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🏛 | Prime Minister Kishida complains at G7 that "we should strengthen our unity to protect against rising prices"


Prime Minister Kishida complains at the G7 that "we should strengthen our cohesion to protect against rising prices"

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In addition, Prime Minister Kishida also raised economic security, saying that the importance of the supply chain and economic intimidation with China in mind, "G7 should play a central role and show a clear position" next year. Towards the Hiroshima Summit, we shared awareness of the issues with each country.

G7 = Prime Minister Kishida, who is visiting Germany to attend the G7 summit, is affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine ... → Continue reading


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Economic security

Economic security(Keizai Anzenhosho,English: Economic security) OrEconomic securityIsCountry OfEconomic activity,PeopleLifeRemove the threat to the countryEconomic system,Social lifeTo maintain the stability ofEnergy-resource-foodIt is to take measures to secure a stable supply such as[1]..The minimum necessary for the survival of the entire nation as a condition for a country's economic system to operate safelyNecessities of lifeProduction volume,OutputQuantityThere are various standards such as the scale of the product, the conditions for guaranteeing it, and the conditions for the amount of imports and exports necessary to maintain the standard of living at a specific point in time.[2].

Components of personal economic security

AmericaIn children's economic security, family and groupincomeShown by level and employment stability[3].. The financial security of people over the age of 50 isSocial security benefits,pension・ Savings, income / employment, andHealth insuranceShown in the subscription status of[4].

1972 years,ArizonaParliament has established the Economic Security Bureau with the mission of promoting "safety, happiness and self-sufficiency of children, adults and families".This department includes the Employment Security Commission, the State Public Welfare Department, the Vocational Rehabilitation Department, the State Office of Economic Opportunity,Apprenticeship systemIt integrates the activities of the state government, previously controlled by the Council and the State Labor Planning Authority. In 1974, the stateIntellectual Disability Bureau(Renamed to the Developmental Disability Bureau by House Bill 2213) was integrated into the Bureau.The establishment of the agency aimed to reduce the duplication of administrative burdens, services and spending, and to provide direct service integration to people. In January 2007, Family Connection, a family support program, was integrated.[5].

MinnesotaThe Department of Economic Security was established in 1977 by integrating three departments: the Department of Employment Services and Vocational Rehabilitation, the Department of Governor's Human Resources, and the Office of Economic Opportunity, which manages poverty alleviation programs. In 3, the state's services for the visually impaired were integrated into the agency. In 1985, the Minnesota Department of Economic Security and the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development merged to hire Minnesota.Economic developmentBureau was established[6].

National economic security

What is economic security?Politics国際 関係In the context ofNation-stateAccording to the policy of his choiceNational economyIs the ability to develop in the desired way.Historically, national conquest has enriched conquerors through looting, the acquisition of new resources, and the expansion of trade through the management of the conquered people's economies.Multilateral agreements, interdependence,Natural resourcesUnder today's complex international trading system, which is characterized by a stable supply ofMilitary policyAs with economic securityNational securityIt is no exaggeration to say that it forms an important part of[7].

Economic security, especially on September 2001, 9American terrorist attacksOr later,America OfForeign policyInoilGeopoliticsHas been proposed as an important determinant of international affairs[8].


CanadaIn, the threat to the economic security of the nation as a whole is "for economic gain, illegal, secret, or compulsory foreign governments to gain unauthorized access to economic information such as proprietary information and technology. Activity ",Economic spyIs considered[9].


JapanEven inNational Security CouncilTo supportNational Security AgencyA new "economic group" was established in April 2020, and policy proposals from the perspective of economic security can be seen.[10],LDPIs preparing for the formulation of the "Economic Security Bulk Promotion Bill"[7][11].

Inaugurated in October 2021Kishida administrationInMinister for Economic SecurityWas newly established,Takayuki KobayashiWas appointed[12].. On November 2021, 11Prime Minister's OfficeThe 1st Economic Security Promotion Conference was held in[13].. The first meeting of experts on economic security legislation was held on November 2021, 11.[14].

Economic Security Promotion Bill was approved by the Cabinet on February 2022, 2[15].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayEconomic security promotion billWas passed and passed at the House of Councilors plenary session[16].


Between economic stability and economic opportunitiesTrade offIs widely believed to have a relationship[17].


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