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🏛 | "Mr. Kitamura is a lawyer, but I haven't checked it." "Hanada's advertisement is overkill." Mr. Hashimoto, "Shanghai Electric Power" ...


"Mr. Kitamura is a lawyer, but I haven't checked it." "Hanada's advertising is overkill." Mr. Hashimoto, "Shanghai Electric Power" ...

If you write the contents roughly
In other words, Mr. Kitamura was a lawyer, but he hadn't investigated it first.

Regarding the news about "Shanghai Electric Power", Toru Hashimoto, who made a live appearance in "NewsBAR Hashimoto" on the 18th, is also a local government ... → Continue reading


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Legal profession

Legal profession(Hello, English: Legal profession) IslawA person who is involved in the business as a profession that deals with.

JapanInjudge,ProsecutorandLawyerIs a generic term.


In particular, it may refer to judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, and is also known as the three legal profession.In rare cases, they are called research lawyers and practical lawyers, including legal researchers.To synonymsLawyerEtc., but in generalJuristIs different from.

OriginallyUniversity dormitoryWas placed inLightLawroad OfCaoBossRefers to (school building and dormitory)[1]Later, it meant "lower prison officer", which in turn meant "law bureaucrat" and was used to refer to judges and prosecutors.In the early Meiji era, lawyers were called prosecutors, and there was a prosecutor's exam separate from judges and prosecutors, but later.Higher civilian examinationAfter the war, unified postwar judges, prosecutors, and lawyersBar examinationSince we started to adopt the system, including lawyersThree legal professionIt came to be.

According to 2006 statisticsjudge3,341 people (including 806 simple court judges),Prosecutor2,490 (including 899 deputy prosecutors),LawyerThere are 25,114 people.There is also an example in which a lawyer is called a legal profession in the field, and a judge and a prosecutor are called a legal profession in the morning. There is also the view that it is appropriate to call it a "lawyer."

Incidentally,Member of ParliamentAndLegal workEngage inClerk,Court clerk,Prosecutor's office,Paralegal,Residential land building dealer,CompanyLegal personnel (who do not have attorney qualifications)lawAlthough he is engaged in the affairs related to, he is not called a "legal profession".

EnglishbarIs translated as "legal profession" in the sense of being in court, but may also mean a lawyer in the sense of a judge (bench).barThere is also an opinion that it should be translated as a legal profession because it refers to a group of legal professionals rather than individuals.In North America, acquiring legal qualification is called admission to bar.lawyerIs often translated as "lawyer",The United States of AmericaThen,Judicial scrivener,Administrative scrivener,Tax accountant,NotaryThere is no such occupation,Unified legal professionFrom a lawyer because we are hiringjudge-ProsecutorWas appointed,JurisprudenceTeachers also have lawyer qualifications, so be careful because they usually mean "lawyer" (if you mean a lawyer who is neither a judge nor a prosecutor nor a legal scholar).attorney-at-lawIs).In the English-speaking world, lawyers are also lawyers who do not have legal qualifications, such as legal staff of companies in Japan and adjoining professionals.

In Germany, legal qualifications are generally not limited to three legal profession, such as notars, legal teachers (Hochschulleher), higher administrative officers (Verwaltungsbeamte), and administrative officers of parliament, universities, and churches (Parlamentsverwaltung, Universitätsverwaltung, Kirchverwaltung). Everything that requires a job (Germany:w: de: Jurist)It is called.

Legal qualification (Japan)

The qualification to become a legal profession is called a legal qualification.[2], Legal qualifications are some exceptions[Annotation 1]As a general rule, legal qualifications are granted only after completing judicial training.note that,Prosecutor-judgeIn addition to these, the commission toMinistry of Justice(Prosecutor's office) AndSupreme CourtNeed to be adopted by.

Completed law school under the current system (Doctor of JusticeIt should be noted that if you do not pass the (professional) degree) or the bar examination preliminary examination, you will not be qualified to take the bar examination itself.



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