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🏛 | Mr. Taro Kono continuously posted behind the scenes with Digital Minister "Call from Prime Minister's Secretary" and "Security Officer".

Photo Mr. Taro Kono

Mr. Taro Kono posted behind the scenes in a series of posts such as "Call from Prime Minister's Secretary" and "Security Officer", Digital Minister.

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After posting, "I received instructions from the Prime Minister, and I will be in charge of digital, civil service reform, consumer issues, etc.

On the 10th, Taro Kono, a member of the House of Representatives, was appointed as the minister in charge of digital in the second Kishida remodeling cabinet, and tweeted, "... → Continue reading

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    National Civil Service System Reform Basic Law

    National Civil Service System Reform Basic Law(Kokkakomu Insei Dokai Kakukihonho, Law No. 20 of June 6, 13)government officialThe purpose is to define the basic principles and policies for system reform and to comprehensively promote them.Japan OflawIs[1].169th Diet sessionEstablished incommon nameCivil Service Reform Act.


    February 7 "Administrative Reform Promotion HeadquartersEstablishment of the National Public Service Reform Secretariat

    In 08, the Civil Service Reform Bill established the "Public-Private Personnel Exchange Center" within the Cabinet Office to centrally manage the re-employment of civil servants. Mediation was also completely prohibited, but thisPublic-Private Personnel Exchange CenterFrom the opposition party, an amakudari bank dedicated to civil servants[3], "Special Hello Work" for bureaucrats[4]It was criticized and opposed.

    Civil Service Union (All Japan Autonomous Organization Labor Union,Japanese Teachers' Union,Japan National Civil Service Unionetc.), against the civil service reform bill,ILOIt is a matter to be considered according to the recommendation ofBasic labor rightIn addition to not mentioning the problem at all, it unilaterally strengthens the problem of personnel management and re-employment regulations, and furthermore, expresses opposition to the content, which imposes ability and performance.[5][6][7][8]Was.In addition, the amakudari regulation was met with strong opposition from bureaucrats and even within the Liberal Democratic Party.[9].


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