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🏛 | Kurobe Mayor Election… Hayato Koyanagi City Council announces candidacy In addition, former Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare officials also intend to run on April 4


Kurobe Mayor Election ... Hayato Koyanagi City Council announces candidacy In addition, former Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare officials also intend to run on April 4

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This is an account for "Toyama Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television series) news.

Mr. Hayato Koyanagi, a member of the Kurobe city council, held a press conference on the 4th for the Mayor of Kurobe election in April of this year due to the expiration of his term, and officially ran for the election ... → Continue reading

 Toyama TV

"Toyama TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Toyama Prefecture.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


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  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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Toyama TV Broadcast

Toyama Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Toyama TV Hosou,British: Toyama Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) IsToyamaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcasting OfSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Popular name TheToyama TV,Abbreviation TheBBT(Bis Broadcast Toyama television).


The call sign is JOTH-DTV,FNNOf seriesCommercial broadcastTV stationIs.The abbreviation at the time of opening was the channel number (34ch) of the core station.T34Met.In addition, there were proposals such as "TUB", "TUS", and "UTV", but "T34" was selected as a unique one that symbolized the channel.[5]..The current abbreviation comes from "Best Being Toyama television" and has since changed from Best Being to Best Broadcast.

Initially, Fuji TV will be the main player for key stations, with an emphasis on economic base, and programs from other stations will be incorporated and organized.Cross netIt was supposed to be done in a format, but eventually it was opened on the Fuji TV series single net.[6].

Tokai TV broadcastingIs 21.0%,Chunichi ShimbunHolds a 19.9% ​​stake,Hokuriku Chunichi NewspaperandAsahi ShimbunIs in a cooperative relationship with.also,Northern Japan NewspaperIn addition to many co-sponsored events withToyama newspaper(Hokoku newspaper) Also has a friendly relationship, such as becoming a sponsor of a weather forecast program.

The head office building was constructed by acquiring a part of the residential area and paddy fields before the start of sales.[7]..There used to be a large chimney-shaped radio tower with a height of 34m next to the Toyama Television (T39 at that time) building.[8], The new radio tower was installed on the roof of the 6th floor due to the expansion and renovation of the current office building, so it was demolished after finishing its role.From the opening of the station to the introduction of CI, a red neon sign "T34 (later changed to the mark described later at that time) Toyama TV" was installed vertically.

"Toyama TV"The logo is the logo at the time of CI introduction (that is, the current one) and is the third generation.The first generation has been used since the opening of the station, and the second generation is designed to be slightly thicker than the current logo.Most of the "Toyama Television" logos used on the nameplates of relay stations installed in the prefecture are the second generation. Until the introduction of CI, red circle: the sun (passion) that shines in the sea of ​​Ariiso, white: sacred mountainTateyamaThere was a mark representing the white snow (neutral) and the green fan shape: the green field (peace) that roams Koshiji.

1970 From around1990 Around that time, still image slides were used to provide program guidance and moral enlightenment (mainly traffic safety, fire prevention by cigarette butts, valuing nature, etc.) in the free time (filler) of commercials.also,2008 May 8In more digital broadcasting, the station logoWatermarkStart displaying.Initially it was quite big, soMay 8It was reduced from noon.

"Music fairIsCherry television(Yamagata)But1997 Until the start of the net at the same time as the opening of the stationHonshuSea of ​​JapanIt was the only internet station on the Fuji TV system on the side.[9].. Also,"Mezamashi DoyoubiWas the only affiliated station to jump on from 2018:4 from April 2020 to March 3.[10].

Fuji TV series animation frame ・ "NoitaminaIs the only affiliated station in the Hokuriku region and Honshu that has no broadcasting record.[11]..Also, late-night anime from Fuji TV series other than Noitamina will not be broadcast basically.On the other hand, "Well then!Was the first terrestrial internet station to start online except for Fuji TV, the production station.


Headquarters / Performance

Branch office

Takaoka branch office
  • ToyamaTakaokaMarunouchi No. 1-40 Takaoka Chamber of Commerce Building 9th floor
Shinkawa branch office
  • ToyamaUozuShakado 12-18-5 Uozu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building XNUMXth floor
Tonami branch office
  • ToyamaTonamiMishima-cho 12-16 Soukaku Building 1st floor
Kanazawa branch
Tokyo branch office
Osaka branch
Nagoya branch

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[12][13][14][15]


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
300 million yen600,000 share47
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Chunichi Shimbun119,500 share19.92%
Tokai Broadcasting Center114,000 share19.00%
Asahi Shimbun60,000 share10.00%

Past capital structure


  • 1964 (Showa39 years)May 1 "TV Toyama" TV broadcasting establishment application.Since then, "Toyama Television Broadcasting," "Otoyama Broadcasting," "Toyama Asahi Broadcasting," "Nihonkai Broadcasting," and "Kureha Broadcasting" have applied for the establishment of television broadcasting one after another.They are1967 (42)May 10Toyama Bureau license application will be unified[22].
  • 1967 (42)May 11 Obtained a TV preliminary license[1].
  • 1968 (43)
    • May 3 Establishment[1].
    • May 3 Headquarters office opened on the 8th floor of Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building[23].
    • May 8 Headquarters building / transmission station construction started[23]..On the same day, the key station will be designated as the Fuji TV affiliated single net.[6].
    • May 12 Completed with some of the head office building left.Moved on 27th of the same month[23].
  • 1969 (44)
    • May 1 Test radio wave emission[23].
    • May 2 Service broadcasting starts at 6:57 pm.The Fuji TV program was broadcast as it was, but the test pattern was broadcast except during the micro time zone.[23][24].
    • May 4 Opened as the second commercial TV station in Toyama Prefecture after Kitanihon Broadcasting from 8:55 am[1][23]..At that time, 57% of all broadcast programs were color broadcasts.[25].
  • 1971 (46)May 5 Full colorization of local news[26].
  • 1981 (56)May 10 Company building expansion and renovation (new studio and installation of small hall)[27].
  • 1983 (58)May 5 CM bankIntroduction[28].
  • 1985 (60)May 12 Multiplex audio broadcastingStart[29].
  • 1989 (HeiseiFirst year)
    • 5 "Ayumi of Toyama Television XNUMX years』Published (Toyama Television Broadcasting Edition, page 151).
    • May 12 A parabolic antenna with a diameter of 3 m is installed on the 4.5rd floor.at the same timeSNGIn-vehicle stationStarted operation of[30].
  • 1994 (6)May 1 CIAs part of, the abbreviation was changed from T34 to BBT.
  • 1997 (9)
  • 1999 (11)May 1 New office building completed[31].
  • 2005 (17)May 11 Digital terrestrial broadcastingCorresponding master update (ToshibaMade).
  • 2006 (18)
    • May 4 Start of terrestrial digital broadcasting test broadcasting.
    • May 10 Digital terrestrial broadcasting started.
  • 2009 (21)May 11 "Unazuki Ohara"・"Hosoi InotaniBoth digital relay stations have been opened. This completes the development of digital relay stations in Toyama Prefecture.Reference link
  • 2011 (23)May 7 The regular terrestrial analog broadcasting ended at noon on this day, and the wave stopped completely at 11:59:59 pm.Complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting.
  • 2013 (25)May 1ToToyama Commercial Broadcasting 3 Stations Joint Campaign TV is Lee Lo Ha !?Has started.
  • 2019 (31ReiwaFirst year)May 6 Toyama FM BroadcastingConcluded a disaster news cooperation agreement with[33].
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa) "50 years history of Toyama TV broadcasting』Published (Toyama Television Broadcasting Edition, page 194)[34]..In addition, the master control room (master) equipment was updated around the end of August.


master station
Relay station
  • Fukumitsu: 20ch
  • Unazuki: 50ch
  • Takaoka Futagami: 40ch
  • Fine entry: 40ch
  • Mt. Ooyama Omi: 40ch
  • Himi: 18ch
  • Himi Ronden: 18ch
  • Unazuki Ohara: 18ch
  • Hosoi Inotani: 18ch

Analog broadcasting

As of July 2011, 7

master station

Channel position in the analog era5Or12Many households set it to.

Network transition

Main programs on air

Taizi TheSubtitled broadcasting.

In-house program

* Once aired on the Kanto Independent UHF5 company newsThe title has the same name as, but the content is completely different.
* 11:50 --12:00 is "FNN Live News days』Temporarily suspended.
  • Learn from here, the future of Japan (Saturday 17: 15-17: 30, irregular broadcast)
  • HEROES (Saturday 5:50-6:00, etc.)
  • Notice from Toyama City (Sunday 6:56-7:00)
  • Geographic Toyama (Sunday 11:45 --11:50)
  • I like it! Bee-chan(Monday --Friday 5:15 --5:20, Saturday 5:50 --5:55, Sunday 4:10 --4:15)
  • Sa Ki Do Li! (Monday-Friday 14:50-14:55)
  • On air (Monday-Friday 15:25-15:30, Monday-Thursday 21:54-22: 00, Tuesday-Friday 0:25-0:30, Saturday 0:55-0:59)
  • J LeagueCatale ToyamaHome game broadcast (SKY PerfecTV!Relay charge)
    • J3 leagueIn 2015, the first year of demotion, live broadcasting was not performed due to the limitation of the number of relays.

Fuji TV series

Affiliated station production programs andDelay netDescribe the program.

TV Asahi series

TV Tokyo series

Independent station production program

Other programs

  • Good Monoplus (Monday-Friday 14:50-15:20) Broadcast slots for TV shopping, etc.
  • Stage D (Monday 1:25 --3:15 (Sunday midnight) * Broadcast time may vary depending on the program) Mainly broadcast variety programs (2-hour special version, etc.).

Programs broadcast in the past

In-house program

Fuji TV programs

Other series of programs

Rebroadcast programs are not described here unless otherwise specified. ★ mark indicates that the program itself is ongoing

TBS series

Tulip TVUntil the opening of the station, ○ will shift to Tulip TV.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross→Super Dimension Century Augustine→Super Dimension Knight Southern Cross

TV Asahi series

* Toyama TV is affiliated with TV Asahi, probably because it has a close relationship with the Asahi Shimbun.Delay netThere were many programs.
  • Deadly series(Before ABC production and elimination of intestinal twist)
Deathblower→Deadly Punisher→Helper run→Kurayami Shitomen→Mortal work→Deadly Punishment Business→Deadly worker→Hissatsu Karakurin→Hissatsu Karakurin / Blood Wind Edition→Shin Hissatsu Shioki→Shin Hissatsu Karakurijin Tokaido XNUMXrd Killing Journey→Edo Professional Hissatsu→Hissatsu Karakurin, Tomitake Hyakukei Killing Trip→Shobe! Deadly wandering→Deadly worker→Hissatsu Shimain→New deadly worker→New deadly dancer→Hissatsu Shigoto III→Hissatsu Watashinin→Deadly Worker IV→Hissatsu Shikirin→Deadly Worker V→Hissastu Hashikake→Hissatsu Shigoto V / Fierce Fighting Edition→Hissatsu Masshigura!→Hissatsu Shigoto V / Whirlwind Edition→Hissatsu Shigoto V, Ryutora Fengyun→Hissatsu Kengekin→Deadly worker, clash!
Regatta-I was with you forever-,Fate 1969-2010 -Once Upon A Time In Tokyo-,Police Department Disappeared Person Investigation Division,Prosecutor Heihachiro Onijima

(There is a half-year pause between Z Gundam and Gundam ZZ)

Pointed hat memol→Hi Step Jun→Maple Town Story→New Maple Town Story Palm Town→Surprised man(Only in the 15-minute frame era, it will be discontinued in episode 12, and later it will be netted on KNB)
Brave Exkaiser→Sun Hero Brave→Legendary Hero Da Gaan(Transition from midway to early morning) → (* Temporary broadcast discontinuation) →Brave Police Jay Decker→The Brave of Gold Gold→Brave Command Doug On
※ However,Brave Express Might GaineOnly aired on KNB.

TV Tokyo series

Anime / SFX / Educational programs
Other programs


Fuji TV series programs that were transferred from Kitanihon Broadcasting at the time of opening

Fuji TV programs that were online during the T34 era


Incumbent announcer

  • Yuko Tani(Yuko Tani, 1992-)
  • Mayumi Fukatsu(Mayumi Fukatsu, 1999-2005, during this timeMe ~ TeleAfter working as an announcer, April 2016-)
  • Naoro Yoshimura(Takao Yoshimura, April 2002-)
  • (Ito Keisuke, April 2009-)
  • (Misa Yano, 2012-September 2017, April 9-, returned to Toyama TV for the first time in 2019 years.NHK Nagasaki, OriginalTV West JapanPress contract)
  • Tomoki Ogawa(Tomoki Ogawa, April 2018-)
  • (Abe Kanau April 2020-)
  • (Tomohiro Nishimura April 2020-)
  • Reimi Morita(Remi Morita, April 2020-)

The former announcer


Official app

Released the original communication app "BBT app" on October 2020, 10 and started the service.The concept is "useful!" "Make Toyama more enjoyable!".In addition to Toyama news, national news, weather information, and special pages, BBT magazines (articles linked to in-house produced programs, original articles by BBT announcers, etc.) and app-only coupons that can be used at stores and facilities in the prefecture are distributed. ..

Developed by bibit Co., Ltd. (a company established by Toyama Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and MARBLE Co., Ltd.) as a new news / living information provision tool that conveys information that consumers want to know "faster" and "more in detail" in addition to television broadcasting. Was done.This is a utilization project by subsidizing the second digital revolution promotion frame of the Toyama Prefecture regional enterprise revival support project cost subsidy.[53].

Mascot character

The mascot character isBee-chan.

At the beginning of the station, "U-chan boyI was using the character[54].

Successive catchphrases

  • 8 love. BBT (since October 2006)
  • 88 in Toyama (from April 2015)
  • Best! BBT (from January 2018)
  • PUSH! (From January 2022)

Related Companies

  • Toyama TV Business Co., Ltd .: Video production (program / VP / CM) business, WEB production, advertising agency business, flower business (flower mate)
  • Ltd.CPA: Publishing, WEB production, advertising agency business
  • Toyama paging service : Tele messageGroup (dissolution)


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