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🏛 | The peace environment in Northeast Asia is considered to be the worst and prompt after the Cold War- "Asia Peace Conference" Special Session Report


There is also a view that the peaceful environment in Northeast Asia is the worst and prompt after the Cold War- "Asia Peace Conference" special session report

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Also, since the US attitude toward China has not changed between the Trump administration and the Biden administration, it should continue to show a consistent attitude rather than saying "Trump has failed" in a partisan manner, and do not make allies suspicious. Claims to be important.

Following the opening ceremony, a special session "10 Risks Threatening Peace in Northeast Asia 2022: Report Announcement and Pa ... → Continue reading

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Genron NPO is a private-sector-led, neutral and independent think tank that crosses national borders and collaborates with many knowledgeable people around the world. Since its founding in 2001, it has continued to provide a "stage of speech" that confronts Japan's democracy and future challenges by connecting people who are active on the front lines of various fields in Japan.And, in collaboration with the world's major think tanks and many knowledge groups, we are creating a new flow to confront various difficulties in the world and Asia.

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Donald Trump administration (Donald Trump administration, English: Presidency of Donald Trump, Donald Trump administration)2016 US presidential electionThrough[1],20171/21Donald TrumpPresidentInaugurated by taking officeAmerica OfadministrationPoint to[2]..In the Trump administrationMike Pence Vice PresidentServed as[3].


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