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🏛 | Participating in events of former Unification Church-related groups... Dogi Sasaki explains, "Requests for votes, no monetary exchanges" Hokkaido


Participating in the event of the former Unification Church-related group ... Dogi Sasaki explained that "no request for votes, no monetary exchange" Hokkaido

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We explain to religious groups and related organizations that we will not support election campaigns, ask for votes, or exchange money.

The Liberal Democratic Party's Daisuke Sasaki Dogi is sponsored by an affiliated group of the former Unification Church = now the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. → Continue reading

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    Election campaign

    Election campaignWhat is (Senkyoondo)?electionExercise to get votes in.A general term for all activities for elections such as election preparation and election campaigns.Election campaignSometimes[1].


    The "election campaign" in the Public Offices Election Act of Japan is said to mean "an act that is directly or indirectly necessary and advantageous for obtaining or obtaining a vote for the purpose of winning a specific candidate in a specific election." ing[2].

    In a general sense, activities in election campaigns are included in political activities, but in the Public Offices Election Law of Japan, political activities under the Public Offices Election Act are "Any act of a political activity in a broad sense, excluding the act of campaigning"[2].. Since the Public Offices Election Law distinguishes between campaigns and political activities, the articles that include the meaning of election campaigns in political activities are specified separately (Article 28-2 of the Public Offices Election Law).

    In Japanese elections, an election campaign period is set for each election, and pre-exercise is prohibited, and the election campaign is within the campaign period (from the time when the candidate notified the candidacy on the public announcement day or the announcement day of the election). It can be held only until the day before the voting day) (Public Office Election Act Article 129)[2].

    The United States of America

    United StatesPresidential electionAnd the activities of candidates for Congressional elections are subject to the Federal Political Activities Act (FECA).[3].

    Candidates for presidential and congressional elections are individuals orFederal Election CommissionIt is necessary to cover with donations from an organization called "Political Commissar" notified to (FEC).[3]..連邦政治活動法が適用され献金や支出に関する制限のある資金をハードマネーといい、選挙活動など以外の政治活動でのみ利用できる連邦政治活動法が適用されない資金をソフトマネーというFunds that are subject to the Federal Political Activities Act and have restrictions on donations and expenditures are called hard money, and funds that are only available for political activities other than election campaigns and are not subject to the Federal Political Activities Act are called soft money.[3].

    In actual election campaigns, post a sign with the candidate's name along the main road or in the garden of a house, or make a policy claim on the candidate's homepage or SNS.[4]..Street speeches and election cars are uncommon[4]..Also, unlike Japan, door-to-door visits are allowed in the United States, sovolunteerThere are also telephone operations and door-to-door visits.[4].

    Politics broadcastOn TV, policy claims are made in the commercial frame.[4].2016 United States Presidential ElectionThen.Hillary ClintonThe camp spent more than $ 2 million to produce and broadcast 4000 television commercials in the three and a half months before the election.[4].

    United Kingdom

    In the UK, election campaign spending out of political party spending is subject to political funding regulations, and there is an upper limit on election campaign spending 365 days before the general election.[5]..In addition, political parties are obliged to submit an election expenditure report for the target period to the Election Commission within 6 months (3 months for minor parties) from the voting date, and this election expenditure report will be posted on the homepage by the Election Commission. Will be published[5]..In addition, if your total spending exceeds £ 25, you will need to undergo an external audit.[5]..One election spending report that costs more than £ 1 requires a statement and a receipt.[5].


    The use of election cars and loudspeakers in election campaigns is prohibited in Denmark[6]..Although posters are used, but there are no public bulletin boards, roadside trees and utility poles are used in Danish elections, but some candidates do not use posters or print only a few posters.[6]..The debate of candidates is not a one-sided speech, but voters have the opportunity to give various opinions.[6].


    In India, there are no detailed regulations on election campaigns, and election campaigns often carry the symbol mark of a political party instead of a placard or banner with the name of the political party.[7]..At the candidate's rally, music units, party-colored bicycles, three-wheeled motorbikes, carriages, etc. may parade.[7]..In India, political party goods are also distributed.[7].


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