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🏛 | House of Councilors election Saitama constituency Hitoshi Sakagami announces running


House of Councilors election Saitama constituency Hitoshi Sakagami announces running

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When running, I would like to appeal to the necessary economic policies from the standpoint of having seen many management sites.

Mr. Hitoshi Sakagami from Kumagaya City will run for the Saitama constituency in the Upper House election this summer as an official candidate for the political organization and the House of Councilors election. → Continue reading

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Saitama Prefecture's TV station, "Tele-Tama, which is good for you," delivers "news that is good for you," such as daily incidents, accidents, and topics of the town.

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Economic policy

Economic policy(Keizai Seisaku,British: Economic policy) IsEconomyAgainst政府Is a general term for policies that

Macroeconomic policyas,financeCarried out by the authoritiesFiscal policy,Central BankTo implementFinancial Policy,Microeconomic policyas,Competition policy,EconomicRegulationpolicy,Industrial policyIs said to be[1].


Economic policy is invoked when the government approaches the economic system to a certain goal or approaches through the economy to solve certain social problems. In addition, it is also called economic policy because it is related to the economy. Also,Annual expenditure,revenueSince the government exists as long as there is a government, it can be said that the government activity itself and its policy are economic policies.

Broadly dividing economic policy,Income redistribution(Divided pie) and efficient resource allocation (expanded pie)[2].. The former is embodied in the form of fiscal policy and the latter in the form of efficient market price formation. In any caseGDPThe goal is to increase For this reason, the perspective of impartially providing the opportunity to save is excluded from economic policy. The fact that wealthier households are more likely to save money in the consumption curve can be read, and the fact that consumption is encouraged by low-income groups is neglected in policy theory.

Examples of economic policies

Here are some examples of typical economic policies in history.


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