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🏛 | "I'm thinking positively, but I want to talk about it officially" Governor of Nagasaki to run for re-election


``I'm thinking positively, but I want to speak formally'' Nagasaki governor to run for re-election

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Governor Nagasaki is currently in his first term, and he has shown his willingness to be re-elected at his political fund party held in December 1, and is expected to officially announce it at the Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly in September.

I understand that the governor of Nagasaki has decided to run for re-election for next year's gubernatorial election.According to the person concerned, Nagasaki… → Continue reading

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Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly

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    Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly(Yamanashi Kengikai) isYamanashiIs installed inLocal council.


    • 37

    Officers / Committees

    • Chair - Matsuyuki Kubota (Liberal Democratic Party, Yamanashi)
    • Vice Chair - Masao Furuya (Future Yamanashi)
    CommitteeNumber of membersChairmanVice Chairman
    General affairsNine[1]Masato Uzuki (Liberal Democratic Party, Yamanashi)Masahito Kirihara (Liberal Democratic Party Fresh Green Party)
    Education and welfare9Yasuki Otoguro (Liberal Democratic Party Seishinkai)Yasushi Ryuishi (Liberal Democratic Party Fresh Green Society)
    Agricultural policy industrial tourismNineKimio Shimizu (Future Yamanashi)Yuki Usui (Liberal Democratic Party Shinryoku no Kai)
    Civil engineering forest environment9Toshio Okubo (Liberal Democratic Party Seishinkai)Masasue Ichikawa (Liberal Democratic Party Fresh Green Society)


    • Congress Secretariat[2]
      • Administration Division
      • Proceedings Investigation Division

    Parliamentary group

    Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated partyNumber of female membersRatio of female members (%)
    Liberal Democratic Party Seishinkai14LDP00
    Liberal Democratic Party, Yamanashi6LDP00
    Future Yamanashi6Constitutional Democratic Party5Independent100
    Liberal Democratic Party Fresh Green Association6LDP00
    Japan Communist Party1Japan Communist Party1100
    Liberal Yamanashi1Constitutional Democratic Party00
    Liberal Democratic Party Seiunkai1LDP00
    Total36 (vacancy 1)12.86
    • Kotaro NagasakiGovernorFuji ExpressDue to the rent problem of the prefectural land, some members of the "Liberal Democratic Party Seishinkai" left the parliamentary group and formed a new parliamentary group "Liberal Democratic Party Yamanashi" and "Liberal Democratic Party Fresh Green Society", and the Liberal Democratic Party faction split into three. ..In addition, the parliamentary group "Liberal Yamanashi", which is composed of members of the Constitutional Democratic Party, is also divided into two groups, "Future Yamanashi" and "Liberal Yamanashi", due to the same problem.[3][4].


    Enforced from the election to be held in 2019. "Until 2015,KoshuThe number of constituencies is 2,Nishiyatsushiro-gun-Minamikoma DistrictThere were two constituencies, one in Nishiyatsushiro-gun and two in Minamikoma-gun. 』\

    Kofu CityConstituency9Kofu City
    Kai cityConstituency3Kai city
    Minami AlpsConstituency3Minami Alps
    Fuefuki cityConstituency3Fuefuki city
    Tsuru city-Sai Katsura TownConstituency2Tsuru City, Nishikatsura Town
    Minamitsuru-gunConstituency2Fujikawaguchiko Town-Narusawa Village-Oshino Village-Yamanakako Village-Doshi Village
    Nishiyatsushiro-gun-Minamikoma DistrictConstituency3Ichikawa Misato Town-Fujikawa Town-Hayakawa Town-Minobu Town-Nanbu Town
    Otsuki CityConstituency1Otsuki City
    Uenohara-Kitatsuru DistrictConstituency1Uenohara CityKosuge Village-Tamba mountain village
    Chuo CityConstituency1Chuo City
    Nakakoma DistrictConstituency1Showa Town


    Establishment of Hyakujo Committee for Prefectural Assembly

    On the final day of the February 2016 regular meeting, a motion of distrust against Chair Ishii was "LDPYamashinkai "Democratic PartyAfter being passed by a large number of supporters such as the parliamentary group "Liberal Yamanashi", the largest parliamentary group "Liberal Yamanashi"LDPAs a result of the repulsion and the parliament slipping, the budget bill was abolished.After that, the budget was established by the exclusive disposition by Governor Goto, but in order to clarify the responsibility for the unusual situation that became a meeting without the budget proposal being approved.Hyakujo CommitteeWas installed.However, in the Upper House election in July of the same year, after the LDP official candidate was defeated in the Yamanashi constituency, the unification of the LDP-affiliated groups was considered, and the Yamanashikai requested the resignation of Chairman Ishii.As a result, Chairman Ishii resigned on August 7, and the pursuit began to converge as the LDP-affiliated parliamentary groups were unified.[5].. On September 9, the Liberal Democratic Party Yamashinkai, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Sozankai, and one non-affiliated Liberal Democratic Party formed the unified Liberal Democratic Party Seishinkai for the first time in about 2 years. Dissolved the division[6].

    Chairman's "Turn around" problem

    As of September 1947, a total of 2018 chairpersons have been appointed by the Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly since the enactment of the Local Autonomy Law in 9, and five chairpersons have been appointed since the 83 Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly election alone. There is.The largest ruling party in the prefectural assembly is the Liberal Democratic Party, but it is reported that the chairman is turning around for the "third-year students" who were elected three times.[7]..Citizens' groups gave the chair a protest statement saying, "It's a trick of the chair's post."[8], Chairman Kenichi Shirakabe (at that time) said, "I want you to judge whether you have achieved your promise, not your term."[9].


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