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🏛 | [Breaking news] Prime Minister Kishida "considers visits between leaders of each country and A-bomb survivors" at G7 held in Hiroshima next year


[Breaking news] Prime Minister Kishida "considers visits between leaders of each country and A-bomb survivors" at G7 held in Hiroshima next year

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Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima, who met with Prime Minister Kishida today, said that it is important for the leaders of each country to get in touch with the actual situation of the atomic bombing when the G7 summit is held in Hiroshima next year. I requested that you visit the site.

Prime Minister Kishida will meet with the A-bomb survivors at the G7 = 7 major summits scheduled to be held in Hiroshima next year. → Continue reading


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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum(Hiroshima Heiwakinenshiryokan)HiroshimaHiroshima cityNaka-kuLocated inMuseum(Peace Museum). "Lizard"(Genbaku Shiryokan / or" Peace Museum ").


Nakajima Town OfHiroshima Peace Memorial ParkLocated on the premises,Hiroshima atomic bombInitially, it was opened under the name of "Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Atomic Bomb Memorial Exhibition Hall" as a facility to convey the tragedy of the war to posterity.Operated by Hiroshima CityHiroshima Peace Culture FoundationIs going.

Admission as of January 2020 is 1 yen for adults, 200 yen for high school students, and free for junior high school students and younger.[Annotation 1]..The group fee is 30 yen for 160 or more adults.It will be free if there are 20 or more high school students or younger.

Important cultural propertyThe western "Main building"," On the east sideEast hallThe viewing course is for entering from the East Building and exiting from the Main Building.In the East Building, there is an exhibition about the history of Hiroshima City up to the dropping of the atomic bomb and the historical background of the dropping of the atomic bomb, and in the main building, there is an exhibition about the human and physical damage of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.In particular, a reduced model of the devastated city of Hiroshima immediately after the atomic bomb was dropped, wandering in the flames while burning the skin of the whole body with heat rays.A-bomb survivorLife-sizeDiorama(Commonly known as: A-bomb reproduction doll (Later)), Of the three people who died in the bombingMobilization studentCombining the wreckage of the uniform that he wore into a single doll, "Trinity relics"Or"Charred lunch boxWas killed by the bombingMobilization student[Annotation 2]Our relics,Main street OfSumitomo BankFrom Hiroshima branch1971Relocated to "Human shadow stone'[Annotation 3]Etc. are well known. As of 2013, there are about 2 items in the collection, and it is said that it takes about 1000 hours to visit the museum, but according to a survey by the museum, the average visit time for visitors is 3 as described below. It's a minute[5].


19458/6, The first in the worldAtomic bombWas exposed to the atomic bomb and suffered a great deal of human and material sacrifice.Hiroshima cityThen,Second World WarFrom an early stage, the collection of atomic bomb materials was carried out not only by academic institutions but also by citizens.The center of this activity wasHiroshima UniversityFaculty of ScienceGeologyI was a part-timer in the classroomShogo Nagaoka[Annotation 4]And the collected materials are1949Was exhibited in the "Atomic Bomb Reference Material Display Room" set up in a corner of the Hiroshima City Central Public Hall.[6]..However, with the increase in the collection of materials, the devastation of the atomic bomb has become widespread.世界ToappealTherefore, there has been a growing demand for exhibition facilities for the purpose of storing and exhibiting these items.

At the same time, the hypocenterNakajima districtNewlyHiroshima Peace Memorial ParkHowever, the material exhibition facility was the architect who was in charge of the overall design of the park.Kenzo TangeAs a result, it has been positioned as the centerpiece of the park.The "Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Atomic Bomb Memorial Exhibition Hall (currently Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum)" designed by Tange1955Along with this, the materials exposed to the atomic bombing at the Central Public Hall were moved to the "Exhibition Hall" for display and storage, and Nagaoka was appointed as the first director.[6].

At the beginning of the opening, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was only the current "Main Building" (on the left front side of the photo), but by the designer Tange.コ ン ペ テ ィ シ ョ ン(Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Memorial Hall Competition Design) From the beginning, as a "meeting place" on the west side of the museumHiroshima City Public Hall(CurrentHiroshima International Conference Center) On the east side (on the far right side of the image)Hiroshima Peace Hall Main BuildingIt was planned to arrange (Peace Memorial Hall / Current East Building) and connect them with an aerial corridor to form a three-building integrated building.[Annotation 5].

1956I was touring JapanNuclear Peaceful Use ExpoThe exhibit was temporarily moved to a nearby public hall.[7][8]. afterwards,1958Some exhibits were exhibited as "Science Museum of Atomic Energy" even though it was held in[9], The exhibit is1967Exhibited in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum[10]..At that time, the misery of the atomic bombPeaceful use of nuclear powerAt a facility that conveys[10], Some visitors pointed out that "the content seems to be a symptom of division".[10].. The exhibition of peaceful use was removed in May 1967, and it was given a character that leads to the present.[10].

1973から1975In the meantime, the first major renovation was carried out, such as repairing deteriorated concrete, replacing it with a window glass that blocks infrared rays, and constructing a new storage.In addition, the air-conditioning equipment, which had not been maintained so far, has been improved, and the storage environment for exposed materials has improved.[11].. It was also at this time that the "A-bomb reproduction doll" was added to the exhibit.

1991The second major renovation was carried out, and the contents of the exhibition were reviewed and refurbished.1994When the Peace Memorial Museum was rebuilt in Japan, it came to be called the "Peace Memorial Museum (East Building / West Building)" together with the old Peace Memorial Museum.West Building, What was newly built on the site of the memorial hallEast hallWas called.At the time of this renovation, the two buildings were connected by an aerial corridor, and after that, when entering the building, they entered from the east building and left from the west building.

1998ToHiroshima International Conference CenterTogether withXNUMX selections of public buildingsSpecified.199920 selections of modern Japanese architecture (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Memorial Park)Selected by DOCOMOMO JAPAN Architecture of modern movement in Japan).2006The West Building of the Museum is also located in Hiroshima City.World Peace Memorial CathedralWithSecond World WarFor the first time as a later buildingImportant cultural propertyWas specified in.Taking this designation as an opportunity, the name of the conventional "West Building" was changed to "Main Building".

Visitors and their transition

Changes in the number of visitors

The cumulative number of visitors is 5301 million (until the end of May 2005), which is in the 5 million range annually.[12], Especially many foreign visitorstrip advisorHas been highly evaluated in the survey[13]..There is also a section where you can write your impressions of the viewing in a special notebook as a "message to peace", and people from all over the world write messages.This message contains messages from many celebrities and dignitaries (Later).

In 2016, when US President Barack Obama visited, the number of visitors exceeded 1991 in 159, the highest number ever.[14].

  • The number of visitors reached 2002 million on August 8, 19.[15].
  • The number of visitors reached 2010 million on August 9, 5.[16].
  • The number of visitors reached 2017 million on August 9, 24.[17].

Foreign visitors and their evaluation

The number of foreign visitors was about 2013 in 20.[18], This yeartrip advisorWas selected as the number one "Japanese tourist spot popular with foreigners" in the survey.[19][Broken link].. In the 2014 surveyFushimi-Inari TaishaThere was a report on July 2th that it was second only to[20]..Of the 1612 travelers who wrote this rating, 96, 1545%, were highly rated (Excellent or Very Good), and many of their impressions were described as Must see.Especially among the Americans who are the largest number of foreign tourists to Hiroshima City, this museum is ranked first, and it is still highly evaluated.[21].

As of January 2015, No. 1 on the list of "Top 20 Must-See Places in Japan"Miyajimaso,Peace parkButAtomic bomb domeInstead, the museum was listed in second place.The following is 2rd placeMatsumoto Castle, 4nd placeTokyo Disney Sea, 5nd placeOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium, 6nd placeFushimi-Inari TaishaMet.In addition, in the evaluation by Americans, it was the first place[22]..Maximum share in English travel guidebooksLonely PlanetAlso lists this museum as one of the 2021 best places to visit in Japan in 10[23].

A message to the celebrities who visited and their peace

Since its opening, many celebrities have visited the museum and sent a message to peace.Bookkeepingare doing.Ernesto Guevara(1959),John Paul II(1981),Jimmy Carter(1984),Mother Teresa(1984),The Dalai Lama XIV(1995) and other countriesHead·politician,Nobel Peace PrizePeace activists including the award winners are visiting the museum.It has become an annual eventPrime Minister OfHiroshima Peace Memorial CeremonyAttendance1971(Showa 46) I attended for the first time on August 8, 6 years after the atomic bomb was dropped.Eisaku SatoIs to follow[24].

Many visitors have left a message, and the ones by the heads of state of each country from around 1980 are called "National Heads of State".In addition to this, as of 2021, there are 70 books by people who are active on the front lines of various fields around the world, and the total number of books is about 2200.[25].

Below is a list of prominent visitors and their "message to peace".[26]..The full text of the messageMFP (Message for Peace)(Note: The following list is mainly posted from the information on the site of the museum, but the data before 1980 and after 2007 are from the museum except Eisaku Sato in 1971.WebsiteHas not appeared in).

repair work

Implementation of repair work

It is said that it takes 3 hours to visit the museum, but according to a survey conducted by the museum in 2004, the actual average tour time is only about 45 minutes, and most of the visitors visit the East Building in the first half. It turned out that the average tour of the main building was less than 19 minutes.In particular, group guests such as school excursion students are rushing around the building due to the limited tour time, and there is a tendency to neglect the important tour of the main building, which displays a huge number of relics and materials exposed to the atomic bomb. Is pointed out to be strong.For this reason, the museum side will carry out large-scale renovation work from 2013 to 2018.[32], "We have announced a plan to go up from the entrance of the East Building to the 3rd floor by escalator and change to a route where you can visit the main building first through the corridor."[33]..In addition, along with this renovation work, the aforementioned "A-bomb reproduction doll" will be removed by FY2016 (Later), A plan to proceed with renovation in the direction of enhancing the exhibition of actual materials such as the remains of the A-bomb survivors rather than the model was announced in March 2013.[34]..In addition, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum before the renewal specializes in the content of dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima City.Nagasaki Atomic Bomb MuseumIs being done inDownwinders[Annotation 6]Exhibition about[35]At the exhibition review meetingPeaceful use of nuclear powerIt has been pointed out that it is necessary to exhibit the current situation of[36].

In addition, it has been pointed out that the main building, which has been designated as an important cultural property, has deteriorated after more than half a century, causing anxiety about maintenance.In this regard, a proposal was made to install a seismic isolation device in the main building and maintain the status quo as much as possible.[32].

2014From March, part of the exhibition in the East Building will be changed and renovation will begin.[37]..From September of the same year to the spring of 9, the East Building was closed and renovation work was carried out (reopening was April 2016, 2017).[38]..After the construction of the East Building is completed, the main building is scheduled to be renovated until the spring of 2019.[38].

"A-bomb reproduction doll" and its removal problem

From installation to the present

One of the most well-known exhibits at the Peace Memorial Museum, the "A-bombed reproduction doll" (hereinafter referred to as "reproduction doll"), is now on display in the museum.1973It was during the first renovation in July.[39]Since then, some exhibition changes have been made during the renovation.Before the installation of this reproduction doll, the mannequin doll actually dressed in the exposed clothes1955Has been exhibited since the opening of[40],1958I took a location shoot in Hiroshima cityAlan ReneThe director's Japanese-French co-production movie "XNUMX Hours Amour』Also appeared in one scene.

The installation of the reproduction doll in 1973 was at that time.Hiroshima Mayor-Setsuo YamadaRealized by the advice of[39]..This doll was made by reproducing the situation immediately after the bombing.Wax figureIt is a combination of three bodies (two women and one infant) and a background picture (enlarged rather than the original picture) drawn by the A-bomb painter. Produced based on the guidance of[40][41]..The newly established reproduction doll was controversial among the citizens, and at that time, the poetSadako KuriharaCriticizes that "the danger of blocking imagination and creating false stereotypes" is possible.[39]..After that, instead of Fukui's painting, about 2 km from the hypocenterKanonmachi(Current cityNishi-ward) The background was a diorama model of the ruins that reproduced the vicinity.[40][41].1991At the time of the second renovation, it was changed to a plastic doll and continues to the present day.This (2nd generation) reproduction doll expresses how a housewife, a female student, and a toddler who were exposed at about 2 to 1.5 km from the hypocenter escaped, and the exhibition space was darkened and lit up with red light to be exposed. Recreating the fire of time[40][41].

Removal problem

As mentioned above,2013January,2018A plan to remove the reproduction dolls by 2016 was announced due to the renovation work scheduled for.However, in response to this removal plan, "many citizens think that the reason for removing the doll is because it is too scary." "The doll is necessary to make posterity understand the horror of the atomic bomb." In addition to receiving a large number of dissenting opinions from the general public[42],FacebookCitizens' groups are campaigning against removal[33][43]..On the other hand, only one or two of the more than 2 opinions received by telephone and e-mail to the Hiroshima city authorities and museums in the two months since the announcement of the plan were in favor of the removal plan.[33].

About this issueYahoo! Japanが2013年6月6日から6月16日にかけて「原爆資料館の『被爆人形』はどうすべき?」という題で意識調査を行ったところ、投票総数2万7640票の内訳は「現在の形で展示を続ける……1万6947票(61.3%)」「形を変えて展示を続ける……6359票(23%)」「撤去する……2847票(10.3%)」「わからない……1487票(5.4%)」という結果であった[44].

About the reason for removing the reproduction dollHiroshima cityAlthough there is an opinion that the dolls are very impressive and are an exhibition that conveys the tragedy of the time, the survivors said, "The horrific scene of the atomic bomb damage was not like this. It was more miserable." Therefore, depending on the person who sees the doll, the actual situation of the atomic bomb damage may be taken lighter than it actually is.On top of that, in order for visitors to remember the reality of the atomic bombing and the idea that it should never be repeated, it is important to display actual materials that are not affected by individual subjectivity or values ​​no matter who views them. So, I decided to remove the doll at the time of the renewal.As a concrete new exhibition method

・ In the first corner to introduce the actual situation of the bombing, large bombing materials such as destroyed brick walls and those who died wear it to show that many lives were lost in the city that was destroyed in an instant. An exhibition will be held where you can imagine the terrible situation at that time, including the clothes you were wearing, the bodies and photographs of the burned people.

・ In other corners, the remains of the deceased, the situation of the atomic bombing, the thoughts of the donors, etc. will be exhibited together with the remains, materials of the atomic bombing, and pictures of the atomic bomb survivors depicting the tragedy. An exhibition will be held to convey the existence of life and the sadness of the bereaved family.

・ We will exhibit the actual situation of the atomic bomb damage that continues to this day, such as the health damage caused by radiation, the sadness of losing a family, and the trauma of suffering.We will continue to study the exhibition so that it will show the whole picture of the damage caused by the atomic bomb, and more than ever, the inhumanity of the atomic bomb, the misery of the damage caused by the atomic bomb, and the suffering and sadness of the survivors.

It is supposed to be.On the other hand, in response to criticism from the citizens that "the reason for removing the doll is that it looks too scary," Hiroshima City said, "The materials that convey the tragedy of the terrible bombing are basically as they are. Under the policy that you should see it, we decided to remove the A-bombed reproduction doll, and we are not concerned about giving a cruel impression such as scary or scary appearance. "" After the renewal teeth,A-bomb survivor OfRelics,写真, The policy is to emphasize data materials, etc., and we do not remove the A-bombed dolls because they give a cruel impression. "[45][46].

Schmoe House

On November 2012, 11, the exhibition facility "Schmoe House" was opened in Ebanihonmatsu, Naka-ku, and was open to the public.[47]. The predecessor wasFloyd SchmoeThe Schmoe House, one of the 1949 houses in Hiroshima, built between 1953 and 21, was used as a meeting place until 2011 and was the only existing building.[48].Hiroshima south roadAs it hits the planned site due to extension,HikiyaMoved to the current location.It was developed as a facility to introduce support to Hiroshima from outside Japan after the atomic bombing.[49].

Successive directors

  • First generation:Shogo NagaokaÖ 1955 - 1962 Õ
  • 2nd generation: Hirosuke Mori (1962- 1970)
  • 3nd generation:Kaoru OguraÖ 1970 - 1971 Õ
  • 4th generation: Kazuharu Hamasaki (1971-1974)
  • 5th generation: Seinosuke Arata (1974 --1976)
  • 6th generation: Toshio Yano (1976-1979)
  • 7nd generation:Akihiro TakahashiÖ 1979 - 1983 Õ
  • 8s: Yoshitaka Kawamoto (1983-1993)
  • 9th generation: Hiroshi Harada (1993 --1997)
  • Teen: Minoru Hataguchi (10 --1997)
  • 11s: Koichiro Maeda (2006 --2013)
  • 12s: Kenji Shiga (2013 --2019)
  • 13s: Takuo Takigawa (2019-Present)


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