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⚽ | EURO 2020 final, Wembley invades a horde of insects


EURO2020 final, Wembley invades a horde of insects?

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Feather ants are said to be flying in large numbers from June to September, and a professor at the University of Gloucestershire, who is also a follower of the Royal Entomological Society, said the herd confirmed on Friday was just the beginning of the mating season.

The EURO 2020 final at Wembley was a showdown between England and Italy.This battle was a bug ... → Continue reading


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Mating season

    University of Gloucestershire

    University of Gloucestershire(English: University of gloucestershire, Official language notation: University of gloucestershire) IsUnited Kingdom GloucestershireHeadquarters inUnited Kingdom OfPublic university.1834Founded,2001University established.

    The University of Gloucestershire is a comprehensive university based in the United Kingdom, primarily Gloucestershire.There are four campuses, three in Cheltenham and one in Gloucester.[1]In February 2012, it was announced that Baroness Lenny Frichie would become the new president of the university.It was also announced that Sir Henry Elwes will be appointed Vice-President, joining the current Vice-President, Bishop of Gloucester Michael Parham.


    Origin, integration, agreement

    The university was recently established as a result of the integration and renaming of a number of higher education institutions.[2]Its origins date back to the vocational training center founded in 1834.[3]Since 1992, as a Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, it has been permitted to confer university graduation qualifications and graduate school qualifications, but in 1998 it was permitted to confer a research degree.However, the University of Gloucestershire was officially approved as a comprehensive university only in 2001.Its history spans about two centuries.[4]

    The University of Gloucestershire's Strategic Plan (Long-Term Plan) outlines its social mission, values ​​and objectives.[5]

    10 years with the Vice President of the University of Gloucestershire, the Principal of the Gloucestershire College, and the Principal of the South Gloucestershire and Stroud College to secure opportunities for higher education in the Gloucestershire region. A memorandum of agreement was signed.[6]

    Environmental maintenance

    The University of Gloucestershire has been pursuing environmental maintenance as a long-term plan since 1993.It became the first university in the United Kingdom to meet ISO14001.In the 2008 edition of The Peope & Planet Green League, published by Times Higher Education (THE), it is ranked as "the most environmentally friendly university in the UK". Only the University of Gloucestershire continues to be ranked in the top five in the "Eco-University Rankings" that began in 2007.He has also been awarded the EUAC Green Gown Award, which recognizes the environmental efforts of the university. In 5 and 2008, he received the Continuous Improvement Award.The RCE Severn is set up within the University of Gloucestershire, which is the UNU's recommended "regional hub for continued education."There are 2012 similar locations around the world, one of which.[7]

    Erasmus Program and Overseas University Alliance

    The University of Gloucestershire is actively participating in the Erasmus Program.It is also the only British university that is a member of the Brethren Colleges Abroad, a program for studying abroad mainly in the United States.


    Dame Janet Trotter has been Vice-President and Principal since 2001, but retired in 2006.Professor Patricia Broadfoot resigned in March 2010. Until July 3, Dr. Paul Hartley was Vice-President and School Principal.[8][9]University council[10]Has decided to make Stephen Marston Vice-President from August 2011.[11] Steven Marston was previously the Director of Public Affairs for Universities and Vocational Skills at the Ministry of Business, Renewal and Vocational Skills.Prior to that, he was the director of the Lifelong Learning and Vocational Skills Bureau at the former Ministry of Education and Vocational Skills, and the director of the Continuing Education and Vocational Skills Bureau at the former Ministry of Renewal, University and Vocational Skills.Mr. Marston joined the former Ministry of Education and Science in 1983, and has been involved in numerous schools.Continuing educational institutionHe has also experienced various posts related to higher education institutions and finance, and was sometimes seconded to the Cabinet Economic Secretariat and the Higher Education Funding Council in England as the head of the executive branch.Majored in classical literature at Cambridge University[12]He has won the honors of two subjects and the university president's award for classical literature.[Source required]

    Transition from 2009 to 2012

    There were personnel changes from 2009 to 2010. In November 2009, Paul Bowler, acting Vice-President, resigned.Regarding Paul Bowler, a former investment banker, on December 11, the same year, the university said, "Deputy Vice-President Paul Bowler will voluntarily retire because he wants to pursue his potential. There was an announcement.[13]In December 2009, Dr. Sharp, Dean and Associate Vice-President, resigned and took up the new post of the International Department of Higher Education in the United Kingdom.[14]Dr. Broadfoot, the Vice-President, had her own view of the university's financial situation,[15]I resigned in March 2010.[16]There are public records of this resignation.[17]In May 2010, Baron Cary, the president of the university, resigned.[18]Paul Bowler was a witness in a September 2010 trial filed by university officials under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.[19][20]The results of this trial were reported in an information magazine on higher education.[21]In March 2011, Dr. Paul Hartley resigned.[22]The current Vice-President, Stephen Marston, has announced that he will "renew the mood" with a new HR executive.[23][24]

    Campus, faculty, course

    Overview of university facilities, equipment layout, etc.

    The university currently has more than 11,000 full-time and part-time students.[Source required]There are four campuses in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.The London campus was sold in April 4.IT equipment on every campus[25]And the library is set up.[26]The number of faculties in the university was changed from three to four in September 3, and the name of the faculty has been renewed."Faculty of Media, Arts and Technology" including Department of Art Design, Department of Computer Technology, Department of Humanities, Department of Media."Faculty of Business, Education, and Specialized Research" consisting of the Department of Accounting Law and the Department of Business Management.And "Education and Public Works Research Institute".Furthermore, it is an "applied science department" consisting of a sports training department, a natural science and social science department, and a leisure department.[27][28]Courses for undergraduate students in accounting include accounting, law,[29]Business Management,[30]Computer science,[31]geography,[32]biology,[33]There are social sciences, pedagogy, sports studies, etc.[34]Since the decision to close the Pitville and London campuses (see below), it has been accused by the University and College Union (UCU) of being "a result of poor management."[35]

    Pitville Studio

    Pitville Studios is located on Albert Road in Cheltenham.It was the location of the Faculty of Media, Arts and Technology. It was founded over 150 years ago as the Cheltenham School of Art.[2][36]However, in October 2009, the university announced that "the Pitville campus will be closed by 10 due to financial difficulties at the university, and all classes held on that campus will be moved to another campus." did.[37]

    The university is said to have sold half of the campus grounds.[38]Classes in the Faculty of Media, Arts and Technology are currently distributed across multiple Cheltenham campuses.[39]There are two student dormitories, the Legend Hall near the city center and the Pitville Hall on campus, all of which are single rooms with baths and toilets.

    Francis Claus Hall (FCH)

    FCH is a historic building-based campus at Francis Claus Hall, closest to central Cheltenham.The history of this campus can be traced back to the university founded by Dr. Francis Claus in 1847.[40]

    The University's Archives and Special Collections Department, the official archives of historical materials for the university, is also located on this campus.[41]In addition to university materials, special collection materials such as Gloucestershire are also stored.The archives and special resources department are entrusted with the management of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Library and a collection of works by Gloucestershire poets, writers and artists. And is entrusted with management.Among them are works by "Dymock Village Poets" based in Dymock Village, Gloucestershire, Whittington Publishing, poet UA Fanthorpe, James Elroy Flecker and others. There are relics and so on.In addition, Paul Oliver African-American music and related traditional collections (blues collections), the Triggs Lesser Banjo collection, and the regional heritage vault are also under the control of the archives and special archives.The vault is open to staff, students, and the public.The campus is home to the humanities, education, natural sciences, social sciences, and arts departments.Dormitories are located on campus at Shaftesbury Hall, Hardwick Hall, and Regency Hall.In addition, St. George's, St. Mary's, Maidenhorn, and Whiteheart are also accepting students.

    Hard wick

    The Hardwick Center for Arts and Photography was opened in 2011. It is close to FCH.Students can study art (undergraduate and graduate) and artistic subjects such as photography.

    The Park

    In 2011, the Faculty of Media Studies moved from Pitville Studios to Park Campus.[42]Facilities using cutting-edge technology such as public news rooms, studios, editing rooms, and educational facilities are provided.In the Faculty of Media Studies, you can study subjects such as journalism, digital video production, and television / radio production.Given the title "Skillset Media Academy" (Media Comprehensive Skills College) given to universities, etc. that are implementing excellent media education,[43]North by Southwest: A member of the Gloucestershire-Wiltshire Media Comprehensive College of Technology.[44]

    This campus has the Faculty of Business, Education and Specialized Research,[45]You can study business, business management, law, advertising, computer, leisure, tourism, hotel / restaurant business, and media related subjects.The Park Campus (in Cheltenham) has the largest area and the largest number of events.Student dormitories include Park Villa, Charinault, Eldon and Mellowdown, and Eldon and Mellowdown Annex on campus and adjacent to the campus.There is also a Regency Hall on the other side of the city of Cheltenham.

    Since May 2009, in partnership with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust[46]The site of The Park Campus has been designated as a green space for the community.[47]There are more than 900 natural trees and trees for viewing in the park, as well as shallow lakes and grasslands for native species.

    See The Park, University of Gloucestershire for more information.


    The Oxfords Campus has a Faculty of Applied Sciences.[48]It was opened in Gloucestershire in 2002 for use as a campus (the site was previously used for computer and business departments in the late 1980s and early 1990s).[Source required]The campus has sports facilities such as an all-weather stadium with lighting and a fitness room, as well as research facilities for various subjects such as biological evaluation.Here is also the Drum Institute, which evolved from the drumming project of Clem Burke, a pioneer in research in that field.This project explores the physical and psychological effects of playing taiko.[49]

    London campus

    The London Campus was established in 1973 as the Urban Learning Foundation (ULF) to improve the quality of early education for teacher training. In September 2003, the Urban Education Fund was merged into the University of Gloucestershire and became part of it.The London campus provided a one-year graduate education program for primary education, which also served as the hub for the North East London Early Education Graduate Program.The London campus also arranged and managed the assignment of students from universities across the country to schools in urban areas during practical training.

    The London campus was refurbished at a cost of £ 830 million (about 2009 million yen at the rate of 12) and was reopened in February 8650 after the refurbishment was completed.However, in September 2009, the university announced the closure of the campus.[50]Times Higher Education (a specialized magazine that can be called the weekly "higher education") quotes the university's announcement that "We have decided to consolidate all operations in Gloucestershire to reduce operating costs." doing.This is the same as Pittville Studios, another sacrifice due to the higher education budget limit set by the Higher Education Funding Council in England and the "financial difficulties" of the University of Gloucestershire. I got up.[Source required]

    The London campus was sold to the London Hostel Association (LHA London Limited) in April 2010 for £ 4 million (about 970 billion yen at the 2010 rate).[51]The London Hostel Association, founded in 1940, is an organization to help people who have become homeless due to the London air raid.[52]Currently, there are 12 dormitories in London, providing quality housing for more than 1450 students, young intellectual workers, or newcomers to London at a low cost.


    Major sports

    Gloucestershire University has a long sporting tradition[53]In particular, he has applied his expertise and skills in seven major sports: rugby league, rugby union, hockey, soccer, tennis, netball and volleyball.[54]Universities have been at the forefront of the development of the college rugby league for the last decade. In March 10, the college rugby league team Gloucestershire All Gold moved to Pro Rank.[55]Joined the 3rd division "Championship 1".[56]

    Sports Malawi

    In 2012, the university's "Sports Malawi Initiative"[57]He won the gold medal at the London 2012 Games-inspired Podium Awards.The university will provide accommodation for the Olympic team in Malawi and will form the Gloucestershire Cooperative in partnership with the Gloucester City Council, the Cheltenham Autonomous Region Council, Sandford Park Pool and the Aspire Sports Culture Fund to join the above teams. In response, it provided facilities that could be used to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics.The campus's Oxfords Hall, Armin Hall, and Upper Quay were used as dormitories.

    Student life

    Student association

    The Gloucestershire University Student Union consists of four full-time student members and 4 part-time student members.[58]The committee members are elected by student voting,[59]The current representative (2013-2014 term) is Riquesh Patel.The residents' association provides students with a lot of information about various activities such as social service activities and part-time jobs.[60]It also hosts the annual summer event "Summer Ball".[61][62]So far,[61]Top loader,[63]Rizzle Kicks,[64]Girls Aloud,[65]Letch Three Two[66]Bands such as are born.Also, "Tone Radio"[67]Is the official student radio station[68]"Space" is the newspaper of the Students' Union.[69] These are made by students for students.

    Training system

    Gloucestershire University adopted an off-campus training system in 2012[70]We promote participation in community service activities, entrepreneurial activities, and on-the-job training with the aim of increasing employment opportunities for students.[71]

    Student Awareness Survey

    Student awareness is captured in a variety of ways.[72]One of them is the National Student Survey.[73][74]The response rate at Gloucestershire University in 2012 was 70%, which is higher than 67% of the school district.This survey also included a graduate student professor experience survey (a survey for graduate students in the Faculty of Education).[75]

    Rite of passage and student trends after admission

    While being supervised by a student wearing a "Nazi officer's uniform"[76]A freshman wearing a bag on his head, drinking alcohol and vomiting[77]As a result of the BBC's acquisition of a hidden video of the movie, an investigative journalism was conducted in October 2008.Furthermore, in December 10, a member of the rugby club caused an incident of vomiting while riding a bus.Local newspapers have ridiculed it as an "alcoholic rite of passage."[78]

    Chronology leading up to the University of Gloucestershire

    • 1834-Cheltenham Vocational Training Institute
    • 1840-Gloster Vocational Training Institute
    • 1847-Cheltenham Training College
    • 1852-Cheltenham School of the Arts
    • 1920-St. Paul Education College
    • 1920-St. Mary's Education College
    • 1967-Gloucestershire Education College
    • 1979-St. Paul Maria Education College
    • 1980-Gloucestershire Arts and Technology College Higher Education Department
    • 1990-Cheltenham Gloucestershire College of Higher Education
    • 2001-University of Gloucestershire

    Publications on the history of the university

    • 'University of Gloucestershire --Thanksgiving', 30 April 2002, Gloucester Cathedral
    • '150 years of Art Education', 2002, University of Gloucestershire
    • 'Celebrating 150 years of the Church Foundation', 1997, Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education


    The University Alumni Association is a worldwide network of 39,000 people, including graduates and former faculty members of universities and related colleges.It can also publish a monthly newsletter, host events, and trigger reunions with old alumni and friends.[79]

    Honorary Doctorate and Honorary Fellowship

    Honorary PhD awardees are awarded honorary fellowships, including musician and philanthropist Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), actor and director Simon Peg, poet UA Fanthorpe, and Superdry-branded supermarkets. Group founder and entrepreneur Julian Dunkerton, soprano singer Dame Felicity Lot, and George Cary, who holds the title of The Right Revered and Right Honourable.Honorary Fellows include announcer and physicist Kathy Sykes, international cricketer RC Jack Russell, gardening professional and television host Chris Beardshaw, and sculptor Lynn Chadwick. There is.[80]

    Major graduates

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