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🏛 | Crisis management for accident avoidance in the Taiwan Strait should hurry US-China dialogue- "Asia Peace Conference" private conference session ...


US-China dialogue should be hurried in crisis management to avoid accidents in the Taiwan Strait- "Asia Peace Conference" private conference session ...

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In response, former U.S. Navy Operations Director Ruffhead, who has commanded both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets in the U.S. Army, and Mr. Zhangtuo, who was a long-term academic chief at a Chinese People's Liberation Army think tank, from Japan. Mr. Shinsuke Sugiyama, the former Ambassador to the United States, and Mr. Choi Gan, Deputy Director of the Asan Research Institute from South Korea, raised the issue at the beginning, and then the discussion was held.

The plenary session of the "Asia Peace Conference" will be held online on February 23, with two sessions online, Japan and the United States, South Korea in China ... → Continue reading

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