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🏛 | "Mezamashi 8" Viewers react against the daily coverage of the Unification Church "Leave it to Miyaneya" "The program will not be neutral"

Photo Viewers react strongly to "Mezamashi 8"

"Mezamashi 8" viewers react to the daily coverage of the Unification Church "Leave it to Miyaneya" "The program will not be neutral"

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I wonder if there was political pressure to change the name." "Despite the urgent need to address the Unification Church's demand for large donations, the psychic marketing law, and the obvious anti-social group problem, we defended it by shifting the issue to 'religious freedom.'" "You should leave the Unification Church to Miyaneya.

Fuji TV's morning wide show "Mezamashi 8" covers the relationship between the Liberal Democratic Party and the former Unification Church every day... → Continue reading

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    request for large donations

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    Inspired business

    Inspired businessWhat is (Reikanshoho)?inspirationActing as if there were ancestorsFate,Spirit Ofcurse,badKarmaIt is a commercial method that incites anxiety by using stories such as that there is, and sells products such as seals, prayer beads, and Tahoto at exorbitant prices, or takes unreasonably large amounts of money.[1]..At the Metropolitan Police Department etc.Bad business lawDefined as a type of[2]..As a representative fortune telling fraud organizationOld Unification Churchis known,Attorney KitoAccording to "Annexation of Japan and South Koreato settle the sins ofJapanese The South KoreaUnder the doctrine of "must contribute to the[3].


    Inspired businessThen, skillfully listen to people's misfortunes,PsychicThe seller pretending to be an ancestor, etc.FateI will explain in the story.Then, he appealed for the effect, saying, "If you buy this product, the ancestors will disappear." Or, "If you keep doing this, worse things will happen." Sell ​​the product.The products handled are mainlyVase,Taobao OfArtworkStartedseal,Beads(rosary),nameplate,crystaland so on.

    The commercial law of selling products by proclaiming that "buying this product will bring good luck" has long been "Good luck business methodHowever, in the 1980s, when this type of business practice by members of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Unification Church/Unification Society) became a problem,Japan Communist Party OfMagazineIsRed flag"But"Inspired business", And since then this name has become widely used.[4].

    1978(ShowaFrom around 53), many people who bought expensive seals, vases, tahoto, etc. after being told that their ancestors were suffering from their ancestors' ties.National Life CenterAnd each placeConsumer CenterI started to complain to.1986In (61), "Asahi Journal"But"Inspired business”I published a series of critical articles. Since the 1980s, even in the Diet社会 問題Often taken up asJapanese Governmentwas requested to take countermeasures.

    Victims of fortune telling fraudRestitution for Damagesfiled a lawsuit seekingsettlementIn many cases, it ended in.but,1993In 5, the Fukuoka District Court ruled that the Unification Church/Unification Association itself should notUser responsibilityHas been confirmed for the first time, and several judgments have been finalized to recognize the responsibility of the cult.[5][6].

    Actively tackled the problem of psychic marketingLawyer OfHiroshi YamaguchiAccording toTakashima DivinationThere have been consultations about this since before 1990, but each year there were less than 10 consultations, resulting in a single incident of about 100 million yen in damage.[7].It's been around 2005Hiroyuki Ehara,Kazuko HosokiAs spiritual counselors such as TV activities and feature articles and advertisements in women's weekly magazines become active,National Life Centeraggregated byprayerIn the four years from 2002 to 2005, the number of consultations related to such matters rapidly increased to 4, 429, 536, and 751.[7].

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayConsumer Contract LawThe amendment was enacted, saying, "When a business operator solicits the conclusion of a consumer contract, it is as it is as a finding of inspiration or other special ability that is difficult to reasonably prove to the consumer. Then, he is anxious by showing that a situation that causes a serious disadvantage to the consumer will occur, and is confused by telling that the serious disadvantage can be surely avoided by concluding the consumer contract. However, if you apply for the consumer contract or indicate your intention to accept it, you can cancel it "(Article 4, Paragraph 3, Item 6 of the Act). It is stipulated that the contract can be revoked (the expiration date of the right of revocation is confirmed by Article 7 of the Act.[8]or five years from the time of the conclusion of the consumer contract), came into effect on June 1, 5.

    It should be noted that monetary damage by the Unification Church includes not only psychic marketing, but also requests for large donations from followers.Since the damage caused by the psychic marketing method is the damage suffered by a third party outside the cult, the question of how to deal with the damage caused by the voluntary actions of the believers inside the cult has emerged.[9][10][11].

    2005から2010By the policeInspired businessDue to the succession of detections, the fortune telling fraud aimed at the general public has slowed down, and the method of collecting money is "narrow and deep" to exploit a large amount of money from a small number of believers.[12].

    List of cases with the highest damage amount

    NameNumber of victimsDamage amountTime of detection / failure
    World Christian Unity Spirituality Association
    (former Unification Association, nowWorld Peace and Unification Family Union)
    3.2 million people1,23700 million yen
    (~as of 2021[13])
    Continuing damage
    Ho No Hana Ho No Hana2.2 million people95000 million yen2000
    celestial worldThousands25000 million yen2011

    Unification Church of the Unification Church of the World

    Discriminatory exploitation targeting Japanese only

    LawyerMasaki Kito``Japan annexed Korea before the war and invaded Korea, which is the sin of the Japanese.'' It is a mechanism that is issued,A very discriminatory religion where only Japanese people are required to buy expensive goods and moneyIt has become.The problem of exploitation by the Unification Church through psychic marketing and donations is also unique to Japanese people.[3]. The (former) Unification Church teaches that ``the Japanese providing money to South Korea, in other words, helping Sun Myung Moon, is the settlement of the sins committed by the Japanese in the past, so the Japanese will be saved.'' In addition, because it is a religion that exploits only Japanese people, Kito says, ``I can't help but think that Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the church, must have had a strong grudge against the Japanese. "It is extremely unfair that only Japanese people are being paid."[3].

    History of birth

    According to the testimony of a former believer of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (current Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Unification Church/Unification Church), it was sold with claims of efficacy.Pharmaceutical Affairs LawSales were stalled due to violationsGinsengor a Unification Church/Unification Society affiliated company South KoreaFrom the "" of大理石Imported the jarArtworkHowever, since sales did not increase in the futureDoctrineIt was decided to sell using.Instead of the talk that appeals to the improvement of the constitution until then, "The jar isSpirit worldUsing the doctrine of the cult, "to free the soul" or "to save, we must change the pedigree", "Ginsengto purify the blood", and created a basic talk[14].

    トークの体系化によりそれまで5、6時間かかっていた販売時間が2、3時間に短縮され、3日間ぐらいの展示会で1億円から2億円(悪いところでも5千万円)の売り上げがあった。この展示会を毎日のように北海道から九州まで行い、1983年から1984年までの間は、韓国の教祖Bright and clearIt is said that it was until the month when 100 billion yen was remitted under[14].

    Discussion in the Diet

    even in the DietInspired businessThe problem has been addressed dozens of timesNational Police Agency OfCriminal BureauThe head of the Life and Economy Division of the Security Department said, "But this kind of commercial law takes advantage of people's weaknesses, or their insecurities.Malicious business lawThis is one of the most vicious cases, and we have repeatedly instructed the police across the country to strictly crack down on it.As a result, 13 cases have been arrested over the past few years.It is the reality that various laws and regulations are applied and arrested. "[15].It is also said that the manual instructed to sell at exorbitant prices ranging from 10 to several hundred times the original cost.[16].

    Legal interpretation

    For those who have troubles and suffering from a legal point of view,Spirit worldSolicit by saying that there is no scientific basis,Spiritual vision(1.Public order and moralsAn illegal act that violates theCivil lawArticle 90), 2.scam・Compulsive acts (Article 96 of the Civil Code), 3.Tort(Refund of the price according to Article 709 of the Civil Code (Osaka District Court, 10/2/27)Restitution for Damagescan be billed.

    Consultation cases/damage reports

    National Inspirational Commercial Law Countermeasures Lawyer Liaison Committee Of1987から2021According to the materials up to this point, the number of "damages" due to sales of goods, donations, borrowing, etc. by psychic marketing is 3, and the "total amount of damage" is about 4,537 billion yen.1,237 was the year with the highest number of damages, with 1990 cases.[13].Pots, seals,GinsengConcentrate etc. are used[17].

    It has long been pointed out that he had close ties with the cult and related groups.Prime Minister OfShinzo AbeIn September 2022shooting and fatalitiesIn response, the cult held a press conference and in 2009complianceClaims that there has been no trouble since the donation was reviewed by strengthening[18]According to the National Network of Lawyers for Inspirational Commercial Law, as of 2021, the total damage amount of the Inspirational Commercial Law was about 3 million yen, of which the damage amount of donations and purification was about 3 million yen.[17].

    Movement over the Unification Church / Unification Church's fortune telling fraud

    • 1984June 6-Posted a memorandum that revealed the inner workings of the Unification Church / Unification Church, such as the manual for fortune telling fraud and the flow of funds.文藝 春秋The July 1984 issue was released[19].
      • May - "Asahi Journal(December 12th issue) started a campaign to pursue "Inspirational Commercial Law"[20].
    • 1986December 12-Ministry of International Trade and Industry (hereinafter referred to as Ministry of International Trade and Industry, nowMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry), The Consumer Trouble Liaison Council announced the method of consultation cases related to the Inspirational Commercial Law accepted by the ministry, and requested the 11 participating organizations to call attention.[21].
    • 1987January-A talker training session is held for people who have more than a year of experience as talkers all over the country.Setsuo Sakurai, who was the Unification Church/Unification Society mission director at the time, announced a personnel change in Talker.[22].
      • 3 month - Japan Federation of Bar Associations(JFBA) has begun investigating the issue of fortune telling fraud ([23], P33).
      • March 3-Unification Church / Unification Church is instructed by the Guidance Division of the Administrative Department of the General Affairs Bureau of Tokyo to instruct believers on the issue of fortune telling fraud, and requests "Happy World" to refrain from consignment sales. did.
      • 3/19 - Ministry of International Trade and IndustryCorporation"Japan Door-to-door Sales Associationexecutives of the association to take action against Happy World and Sekai no Shiawase, which are members of the association, if they violate the code of ethics.[21].
      • March 3-At the Consumer Trouble Liaison Council of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, we announced the method of consultation cases related to the Inspirational Commercial Law accepted by the Ministry and requested the 25 participating organizations to call attention.
      • 4 month - Yoshio Aritajoined the Asahi Journal's campaign against psychic marketing.
      • April 4-Ministry of International Trade and Industry provides guidance on interviews and compliance with the door-to-door sales law for "Happy World" and "World Happiness" related to the inspirational marketing law.Guidance 6 times including this day[21].
      • 4/30 - "Happy World" and "World Happiness" voluntarily withdrew from the Japan Direct Sales Association[21].
      • May - About 5 lawyers from all over the country "National Inspirational Commercial Law Countermeasures Lawyer Liaison Committee(Abbreviation "National Benren") "was formed.
      • May 5-"Happy World" informs related companies that "at the end of March 1, stop selling products that are misunderstood as" fortune telling fraud "."He also reported to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan that he would refrain from doing so.
      • May 5-At the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives, the Chief of the Life Economics Division, Security Department, Criminal Affairs Bureau, National Police Agency, said that the fortune telling fraud was "one of the most vicious commercial laws, and instructed police all over the country to crack down on it repeatedly. I'm doing it. "[15].
      • 6/3 -A gathering of the "Reiseki Lovers' Club" was held at the Osaka Prefectural Labor Center.Jiun Hoshi (real name:Jiun Aoki) preached the merits of the Tahoto pagoda, claiming that it would bring enlightenment and miracles, and defended 'inspired marketing'.
      • June 6-"Ghost Stone Lovers Association" held "Ghost Stone Appreciation, Voice of Truth, National Representative Tournament" in Tokyo.
      • August --The Unification Church / Unification Church is grateful that it has gathered female members of the cult and received the sacred stones (pots and tahoto) in order to counter criticism of "inspirational commercial law". , Held "Gatherings to thank the sacred stones" in various places, gave pots and tahoto at their own dojo, and received money in the form of donations rather than sales.[24].
    • 1988January 1th and 7th-The "National Talker Training Session" was held for those in charge of sales of Tahoto, etc. in the psychic marketing method.The head of the cult's evangelism department, Ketsuo Sakurai, gave a lecture encouraging believers to engage in economic activities, despite the fact that the cult had announced in the previous year that it would refrain from practicing psychic marketing.[22].
    • 1992August - 8 pairs international in Seoul, South KoreaJoint weddingToJunko Sakurada,Hiroko Yamazaki,Atsuko TokudaThe participation of celebrities from the United Church attracted public attention, and issues such as the Unification Church / Unification Church's fortune telling fraud issue were criticized by the media.
    • 1993 --When asked about the inspirational commercial law, Chairman Takeshi Kamiyama, who was interviewed about the disappearance of Hiroko Yamazaki, said, "Japan is a law-abiding country, so let's settle it in a trial."
      • September 9-"Weekly Bunshun" criticizes the medical treatment of Unification Church / Unification Church hospitals under the title of "Unification Church Hospital, Fortune Telling Faud".Later, doctors criticized in the article wrote this articleLibelHowever, on February 1997, 2, the Tokyo District Court said, "There is also disagreement in the medical community, and it tends to lead to the result of judging cancer even though it is not cancer.Tumor markerBased on the Comprehensive Diagnosis Method, it can be said that the patient's anxiety was aroused, and treatment that was originally unnecessary and required a high cost burden was performed by taking advantage of that anxiety. '' and dismissed the doctor's claim.The Tokyo High Court's ruling dated January 1998, 1 and the Supreme Court's ruling dated July 28, 7 confirmed it.
    • 19945/27 -At the Fukuoka District Court, in a trial over the psychic marketing law, ``The believers and the cult have a substantial command and supervision relationship, and the believers understand that the act of soliciting donations is the practice of restoring all things, which is the doctrine of the cult. In light of the facts and the fact that all of the donations belonged to the cult, the plaintiffs and others are held responsible for tort," the court said in a first-ever judgment ordering damages. On February 1996, 2, the Unification Church/Unification Society's appeal to the Fukuoka High Court was dismissed. On September 19, 1997, the Supreme Court also dismissed the Unification Church/Unification Association's appeal, and the high court decision ordering the payment of 9 million yen, including compensation, was finalized.
    • 1996March-The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Citizens and Culture compiled the ``Report on the Fact-Finding Survey on Inspiration and Psychic Trading, etc.'' ([23], P32).
    • 1997February 2-In Tokyo's "Return Youth Litigation," Hideo Oyamada, the fourth chairman of the cult, appeared for the first time as a witness, and testified that the inspirational commercial law was done by believers without permission.
    • 1999March-The Japan Federation of Bar Associations published the ``Judgment Criteria for Human Rights Violations Related to Religious Activities'' ([23], P9).
      • 3/11-The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of the cult, and acknowledged the user's responsibility to the cult regarding the coercion of donations by the believers in the same way as the spiritual marketing method, and paid the amount equivalent to the donation and alimony. The decision of the Tokyo High Court (September 10, 1998) is finalized.
    • 2009March 7- Shinsei Incidentfollowing the arrest of a religious leader inEiji TokunoChairman resigns.The cult announced a "compliance declaration" to ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations and to refrain from demanding large donations that violate public order and morals.
      • 11/10 - In the trial of the Shinsei Incident by the Unification Church/Unification Association believers, the Tokyo District Court said to the defendant, "High degree of organization is recognized, and the crime is extremely bad." was handed over.It is the first time in Japan that a person involved in the psychic marketing law is sentenced to imprisonment under the same law.[25].
    • 20103/19 -National Spiritual Marketing Law Lawyer Liaison Association announces the damage situation of the Spiritual Marketing Act performed by the Unification Church/Unification Association in the previous year.According to the report, consultations alone amounted to 1 cases worth 1100 billion yen.[26].


    Case 1

    Two members of the Unification Church/Unification Society, who sold marble vases, held a 2-year-old housewife under house arrest in a hotel room for about nine and a half hours, saying, "My children and my ex-husband were suffering because they couldn't go to heaven. If you don't let her go to the Buddha, something terrible will happen to her current husband and children.

    1984XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Aomori District CourtHirosakiThe branch[27]Was sentenced to 2 years in prison (6 years suspended sentence) for extortion.[23], Pp136-137) ([4], P148).The seized document entitled "Complaint Countermeasures Committee" stated that care should be taken not to leave evidence.

    Case 2

    Unification Church/Unification SocietyInspired businessOn November 10, 2, the Osaka District Court filed a lawsuit in which 6000 former believers sought damages of about 2001 million yen from the Unification Church / Unification Church, alleging that they were forced to spend a large amount of money on donations. He admitted that it was an illegal act that caused an unusually large amount of money to be paid for a low-value product, and ordered the Unification Church / Unification Church to pay about 11 million yen.[28].Regarding some of the donations, it was judged that "[the plaintiff] made them voluntarily out of faith, and the doctrines and religious activities of the Unification Church/Unification Society itself cannot be said to be illegal."

    "Reijutsu Commercial Code" by the Meikakuji (Honkakuji) group

    Main progress

    1984, A man who later became the president of MeikakujiChibaNoda-shiToMizukoEstablished door-to-door sales company dealing with bodhisattvas[29].. localSoto sectA man who was selling in cooperation with the temple of1987ToDaigoji TempleAs the end temple ofIbarakiDaigo TownTo1987established a religious corporation "Hongakuji" in[29]. In 1988Shingon sect After leaving the Daigo school and conducting a spiritual appraisal as an independent temple, the activity was temporarily suspended due to complaints from the consumer center and a series of claims for damages as a fraudulent commercial law.[29].then went dormantWakayama OfKoyasan (Koya Town)[30]Acquired "Myokakuji" inKansaiSimilar activities were resumed in the district, but there were many claims for damages here as well.[29].Aichi Prefectural Policeis Manganji Temple affiliated with Myokakuji Temple (Nagoya city) monks were seized[29].1999On September 12,Agency for Cultural Affairs"The illegality of the whole organization is recognized"Wakayama District CourtToReligious corporationRequesting a dissolution order against Myokakuji, Wakayama District Court2002Dissolution order issued on January 1[29].Myokakuji fought all the way to the Supreme Court, but was dismissed and dissolved.[31]..As an order to dissolve a religious corporation on the grounds of a crime,Aum ShinrikyoIt was the second event after[29].

    method of psychic marketing

    Newspaper leaflets and believers say,AmuletAfter gathering people for cheap or free consultation with leaflets distributed under the name of "Mizuko's spirit is possessed" and "I will be unhappy as it is."Inspired businessIs the same as[29].

    The leaflet says, "Consultation fee (donation) 3000 yen".At first, a priest called "Imperial Teacher" evaluates the cause of the counselor based on his first and last name, which is called "Oni Karma Immediate Knowledge Method", requests a memorial service fee, and participates in the "Jyorei Shuhokai" for 3 days. To persuade[29].Next, a person called "Guru" made the consultant writefamily treeBased on the story of the fate, the spirits that need offerings are identified by the degree of bleeding of the ink letters written on the paper.Irrigation” and requested a memorial service fee in units of 100 million yen[29].After that, they are sent to the temple, where the chief priest conducts a personal interview, and requests a memorial service fee for further memorial services for the spirit.[29].It is said that those who were hesitant about the large amount of the memorial service fee were persistently persuaded for a long time, and demanded to pay even if it meant borrowing money.In addition to the memorial service fee, the leaflet of the psychic business method is "AmuletIt is said that some people were mobilized to distribute door-to-door as ``amulet training''.[29].

    It is said that the president of Meikakuji had an experienced monk make a manual for the talk and trained for mock consultation.[29].In addition, for each branch temple and each monk, the so-called "Quota', announced the ranking of the results, and was paid a salary according to the rank based on it.[29].

    Legal theory and trial

    LegallyInspired businessIf the person doing the same is aware that they do not have inspiration, etc.FraudIf the way of inciting anxiety deviates from the conventional wisdomBlackmailMay become ([23], P79).In addition, in the case of selling at an unreasonably high price compared to the cost price, it is possible to claim that the contract is invalid (Article 90 of the Civil Code) as a profiteous act against public order and morals (Civil Code Article XNUMX).[23], P79).

    In the case involving the Unification Church / Unification Church, it was alleged that he was guilty of extortion against two defendants who practiced the fortune telling fraud.This was the only criminal case, and many other civil damages proceedings were filed.The Unification Church / Unification Church has always claimed what some believers did, but at the Sapporo District Court[32], ``In the first place, the existence of the Liaison Council, a voluntary organization of believers, began to be asserted in lawsuits in the so-calledInspired businessFirst about the problemCivil actionWas raised1986It was seven years after that. "The existence of an independent voluntary organization called the" Happiness Circle Liaison Council "is extremely doubtful."

    And1994On May 5, the Unification Church / Unification Church filed a lawsuit for damages against illegal sales and donation solicitations by the Fukuoka District Court.User responsibilityIf so, the Unification Church/Unification Church would be held liable as an employer for the unlawful acts of its followers on the grounds that the Unification Church/Unification Church had been substantially in charge since its organizational responsibility was first recognized. There have been several judgments.


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