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🏛 | Request to resign from Mr. Sugita, protest spreads over 10 strokes "Women are lying"

Photo Member of the House of Representatives Mio Sugita

Requested resignation from Mr. Sugita, protest spreads over 10 strokes "Women are lying"

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The signature was started on the 26th by the organizers of the "Flower Demo", which calls for the eradication of sexual violence.

A member of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mio Sugita, said over the damage caused by sexual violence, "How much does a woman lie?" → Continue reading

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Eradication of sexual violence

    Flower demo

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    Flower demoWearing flowers, which started in April 2019Sexual violenceProtest againstSocial movementIs[1].


    Acquittal of sexual violence following March 2019 (Later), The writer'sMinori Kitahara, President of Etosetra BooksAkiko MatsuoEtc., April 4, 11:7 pm,Tokyo StationGyoko StreetStarted[1].In order to raise the voice of #WithYou by the victims, we called for flowers to be gathered as a symbol.On this day, more than 450 people gathered at Tokyo Station with flowers.Following this day, women in Fukuoka raised their voices the following month, officially naming it the "Flower Demo," and on May 5, demonstrations were held simultaneously in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

    After that, it spread to Nagoya, Sendai, and Sapporo, and on the 11th of every month, a demonstration is held to snuggle up to the victims of sexual violence. 2020年2月11日には全国40ほどの都道府県で開かれたHeld in about XNUMX prefectures nationwide on February XNUMX, XNUMX[2]..スペインでもフラワーデモが同時開催されたFlower demo was held at the same time in Spain[3].. September 2019, 12NHKIt will be broadcast live on "Heart Net TV" which is being broadcast from 20 o'clock on E-tele[4].

    As shown below, the event started with sexual violence against women, but it does not refuse the participation of men.[5]..Male victims also participate and give speeches[6].

    back ground

    The following four sex crime cases are said to have directly triggered this movement, all of which were reported in March 4.District courtwas acquitted in[7][8]. only oneAppealHe was acquitted without committing any crimes, but the remaining three cases were allHigh courtwas reversed guilty inSupreme Courtwas found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

    3/12 Fukuoka District CourtKurume Branch
    • August 2017, 2,Fukuoka CityA 44-year-old man who is a company executive in Hakata Ward sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman at a drinking party called a circle at a restaurant in Fukuoka City, who was too drunk to resist. Quasi-rape crime (after law revision)Semi-compulsory sexual intercourse crime) was prosecuted.
    • Even though the woman was in a state where she could not resist, she was acquitted on the grounds that the man's intentions could not be recognized because he misbelieved that ``the defendant had mistakenly believed that the woman was permissive''. was issued.
    • August 2020, 2,Fukuoka High Courtwas reversed guilty and sentenced to four years in prison as requested.[9].
    • December 2021, 5,Supreme CourtThe defendant's appeal was dismissed, and the judgment of the high court became final.[10].
    3/19 Shizuoka District CourtHamamatsu branch
    • A woman returning from a convenience store was forced to have oral sexual intercourse by a foreign manManslaughter such as forced sexual intercourseevent.
    • From the perpetrator's point of view, he was acquitted in a jury trial, saying, ``There was no resistance in a way that was clearly recognizable.''
    • He was acquitted without appeal.
    3/26 Nagoya District CourtOkazaki branch
    • A quasi-rape case of a father who had been sexually abused since his daughter was in the second year of junior high school.
    • Although he admitted to sexually assaulting his daughter, he was acquitted on the grounds that he could have resisted.
    • August 2020, 3,Nagoya High Courtwas reversed guilty and sentenced to four years in prison as requested.[11].
    • On November 2020, 11, the Supreme Court dismissed the defendant's appeal and finalized the high court decision.[12].
    3/28 Shizuoka District Court
    • A 12-year-old daughter at the time was sexually abused by her biological father.confiscated from homeChild pornography possession crimewas also prosecuted.
    • He was acquitted on the grounds that the house was small and "it was unnatural that the family in the same room didn't notice" and that it was unreliable.
    • August 2020, 12,Tokyo High Courtwas reversed guilty and sentenced to four years in prison as requested.[13].
    • On November 2021, 9, the Supreme Court dismissed the defendant's appeal and finalized the high court decision.[14].

    For example, the case at the Nagoya District Court was as follows.[15].Her father beat and kicked her daughter, who was 19 years old at the time, and allegedly brought her to her hotel and had sex with her.She was charged with quasi-forced sexual intercourse, etc. because she was unable to resist because of fear, but due to the time difference between the assault and sexual intercourse, it was doubtful that she was really unable to resist, and she was acquitted of the sexual assault.This verdict coincided with a series of acquittals in sex crime trials.This ruling was overturned by the Nagoya High Court on March 2020, 3, and her father was sentenced to 12 years in prison as requested.[15]..高裁判決では「被害女性は当時、抵抗することが困難な状態だった」ことが認定され、被害者が性交を拒否した時にあざができるほど暴行を受けたことなどを挙げ、地裁判決が「抗拒不能状態を否定した事情は、むしろ肯定する事情となり得る」などと指摘したThe high court ruling found that "the victim was in a difficult state to resist at that time," and said that the victim was assaulted to the point of bruising when she refused to have sexual intercourse. A situation that denies the incapacity can be a situation that affirms it. "[15]..また地裁判決について、「父親が実の子に対し、継続的に行った性的虐待の一環だという実態を十分に評価していない」と批判したHe also criticized the district court's decision, saying, "I do not fully appreciate the fact that the father is part of the ongoing sexual abuse of his real child."[15]..被害女性は判決後、コメントを発表し、「今日の判決が出て、やっと少しホッとできるような気持ちです」、「あの時の自分と今なお被害で苦しんでいる子どもに声をかけるとしたら、『勇気を持って一歩踏み出して欲しい』と伝えたい」などと訴えたAfter the decision, the victim woman announced a comment, "I feel relieved at last when today's decision comes out." , "I want you to take a step forward with courage."[16][17].

    A woman who participated in the Flower Demonstration Okinawa held in September 2022 said,Teruyuki Kagawasaid that he had committed obscenity with a woman at a club, and said, "It's a pity that the victim's opinion is 'It's a job.'"[18].Pursuing fault of sexual victimsis maliciousSecond rapeAccording to Ryukyu Shimpo,


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