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🏛 | Support for the needy due to soaring electricity prices

Photo Liberal Democratic Party Headquarters = 2020, Nagatacho, Tokyo

Support for the needy due to soaring electricity prices The LDP's heat stroke parliamentary group makes a proposal

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As "heat stroke is a life-threatening problem," the government and local governments are required to work together to prevent heat stroke in people in need.

The Liberal Democratic Party's "Heat Stroke Countermeasures Promotion Parliamentary League" (Chairman, former Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa) held a meeting in the Diet on the 23rd, and Russia's U ... → Continue reading

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    Heat stroke prevention

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      People in need

      People in needWhat is (Seikatsu Konkyusha)?income,AssetIs lessLifeIt is a term that describes a person who is in trouble.


      mainlySocial life,AdministrationIt is a term used in.Working poorAndVictim,ホ ー ム レ ス,Single-parent family,DV victimEtc. correspond to this,社会 問題It has become.

      Incidentally,Life poor independence support lawIn Article XNUMX, the definition of a person in need of living is made, but it is only the definition in the law.However, the term "living poor" has been used even before the law was enacted.[1], The general usage and the definition in the law do not always match.

      Independence support system for people in need

      The "Independence Support System for People in Need of Life" started in April 27, and consultation desks for all problems in daily life have been set up nationwide.Local governments, social welfare corporations, NPO corporations, private companies, etc. in the place of residence carry out consultation counter business.

      Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareThen, for people in needIndependence supportWe have a system[2].

      • Independence consultation support project-Support staff receive consultation at the consultation counter and create a specific support plan
      • Employment preparation support project-Providing employment support and employment opportunities while cultivating basic abilities for general employment for 6 months to 1 year
      • Employment training business-Medium- to long-term "intermediate employment" for general employment while providing work machinery
      • Temporary life support project-Providing accommodation and clothing for a certain period of time
      • Payment of housing security benefits-Payment of rent equivalent amount for a certain period
      • Household budget consultation support project- "visualization" of household budget situation, creation of support plan, mediation of loans, etc.
      • Learning support for children in poor households-support needed by both children and parents

      Definition in the Act on Support for Independence of People in Need

      In the Act on Support for the Independence of People in Need of Living, the definition of a person in need of living is defined by Article XNUMX of the law as "a person who is actually in financial distress and may not be able to maintain a minimum standard of living. ].


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