🏛 | Hachisuzume Confectionery Senkyowari @ Iwate Participating!

Photo "Standard apple pie" (XNUMX yen) and "Turnip, Japanese mustard spinach, radish and secret soybean, Kurosengoku soybean quiche" (XNUMX yen)

Hachisuzume Confectionery Store Senkyowari @ Iwate is participating!

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 Najota News is a news site operated by Iwate Nihon Shimbun, which publishes the free paper "Iwanichi Living un".Focusing on the articles published in Living un, we will deliver news that is useful for daily life, raising the mood of "delicious", "fun", and "want to go out". "Najota" is a dialect that means "what happened" and "what happened".Iwate will send out "Najota News" that is close to your curiosity.

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