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🏛 | Summer bonus at government offices Average of 74 yen for prefectural staff Wakayama Prefecture


Summer bonus at government offices Average of prefectural staff 74 yen Wakayama Prefecture

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The amount of prefectural assembly members is 1 yen (including tax) per person, and the total amount of payment including tax including general employees is 181 yen.

The government has paid a summer bonus today.Of these, in the prefecture, special jobs such as staff and governors are included, and the total including tax ... → Continue reading

 TV Wakayama

The only private television broadcasting station in Wakayama prefecture. Incidents, accidents, disaster prevention, politics, education, tourism, sports, gourmet, fashion, entertainment, culture, history, nature, health, pandas, Tama stationmaster ... We will tell you various news about Wakayama.

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    121 yen

      1 yen per person (tax included)


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