🏛 | Kumamoto Airport Access Railway, Governor "Higo Otsu route, high business effect"

Photo JR Higo Otsu Station area.In the prefecture's airport access railway plan connecting the Hohi Line and Kumamoto Airport, it is being considered as a branch point on the route to the airport = March 3, Otsu Town (by Yoshitaka Goto)

Governor of Kumamoto Airport Access Railway "Higo-Otsu route, business effect is high"

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According to the Prefectural Transportation Policy Division, the estimated project cost for the Higo-Otsu route is 410 billion yen.

Governor Ikuo Kabashima of Kumamoto Prefecture announced on the morning of the 9th about the airport access railway plan connecting the JR Hohi Line and Kumamoto Airport (Mashiki Town). → Continue reading

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