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🏛 | TSE, 90 securities companies investigate problems Minimize adverse effects in the event of system failure

Photo The first meeting of the council held by the Tokyo Stock Exchange to consider measures to prevent recurrence due to a system failure that caused the all-day trading suspension of all stocks = 23rd afternoon, Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Tokyo

TSE, 90 securities companies investigate problems Minimize adverse effects in the event of a system failure

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The Financial Services Agency, three regional witnesses in Sapporo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, and industry groups have joined as observers.

On the 23rd, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is under the umbrella of the Japan Exchange Group, will consider measures to prevent the recurrence of system failures together with securities companies ... → Continue reading

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Local 3 certificate

Industry group

Industry group(Gyokai Dantai) is involved in a specific industryCompany,IndividualIs configured as a memberProfit groupIs.If the target spans a wide range of industriesEconomic group, If you are a profession,Professional organizationIs called.HistoricallyguildFollow the flow of.

JapanInFair competition agreementFor the purpose of proper operation ofConsumer Affairs Agency-Fair Trade CommissionCertified byFair Trade CouncilOrganizations that becameAct on the optimization and promotion of management of life hygiene-related businessStipulated inTrade union(mainlyservice tradeSuch. ) Is also included.Some industry groupsAntitrust lawでBusiness groupMay include those specified as.


The members of the trade associations are mainly medium and large-sized companies and subordinate business associations.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsJurisdictionJapanese standard industry classification Call it a business group,Service industry(Those not classified elsewhere)> Political / economic / cultural groups> Classified as economic groups.The explanation is "a business establishment that is an organization organized by the same traders and carries out activities to contribute to the development of friendship, status and technology of the industry", and various businesses in addition to credit business or mutual aid business. DoCooperativeIs categorized as a large category Q-Complex Service Business.

The main purpose of creating an industry group isResponding to issues of common interests in the industry, companies jointly respond without showing the names of individual companiesTo do. The most important activity isCountry,StateSuch asindustryPolicyTax systemCollecting information about revisionsAdministrative agency-政治家To the opinion.Central government offices and local governmentsInstalled byCouncil,Social gatheringWe have also produced committee members.

Electricity industryIn regulated industries such asFederation of Electric Power CompaniesThere are strong industry groups like.

Other than that,election(Political party) Support activities,Political contributionThe industry, formulating industry self-regulation rules, industrystatisticsThe creation ofstandardization, As an industrySocial contributionsThe business is the implementation and coordination of the above, and public relations activities.Worker(Union) WithLabor-management negotiationSummary andEnvironmental group,PartiesNegotiations with are also one of the tasks.

Depending on the industry group, other than the voluntarily formed group,National Federation of Money Lending Associations→CurrentJapan Money Lending AssociationAnd, like the prefectural money lending industry association of the subordinate organization, it becomes the basisdecree(in this caseLaw on regulation of money lending business) Is also based on some organizations.

世界Then,Germany,Swedenな どCorporatismIn countries whereUnionIn this relationship, industry groups play a large role as in Japan.United Kingdom,The United States of AmericaHowever, with some exceptions, the strength of industry groups is weak, and each company is individually involved in government policy.Hong Kong parliamentThen, professional associations and industry groups directly produce members ().

Consumer Affairs Agency,Fair Trade CommissionMore certified,Fair competition agreementAs a council established for the purpose of proper operation ofFair Trade CouncilThere is.

Major industry groups in Japan


Rather than an industry groupEconomic group, Or often called an employers' organization.

In particular,Japan Business Federation,Japan Chamber of Commerce,Keizai DoyukaiThree ofThree economic groupsIt is called.

Industry groups

Fisheries, agriculture and forestry


Construction industry

Manufacturing industry

Electricity, gas, heat supply, water supply industry

Transport/information and communication industry


Finance, insurance, futures trading

real estate business

Printing industry


Service industry

Life hygiene



Regional groups

Under the above-mentioned nationwide organization, there are many groups that have associations or branches in each prefecture.



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