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🏛 | Mother and daughter who participated in the protest demonstration seeking the right to abortion. "I have had an abortion ..."

Photo Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images Participants participated in a protest demonstration in Washington, DC on May 5.

The thoughts of a mother and daughter who participated in a protest demonstration seeking the right to abortion. "I have had an abortion ..."

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Elijah Nouvelage / Via AFP via Getty Images Participants in a placard-raising protest at the Georgia Capitol Museum on May 5.

Women are now undergoing safe abortion surgery in the United States, where many conservative Christians continue to have abortion as a political issue ... → Continue reading

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Elijah Nouvelage / ViaAFPviaGettyImages May 5th

Georgia Capitol Museum

Georgia Capitol Museum(Georgia State Capitol)The United States of America OfGeorgiaAtlantaIt is a historic building located inUnited States National Historic LandmarkIt is specified in.It is also the base of operations for the Georgian Government, with offices for the Governor, Deputy Governor, and Secretary of State on the second floor. The 2rd floor is the conference hall of the state legislature, and the 3th floor has an audience seat and a museum.


The Georgia Capitol Museum, like many state capitols,Renaissance architectureStylizedUnited States CapitolInspired by.It was designedIllinoisChicagoWith the architect ofOhioToledoThe drawing was drawn in.

The front of the Capitol faces Washingtondori Street on the west side.フ ァ サ ー ドMade of stonePedimentAnd with 4 pillars, they are 6 hugeCorinthianorderSupported by.Two Georgian shield-shaped coats of arms are engraved on each side of the pediment.The interior of the Capitol reflects the Victorian era and was one of the first in the United States to incorporate elevators, steam heating and lamp lighting.Classical style pillars and oak siding are used throughout the Capitol, and the floor is in the same state.Pickens CountyThe marble mined in is laid.

There is a circular hall in the center of the Capitol, and the large staircases on both sides lead to the atrium on the third floor.There is a daylighting window at the top of the grand staircase, which sends light to the center of the building.

The Capitol was frequently rebuilt in response to changes in the government.The dome at the top of the Capitol was initially builtterracottaTheTinIt was plated with,1957/When refurbished to TongLumpkin CountyDahlonegaGold collected over 100 years ago was donated to the state and gold leaf made from the gold was affixed.[1].


Maximum width between north and south
105.99 meters
Building height
83.02 meters
Ceiling height of the hall on the second floor
57.10 meters
Dome diameter
22.86 meters


The museum inside the Capitol1889/Since its establishment in Georgia, it has extensively collected historical materials on Georgia's natural and cultural history.Native AmericansCrafts, animals, rocks and minerals, fossils, etc.Portraits of successive governors and statues of prominent state citizens,Civil WarFlags of the times are displayed everywhere in the Capitol.

Today, the Capitol Museum is a public educational institution under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State, and also serves to record and preserve the history of the Capitol and events in the state government.

Old Parliament House

On East Green Road, Georgia, is the second Capitol Museum of the Georgia Capitol, which is the building.1867/Until then it was used as the State Capitol.The first floor of the Old Parliament House is open as a museum.


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