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🏛 | Mr. Garthy "continues to expose without returning to Japan" Revealed by the leader of the political party to which he belongs... There is also a counterargument to the criticism of the absence of the Diet


Mr. Garthy ``will continue to expose without returning to Japan'' Revealed by the leader of the political party he belongs to … There is also a counterargument to the criticism of the absence of the Diet

If you write the contents roughly
"Because being a Diet member is a reward, not a salary.

Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya, an exposing YouTuber and member of the House of Councilors, "Gercy", was absent from the extraordinary Diet session in August 2022... → Continue reading

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Member of Parliament

Member of Parliament(Kokkaigin)CountryThe highest ofVoting body(Legislative office) Is a general name of "国会ComposingMember.votedVotersByElectionWas doneRepresentativeThere are many cases where they are people, but there are also cases where they are not.Bicameral system, this means a SenateWith the legislatorHouse of RepresentativesIn many cases, they are called members of the Diet.Most MPs have somethingPolitical partyBelong to.


Congressman is Chaktara Dora (Teachta D te.la; TD).National AssemblyUractus(Oireachtas) Called.

Doyle AirlanParliament
House of Representatives.Term of office is 5 years.A constant of 158 people.Single transfer transfer votebyProportional representationTake
Voting rights are Irish and British nationals over the age of 18. The right to vote is 21 years or older.
Shana's aeranParliament
Senate of the National Assembly.Term of office is 5 years.Constant 60 people.The breakdown is 11 peopleprime ministerNominated by, 6 from university, and 43 from Doyle Airlan parliamentarians.

The United States of America

Representative House
House of Representatives. Term of office is 2 years. A constant of 435 names. SimpleSingle-seat constituency system.
The seats are distributed by the population of each state.
Senate. Term of office is 6 years. A constant of 100 people.
Two seats are elected from each of the 50 seats in the United States.

United Kingdom

British ParliamentIs a bicameral system, equivalent to the lower houseHouse of CommonsAnd equivalent to the SenateAristocratHowever, only the House of Commons has adopted a public election system, and it is usually a "member of parliament" (Members of Parliament, Abbreviation: MPSpeaking of) refers to the members of the House of Commons. The term is 5 years, the fixed number is 650 people,Simple election system (First-past-the-post systemElected in. The conditions of suffrage and suffrage are the same, and are given to British citizens aged 18 and over, as well as British Commonwealth and Irish citizens residing in the United Kingdom.

Member of Parliament (MPs) Is on behalf of each constituencyelectionHe was elected in the by-elections and can remain a member until the parliament is dissolved. Parliamentary dissolution may occur approximately every five years.Parliamentary Fixed Term ActStipulated in.

18 years or older to run for Parliament[Note 1]Must be a British, Irish or Commonwealth national and must not be a public employee or official. Election(English editionIt is done according to.[1]

The House of Lords is also a member of the British Parliament, whose members are "members of parliament" (MPs), not "noble" (peers) Or (more afraid) "Senator" (Lords of Parliament) Is called. Secular nobility (Lords TemporalIs a lifeless, priestly nobleman (Lords SpiritualHolds the term of parliamentarian while he holds the position of clergy. As a result of the recent reform of the House of Lords,Hereditary aristocratCan no longer automatically transfer seats of the House of Lords to his successor.House of Lords ActThe seats of the hereditary aristocrats were lost, leaving 92 seats.[2]


Rourke SuburMember
House of Representatives. The term of office is 5 years, but there are dissolutions. There are a fixed number of 545 people, two of whom are appointed by the president from British Indians, and the rest are single-member constituencies.
The right to vote is an Indian citizen over the age of 18. The right to vote is 25 years old or older.
Large suburbsMember
Senate. The term of office is 6 years and is not disbanded, and is re-elected every 2 years. With a fixed number of 250, 12 of them have been appointed by the president to be experts in their respective fields, and the rest haveSingle transfer transfer voteElected in.
Voting rights are granted only to state legislators. The right to vote is an Indian citizen over the age of 30.


Australian ParliamentThen,SenateWith the legislatorRepresentative HouseThere is a member of parliament, but the term "member of parliament" usually means a member of the House of Representatives. As for the members of the parliament, 150 members are elected from the single-member constituency.


Bicameral system.SenateIs the constant 105.House of CommonsIs the constant 338. House of CommonsSimple election system. The Senate is appointed by the Governor.


Unicameral system. A constant 224 people. 210 of themSingle-seat constituency system, 12 will be nominated by the chair.


German ParliamentUS House of RepresentativesAlthough it is a bicameral system,StateIt is stipulated that the prime minister serves as a member of parliament, and generally speaking, "the Diet" refers to the federal parliament. The constant 630.


Japan Of国会Is "allPeopleElected legislators representing[3]It consists of the members of the Diet.

House of RepresentativesHouse of CouncilorsConsists ofBicameral systemThe lower house and upper house have different voting rights and terms of office. In order to ensure the independence of both Houses, it is not possible to be a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the House of Representatives.[4].

  • Member of the House of Representatives
    • constantIs 465.
    • TermHas been 4 years,House of Representatives disbandedEnd before expiration[5].
    • Term iselectionHowever, if the general election for the expiration of the term is held before the actual expiration of the term, it will be calculated from the day after the expiration date of the predecessor.[6].
    • Right to voteOver 25 years oldJapanese people(Because it is only necessary to reach the age on the left on the voting day, it is possible to run for 24 years old at the time of running.[7]).
  • Member of the House of Councilors
    • The constant is 245[Note 2].
    • The term of office is 6 years, and half of them are elected every 3 years (members who were not eligible for the previous election will be eligible for the next election).[8]. There is no dissolution.
    • Previous termRegular electionCalculated from the day after the expiration date of the member elected in, but if the regular election is held after the day after the expiration date of the predecessor, it will be calculated from the date of the regular election.[9][Note 3].
    • The right to vote is given to Japanese citizens over the age of 30 (because it is only necessary to reach the age shown on the left on the day of voting, it is possible to run for the age of 29 even at the time of running)[7]).
  • Common to both Houses of Representatives


Called Jatiya Sangsad国会Is a unicameral parliament. Five-year term, 5 fixed number. Among them, 345 are designated as female legislators.


Representative HouseOnly unicameral system. The term is 69 and the term is 5 years.


Representative HouseMember
House of Representatives. The term of office is 5 years, but there is dissolution. 222 constants.Single-seat constituency systemTake
The right to vote is 21 years or older.
Senate. A fixed number of 3 people with a term of office of 70 years. Of these, 44 were appointed by the king and the remaining 26 were appointed by the state legislature.

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Although the foreword mentions "This book's original name is'Porchik Ars Bechsenshyaft' Tounhi", the table of contents and the number of pages are completely different from Brunchuri's "Politik als Wissenschaft", and it is a woman in Japan. Discussed the pros and cons of giving the right to voteMinistry of EducationBooks.


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  1. ^ In 2006, the target age was reduced from "21 years old and over".
  2. ^ From 2022 to 248.
  3. ^ The year in which regular elections take placeADThe year is always divisible by 3.



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