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🏛 | A history of turmoil and resistance in the homeland told by a Belarusian poet


A history of turmoil and resistance in the homeland told by a Belarusian poet

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He also taught at Cornell University and published his second Belarusian book, ЭпETERNUS дэмжя Ружаў (the epidemic of roses), in 2.

Belarusian poet Valgina Mote.Taken by Tanya Capitonova.Publication approved.Presidential election ... → Continue reading

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Cornell University

Cornell University(Cornell University)Ivy LeagueComposeThe United States of AmericaIt is one of the most difficult universities in Japan.Known as one of the most prestigious schools in the United States.It is also ranked 5th in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in the world university rankings.[:in],Nobel PrizeHas maintained the world's highest level in both research and education, such as producing award winners in all categories.In particularMechanical engineering,life sciences,physics,Architecture,Landscaping,City planning,Computer engineering,Business Administration,Medical science,Veterinary medicine,AgricultureThe field is prominent.also,Ivy LeagueThe only hotel in the world is the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Hotel School of Administration is one of the top in the world.

New York StateIthaca CityThe campus, based in, spreads out on the slopes of the hills formed by glacier erosion and is also described as the most beautiful in the United States.It is also known for offering a wide variety of high-quality school cafeterias, and was ranked third in the United States in the Princeton Review.


Cornell University1865/To the United StatesTelegraphHe was a pioneer in the business and a New York State Senator, also a State Senator.University of MichiganWas a former professor ofAndrew Dickson WhiteDrafted the founding charter by1868/May 10, New York, after a preparation period of over three yearsIthacaWas opened in.


Cornell University has been in New York since its inceptionLand Grant UniversityOn the other hand[3],Ivy LeagueIt is one of the rare semi-governmental and semi-private (public and private) universities in the world that is listed as one of the schools.

The university's prominent research fields are mechanical engineering, life sciences, business administration, architecture, landscaping,Agriculture,Veterinary medicineIs said to be the highest peak in the world.Also,ComputerEngineering tooIvy LeagueIt boasts the largest facilities and research in the United States and is one of the top five prestigious fields in the United States (see noteworthy points below for computer engineering at Cornell University). ** Cornell University Video **

The universityRockefeller UniversitySloan Kettering Cancer CenterBoth jointly provide the MD-PhD program (Weill Cornell / Rockefeller / Sloan-Kettering Tri-Institutional MD-PhD program).[4]

Ranking and fame

Major World University Rankings

  • Webometrics Ranking of World Universities: 4(2010)
  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL World University Rankings:XNUMXth place(2019)[5]
  • Shanghai Denki University Rankings:13(2011)[6]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Overall):10(2008)[7]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Social Sciences):7(2008)[8]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Humanities):14(2008)[9]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Bioscience):8(2008)[10]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Natural Sciences):11(2008)[11]
  • TIMES World University Rankings (Information Science / Engineering):8(2008)[12]
  • NEWSWEEK World University Rankings:9(2006)[13]

US NEWS Undergraduate Course Ranking

  • US NEWS Best Colleges 2009- National Univeristies Rankings: 10(FY2009)[14]

US NEWS Major Graduate School Ranking

Professional graduate school

  • Graduate School of Medicine:8[27]
  • Law School (JD):12[28]
  • Graduate School of Business Administration:14[29]
  • Graduate School of City Planning:2[30]
  • Veterinary School:1[31]

Other rankings

Educational institution

Undergraduate Colleges and Schools

  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences *
  • College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • School of Hotel Administration
  • College of Human Ecology *
  • School of Industrial and Labor Relations *

Graduate / Professional Colleges and Schools

  • Graduate School
  • law school
  • Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Weill Cornell Medical College (New York City)
  • Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar)
  • Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (New York City)
  • College of Veterinary Medicine *

Other Cornell Academic Units and Degree-Granting Programs

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (Cornell Institute for Public Affairs) (CIPA)
  • Cornell University Library
  • Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing and Information Science
  • Office of Undergraduate Biology
  • Program in Real Estate
  • School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

The * mark isNew York StateEstablished education unit

research Institute

The following four centers have been established as the US Federal National Research Center.

  • Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS)
  • Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF)
  • Laboratory of Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP)
  • National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC)

Besides, over 100graduate SchoolAnd laboratories are being set up and educational programs are being implemented.

Notable points

An information retrieval system that started in the 1970sSMARTBy system research and development, etc., and electroniclibrary(Digital Archive,Digital Library) Was a pioneering achievement.Besides,DatabaseHe has made many achievements in the fields of fields.

physicsIn the field ofComputer scienceIn collaboration with the departmentHigh energy physicsHas made remarkable achievements in the design of information exchange protocols for.

In the field of life science, as in the field of physics, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science,National Institutes of HealthHas achieved good results in the construction of.In addition, in collaboration with the medical field,proteinWe are also producing results in fields such as analysis of.

SETI @ Home(Related item:S) Providing data for the project,プ エ ル ト リ コIt is inArecibo Radio ObservatoryManagement ofAmerican National Science FoundationIt is outsourced.

Digital collection

Cornell University Library Digital Collection [1]

Student life


The Cornell University sports team is called "Cornell Big Red."Cornell University has more than 30 sports teamsNational University Athletic Association(NCAA)conferenceBelongs to the Ivy League,Ice hockeyFor more information on the ECAC Hockey League (ECAC Hockey League) Belongs to.

Ice hockey is one of the school's most popular sports and has become a winter tradition.The schoolNational ChampionshipHe is a powerful player who has won the championship twice and advanced to Frozen Four (the best four in the United States) eight times.A longtime rival of ice hockeyHarvard UniversityIt is a rival of college ice hockey, which is famous in the United States.

When playing against Harvard University at Cornell University's home arena, Lynah Rink, it's customary for enthusiastic fans to throw large numbers of fish into the rink as Harvard players enter. ..This is a mockery of Harvard University in the port city (Boston).

Related person

The list below includes prominent graduates, current students, professors, and more from Cornell University.The information is dated 2005-04-22, and the latest information is in English. Cornellians checking ...


Nobel PrizeWinner

Politics / Law

Advance Your Career

Medical science

Social science

Science / Technology

Art in general


Specialized field where you can study


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ЭпETERNUS дэмія Ружаў


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