🏛 | Former Prime Minister Suga, party study group "I'm not thinking about it now" Emphasizes the unanimous attitude of the party

Photo Yoshihide Suga answering an interview = 3rd, inside the Diet

Former Prime Minister Suga holds an intra-party study group ``not thinking about it now'' Emphasizes the unanimous attitude of the party

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He added that he is not rushing to form study groups, acknowledging that "steady progress" has been made with regard to policies such as "realizing carbon neutrality by 2050 (aiming for net zero carbon dioxide emissions)."

Former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga (Secondary District of the House of Representatives) responded to an interview with the Kanagawa Shimbun on the 2rd, the day the extraordinary session of the Diet was convened.The politics he set out in his own cabinet… → Continue reading

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