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🏛 | Rep. Garthy's "punishment inevitable" absence from the Diet posed a "turning point in Japanese politics"


The “turning point of Japanese politics” pointed out by Senator Garthy’s “unavoidable punishment” absence from the Diet

If you write the contents roughly
The change seems to be occurring on the part of reporters who cover politicians as well.

"I can't leave such a bastard unattended, but there's nothing I can do about it." → Continue reading

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    政治家(politician,British: politician) IsOccupationAsPoliticsIt is a person who is involved inMember of Parliament,Secretary of StateAndLocal government Oflongas well as the Prefectural or municipal council OfMemberAre called politicians[1][2].

    Politics as a profession

    Max WeberIn his lecture, "Politics as a Occupation," he points out that "the politician's essence is" partisanship "and" struggle. "[Source required].

    In the United StatesJames Paul Clarke"A politician thinks of the next election and a statesman thinks of the next generation."[Source required].Fri,powerな どInterestTo ridicule politicians who are enthusiastic about gettingPolitician(Seijiya)" is sometimes called[3].

    Politicians certified by the stateQualifications/LicensesNot a profession based on[4]..It is an unstable profession because it is forced to work depending on the election result.[4]..Politicians reflect the interests and intentions of voters in parliament, and there are two ways to do so: to faithfully fulfill the specific needs of voters and to achieve beneficial results for voters in the way they believe.[4].

    Globally, politicians are becoming a hated profession.AmericaThe aversion to professional politicians is widespread in 2016Presidential electionThere is an analysis that candidates for non-professional politicians and anti-professional politicians have increased their support.[5]..In Thailand in 2014Bangkok UniversitySurvey found that around 6% of children between the ages of 14 and 80 said they didn't want to get a political job.[6].

    Politicians and interests

    The interests between the local government and the national government, which are politicians, and the problems caused by them have been around for a long time.PoliticsIt cannot be avoided in the world of.Voters who elect politicians are asked to improve various systems and to local areas.Infrastructure developmentDue to社会TargetwelfareBenefits, or national events and business attractionPublic works OfOrdersDue toEconomic effectsAnd politicians also try to re-election in the next election for the convenience of the locals.If it is a form that moisturizes the local community as a return of social benefits, it does not violate the law, but due to the intense pressure of some politicians, it is an act of drastically changing the plan of public works projects or distributing public works projects. Is often the subject of criticism.This kind of thing is not limited to JapanAmericaBut it ’s a story that is heard, and it ’s a little old story,the 1950sIn the second halfUS Army OfQuasi-medium range ballistic missileMGM-31 PersingIn the selection work of the main contract company ofミ シ ガ ン 州Army Secretary Wilber Brucker, who was the governor,AgreementTheミ シ ガ ン 州There was pressure from the locals to give to the company.Among the companies that were nominated, the one in MichiganChryslerIt was only, but the actual order wasMartin MariettaMet.

    The concession that mediates these politicians is to improve the inadequacy of the system.TransportationSuch as the maintenance of the netPublic welfareSignificantly beyondIndividual,CompanyIllegal againstProfitWhen it comes to donationCorruption caseWill also develop.Corruption of politicians has become a problem many times.ArrestIs out or guiltyJudgmentEven if an incident occurs that causes him to lose his job, there is no end to it.Also convictedUnemploymentDespite this, it is not uncommon for the politician to be re-elected in the next election because of the expectations of voters' benefits to the local community.

    Politician quality

    Weber says, "Politics as a profession.[7]』In the politician quality (qualities) As the following three[8][9][10].

    1. Passion (passion): ThingPassion for
    2. Responsibility (Sense of responsibility
    3. Eye(Sense of proportion): Keep a distance

    Japanese "politician"

    TypicallyMember of Parliament,Secretary of StateAndHead of local governmentas well as the Parliament OfMemberAre called politicians[1][2].Public office election law,Political Funds Control LawIn, the applicable "candidates, prospective candidates, actuallyPublic office"A person in the world" is collectively called a politician.[1][2].

    Politicians as representatives of the peopleelectionAfter being selected byVotersWillCountry,MunicipalitiesAct to reflect in the policy of[1][2]..The main job is to which I belongParliament,CommitteeBy participating in the deliberation of the agenda in, you will be involved in the work such as correction and finallyvoteIt is to be[1][2]. Also,PetitionBy listening to or attending a rallyVotersAnd reflect it in the policy[1][2].Municipalities OfChief,Ministerな どCabinetIf you take the position ofBureaucracyBy controlling and adjusting the wholepolicyTo decide and execute[1][2].

    In recent years, he inherited after his relatives and relativesHereditary politicianOr, we won the name recognition as a weaponTalent politicianThe number of people is increasing, but some are skeptical about becoming a politician in this way[11][12][13].Hereditorabout,Member of ParliamentAmong them, there is an analysis that the number of times of winning is large and the subsidies that are represented by them bring more subsidies because they are blessed with the ground and resources in the election.[14].Talent politicianRegarding, there are many criticisms, but some point out that it is leading a political party.[15].


    When looking at politicians as a profession, their reputation in Japan is not good.Ryu Murakami"13 year old Hello Work”, says, “There may be no profession in the world as hard to understand as a politician. I will conclude because this book is not meant to define a profession, but the 13-year-old in the world aims for such a confusing profession.” It shouldn't be," "in the future,NPO,NGOI hope that people who have been active internationally and have understood the difficulty and importance of interest adjustment will be able to participate in politics. Or people who have long been deeply involved in coordinating corporate activities and environmental protection, people who have successfully recreated companies and banks, people who are involved in revitalizing local communities and education, politicians emerge from such fields. It should be done."[2].

    Psychiatrist-Saito TamakiAs a characteristic of politicians, "Any place, no matter who they are, they only talk about themselves", "Struly, pushy, and clearly have a strong sense of self-affirmation that was implanted later". mentionDobu board electionIs "cult,Self-development seminar``The brainwashing of the brain,'' he pointed out, "there's no reason why children wouldn't want to be that much when they saw a politician who misunderstood humility and humility and drew his head in front of the station. Criticizing[16].

    In fact, politicians themselves have a low sense of affirmationNHKbyLocal assemblyIn a survey of 2 people, nearly 7% of current local councilors answered "NO" to the question "Do you want to be a council member even if you are reborn?"[17].


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