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🏛 | "What kind of Japanese society will be left in 2050?" U30 and political parties talked in earnest


"What kind of Japanese society will be left in 2050?" U30 and political parties talked in earnest

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At the end, Akiko Oishi, a member of the House of Representatives, who is the chairman of the Reiwa Shinsengumi Party Policy Council, said, "I will do my best to change this 10 years and touch young people."

"What does politics do for young people who will be in the active generation in 2050?" Voter turnout is low, and the population ratio is ... → Continue reading

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    Shinsengumi Party Policy Council Chairman

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    Akiko Oishi

    Akiko Oishi(Akiko Oishi,19775/27 -) isJapan Of政治家.New team selectedBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(1st term), the same partyPolicy Council Chair.. ExOsakaStaff.

    In political activities, the name is written in hiragana as "Akiko".


    OsakaOsakaI'm fromOsaka City Shiokusa Elementary School,Osaka Prefectural Kitano High School,Faculty of Engineering, Osaka Universitygraduate[2].Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka UniversityEnvironmental engineeringMajorMaster's CourseCompletion[2].master's thesis"Survey research on plans for recycling-type industrial development projects that promote regional circulation formation"[3].. 2002,Osaka Prefectural GovernmentAdmission[2].

    2008Made on August 1Osaka Governor ElectionToTohashi Hashishita LDPAfter receiving the recommendation of the Furen and running for the first time, Hashimoto held his first morning assembly on March 3 for "about 13 young employees under the age of 30".In his greeting, Hashimoto initially proposed a morning assembly before the start of work, but revealed that the prefectural executives pointed out that "the morning assembly before the start of work would be overtime". I will reduce all my private language, "he told the staff.In response, Oishi stood up and said, "How much do you think (we) are working overtime? You're saying pretty things, but you're trying to break the unity of your staff. I'm saying, "he criticized and protested.This was reported in a major newspaper[4], The video was shown on TV and became a hot topic[5].

    2018I retired from the Osaka Prefectural Government Office at the end of October.As a reason for his retirement30 Typhoon No. 21でSakishima Government BuildingTwo days after the damage was made by the governor of the prefectureIchiro Matsui Japan Restoration PartyPrioritize party affairsOkinawa Governor ElectionI mentioned that I left Osaka to support[6].

    2019January,Osaka Prefectural Assembly member electionToYodogawa WardIndependent from the constituency (Social Democrats-New Socialist PartyCandidate for recommendation) but lost[7]did.

    2020XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,New team selected OfTaro YamamotoThe representative is preparing for the next House of Representatives election5 wards of OsakaAnnounced that it will support Oishi[5].. Execution on October 2021, 1049th House of Representatives general electionIn addition, he ran for Reiwa Shinsengumi official recognition from the 5th district of Osaka.In single-seat constituenciesKomeito OfToru Kunishige,Japan Communist Party OfTakeshi MiyamotoAlthough it ends in 3rd place afterDuplicate candidacyWasProportional Kinki blockReiwa Shinsengumi won 28 seat in 28th place, which is the lowest among 1 seats, and is the best among the 1 people who are ranked 5st in the list.Loss rateOishi secured a seat and won the first prize[8][9]..House of RepresentativesBudget CommitteeBelong to[10]To do.


    • In high school, he belonged to the judo club (first stage).
    • I have a husband and a daughter in my family and live with three people.
    • My hobby is Mama's volleyball.[11]



    • Regarding the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution, in a questionnaire of the Mainichi Newspapers in 2021, "I am against the revision"[12].. Regarding the specification of the Self-Defense Forces in Article 9, the NHK questionnaire of the same year answered "No".[13].
    • Amend the constitutionEmergency clauseAnswered "No" in the 2021 Mainichi Newspaper's questionnaire about the establishment of[12].

    Diplomacy and security

    • In response to the question "If an attack from another country is expected, you should not hesitate to attack the enemy base", the 2021 questionnaire answered "No".[14].
    • "north koreaIn response to the question, "Pressure should be prioritized over dialogue," the 2021 questionnaire answered "No."[14].


    • Same-sex marriageIn the 2021 questionnaire, they answered "agree" about the revision of the law that enables this.
    • "LGBTな どSexual minorityIn response to the question "Should the bill to improve understanding of the issue be passed at an early stage?", The 2021 questionnaire answered "Agree".[14].
    • Quota systemIn the 2021 Mainichi Newspapers survey, they answered "yes" about the introduction of[12], Answered "If anything, I agree" in the NHK questionnaire in the same year[13].

    Economy, employment, education, etc.

    • consumption taxInsists on the abolition of[15].
    • Claims zero gasoline tax[16].
    • Insists on reducing the burden of social insurance premiums by investing national funds[15].
    • It is said that it will increase public works such as water control / disaster countermeasures, development of public housing with high heat insulation, and shift to green renewable energy.[15].
    • Insist on the abolition of nuclear power plants[15].
    • casinoAgainst the invitation[15].
    • Opposition to water privatization[15].
    • "Stable employment of 1000 million people" is set up, and "guaranteeing stable employment to those who want it" is stated.[15].
    • Claims to increase monthly salary by 10 yen for all long-term care and childcare workers[15].
    • It states that the child allowance will be doubled and the child allowance will be 2 yen per person.[15].
    • The consolidation of schools has been stopped, and the number of teachers has increased significantly, aiming to realize a small class of mathematics with 20 or less students.[15].
    • Answered "yes" in the 2021 questionnaire to remove income restrictions on free high school and university[12].

    Relationships with trade unions and political groups

    • All Japan Construction Transport Solidarity Union(Commonly known as: Solidarity Union) He is recommended by the Solidarity Union Member Net, which is composed of members belonging to the union, and is the executive chairman of the Kansai district student concrete branch of the union.Kenichi TakeClaims their arrest as an unjust crackdown by power[17].
    • Solidarity UnionIt is a branch member belonging to the XNUMXth Municipal Hospital Branch of the Solidarity Union Kansai General Branch under the Kinki Jihon.[18][19].
    • 2008March 3National Committee of the Revolutionary Communist AllianceDemonstration hosted by (core group)[20]Oishi said, "Until then, TV and newspapers were taken up favorably, but the Internet and conservatives made a noise, and Akiko Oishi's" radical "bashing became overheated. I will. ".[21]


    • "Nuclear powerIn response to the question "What should we do about our dependence on?", We answered "Zero" in the 2021 questionnaire.[13].
    • As a measure against the new coronavirus, the 2021 questionnaire answered that it was "necessary" for the temporary reduction of the consumption tax rate.[13].
    • Due to the issue of falsification of official documents over Moritomo Gakuen,Ministry of Finance"Akagi File", which was refused to be disclosed, was released on June 2021, 6.Osaka District CourtPublished by the order of[22]..In response to the question of how to think about the national response, the 2021 Mainichi Newspapers survey answered, "Further investigation and explanation should be done."[12].
    • Osaka Metropolitan conceptAgainst[15].
    • Hate speechProposing the establishment of a ban ordinance[15].
    • 49th House of Representatives general electionWas executed on October 10st, and the first elected memberDocument communication transportation accommodation feeWas paid a full monthly amount of 1 million yen even for one dayJapan Restoration Party,LDP,Komeito,Constitutional Democratic Party,National Democratic Party,Japan Communist PartyOishi has indicated that he intends to receive the full amount, saying, "I will spend 100 million yen to defeat the restoration," while political parties such as[23].
    • Former Governor of Osaka Prefecture in March 2022Tohashi HashishitaOishi and the publisher, Nikkan Gendai, have been sued for damages totaling 300 million yen.The content of the lawsuit is in the article published in the Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL and the evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai" on December 2021, 12, when Oishi said that Mr. Hashimoto at the time of the governor "slaps the reporter who does not like it" and "carrot and stick". The media with a whipDVIt is because Toru Hashimoto's social evaluation was strongly lowered by saying, "I was obedient to him."[24].
    • 2022At the House of Representatives Budget Committee on June 6st, I presented a picture of a dog tied to a demon mask and a string.[25]Fumio Kishidaprime ministerToCapitalistDog of,Ministry of Finance"The dog" "If you make a mistake in the owner, you can't do it," he said.Be careful of the wording of the House of Representatives Budget Committee Chair[26]But later his ownTwitterI sent the same wording again[27].


    Single Author



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