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🏛 | To unity with Russia G7 Summit Prime Minister, food support tens of billions of yen

Photo Prime Minister Kishida (center) departing for the G7 Summit = Haneda Airport at midnight on the 25th

G7 Summit Prime Minister to unite with Russia, food support tens of billions of yen

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The Prime Minister left Haneda Airport on a government plane for Germany on the early morning of the 26th.

The Group of Seven Summit (G7 Summit) will open on the 7th in Elmau, southern Germany.In response to the Ukrainian crisis ... → Continue reading

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Government machine

Government machine(Seifu Senyoki) is from each country政府Owned and operated by the government, and used for transporting government officials and rescuing their own people.aircraft.


Operation form

Depending on the circumstances of each country, the number of aircraft owned, the model, and the operation form vary.Normally,Boeing 737,Airbus A310In addition to small to medium-sized jet airliners such asAirbus A340,Boeing 747We may also use large passenger planes such as.短距離ではAt short distancesBusiness jet,helicopterIs also used.

Traditionally, passenger planes require a sufficient cruising range to go directly to any major city in the world.Boeing 747Large aircraft such as these were the mainstream, but in recent years there have been restrictions on the airports where large aircraft can enter, andETOPSDue to the relaxation of, even a small twin-engine engine has a sufficient cruising range (Boeing 777,737BBJ,Airbus A319CJDue to the appearance of a large number of such), the twin-engine and miniaturization of government aircraft are progressing.

Operation isair force,Flag carrierIt is often done with the support of.空軍に所属していることも多いが、その場合あからさまにOften belongs to the Air Force, but in that case it is overtMilitary aircraftIf you operate as a vehicle, you may have inconvenience when entering a country with poor diplomatic relations (in Japan,New coronavirus infectionAccompanyWuhanWhen the use of government aircraft was considered to rescue Japanese from Japan, there was an example in which the Chinese side showed disapproval because it was a Self-Defense Forces aircraft and did not realize it.[1]).For this reason, the aircraft may be registered as a private sector.The coloring may be vivid, and the case is based on the color of the national flag (Japan,Germany,Italy) And state-ownedAirlinesCases that conform to the painting ofSaudi Arabia,Qatar,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere is also some equipment).

Qatar andUnited Arab Emirates,United KingdomIn some countries such askingincludingRoyal familyDedicated machine,The United States of America(USA)Russian Federation,DPR KoreaIn some countries such asPresidentIn some cases, it operates a dedicated machine for heads of state.On the other hand, some countries do not have a specific government aircraft and charter the equipment of flag carriers and other airlines and use it as a government aircraft.

The flight crew is of the Air ForcepilotIn some cases, the flight attendants are trained by aircraft type, and the flight attendants may be trained by Air Force soldiers at civil aviation companies, or may be flight attendants by commercial airlines.

Even in an economic powerhouse like Germany, you can buy used aircraft from airlinesleaseIn some countries.

In some countries, such as the United States and Japan, a spare aircraft is accompanied when operating in case of emergency.In the case of Germany, there are cases where the Prime Minister attending the G20 summit was late due to aircraft trouble because he did not have a spare aircraft.[2].


Many government aircraft have undergone major changes in in-flight specifications, such as the removal of regular seats.

The equipment is not disclosed in many countries due to confidentiality,President of the United StatesDedicated machine (VC-25・ Commonly known as "Air force one") AndJapanese Government MachineIn the case of, bedrooms and offices for VIPs and their families, conference rooms, seats for attendants, general rooms for the media, built-inTarup(Air steer), And communication equipment for contacting government agencies during flight (US, Japan, etc.)Boeing 747In the case of base equipment, it will be installed on the second floor), etc., and dedicated aircraft from other countries have almost the same equipment.

Besides, the crew's rest bed andShower, Coat of arms linens and tableware, easy cookingGalleyIn some cases, special equipment such as stairs to the cargo compartment and some seats can be removed in a short time in order to handle the transportation of goods in an emergency.

For some government aircraft such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, and for US presidential aircraft,InfraredImage tracking typemissileIn some cases, a device that disturbs these missiles is installed as a countermeasure against attacks by.

Government aircraft of each country

Shows the government aircraft of each country.America,Brazil,Russia,Germany,FranceIn countries that produce civilian aircraft in their own country, they often use their own aircraft.In the case of some countries, it also shows that they are renting civilian aircraft instead of dedicated aircraft.


Irish Air Corps OfGulfstream IVIn addition,Aeringus OfAirbus A330May be used.


As of 2009Boeing 757use.Argentine Air ForceIs operated.The call sign is Tango 01.

United Arab Emirates

Each emirateBoeing 747-400,777,737(BBJ),787[3] ,Airbus A320,AbroOperates RJ etc.The painting is common to all emirates.


Operates Airbus A319, etc.

The United States of America

Operates Boeing 747-200, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 737-700, etc.

United Kingdom

Airbus A330 MRTTOperate[4]. Also,Royal familyTwo as dedicated machinesBAe 146 air force Of(English edition)It is deployed in.

As of 2016, due to the cruising range, we will charter government aircraft for European countries and commercial airline aircraft for outside Europe.British Airways,Virgin Atlantic,Titan AirwaysEquipment is used[5].


Italian Air Force OfAirbus A319,Dassault Falcon 50,Dassault Falcon 900And so on.

The A319 was introduced in 2000, but had problems such as a short cruising range, so in 2015 it introduced the Airbus A340 as a VVIP (very very important person) aircraft.なお、イタリア国内ではIn ItalyFlag carrier OfAlitaliaIt ’s a large aircraft that is n’t even in operation, and it ’s from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).Etihad AirwaysSupported the operation[6].


Boeing 737-200 and 707,Airbus A321, A340-200 is operated.


Indian Air ForceOperated byBoeing 777-300ER,Boeing Business Jet(Boeing 737-700),E145Use (callsign TheAir India One).PreviouslyAir India OfBoeing 747-400Was used.


Boeing 737-800Operate.以前はPreviouslyGaruda IndonesiaWas operating a special aircraft.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Embraer EMB 120And so on.


Airbus A340And so on.From now on, manufactured for Lufthansa, but not receivedBoeing 747-8Will be introduced.


Embraer Legacy 600And so on.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Hawker 400,Bell 412And so on.


Australian Air Force34th SquadronBoeing 737(Boeing Business Jet) AndBombardier Challenger 604Operated.


Boeing 747-400,Boeing 747SP,Boeing 767,Gulfstream IVAnd so on.


Fokker 70And so on.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Boeing 757,Boeing 767And so on.


Qatar Air ForceOperated by "Qatar Amiri Flight", the operation division of the Japanese Air Force OneQatar AirwaysPainted or similarAirbus A340We operate equipment such as A319, AXNUMX, and Gulfstream.


As of 2016,Canadian Air ForceThe 437 Transport SquadronAirbus A310(Canadian Air Force format is CC-150)[5].

South Korea

Boeing 737-300(Air Force Unit 2) operated in 1985, at long distancesKorean AirOrAsiana Airlines OfBoeing 747-400Was also used.

However, the aging and cruising range of the Boeing 737-300, which is in normal operation, became a problem.Lee Myung-boIn February 2010 during the administration, a long-term lease contract was signed with Korean Air for a long-term lease of the Boeing 2-1 owned by the company for 747 years at 400 billion won for use as the first Air Force.This contract isMs. ParkAt the end of 2014 during the administration, a re-contract of 2020 billion won was made with the company until March 3.[7].. 2020年5月29日、国防部は後継機として大韓航空のOn May XNUMX, XNUMX, the Ministry of Defense will replace Korean Air as a successor.Boeing 747-8Signed a long-term lease contract for (HL7643) for 5 years (2021-2026) for 3,000 billion won[8].

Initially, since it was a leased aircraft from the private sector, it was used with the Korean Air era aircraft code (HL7465) instead of the military aircraft code, but the interior was modified and painted, but in 2011 it was aired. Because the suction port has broken down and has not reached the aviation safety and security standards.[9]Previously used at the 2012 Asia-Europe Meeting in LaosBoeing 737Was used.また、2018年の第5回Also, the XNUMXth in XNUMXNorth-South summit meetingEven inMt.To head toSamjiyon AirportIt was used because the Boeing 747-400 (Air Force Unit 1) could not be used due to airport restrictions.

Besides this,HOUSE CN-235VCN-235 (Air Force Unit 3), which was modified from the above, is also in operation.Although it is not boarded by the president, it is called a "presidential plane" because it is used by presidential attendants. In 2020,Diamond princessUsed to return Koreans on board[10].

On May 2020, 5, the Korean Ministry of National Defense newly joined Korean Air as the first Air Force aircraft dedicated to the president.Boeing 747-8IAnnounced that it has signed a contract to rent. The rent from 2021 to 2026 is about 3000 billion won.In addition, it is expected that it will take 17 months just for remodeling after the contract, and the actual mission is expected to be after November 2022.[11].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Il-62Operates the Boeing 727-100 and Bombardier CL-601.


Cubana AirlinesIlyushinIl-96,Il-62Is often used.


Gulf Stream VAnd so on.


Kuwait AirlinesPainted Airbus A310, A320, A340, the company'sBoeing 747-400Operates a special machine.


Bombardier Challenger 604Operated.


Fokker 70And so on.


Fokker F28And Boeing 737-700 etc. are operated.

コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル

Gulfstream IVAnd so on.

Saudi Arabia

Boeing 747-SP,Boeing 747-400,McDonnell Douglas MD-90,McDonnell Douglas MD-11,Gulfstream IVAnd so on.


Dassault Falcon 50,Boeing 727And nowBoeing 767-200EROperated.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Air Force Bell 412And so on.


Spanish Air Force Airbus A310,Dassault Falcon 900And so on.


Swedish Air Force Gulfstream IVAnd so on.


Swiss Air ForceIs in operation.

CurrentlyDassault Falcon 50And Cessna Citation, etc., but in 2019PilatusDeveloped byPC 24Received[12].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Ministry of Interior Wing Tupolev Tu-154MandYakovlev Yak-40Operated.


McDonnell Douglas MD-87Is operated as a dedicated machine for the king.ちなみに、この機体は2007年までBy the way, this aircraft is until XNUMXJapan AirlinesIt is an aircraft that was operated in.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Dassault Falcon 50,(English edition)And so on.

Kingdom of Thailand

Airbus A340-500Royal Thai Air Force,Airbus A310,Airbus A319,Boeing 737In addition,Bell 412And so on.


Gulfstream G500And Fokker F50 are operated.

People's Republic of China

Boeing 737 is in operation.Beijing Xijiao AirportSee. Note that2000ToPeople's Republic of China GovernmentAs a dedicated machineBoeing 767-I bought 300, but the government of the countryWiretapIs set upclaimAfter that, it was remodeled into a civilian aircraft.Air ChinaUsed in.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China-Head of state,Prime MinisterIn recent years, Air China has been traveling abroad such as (Prime Minister).[13] OfBoeing 747-400(B-2472)[14],747 – 8[15]Is often used as a charter.


Chilean Air Force Boeing 737-500And so on.

Czech Republic

Airbus A319,Bombardier Challenger 600And so on.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Korean AirAircraft is used.Known for hating airplanesKim Il Sung-Kim Jong IlThere was almost no operation in those days. In the 2010s, IlyushinIl-62 typeTwo aircraft have been devoted to operation, and in 2金正恩Was also reported on board[16].. same year,Choi Dragon SeaWas operated when he visited Russia, but a trouble occurred on his way home.MoscowI turned back to.また、2016年にはAlso, in XNUMX火災Wake up ChinaShenyangHave crash landed at the airport[17].

February 2018, Kim Jong Un's younger sisterKim YomasaVisited South Korea on the Ilyushin 62 (Chamme No. 2), and in May of the same year, Kim Jong Un on the same model (P-5, Chamme No. 618) in China.DalianVisited[18].

2018 OfUS-North Korea Summit MeetingThen, due to the problem of the first long-distance flight, Kim Jong Un is not his own aircraft, Chamme No. 1, but the Chinese Prime Minister.Lee KeqiangTo useAir ChinaI used the Boeing 747-400 (aircraft code: B-2447).


Royal Danish Air Force OfBombardier Challenger 604Operated.


German Air ForceIs in operation.

PreviouslyInterflug AirlinesPurchased fromAirbus A310Was in operation. A340-300の導入後はAfter the introduction of the AXNUMX-XNUMXFrench National Center for Space StudiesUnder the umbrella(French version)Sold to the company and on boardMicrogravity environmentScientific experimental machine to createA310 ZERO-GIt is operated as.

After the retirement of A310,LufthansaUsed purchased fromAirbus A340-300Was mainly used, but troubles frequently occurred from the 2010s due to aging.[19], The A2018 in 340 and the A2019 in 319 have each been canceled due to aircraft problems overseas.The government was considering replacing the aging aircraft,[20], May 2019, 5AirbusIs by the German governmentAirbus A350 XWBThe company announced that it has ordered three ACJ350-900 XWBs with long-distance private jet specifications, the first one will be delivered in 3, and the rest will be delivered in 1. With the acquisition of the A2020, German government aircraft will be able to operate non-stop from Germany to most countries.[21].



Airbus A319,Gulfstream IV,Gulfstream G500And so on. 2015年10月7日にOn October XNUMX, XNUMXPresident ErdoganWhen the couple came to Japan, the operation started in 2011.A330-200Came flying[23].


Il-62And so on.


Dassault Falcon 900And so on.


Operates the Boeing 777-300ER. Until March 2019, the Boeing 3-747 was in operation.

New Zealand

Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) 40th Squadron (Auckland Air Force Base Whenuapai Airfield) is a New Zealand government aircraft (Boeing 757-200s) Two aircraft have been in operation since June 2.prime ministerAnd the transportation of government officialsNew Zealand King,British Royal FamilyMembers will be operated as a government aircraft when they visit NZ.Normally, it transports soldiers and supplies as an Air Force transport aircraft. 1980年代から2003年まではFrom the XNUMXs to XNUMXBoeing 727 Two aircraft were operated as government aircraft.


For normal movement of the royal family,Scandinavian AirlinesUse a private flight.まれにRarelyNorwegian Air Force OfDassault Falcon 20use.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Alitalia-Italian AirlinesIs often used.The call sign when the Pope boarded will be "Shepherd 1".


Airbus A310,Gulfstream IVAnd so on.


Bahrain Royal Flight for the Bahraini Royal FamilyBoeing 747-400andBoeing 747SP, Operates the Boeing 727-200.


Biman Bangladesh AirlinesTailored and used a special machine. 777またはXNUMX orAirbus A310Use of.


Brazilian Air ForceOperation by.Airbus A319Is called the call sign VC-1A.ほかにBesidesEmbraer 195And so on.


French air forceInAirbus A319,Airbus A340,Dassault Falcon 50,Dassault Falcon 900And so on. 2010年から大統領専用機としてAs a presidential machine from XNUMXAir CaraïbesI bought a used machine fromAirbus 330-200Is operating[24].

Burkina Faso

Boeing 727Operated.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

As a royal exclusive machineBoeing 747-8,Boeing 747-400,Boeing 767, Airbus A340 andGulf Stream VAnd so on.


Malaysia AirlinesUse Airbus A330 etc.

ベ ラ ル ー シ

Boeing 737-800andTupolev Tu-154Operated.


Vietnam Airlines OfAirbus A350And so on.


Boeing 737-500And so on.


Airbus A330And so on.


Fokker F28,Bell 412And so on.


Bombardier BD700And so on.


Polish Air ForceTupolev Tu-154Operates M and Airbus A320. Tupolev Tu-2010 on April 4, 10Lev KachinskiDuring the president's boardingCrashed.


Dassault Falcon 900And so on.ちなみにファルコンはもともとはサッカークラブのBy the way, Falcon was originally a soccer clubManchester United FCIt was manufactured as a dedicated machine for the Bolivian government, but was handed over as a dedicated machine for the Bolivian government due to cancellation by the club.


TAP Portugal OfAirbus A340In addition to charters such asPortuguese Air Force Dassault Falcon 50And so on.

South Africa

Nickname isInkwazi.

Boeing Business JetAnd so on.


Boeing 757,Boeing 737,Gulfstream IIIAnd so on. February 2016, 2,Boeing 787Received after remodeling the flight test aircraft No. 6 "ZA006"[25].Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador(Amuro) Decided to sell after taking office[26].

America to find a buyerCaliforniaHowever, because no purchaser appeared, President Amuro and others returned the aircraft to Mexico.LotteryWe are also considering giving it as a free gift[27].

モ ー タ ニ ニ

Gulfstream IIAnd so on.


Yak-40And so on.


King of Morocco Mohamed VIAnd because of the Prime Minister of the country, such as Boeing 747-8(English edition)It is operated by.


MIAT Mongolian National Airlines OfAirbus A310,Boeing 737And so on.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Learjet 45And so on.


Libyan AirlinesAfriqiyah Airways OfAirbus A340Etc. are used.


Boeing 707,BAC 1-11And so on.


Learjet 35And so on.


Il-96And so on.大統領専用のIl-96はThe presidential Il-XNUMXRussian AirlinesIs owned by, and is treated as a civilian aircraft for registration.


Airbus A340And so on.

Taiwan (Republic of China)

TaiwanThen.PresidentAs a dedicated machineair force OfBoeing 737-800Operates (aircraft number 3701),Taipei Songshan BaseBelong to.CaribbeanWhen traveling long distances to countriesNational approvalHave not gottenCountryIf you want to get inChina AirlineOrEVA Air OfBoeing 747-400Is used.At China Airlines, the specially painted "Dreamliner" (aircraft code: B-18210) is often used.


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