B" is priced with 1 drink with lunch, "Prime Box" is priced with 1 drink with hors d'oeuvre[11].

    There is a "Prime 2" elevator hall around the entrance gate on the 1nd floor (the guest room in the centrally large space is from the 1st floor), and the structure is such that you cannot enter without going through this.

    Arena View Restaurant

    There is an "Arena View Restaurant" behind the center on the lowermost seat on the 3rd floor, and there are two seats called "Restaurant counter seats" and four seats called "Restaurant table seats".

    Both tickets are priced including food.

    Wheelchair/Group Box

    3 sets are installed at the top of lower seats in the A area on the 4rd base side. The existing wheelchair seat, which was used by up to 2 people, including 3 attendants, was rebuilt in 2014 with a maximum of 5 people.

    Seats with high cushioning and tables that serve as cup holders are available. In addition, since it is equipped with a power outlet, medical devices can be used.

    Variety Terrace Sheet

    Newly established by renovation off 2014. Inside the area of ​​the 3rd base side of the diamond seat behind the back net, 6 seats for 4 seats, 4 seats for 2 seats, and 3 seats for 1 seat are installed.

    As for 6-seater seats, the upper two sets are made of artificial grass with the same floor as the ground, and the middle two sets are equipped with cushions and dugouts on a carpet floor.

    The seats for four seats are equipped with a drink holder table and seats in a space for eight seats.

    Unlike other seats, there is an option that you can order original dishes at a different price with advance reservation.

    It is sold only to the season seat owner and the official fan club site.

    Doara terrace sheet

    Newly established by renovation off 2014. 3 sets of seats for 4 people are installed in the infield S seat area on the 4rd base side. The terrace is decorated with a single color of door.

    The purchaser is provided with benefits such as a commemorative photo with Doara. However, since the shooting location is in the area dedicated to the people on the 1st floor of the dome, Doara himself does not visit the seat during the game, and the people concerned will guide the person who wants to shoot to the shooting location. ..

    Deraku pair sheet

    Newly established by renovation off 2014. 3 sets are installed in the infield S seat area on the 20rd base side. From 2016, it will also be installed on the first base side.

    As the name of the Nagoya dialect "Dera" = superlative and easy, as in the name, it is a pair seat specification with a table sandwiched in the space of the conventional 3rd-base side infield S seat 3 seats.

    The seats are more cushioned and spacious than the infield S seats, the table also serves as a drink holder, and a net rack for luggage is prepared. Another major feature is that a passage is prepared next to the seat.

    Field sheet

    Installed in 2016. There are 64 seats on each of the first and third base sides, of which the front row (13 groups and 26 seats), the second row (2 groups and 12 seats) are season seats, and the third row (24 seats) are for the general public.

    The ball-proof net is set during the game, but it will be removed after the end.

    Living box

    Installed in 2017. A partition is attached to the box seat with table for 3, 1 and 3 people per set at the top of the infield seat on the 4rd floor on the 5rd base side. Six sets are prepared for each.

    Panorama party terrace 12

    Installed in 2017. Six sets are prepared for each end of the live vision on the 5th floor of the outfield, and one set can accommodate up to 6 people.

    score board

    Two units are placed symmetrically on the back screen side (main) and the back net side (sub), and both can display images on the full screen. at firstCRTBut before the 2008 seasonLEDIs replaced byHigh definitionIt became correspondence. Both CRT type and LED typeMitsubishi ElectricMadeAurora visionHowever, in this dome, it is called "live vision".There was an advertisement for Mitsubishi Electric at the bottom, but it disappeared for a while and revived in 2007 (denoted as "MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Mitsubishi Electric" from 2015).For video and various productions, production technology productionTBS act(OldHigashidori), A subsidiary of Nagoya Higashidori, is in charge.

    The main scoreboard is basically a score display on the right side and a video display on the left side (playing videos, scenery of the stand, and support messages may be introduced during the inning before the game or during the game) The image is displayed on the full screen if necessary. The names of the players who entered the bats from 2016 have changed to light blue (the batting order lamp is also displayed as before). In the CRT era, the image could be displayed only on the left side. In addition to scoring progress, the score display shows players, referees, batter uniform numbers and names (full name), batting results (batting average, home run, RBI), count, and ball speed. When renovating to LED, the player name display is enlarged to one size, and the results up to this point for the player at bat, the distance to the home run, and the elapsed game time are displayed. The production that the name turns is also added. The inning can be displayed up to 9 times, and after 10 times, it will be deleted once and posted again from the 1st part. The ball counter is in the visionCGIt is supposed to be displayed by (first in Japan).

    The sub-score board displays the score progress, batter's uniform number and name (full name), batting results (batting average, home run, RBI), pitcher count, and ball speed. When displaying the video, the score is erased once to respond. It was the first time in a Japanese stadium to have two full-color large-scale image devices.

    Regarding the image processing, since the 2011 season, it has been changed from the previous analog type to digital type. In line with this, the visual production has been renewed, and the ball count has been changed from "SBO" to "BSO" in accordance with the custom of international standards. only).

    From 2016, the number of pitches has been displayed on the upper left.

    In 2017, we carried out a major renovation of the vision and added two visions of almost the same size on both sides of the existing live vision, with a width of 2m.Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! DomeIt was the second largest in Japan's domestic stadium, second only to the largest in the league baseball team. The new vision is named after the word "width" and "dome".106 Vision (Ichimaru Roku Vision)Was named. Image pitch is 8mm. The big clock has been relocated to the light side vision. As a result, 5 seats on the 1200th floor of the outfield were removed.


    The booths of the broadcasting seats on the third floor behind the back net are in order from the third base side.J SPORTS-CBC TV-Tokai TV-NHK(Both TV and radio)Tokai radio-CBC Radio(Named broadcasting stations are broadcasting other than main broadcasting such as broadcasting for affiliated stations [so-calledBack-feed], so that it seems to own one room as a sub). There is a window that can be opened and closed on the ground side. Other stations that do not have broadcast seats in the dome (TV Aichi-Chukyo TV-Me ~ Tele-Sun TV-Kansai TVEtc.), some free broadcast seats are available.

    TV AichiChunichi Shimbun GroupHowever, due to the small number of relay games, the dedicated broadcast seats are not given and free broadcast seats are used as appropriate. Even if a TV station other than TV Aichi has acquired the broadcasting right in the Tokai area, TV Osaka of its affiliated station will dispatch a relay vehicle and staff at its own company and a partner company.HanshinSometimes a war is produced for the Kansai area, and depending on the year, based on the relay videoTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.BS Japan (currently:BS TV Tokyo) Is broadcast.

    Since Chukyo TV and Me-Tele have no capital relationship with the Chunichi Shimbun, they cannot acquire the rights to broadcast the match hosted by Chunichi, so a match that does not involve Chunichi, including the Nagoya baseball stadium era (Nippon TV-TV AsahiIt is treated as a local event sponsored by a team that has the right to broadcast to affiliated stations.Pacific LeagueThe official game, Chukyo TV relayedJapan Softball League,Asahi ShimbunSponsored bySummer championshipHas the right to relay media, which has a capital relationship with the newspaper company.Aichi tournamentEtc.) and used sporadically.但し、メ~テレについては、後述の通り、テレビ朝日主導でHowever, as for Me-Tele, as will be described later, TV Asahi will take the lead.2017 All-Star GameIn addition to broadcasting, both Chukyo TV and Me-Tele are allowed to send their own filming staff to cover the news.

    Broadcast rights can also be acquired from affiliated key stations Nippon TV and TV Asahi.US-Japan baseballSuch asNPBAlthough it was only used for the broadcast by the sponsor, in 2017 TV AsahiAll star gamesWas relayed.In addition, since all-star games held after 2014 are broadcast on TV Asahi series due to the acquisition of broadcasting rights led by NPB, TV Asahi will send live announcers and commentators to Nagoya when Nagoya Dome is held. It corresponds. Prior to 2013, the Chunichi Shimbun, the parent company of the Chunichi baseball team, refused to NPB acquire the broadcasting rights for the TV Asahi series.TBSThere was also a response to request a change in the relay system of the affiliated station (because the relationship with the local affiliated station CBC TV was prioritized).

    Independent broadcaster Sun TV (HyogoKobe City) Is produced in-house (in some cases, a Chunichi OB living in Aichi Prefecture may appear as a guest) by dispatching a relay vehicle and production staff to send a live announcer and commentator on a business trip to Nagoya.Sun tv box seats) Will be relayed locally to the Greater Kinki region against China-Japan.

    Fuji TV seriesTV New Hiroshima(HiroshimaHiroshima citySouth ward) Dispatched commentators, reporters, deputy audio guests, etc. to participate in the production cooperation in the match between Chunichi and Hiroshima, and Tokai Television (DRAGONS LIVE) Simultaneously broadcast on a two-station network system, or receive video distribution from Tokai TV (including when broadcasting on Mie TV) and announce the company's live broadcast (Shun Fukaias well as the Yu Nogawa(One of) and commentator (Yasuyuki Yamauchi[Note 9]Is off-tube from the head office studio[Note 10]Another production (TSS full support! Carp broadcast) Will be broadcast locally to Hiroshima Prefecture, or either.Also,Kansai TV(OsakaOsakaKita) Also announced the company's live broadcast on the broadcast day of Tokai TV in the match between Chunichi and Hanshin (Kazuhiro Ishida-Morio Kawashima-Katsuhiko WakatabeOthers) and commentators (Yasushi Tao・ Until 2021Atsushi KataokaSuch)[Note 11]Separate production by boarding (Professional baseball broadcast Professional time-hanging on this one ball-) Has been done.

    In front of the broadcast booth, there is a press room for the media that can also be used for broadcasting with a desk.

    The room corresponding to the sub-adjustment room (common name: sub) in TV stations and radio stations is on the opposite side (opposite side).

    In addition, there are several rooms for CBC TV and Tokai TV to use for sub audio planning.

    CBC TV has a theme song for professional baseball broadcasts.SKE48In the deputy voice project of the season that was sung by, (Welcome to the SKE48 baseball field → Moedora Night = ※MC・Keiichi Wakasa, And some SKE members) were broadcast from a special studio in the dome. After SKE48 descended, MCKazuhiro MiyabeIn place of this, he is carrying out various projects inviting former Chinese and Japanese OBs and talent.
    Tokai TV said, ``When Saturday's playball was 2:XNUMX pm,''Dora HOT PlusWas being broadcast live at a special studio inside the dome. When the game was over during broadcasting, the players and managers who received the hero interview had to visit the special studio to appear live when they won. After starting at 3:2 pm, the main voice of "Dora HOT Plus" will be switched from the sub voice project of the professional baseball broadcast without inserting the commercial. On the day when the game of Hiroshima will be held as a two-station net with TV Shin-HiroshimaFull support sports LOVERS'[Note 12]From the caster Takumi AosakaHonoka Nishiyama(Both are TSS announcers. Until September 2015, with Aosaka TakumiKinugasa Ryoyo), commentator and TSS baseball commentatorYasuyuki YamauchiJoined and continued to broadcast in "Dora HOT Plus" and "Full Support Sports LOVERS" until around 17:22 after the end of the professional baseball broadcast.[Note 13]..In addition, the OB who was in charge of commentary on the professional baseball broadcast did not appear in "Dora HOT Plus" because he was withdrawn at the end of the broadcast, and the male announcer who was in charge of the live broadcast talked with the cast members of "Dora HOT Plus". Continue the live commentary while exchanging. It returned to the start at 2017:2 pm from XNUMX, but continues to broadcast in the same format.

    Although it was not used around 2006 and 2007, there is a case where a TV camera is installed in one room on the first floor behind the back net (near the Toyota revolving advertisement described later). Since around 1, some broadcasting stations have installed cameras that can be operated remotely.

    Concourses and smoking areas in the dome have been broadcast as video footage taken with their own TV camera as a live TV match (the video shows its own count display telop.Jingu StadiumIn other stadiums, the video for CS broadcasting is often sent with a ticker). With the digitization of image processing in 2011, these monitors were also replaced with CRT widescreen TVs (made by Mitsubishi Electric) and high-definition LCD TVs (made by Sony).

    Inside the dome, the radio waves of AM radio broadcast in the Nagoya area are retransmitted. This allows good reception of baseball broadcasts on AM radio even within the dome. For a while, the radio station was broadcasting this on commercials.


    The roof has a "single-layer lattice dome structure" in which triangular frames (length of one side: 10 m, number: 792) are combined in a lattice (lattice) single layer.Geodesic domeKind of. The height is more than 60m at the highest level, which is about the same as other domes, but because the slope is gentle, only three batters hit the ceiling with the ball. The central part (3% of the entire roof) is a double-layered glass with a special film attached that allows natural light to be taken in so that events and grass baseball can be held without lighting.Tachikawa blindA roll type blackout curtain "Sky Roll" is also installed, and it can be opened and closed as needed, and the panel to be opened and closed can be controlled to design "airplane", "helmet", etc.[12].. In principle, all blackout curtains are closed during professional baseball so that you can see the ball even before the game, but in 2011Hamaoka Nuclear Power StationSince there was concern about power shortages in the summer even in the Chubu region due to the suspension of driving, the light-shielding curtain was opened mainly during the daytime on weekdays during hitting practice for the purpose of power saving, and the lighting was reduced to half the normal amount. Sometimes[13].

    For the field in the center of the ceilingspeakerThere is a (main cluster), and there are speakers (sub clusters, hexagonally shaped with three sides each for a total of 3 and a height of 18 m) for the audience on the outside. In addition, the center ring is hung around the main cluster so that monuments and flags can be hung.

    If the hit ball hits the ceiling, it is basically ball-in-play, but only if it hits 9 outfield sub-clusters.Certified Home RunHas become. There have been two home runs that hit the ceiling or speakers.

    CO2As part of efforts to reduce the number, it was announced in June 2014 that the world's first solar power generation facility will be installed on a dome-shaped baseball stadium roof, and it was completed in December 6. The annual power generation from 2016 solar panels is 12 kW / h, which is equivalent to 1,152 to 62,000 games, but the generated power is not used at the dome facility.Chubu Electric PowerBe sold to.

    Dragons world

    From the opening to 2015, on the first floor side 3rd floor part ``Dragons MuseumIs a museum that displays items related to Dragons and conveys its history. It is open to the public from the opening of the game day to the end of the seventh inning. It is displaying historical uniforms, bats and balls used by athletes, trophies and winning pennants. In addition, a handwritten profile by a new player via draft is on display.

    in the past,WBCAt the time of the traveling exhibition plan of the winning trophy, I also put it in a glass container and watched the game while the spectators made a line. It is possible that the facility can enter through the eating and drinking facilities that can be entered directly from outside the dome without going through the normal entrance and exit on the 2nd floor. It was In the case of the exhibition plan, it was planned to finish by the back of the 7th, but there were times when a maximum of about 1 hour or more could be queued. Due to the unusually long queue, photography was limited to one photo per person.

    It was renewed in 2016, and together with the panorama walk part, ``Dragons worldWas renamed." In addition to souvenirs displayed at the "museum," events such as kids' areas and attractions will also be held here.

    Theme song

    FM broadcasting station in NagoyaZIP-FMMusic Navigator of each station (DJ)James HavensThere is an official theme song for the Nagoya Dome called "HERE FOR YOU" written and written by. Performed at the 1997 New Year's Eve countdown concert at the dome, and has been CD on Victor[14].

    Mascot character

    Domura(Domra) Exists as the mascot character of this dome. HyunkinOrangutanAnd gentle and powerfulgorillaAs a character representing the scale of this dome[15], It may appear in VTR for announcements, goods etc. that are broadcast in live vision during practice[15], At the time of opening, Domura's illustration was installed between the 2nd and 3rd signs on the outfield. It is different from the team character Doara.

    The illustration of the outfield signboard is a dragons mascot familiar to Chunichi fans since 2008.Douala(Left side) andXiao LongIt was changed to (light side), but as of 2015 it is the Nagoya Dome logo.

    Advertising/Sound noise support

    Fence advertisements under the backnet, which are often shown on live TV, have been open sinceToyota group(Toyota Motor,Toyota homeetc.Toyota L & FThere was a time when the advertisement was also published). Electric since 1999[Note 14]Now, it is possible to put out multiple advertising patterns. Since this electric advertisement is retrofitted, it is provided in a form protruding toward the front. From the middle of the 2002 season, Toyota's logo mark was added to the bottom center of the electric advertisement. From the 2006 season, color advertisements have been the focus from blue and white monochrome advertisements up to that point. From the 2007 season, vertical writing will be next to the Toyota-only electric advertisement.Bic cameraThe advertisement sticker is affixed (Since 2009, the sticker type is written in white like the outfield fence advertisement). From the Battle of Yokohama on July 2010, 7, on Toyota Electric Advertising,Token Corporation[Note 15]Has been installed (may not be posted depending on the game). For the 2011 season,Great East Japan EarthquakeConsidering that it has had a great impact on automobile production, due to the fact that it was self-restrained from the beginning of the season with CM activities etc.[Note 16].. July 7 of the current yearAll star gamesAnd the ball sponsorマ ツ ダAfter being temporarily revived byHanshinResurrected from the war. Dragons participated2011 Japan SeriesOf the sponsorKonamiPosted an advertisement (since 2014Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation).

    The advertisement near the ceilingCentral Japan Broadcasting CompanyOnly in the advertisement, a prize of 1000 million will be given when the ball hits. In addition, it is very difficult to achieve because it will not hit unless you hit a home run with an estimated flight distance of 170 m[Note 17][16].. It is also installed on the left side of the scoreboard from 2013 to 2016.A teamThere was also a sweepstakes that if the ball hits the advertisement of, the prize money will be 1 million yen (the highest amount as the sweepstakes for advertising at Japanese stadiums).[17].. Even in this case, it was not possible to reach without a home run of an estimated 180 m or more, and no player achieved it at the end of the 2016 season.

    CBC at the cameraman's seat beside the benchTokai TV-Tokai radioThe advertisement is a remnant from the stadium of Nagoya stadium (actually, in the photographer's seat next to the bench of the Nagoya stadium, the advertisement of the above three stations was posted).

    You can cheer for noise after 11:XNUMX pm.However,2020/LaterNew coronavirus infectionAs with other stadiums, it is prohibited to support noises in order to prevent the spread of the stadium.

    Jet balloonsAnd paper tapes are permitted because of the increased amount of garbage.[Note 18]..Especially for jet balloons, because they interfere with ventilation and cleaning work, they cannot be used normally, including the use of special non-flying materials used in other stadiums or the use of hand pumps, but Morimichi Takagi. Chunichi on August 2012, 8 when he was a coach-The first time he was allowed to use it during the match against Hiroshima (the date is named after his uniform number 8).[18]..However, even at this time, bringing in commercial products was prohibited, and only the special balloons distributed to visitors at the stadium were used.Since then, jet balloon ban games have been set up, starting games on days close to 88, and increasing the number of jet balloon ban games by calling around 10 games "Shoryu Day" etc.2020/After that, jet balloons are prohibited again due to corona.

    Naming rights

    A major company headquartered in Nagoya on December 2020, 12Specialized trading company-KowaFacility naming rightsConcluded a contract.Taking the brand name of the topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug series, which is one of the company's main products, the stadium name was changed to "January 2021, 1."Vantelin Dome NagoyaTo change to.The period is 2021 years from 2025 to the end of 5[19][1][20].

    Naming rights in January 2020NTT DoCoMoAlthough it has signed a naming rights contract (docomo 4G prime twin) for the 5th floor pair seats with, it will be the first naming rights for the stadium itself since it opened in March 1997.Also, the stadiums that introduced naming rights in the Central LeagueMAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium HiroshimaIt will be the second team after[Note 19].

    Chunichi Dragons related

    Announcement of the number of visitors

    Since 2005, each team has announced the number of paying admission people with up to 1 digit in order to establish a more transparent management of the team, but only Chunichi will announce it as a number close to the real number 2 He had rounded down the digits and announced. This is because the ticket for the game sponsored by Chunichi is not a style of stubs like that of other teams, but it is a method of stamping the ticket to prove that it is not possible to know the exact number of people. Since 2006, like other teams, it has been switched to single-digit announcements.

    Record of the number of attendees (Japan Professional Baseball Organization sponsored match announced since 2006 and since XNUMX)

    Originally, since most of the number of visitors was supported by season tickets, transfer holding where season tickets etc. could not be used (initially plannedToyama City Stadium Alpine StadiumThe number of visitors was drastically reduced in this match, which had been canceled due to the rain in the match.

    Ticket related

    At the beginning of the opening, all of the infield lower row seats and many of the outfield lower row seats were season seats (annual reserved seats) in the China-Japan hosted match. The popular lower outfield seats on the light side are among the few free seatsDragons cheering partyHe was dissatisfied because he was putting in cards at the same time as the opening of the gate, and it was said that "only 300 cheering seats on the light outfield side are sold." Furthermore, even in the case of waiting-on-board corrugated board (commonly known as step-sticking), there was a story that it was just before the gate group near gate 7 until the turnaround position just before gate 6 where you could sit in the lower tier. The area right next to Gate 7 was surrounded by a fence, which was a special benefit for private cheering groups, so it was prohibited for general fans to enter here, and the first group of general fans was behind this area. It was supposed to be lined up. After 2005, when all seats have been designated, cardboarding is prohibited. Before 2005, the standing seat at the top of the lower tier with handrails was popular as an alternative seat, and although it was not an official seat, it was called the "pipe seat". Since 2005, all seats have been designated and it has become easier to obtain desired seats. Currently, the space is surrounded by a plastic fence so that you cannot watch it.

    From 2003 onward, the number of open to general sales has increased, mainly on the third base side, and then from 2005 onwards to the first base side (there may be a simple decrease in the number of annual contractors). At the same time, price reductions were carried out mainly in the upper seats. However, the competition rate of the lower outfield seats on the light side is still high, and in most cases such as games on GW and Obon holidays, weekend giants, Hanshin battles and top battles, it will be sold out in less than 5 minutes from the start of sales, In the official game, it is unlikely that the right side outfield support tickets will be sold on the day. Since 2005, 2 blocks in the front row in the middle of the right (near the 25 passages), 3 blocks in the upper row, and 2 blocks in the front row in the middle of the left were removed.Private cheering partyHas set up support equipment and has a banner. On the other side of the left side, the support team of the visitor team often puts the support equipment,Visitor outfield support seatThere are only 4 blocks in the lower row, and the competition ratio is increasing. The left side is basically a seat for visitor team fans, but most of them are filled with Chunichi fans except for the battle between giants and Hanshin. Until 2006, it was installed on the second floor for 2 blocks. The 5th and 44th passages are main.

    Uchino's season seats are platinum (formerly known as Super Diamond) in order from the back net back,diamond,Ruby,sapphire,エ メ ラ ル ド,opalAnd so onjewelryThe name is given ("Ruby" is equivalent to "Infield SS" for general sale. Similarly, "Sapphire" and "Infield S", "Emerald" and "Infield A", "Opal" and "Infield B" are equivalent. It is a seat of). Until 2001, it was also set in the upper seats and was given the same nickname.Of the middle seats, "Suite Room Prime 1" is sold only for corporate annual reserved seats, and there is an elevator hall exclusively for attending contractors at the entrance gate on the 2nd floor. The infield of "Prime Twin" is divided into annual reserved seats, and the outfield is divided into general sales.In the prime system (twin box), the sales department is located in Nagoya Dome, not in the team (general seats).

    However, group reservations are possible for annual reserved seats other than Prime 1.Individuals can make one-off reservations by becoming a paid fan club member.Also,Ticket PiaIt may be sold to the general public by pre-ordering at a Chunichi Shimbun store or by transferring a game to cancel a local expedition (in that case, "Platinum" will be "Members S" and "Diamond" will be "Members A"). ..

    For the general release of non-season seats, starting from the 2017 season, three levels of charges will be set: "Premium," "Standard," and "Value," depending on the season, day of the week, and match card. According to the baseball team, the price will be reduced overall.

    Ball valve

    Ball valve(Tamaben) means "Ekiben""Empty valveA generic term that refers to the bento sold at Nagoya Dome. Used since 2005.

    Many of the “ball valves” are typical of baseball stadiums named after the Chunichi Dragons, and there are “things made by a bento shop”, “things made by a caterer”, and “things made by a caterer”, and they have various tastes. It is also a feature that you can enjoy. Among them, the "Home Run Bento" that has been sold since the days of the Nagoya Stadium will be gorgeous in the next game if a Dragons player hits a home run. In addition to this, there are ball valves designed to keep regulars from getting bored, depending on the content of the competition team. Also, we used miso cutlet, Nagoya Cochin, and Aichi specialty products.Nagoya riceBall valves are also available. Tasting party will be held for the media during the open war period[22].. In the 2008 Interchange Battle, it was sold under the title of “Taste of Interchange” by reproducing the taste of the ball valve sold at the stadium of the other team.

    AdjacentIn front of AEON MALL Nagoya DomeMany people buy food and drinks at the store and bring them to the dome, or enter the dome after eating at the food court or restaurant of the store.

    Ball valve is not a registered trademark of Nagoya Dome and Chunichi Dragons.Therefore, it is used in small numbers at other stadiums.Bento sold at Seibu Dome is also called a ball lunch, but this is read as "Kyubey".

    More informations

    The original jingle "ROAD TO VICTORY" is being swept during the inning of the game in which the home game of the Chunichi Dragons is held ahead of other teams, when it comes to a defense change with 3 out[Note 20].. Chunichi PRTetsuo IshiguroThe idea is to change your mood[23].. About 3 to 4 types of jingles are used in the United States each year. When one of "ROAD TO VICTORY" "CHARGE" is applied,Chiba Lotte Marines fanMay make Lotte Call (L/O/T/T/E OH LOTTE) accordingly. Therefore, I often use jingles other than “CHARGE” or use “CHARGE” aiming to replace Lotte pitchers.

    Similarly, when Chunichi hits a hit, etc.Aurora visionWe have also introduced a method of enlivening "animation screens & jingles and voices (foreigners)" from early on. In 2011, DJ MITSU living in Nagoya (nobodyknows +) Is the producer, and is responsible for the overall production of the Dragons home game.

    Chunichi DragonsStarting memberAnnouncement, speedball contest, in-place announcement in introducing when defending the first table,Tokai Radio BroadcastWas in charge of the sports announcer[Note 21]The CBC announcer will be in charge of the "CBC Cup" in the open game.Other announcements in the venue until 2013Miss UguisuI was in charge of, but in 2014 of free announcerYoshinobu HorieAnnounced most of the Chunichi side as "Dragons Navigator" from the team. From 2015, local talentTakumi HasegawaWill be in charge. In 2015, only the player calls during the match were returned to the announcement by Miss Uguisu on both teams, but in 2016, Hasegawa made the player calls on the Chunichi side.

    Bringing bottles, cans and PET bottles is prohibited for safety reasons and will be inspected before admission.If you bring it in, you are supposed to transfer the contents to a paper cup prepared at the dome.Food and drink are also prohibited.Even if the contents are empty, they will be thrown into the trash can on the spot.In addition, the food and drink purchased at the concourse on the 2nd floor of the Aeon Nagoya Dome Mae store and the "" on the open deckCoCo 壱 番 屋You can bring in products from the Nagoya Dome store.

    Japan seriesSince opening in 1997,2004 Japan SeriesBy the way, the starting pitchers of China and Japan, let alone the pitchers themselves, had no winning star. In the second round of the Japan series on October 2004, 10,Mark ValdesWas the first winning star in China and Japan, but the starting pitcher was on October 2006, 10.Japan seriesIn the first matchNobuno KawakamiWon the victory.Until 2006, the total results of the Chunichi Japan Series at this stadium were 2 wins and 7 losses.In the dome stadium where professional baseball teams are basedOsaka DomeAlong with (currently Kyocera Dome Osaka), it was a stadium where the winning pennant of the Japanese series was never displayed,2007 Japan SeriesIt was the first time that it was decorated by winning the Nagoya Dome with 3-0.However, the results since then have returned to 1 win, 5 losses and 1 draw.Chunichi's Japan Series results are 6 wins and 12 losses.

    Since the opening, the pennant race visitor team has never been raised.[24].

    Use other than Chunichi Dragons


    Professional baseballThen in the pastOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes,Orix Blue Wave,Seibu LionsHosts the match.However, this domeChunichiDue to the nature of its home, the five major domes[Note 22]The only one in the same league巨人There is no sponsored match[Note 23].. For other professional baseball games,Independent LeagueBe treatedJapan Women's Professional Baseball OrganizationIn addition to one match played in September 2010, with the launch of Aichi Dione (formerly Hyogo Dione relocated) in 9, sponsored matches have also been held at this stadium.

    In 2005National High School Baseball Championship Aichi TournamentThe semi-finals and finals of (Aichi Prefectural Qualifying for Summer Koshien) are being held.The dome of the local tournament final (prefectural national team final) is the first in history (at the Osaka tournament,Osaka DomeOpening ceremony and several games immediately after that). The final match was held in 2006 as well,Naonori Dogami TheAiden Meiden High SchoolHe has participated in the finals for the second consecutive year as a player, and has participated in Koshien in both years, and has joined the Chunichi Dragons, which is based in this dome.The finals were scheduled to be held in 2 as well, but due to the effects of postponement of rain, etc., only the quarterfinals will be held on July 2007 (semi-finals) and 7 (finals), and the semi-finals and finals will be held.Okazaki City Stadium, And has not been used since 2008.

    For amateursGrass baseballLend out as a stadium[25]..Paid rental of baseball equipment other than balls is possible with advance reservation[25]..In addition, the locker room, shower room, mound, and player waiting room on the third base side can also be used for a fee.[25]..The usage time is from early morning to night (5: 00-19: 30) and the usage time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.[25].

    soft ball

    From April 2011,Japan LeagueOpening season of (Intensive holdingMethod) is being carried out[26].


    Large-scale marathon event established since 2012 (Marathon Festival Nagoya/Aichi) Is the venue[27].. In the "Nagoya Women's Marathon", the goal point is inside the dome, starting from the road in front of the dome.[27]..In addition, as an accompanying event, "Marathon EXPO" will be held from two days before the marathon is held.

    Soccer/American football

    Originally, it was constructed with a view to using it in soccer and American football, but no professional-level match has been played so far. By the time of designTokyo DomeAtPreseason matchAnd 1994World CupArtificial grassOn top of theNatural grassThere was an example in which seats were spread, but such temporary pitches are not popular with athletes and have not been held in recent years. Note that2002 FIFA World CupIt was rejected by the Organizing Committee even though it was nominated as a candidate when the selection of the venue in Nagoya City had a difficult time.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWas nominated for the venue, but was lost in the selection of the venue). The prefecture will continue toToyota CityIt is unlikely that a professional soccer match will be held because the Toyota Stadium, which has almost the same capacity, was completed. However, because it is close to the center of Nagoya cityNagoya Grampus EightHas been used for a fan Thanksgiving Day.

    American football can be used without moving the movable seat, but currently it is not so popular in the Tokai area.[Note 24], From the aspect of capacity and usage fees, it is unlikely to be used in American football.


    As the largest indoor concert venue in the Chubu region, it is used for concerts as a venue for dome tours. It is often referred to as the "5 Dome Tour" along with Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, but if the number of performances is limited, it is often not held due to geographical problems (Nagoya flightSee).

    The artist who held the concert

    redIndicates that the year is scheduled to be held.

    Domestic artists (in alphabetical order)
    Overseas artists (in alphabetical order)

    Other events

    The Nagoya Dome is rented at exhibitions, trade fairs, sports festivals, etc.

    From 1998 to 2015, on New Year's Day once every two yearsCircle K ThanksPresents TV character Yume Dome”Special effectsandア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンA related event was being held.Other"Next Generation World Hobby Fair] And "Flower Dome" are held every year.Also,AKB48It was used and held as a venue for handshake events and events for groups.

    There may be events in the parking lot,Cirque du SoleilIn some cases, "" was performed at a temporary theater built inside the parking lot.

    In addition, from July 2021, 7, the outfield side concourse on the 5nd floor will be in Aichi Prefecture.New coronavirus vaccineUsed as a large-scale mass inoculation venue[29][30].

    Event held

    Dome Tour

    The "Dome Tour", which allows visitors to see the facilities inside the dome, has been held for a while since its opening, but it is not currently held. Therefore, to see the inside of the dome, there is no choice but to enter at some event. Currently, the only dome tour among the 5 major domes is not held.

    Events related to professional baseball


    • 1997/3/17,firstOpen battle(versusOrix Blue Wave) Was held and this matchGenji Guo OfRetirement matchNextToyoyama TownFromIchiroWas hit on the center fly. In the same match againYasuaki OtoyoIs back 2 timesYoshinori SatoHe hit a solo home run (the first home run on the stadium in an external match). The match is a one-to-one draw.
    • 1997/4/4, The first official baseball game (vs.Yokohama Bay Stars) Was held and once in the backKazuyoshi Tachinami Yuuki MoritaThe first home run of the first batter in the opening game in the history of the baseball stadium = the first home run of the same stadium. (In the same matchAlonzo PowellAlso in the bottom of the third inning, he also hit a solo home run from Morita = No. 3 of the same stadium (No. 2 as a foreign player). )Yamamoto MasaBecame the winning pitcher,PreachingThe save was recorded in. This year both pitchersMost winsSave kingIt has become.
    • 1997/5/8, Chunichi vsHanshinIn the battle, leaks occurred in 6 places on the stand[31].
    • 1997/7/26, The Chunichi vs. Giants battle was canceled due to the disruption of transportation caused by the typhoon.[32]..It was the first cancellation since the opening of Nagoya Dome.
    • 1998/3/29, ORIX hosted an open game against China. The only case where Chunichi was treated as a visitor team at Nagoya Dome.
    • 1998/5/12Orix Blue Wave vs.Chiba Lotte MarinesIn the battle, during the attack of LotteJulio FrancoThe bat that swung by jumped into the audience seats, causing an accident that injured a spectator who was hit directly on his face. A year ago, Aronzo Powell's broken bat jumped into the audience, but fortunately no one was injured.
    • 1999/9/30, Chunichi SE League championship decision match (Jingu Stadium),2004/Jingu Stadium on September 9th (defeated on this day and won the championship),2006/10/10Match of the decision to win the SE League (Tokyo Dome) So it was a visitor match, so at the Nagoya DomePublic viewingWas carried out. In 1999, there was no need for admission fees or numbered tickets, and the stands were overcrowded.After the victory was decided, the crowd rushed into the ground from the stand and caused a great deal of confusion.For this reason, when public viewings were held in 2004 and 2006, measures such as "a numbered ticket attached to the official game ticket is required" have been taken.
    • 1999 Japan SeriesFukuoka Daiei Hawks(Now Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks) decided to win here,Sadaharu OhThe director was raised. Since opening at the Nagoya Dome, Wang became the first coach to experience a torso lift during the regular and postseason.
    • 2000/9/12,Tokai heavy rainThe inside of the dome was flooded with ChunichiHiroshimaThe battle was canceled[32]..The day before this9/11,12 Typhoon No. 14The atmospheric conditions became unstable due to the influence of the autumn rain front, and it was 1 mm for one hour in Nagoya city.1891/The dome was submerged in the torrential downpour, which was the highest since the start of statistics.For this reason, it was decided to cancel the match within 11 days because it would take time to recover.[33]..In addition, the ground and underground parking lots for athletes and related parties are also flooded.Hitoki Iwase OfCadillacWas stopped on the groundHitoshi Taneda OfBMW,Junichi Jinno OfNissan Skyline GT-RWas submerged in water.
    • 2001/8/19, Chunichi vsYakultChunichi in the bottom of the 5th inningNobuno KawakamiWas the first home run hit by a pitcher at Nagoya Dome.[34].
    • 2004/6/8, Just before the start of the match in Chunichi vs. Giantspower failureThe start of the game was delayed by 15 minutes because it took time to restore the lighting. Initially, the cause was Kita-ku, NagoyasubstationToLightningIt was said that it was actually specialHigh voltage lineToCrowWas touched and electrocuted.
    • 2004/9/18~ 19th,Professional baseball strikeBecause of this, both games between Chunichi and Giants will be cancelled.[32].
    • 2004/10/1, Chunichi decided to win the SE League at Nagoya Dome,Hiromitsu OchiaiThe director was raised[35]..Ochiai became the first Chunichi director to be raised since the opening of the dome.
    • From 2004 to 2011,Yomiuri Giants supportersBut refrain from activities, giants sideTrumpet・Cannot support with flutes and drums, and volunteers clapmegaphoneOnly cheering was organized. (However, in 2010Climax seriesIn, a cheering party came in and out, and they were cheering with trumpets. )
    • 2005/8/16, During the 8th Giant attack of Chunichi vs. GiantsKasugai City50% of the lights are turned off due to a momentary voltage drop due to a lightning strike on the substation in.Suspended for 38 minutes until recovery[36]..Chunichi mascot during the breakDoualaWas performing on the ground, flying, bouncing, and flipping around. The extension of the ground wave on this day was provided until 21:24, but the relay was finished at the scheduled time (20:54) without waiting for the resumption of the game.
    • 2006/9/16, ChunichiYamamoto MasaWas the first time at the Nagoya Dome during the Battle of HanshinNo hit no runWas achieved. However, the angry Hanshin fan destroyed the smoke-proof hanging wall near the left stand after the end of this game.
    • 2006/10/15, 24th year of professional baseball lifeKawasaki Masahiro OfRetirement matchHowever, 533th in total, which sets his own world record for sacrifice hitsSacrifice buntSucceeded[37].
    • 2007/10/30,Japan seriesDuring the 3rd round, the attack on the back of the first day, there was a problem with "Live Vision" described later, the temporary vision itself was turned off and the game continued (the sub board behind the net worked normally) .. After that, as a result of efforts for restoration such as simplified display, restoration of all vision functions was completed around 1 times. The cause is from the AV adjustment room that operates the visionDigital signalIt was announced that for some reason the receiving side (vision control device) could not receive.
    • 2007/11/2, Chunichi in Round 5 of the Japan SeriesNippon HamAnd became the best in Japan for the first time in 1954 years since 53. (Successive pitching before the perfect match in the 2007 Japan seriesSee also section. )
    • 2008/3/29,RakutenThank you for all the open games. The audience is 38,021. Rakuten won the match with a score of 5-3.
    • 2008/4/6, Chunichi vs. Yakult 3rd roundNorihiro NakamuraThe home run that was released by Nagoya became the 1000th home run in total at Nagoya Dome.[38].
    • 2010/1/6,Kazuyoshi TachinamiIn recognition of his achievements, the first event of the team's official fan club, "Thank you to Tachinami," was held.
    • 2010/2/27,LotteThe open game with (the first open game of the same year at Nagoya Dome) was held in conjunction with the 7th team history (since Guo) to commemorate the retirement (match name, Kazuyoshi Tachinami retirement game).
    • July 2010, 7, Chunichi vs. Giants 11th round[39]At the "Speed ​​Ball Contest" held before the start of the match at that timeMie Chukyo UniversityThird gradeNorimoto(19 years old)[40], Chunichi support uniform[Note 42]Wearing and participating, it will be the fastest in history since the openingBall speed143km / hRecord[39].. At that time, he was a Chunichi player in the "Speed ​​Gun Contest".Hitoki IwaseAlsoAichi UniversityHe has participated in the times, and Norimoto heard that and decided to participate.[39].
    • 2010/11/6,Round 6 of the Japanese series(Vs. Lotte) entered the extra time with a score of 2-2. However, they broke the bottom of the 15th inning with the same score, and ended at 23:53 with a draw. In addition, the draw in the Japan series1986/It has been 24 years since then, and the Japan series, which lasted until just before the date changed, was the first in history.
    • 2012/4/17, Chunichi-The self-restraint of the giant's private cheering group, which had been forced to refrain from activities for eight years in the giant battle, was released[Note 43].
    • 2014/8/13, Chunichi vsDeNAThe first batter in the day in the back of the battleYohei OshimaDeNA chasing the outfield flyLeft hand-Yoshitomo TsutsukaMedium-sized-Takayuki KajiyaCrashed, and Tsutsuka was unable to get up because he was hit from the head to the ground.ambulanceWas boarded directly and transported to the hospital. An ambulance entered and left with some of the left-wing fence doors open[41].
    • 2017/6/3Of China vs. RakutenSep-pa Exchange BattleBack of the 4thMasahiro ArakiOf RakutenBeautiful horse studyHe hit the right front hit from the pitcher and achieved a total of 48 hits, the 4th in history (the 2000th among Chunichi's unlined players)[42].
    • 2017/8/30Chunichi vs. Chunichi vs. DeNAShuhei TakahashiIs DeNAEdwin EscobarFrom the pitcher to the left wing line for the first time since the opening of Nagoya DomeRunning home runReleased[43].
    • 2018/7/6, Chunichi vs. scheduled for the dayTokyo Yakult Swallows12th roundHeavy rainDue to the influence of, the arrival of equipment on the Yakult side was significantly delayed, so the event was canceled because it was not expected to be held. At the Nagoya DomeProfessional baseballThe official game was canceled in July 1997 and September 7 aboveStrike of athletes associationWas not held by2004/9/18-19 daysIt was the fourth time since the Battle of Giants against China. In addition, it was canceled due to delay in delivery of equipment1979/7/13Nippon Ham v. Nankai Battle (KorakuenIt's been 39 years since then)[32].
    • 2018/9/30, Due to the approach of typhoon No. 24, the battle between Japan and Hanshin was canceled. It has been the first time for two weather-related events to be abandoned at the Nagoya Dome since the 2 Athletes strike, the first for weather-related factors. In addition, the transfer gameClimax seriesSame day as the 1st round of the 1st stage10/13Was held in. This is the first time that a season-digesting game has been played during the climax series.
    • 2020/9/9, Yomiuri GiantsHayato SakamotoRecorded three home runs in one game for the first time in Nagoya Dome history[44].
    • 2022/3/30, Chunichi vs. DeNA in the bottom of the 2th round of the 4nd roundUkai KosukeThe home run that was released by Vantelin Dome became the 2000th home run in total.[38].


    Hanshin TigersHowever, it is also known that the defeat rate at this stadium is extremely high. Since its opening in 1997, as of 2022, it has recorded 5 wins and 19 losses.[45].



    It is about a 5-minute walk, but it may take 15 minutes or more during times of congestion, such as after a professional baseball game or concert.
    The route deck from Exit 1 of the station has a roof, so you can reach the dome without getting wet (this is only Nagoya Dome at the baseball stadium of Nippon Professional Baseball, including Kobe Field Kobe). ..
    The originally planned station name was Yata, and the Nagoya DomeIs the nearest station of Nagoya Stadium (currently:Sanno Station) Was "in front of China-Japan Stadium" and "in front of Nagoya Baseball Stadium".In addition, the station name of Nagoya Municipal Subway usually does not have "front" even if it is the nearest station to the facility / building, and only this station has "front".
    Underground of Nagoya Dome is used as a depot for Nagoya City Subway Meijo Line and Meiko Line.Daiko GarageThere is a portion of the site. Many cars are kept in this garage in preparation for congestion at events such as professional baseball and concerts, and all temporary trains starting from the station are rerouted from this garage.
    The station has the character of being another nearest station after Nagoya Dome Maeyada Station, and the station premises show the distance from the station to Nagoya Dome and the time required on foot, and purchase a return ticket in advance. You can see the guidance display that recommends. The south exit of JR Osone Station is nicknamed the Vantelin Dome Exit (Nagoya Dome Exit).Besides this, from the west side of Ozone StationIn front of AEON MALL Nagoya DomeA free shuttle bus to and from is also available.
    The station isResidential areasSince it is an ordinary stop station inside, and express and semi-express trains pass through, we recommend that visitors on the same line use Ozone Station.
    Until the opening of the Nagoya Dome Mae Yata Station in 2000, it was virtually the nearest station.


    In addition, it can be accessed from the Daiko stop near Nagoya Dome Maeyada Station.


    • There is a taxi rank inside the Nagoya Dome.
    There are taxis waiting for customers on the surrounding roads, but these are illegal parking.
    When professional baseball is held, the surrounding roads are often congested with cars and taxis that leave the parking lot.

    Private car

    • In Nagoya DomeParking LotYes.There is also a parking area dedicated to those involved in the "underground parking lot" where general vehicles can be parked, via a dedicated entrance on the south side of the dome (the entrance for general vehicles is on the west side, and the bus of the visitor team also enters and exits from here). Chunichi players and coaches come and go by private car.Prices vary depending on the event.At the time of the Chunichi War, it costs 1 yen per car, and in advanceTicket PiaOr, you need to buy a parking ticket at a Chunichi newspaper shop. At the time of pre-sale at Pia, it will be possible to purchase from the pre-sale start date of the match in the form of "general seats" (seats handled by the team sales department) "prime seats" (seats handled by the Nagoya Dome sales department) and "parking tickets" Become.
    • The parking lot located to the northwest of the Nagoya Dome is dedicated to group buses, and a simple merchandise store will be opened at the time of the concert, and a tent will be set up at the Cirque du Soleil performance in Nagoya.
    • It can be used for 30 minutes/300 yen on days when events are not held (up to 3 hours free if you use the "Prisma Club" or "ticket space" on days without events).
    • We were not able to visit Nagoya Dome by car on the day of the concert because we did not expect to use it on the day when the event was held (we strongly encourage the use of public transportation), but in 2016 ThanThe TimesThe access page on the official website has been renewed because the Nagoya Dome South Parking Lot is also available.


    • For bikes and bicyclesBicycle parkingCan be used free of charge during events.

    Operating company

    "Nagoya Dome Co., Ltd.", the operator of Nagoya Dome, was originally1973/ToBankruptcy"Chunichi Stadium Co., Ltd." (at that time, it was the home ground of the Chunichi DragonsChunichi StadiumAs a saucer company "Nagoya Baseball Stadium Co., Ltd."1975/10/1WithChunichi ShimbunIt was established by joint investment of the local business community including.Taking this opportunity, the name of the stadiumNagoya StadiumIt changed to and started full-scale business.

    1997/1/1Since the start of the Nagoya Dome business, the company name will be changed to "Nagoya Dome Co., Ltd." and it will operate two locations, the Nagoya Dome and the Nagoya Stadium, which has been decided to be used as a home stadium for the second army. Therefore, we have two offices: Nagoya Dome (headquarters) and Nagoya Stadium.

    Chunichi Dragons is a group company of Chunichi Shimbun[46].. Since 2004, Bungo Shirai (Chief of the Chunichi Shimbun) is president of Nagoya Dome Co., Ltd.[47]) And Chunichi Dragons Owner (since 2000, succeeding Hirohiko Oshima), and the management of both parties is virtually one. Chunichi Dragons pays a stadium rental fee of over 40 billion yen annually to support the management of Nagoya Dome Co., Ltd.2018/12/25Has a team office of Chunichi DragonsChunichi BuildingMoved to the site of Nagoya Dome (most southeast side, part of old parking lot)[48].

    As of April 2020, 7, the Nagoya Dome isMie television broadcastingLeading stock holding 32.8%ShareholderIs[49].

    Company Overview

    • Date Established-October 1975, 10
    • Representative- Uichiro Oshima(President)
    Office location
    • Headquarters-461-0047-1 Daikominami, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 1-XNUMX, Japan
    • Nagoya Baseball Stadium-454-0022-12, Rohbashi, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 1-XNUMX, Japan
    • Management and operation of baseball fields and ancillary facilities.
    • Product sales, inventory management, and product development within the stadium.

    な ど


    • Even before the construction of the Nagoya Dome, there was a plan to build a dome stadium in Nagoya. Headquartered in Nagoya in 1979China-WhetstoneManufacturerJapanese pottery (since 1981,Noritake Company Limited) Is Japan's first full-scale dome stadium and Nagoya City as the home ground of the Dragons to replace Nagoya Baseball Stadium.Nishi-wardNoritakeshinmachi"Noritake DomeAnnounced the construction plan[50].. The current state investigation plan was submitted on March 1980, 3, and the environmental impact assessment preparation document was submitted on April 24, 1981. Was[51].
    • 2F Open Deck near Gate 1Tokyo OlympicsGold Post (No.31) Is installed (Gold Post Project)[52]).


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    5. ^ For example, the girls series is arranged in pink and the blue summer series is arranged in light blue.
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