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🏛 | Former Prime Minister Abe has a blatant counterattack!Complaining about Prime Minister Kishida's main policy, "Few people understand it."

Photo Frustrated MAX (former Prime Minister Abe) / (C) Nikkan Gendai

Former Prime Minister Abe has a blatant counterattack!Complaining about Prime Minister Kishida's main policy, "Few people understand it."

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"Although not much reported, Mr. Kishida said at a related meeting of the Davos Conference on the 18th that important people from each country gathered, saying about Abenomics," It is not enough to transform into a sustainable and inclusive Japanese economy. That's clear. "

Anger seems to be quite strong.Former Prime Minister Abe has begun to criticize Kishida's main policy, "new capitalism."From the Kishida administration ... → Continue reading

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This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum(World Economic Forum,British: World Economic Forum, WEF) aims to create global, regional and industrial challenges and work to improve world affairs through the collaboration of economic, political, academic and other social leaders.International organization.1971/ToeconomistKlaus SchwabWas founded by.Switzerland OfcolonyHeadquartered in, it has the form of a non-profit foundation in the country.

SwissDavosAnnual General Meeting held in, so-called "Davos ConferenceIs particularly well known, and about 2,500 people were selected.Intellectual,journalist,Multi national companyManagementAnd internationalPoliticsIt is a place where top leaders such as leaders gather together to discuss important issues facing the world, including health and the environment.In addition, the institutionEast Asia,Latin AmericaHeld 6-8 regional conferences, etc.Chugokuas well as the United Arab EmiratesAlso holds a separate annual meeting.In addition to the conference, the institution also publishes various research reports and engages in activities such as members engaging in industry-related initiatives. The 2011 Annual Meeting in Davos was held January 1-26. The 30 General Assembly was held January 2012-1 under the theme of "The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models". The 25 General Assembly was held January 29-2013 under the theme of "Resilient Dynamism" in response to a statement by founder Klaus Schwab that "the need for global cooperation has never been more important". Was done. The 1 Annual Meeting was held January 23-27 under the theme of "The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business". The 2014 Annual Meeting was held under the theme of "The New Global Context".


World Economic ForumSwitzerland OfGenevacolonyThe headquarters is located in.2006/ToChugoku OfBeijing,The United States of America Ofニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIn 2009Japan OfTokyoOpened an office in.The forum is fair and non-profit, no matter whatPoliticsProfit, party interestsNational interestIt is an organization unrelated to.United NationsHe holds the position of observer of the Economic and Social Council of Switzerland and is under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Government.The highest decision-making body is a foundation board consisting of 31 people.The mission is to "work to improve the status quo of the world."

2009/Over 5 participants from 91 countries at the five-day annual meetingDavosWe met together at.As a breakdown, about 75% are managers selected from the members of the forum, and the members are composed of 1,000 leading companies in each industrial sector from all over the world. In 2009, more than 1,170 CEOs and chairmen from the world's top companies participated.Other major participants from around the world include 40 heads of state, 64 cabinet ministers, 30 international organization heads and senior officials, and 10 public figures, including 219 ambassadors.Also, as a participant from civil societyNGO32 representatives of the organization, 225 media leaders, 149 leaders of academic institutions and think tanks, 15 with different beliefsReligiousLeader,UnionOver 11 members participated, including 432 organization leaders.

Board of directors

It is composed of a wide range of leaders in business, politics, academic societies, civic activities, and culture.The current number of councilors is 31.

Executive Chairman

The chairman is Klaus Schwab.


The highest decision-making body, currently 31 councilors

  • Mukesh Ambani: The largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, an Indian businessman.
  • Marc Benioff: Founder of salesforce.com, an American internet entrepreneur.
  • Peter Brabeck Let's Matt: Austrian businessman, Honorary Chairman of Nestlé.
  • Thomas Boubel: Chief Executive Officer of AXA, a major insurance and financial group.
  • Mark Carney: UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance,Bank of EnglandPresident,Financial Stability Board(FSB) Chair,Bank of CanadaHe served as president.
  • Larry Fink: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock, the world's largest asset management company.
  • Chrystia Freeland: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada.
  • Orit Gaddish: Chairman of the consulting firm Bain & Company.
  • Kristalina Georgieva: IMF board member from Bulgaria.
  • Fabiola Gianotti: Italian particle physicist,European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN) Secretary General.
  • Al Gore: 45th United StatesVice President.
  • Herman Gref: Russian politician, CEO and chairman of Sberbank of Russia.
  • Angel Greer: Mexican economist, OECD Secretary-General (2006-2012).
  • André Hoffmann: Swiss businessman, philanthropist, founder of the pharmaceutical company Roche and vice chairman of the company.
  • Paula Ingabire: Minister of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda.
  • Christine Lagarde:European Central BankPresident.
  • Yo-Yo Ma: American cellist.
  • Peter Maurer: President of the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • Luis Alberto Moreno: Former Colombian Diplomat, Inter-American Development Bank Governor (2005-2020).
  • Patrice Motsepe: South African businessman, founder and chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, a mining company
  • Rania al-Abdullah:JordanKingAbdullah IIQueen of.
  • L. Rafael Life: American engineer and president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • David M. Rubenstein: American businessman, co-founder and co-chairman of The Carlyle Group.
  • Mark Schneider: Nestlé CEO.
  • Klaus Schwab: President of the World Economic Forum.
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam: Senior Minister of Singapore.
  • Jim Hagemann Snave: Chairman of Siemens.
  • Julie Sweet: CEO of Accenture, a comprehensive consulting firm.
  • Fake Sibesma: Dutch owner,
  • Heizo Takenaka: Japanese politician, businessman, and professor emeritus at Keio University.
  • Zhu Min: Chinese economist.

Board of directors

Currently 6 people.


The operating funds of the World Economic Forum are made up of 1,000 member companies.Many of the member companies are global companies with sales of over $ 50 billion, but the size of sales varies by industry and region.In addition, member companies are ranked high in each industry and country, and play a leading role in determining the future of each industry and region.Currently, each member company has a basic annual membership fee of 5.Swiss franc, To the annual meeting in DavosCEOWe have paid CHF 2 as an annual meeting participation fee for the participation of.Industry partners have paid CHF 5,000 and strategic partners have paid CHF 25, playing an important role in the forum's initiative.

In addition, these companies rank high within each industry and country (generally millions).U.S. dollarBased on the sales ofFinancial institutionThe standard in the case ofAsset(Based on), according to the review of the forum's selection committee, it plays a leading role in determining the future of each industry and region.Industry partnersconstruction,aviation,Technology,Tourism,Food,Beverage,engineering,金融Various services, etc.industryAnd keeps an eye on the global challenges that have the greatest impact on each industry.


Annual General Meeting in Davos

The most important meeting of the World Economic Forum is at the end of January every yearDavosIt is an annual general meeting held in.Switzerland・ In addition to the CEOs of 1,000 forum member companies, they were elected to the annual meeting held at a resort in the Alps.政治家, Academia, NGOs, religious leaders,MediaRepresentatives meet in one place.Only invitees can attend the annual meeting.

Approximately 2,200 participants will gather at the five-day event and attend more than 5 sessions of the official program.The focus of the discussion is on global concerns (International conflict,poverty,Environment issuesEtc.) and possible solutions.Online, print media,radio,tv setAbout 500 people who belong tojournalistWill also participate in this annual meeting.Media professionals can participate in all sessions of the official program, some of which will also be available on the webcast.

Everything about Davos' general debateYouTubeBut you can browse the photosFlickrIt is provided free of charge, and the main remarks areTwitterYou can refer to it at.World Economic Forum 2007,MySpace,FacebookWe have opened a page on social media platforms such as.

At the 2009 Annual Meeting, general public on "Davos Debates" on YouTubeCitizenWas invited to attend, and one of the users was to attend the annual meeting. The "Davos Question" channel, which opened on YouTube in 1, was a two-way exchange between YouTube users and world leaders gathered in Davos, and the leaders were set up at the congress center at the venue. I asked for an answer from the YouTube video corner. The 2008 press conference was streamed livestream through Qik and Mogulus, allowing anyone to ask questions to the speakers. In 2008 and 2006,Reuters Ofsecond LifeSelected participants at the internal bureauInterviewThe closing ceremony was streamed.


Approximately 2008 public figures (head of state class, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, heads of international organizations and senior officials) participated in the 250 Annual Meeting.Typical attendees areAbdoulaye Wade President of Senegal,Abdullah Ah Malaysian Prime Minister,Alvaro Uribe President of Colombia,Anders Fogh Rasmussen NATO Secretary General,Ban Kibun UN Secretary-General,Condoleezza Rice 前US Secretary of State,Giurcani Ferenc HungaryPrime Minister,François Fillon French Prime Minister,Gloria Macapagal Arroyo President of the Philippines,Gordon Brown British Prime Minister,Hermid Karzai アフガニスタンPresident,Ilham Aliev President of Azerbaijan,Jan Peter Balkenende Dutch Prime Minister, Lee Bollinger Columbia UniversityThe president,Lee Shen Long Prime Minister of Singapore,Pervez Musharraf President of Pakistan,Rania JordanQueen, Robert McGregor, Ruth Simmons Brown universityThe president,Salam Fayyad Palestinian Authority Prime Minister,Sali Berisha アルバニアPrime Minister,Serzh Sargsyan President of Armenia,Simon Perez President of Israel,Umar Yaradua President of Nigeria,Valdas Adamkus リトアニアPresident,Fukuda Yasuo yuanPrime Minister,Victor Yushchenko President of Ukraine,Zeng Peiyan Deputy Prime Minister of China.

Al Gore yuanUS Vice President,Bill Clinton yuanUS President,Bill Gates MicrosoftChairman, Michael Wolff Entercom Communications Director, Rock Group "U2"ofBono, NovelistPaulo Coelho,Tony BlairFormer British Prime Minister also participates in the Davos Forum every year.

For the participants so farAngela Merkel German Prime Minister,Dmitry Medvedev 前President of the Russian Federation,Henry Kissinger yuanUS Secretary of State,Nelson Mandela yuanPresident of South Africa,Raymond Barre yuanFrench Prime Minister,Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation,Drew Gilpin FaustHarvard UniversityPresident Rafael Life Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPresident, Christopher L. Ice Gruber Princeton UniversityThe president,John Hennessy Stanford UniversityThe president,Peter salovey Yale UniversityPresident, Subra Thresh Carnegie Mellon UniversityThe president,Five Gods Tokyo UniversityThe president,Muhammad Yunus, CellistJulian Lloyd Webber,Yasser Arafat Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) Chairman,Jim Yong Kim World Bank Governor,James Dimon,Nissan Motor-RenaultFormer chairmanCarlos Ghosn,Shinzo Abe Prime Minister,Kuroda Higashihiko Bank of JapanPresident,Kiyoshi Kurokawa,Shinya Yamanaka,Soichiro Takashima [1],Joseph Stiglitz,Robert Schiller,Matt Damon,Emma Watson,Angelina Jolie,Ken Watanabe,Jeff Bezos,John O'Keefe,David Rockefeller,Popeフ ラ ン シ ス コThey are listed.

RicePolitical scientistSamuel P. HuntingtonCalled the participants of the annual meeting "Davos Man".This refers to the elite of the world who consider themselves to be completely international.

New World Champions Annual Meeting

In 2007, the World Economic Forum established the "Annual Meeting of the New World Champions" (commonly known as Summer Davos) to be held in China.[2]..This event has been held in Dalian and Tianjin so far.The New World Champions Annual Meeting is a conference for companies that the World Economic Forum calls "global growth companies."The target global growth companies are mainlyChugoku,India,Russia,Mexico,BrazilSuccessful businesses based in fast-growing emerging countries such as, but also include fast-growing companies in developed countries.The conference also collaborates with next-generation global leaders around the world, fast-growing regions, competitive cities and technology pioneers.

Regional meeting

The regional conferences, which are held about 10 times each year, provide close contact with business leaders, local government leaders, and NGOs.Regional meetingAfrica,East Asia,Latin America,Middle EastWill be held at.The host countries change from year to year, but China and India have held annual conferences over the past decade.

Young Global Leaders

In 2005, the World Economic Forum launched the Young Global Leaders community as the successor to the "Global Leaders of Tomorrow."The community brings together leaders under the age of 40 from a wide variety of disciplines and sectors from around the world.Young Global Leaders is working on the 2030 Initiative, an action plan that sets out how to reach the vision of what the world should be in 2030.

List of award winners

(Same age)

  • Anousheh Ansari(Co-founder and CEO of Prodea Systems, USA)
  • Maria Consuelo Araujo (Former Foreign Minister of Colombia)
  • Lera Auerbach(Composer, pianist, writer from the former Soviet Union)
  • Ian Bremmer(President of Eurasia Group, USA)
  • Sheryl Sandberg(Director of Walt Disney Company, Facebook COO)
  • Yao Chen (actress)
  • Daniel Ek (Spotify CEO)
  • Jack Ma(Founder of Alibaba Group)
  • Ian Thorpe(Swimmers)
  • Sergey Brin(Google Co-Founder and President of Technology)
  • Larry Page(Google co-founder and president of product division)
  • Tyler Brulee (Editor-in-Chief of Global Information Magazine "MONOCLE")
  • David CameronFormer British Prime Minister
  • Marissa Mayer(Yahoo! Inc CEO)
  • Salman Khan(Founder and Executive Officer of Khan Academy)
  • Maria Bartiromo (Anchor and Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal Report)
  • Patrick Chappatte (Swiss editorial cartoonist)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio(Actor, film producer, environmental activist)
  • Olafur Eliasson(Denmark-born Icelandic artist)
  • Jens Martin Squibbstead (Founder of Biomega, Denmark)
  • Kenneth Griffin(Founder of Citadel Investment Group, USA)
  • Kelly Chan(Hong Kong singer and actress)
  • Vivek Murthy (Director General of Public Health, USA)
  • Amy Cuddy (Professor, Harvard Business School, Social Psychologist)
  • Alexander Betts (Professor, University of Oxford)
  • Hokon Crown Prince of Norway
  • Abdul Salam Haikar (CEO of Transtek Information Systems, Syria)
  • Silvana Kochmelin (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Matilde Crown Princess of Belgium
  • Euvin Naido (CEO of South African Chamber of Commerce in America (SACCA))
  • Gavin Newtham San Francisco Mayor
  • Evan Williams (Co-founder of Twitter)
  • Steve Chen (Co-founder of YouTube)
  • Manuel Roxas (Senator of the Philippines)
  • Ivanka Trump (Fashion model, Vice President of Trump Organization)
  • Andrea Sanke (Senior Presenter of News Channel France 24)
  • Peter Ciel (CEO of Clarium Capital Management, USA)
  • Karim Wadd (Senegalese State Minister)
  • Jimmy Wales(Founder of the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia")
  • Niklas Zennström(Skype co-founder)
  • Felix Maladiaga (Founder of Instituto de Liderazgo de la Sociedad Civil)
  • Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook CEO)
  • Elon Musk(CEO of Tesla Motors, Chairman of SolarCity, CEO of SpaceX)
  • David de Rothschild (Adventurer, Founder of "Adventure Ecology")

Major winners from Japan

(By year, title is at the time of selection)

  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009[3]
  • 2010[4]
  • 2011[5]
  • 2012
    • Kentaro Iemoto(President and CEO of Clara Online)
    • Mitsuru Izumo (President and CEO of Euglena)
    • Drue Kataoka (artist)
    • Rin Kobayashi(ISAK CEO)
    • Junya Kondo(President and CEO of Hatena)
    • Toshihiro Nakamura (Co-founder and CEO of Kopernik)
    • Yoko Sano(Cookpad President and Director)
    • Kunihiko Shimada (Ministry of the Environment, President and CEO of KS International Strategies)
    • Masahiro Suda (Co-CEO of Enigmo)
    • Satoshi Yamamoto(Deputy General Manager, Product Planning Department, Daiwa Securities)
  • 2013
    • Makoto Komatsu(President and CEO of Music Securities)
    • Shokei Matsumoto (Monk, CEO of the future of the temple)
    • Taro Otsuka(President and CEO of Otsuka Warehouse)
    • Yohei Shibasaki (President and CEO of Force Valley Concierge)
    • Naoichi Suzuki(Mayor of Yubari)
    • Daisuke Tsuda(Journalist, Neologue representative control)
  • 2014[6]
    • Iwao Aso(President and Group Chairman Aso)
    • Ken Endo(Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratories)
    • Keida Goda(Professor, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
    • Kentaro Ichiya (Creative Director of Hakuhodo)
    • Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan (Visiting Researcher, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies)
    • Soichiro Minami(President and CEO of Visional, Inc.)
    • Suzuki Hidetaka(Governor of Mie Prefecture)
  • 2015
    • Naomi Koshi(Mayor of Otsu)
    • (Development Bank of Japan Chief)
  • 2016
    • Sotaro Uemura (Professor, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
    • Kentaro Katayama (Assistant Accountant, Accounting Bureau, Ministry of Finance)
    • Kojun Otani (25th generation gatekeeper of the Jodo Shinshu Honganji school)
  • 2017
    • Sputniko! (Artist)
    • Pallavi Aiyar
    • Dana Tateo Leong
  • 2019
    • Genki Oda (Remixpoint Co., Ltd./BitPoint Japan Co., Ltd.)
    • Yasukane Matsumoto (Raksul Inc.)
  • 2020
    • Katsuya Uenoyama (PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd.)
    • Akiko Naka (Wantedly Co., Ltd.)
    • Fumiaki Kobayashi (Liberal Democratic Party)
  • 2021
    • Shiho Higashi (Lily Medtech Co., Ltd.)
  • 2022
    • Yoichi Ochiai(Media artist)
    • Mirai Hirano (Cinnamon, Inc.)
    • Yuito Yamada (McKinsey & Company)

The new Young Global Leaders are elected each year, and the Young Global Leaders forum members are expected to reach 1,400.

Global Shapers Community

"Global Shapers CommunityIs a community of young people under the age of 33 with diverse backgrounds organized by the World Economic Forum.

Since the majority of the world's population is young people under the age of 27, it is organized to promote empowerment of young people in society.

Local bases called HUBs are set up and gathered in cities around the world, and the members belonging to the hubs are called "Shapers".

Participating members from Japan (including graduates)

Social entrepreneur (social entrepreneur)

Since 2000, the World Economic Forum has been promoting a model created by the world's leading social entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneur Schwab Foundation.The Foundation focuses on social entrepreneurs as the cornerstone of promoting social progress and addressing social issues.Selected social entrepreneurs will be invited to the forum's regional and annual meetings to meet with executives and senior government officials.For example, at the 2003 Annual Meeting, Geroo Villimoria met with Roberto Brois, Deputy Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union, which led to an important partnership with Child Helpline International, represented by Villimoria. It led to the establishment of.

Research report

The World Economic Forum also acts as a think tank, publishing various reports focusing on concerns and key issues for the forum community.In particular, the Forum's Strategic Insights team is focused on producing reports related to the areas of competitiveness, global risk and scenario thinking.

The competitive team publishes various economic reports each year (numbers in parentheses are the year of first publication). The Global Competitiveness Report (1979) measures national and economic competitiveness, and the Global Information Technology Report (2001) is based on the information technology system. Evaluating competitiveness, "Global Gender Gap Report (2005) examines important areas on the theme of gender inequality," Global Risks Report "(Global Risks Report) ) (2006) evaluated major global risks, "Travel/Tourism Competitiveness Report(Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report) (2007) measures competitiveness in travel and tourism, and the Global Enabling Trade Report (2008)CountryIt provides a country analysis of many means of facilitating trade between.

Multiple risks that are considered to be global in the Global Risk NetworkindustryRisks, uncertain risks, 100 billionU.S. dollarMore thanEconomyEvery year, we publish a report assessing the risks that can cause personal damage, the risks that can cause significant human injury, and the risks that require a diverse stakeholder approach to mitigate.

The scenario planning team produces issue-specific scenario reports focusing on different regions and industries.This report is intended to question the reader's hypothesis, raise awareness of key underlying factors, and provide a new way of thinking about the future.A recently released report is an important report examining the short- and long-term impacts of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis: The Future of the Global Financial System: Short-Term Outlook and Long-Term Scenarios (The Future of the Global Financial System: A Near-Term Outlook and Long-Term Scenarios),populationMovepensionandMedical OffinanceThere is "Pension and Healthcare Scenarios to 2030", which describes scenarios related to the impact on the foundation, such as "Changes in the financial situation: scenarios for pensions and medical care by 2030".


Global Health Initiative (GHI) at the 2002 Annual MeetingCoffey AnnanIt was launched by the former UN Secretary-General. GHI's mission isHIV/AIDS,tuberculosis,malariaInvite companies to participate in public-private partnerships to combat and improve the health care system.

At the Global Education Initiative (GEI), which was launched at the 2003 Annual Meeting, we are working with international IT companies.Jordan,Egypt,IndiaGovernment gathered and new to the classroomcomputerWas prepared, and the number of teachers trained by e-learning was increased.This has a great impact on children's lives.Currently, the scalable and sustainable model of GEI isRwandaIt is also adopted as an educational plan in other countries.

Environmental initiatives include climate variabilityWedIs targeted at the problem.British GovernmentIn 2005, based on the "Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change"Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHeld at Glen EaglesG8 SummitTo promote dialogue with the business worldGreenhouse gasRequested the World Economic Forum to put together recommendations for reductions.This set of recommendations, approved by a group of CEOs around the world, was published in July 2008.HokkaidoLake ToyaHeld atG8 SummitIt was shown to the leaders prior to.

In the Water Initiative, Alcan Inc., Swiss Agency for International Development (SDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) India,United Nations Development Program(UNDP) India, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII),Rajasthangovernment,NEPAD(New partnership for African development) Is gathering to promote public-private partnerships in water management in South Africa and India. corruptionThe Anti-Corruption Partner Initiative (PACI), which aims to eradicate corruption, was launched by CEOs of the engineering, construction, energy, metal and mining industries at the annual meeting held in Davos in January 2004. PACI is a forum for exchanging views on actual experiences and situations that lead to dilemmas. About 1 companies participate in PACI.


Technology Pioneer Program

The Technology Pioneer Program selects companies from around the world who are involved in the design and development of new technologies.This award is given to 30 to 50 companies every year. As of 2008, 391 companies have been selected as technology pioneers.This award was first awarded in 2003.Technology pioneers are proactive and innovative, with the goal of keeping pace with the World Economic Forum's efforts to improve the status quo of the world and selecting issues to address for the future from the global agenda. And he works in an entrepreneurial way.The goal of the forum is to bring together technology pioneer executives and scientists, scholars, NGOs, forum members and partners.vaccineDiscovery,economic growthIt is to find new possibilities in how to utilize the technology for creating new technologies and strengthening global communications.


Klaus SchwabWas a professor at the University of Geneva, who specializes in business administration at the time, in 1971.Western EuropeNationalCompanyFirst to invite 444 executives fromEuropeA management symposium was held.The venue is the recently constructed Davos Congress Center.Schwab, under the auspices of the European Commission and the European Industrial Union, sought to introduce US business practices to European companies.Schwab then set up the European Management Forum as a non-profit organization headquartered in Geneva, inviting European business leaders to the annual meeting in Davos every January.

Schwab has devised a "stakeholder" management approach that relies on executives for corporate success, taking into account all stakeholders.Stakeholders in this case refer to communities where not only shareholders and customers, but also employees and companies such as governments are based. A major incident that occurred in 1973, that is, centered on the fixed exchange rate systemBretton Woods regimeCollapse, andMiddle East WarThe theme of the annual meeting is from management to economy社会 問題For the first time, political leaders were invited to the Davos Forum in January 1974.

The European Management Forum changed its name to the World Economic Forum in 1987 and worked to expand its vision by providing a place to resolve international disputes.Political leaders use the Davos Forum as a neutral forum to bridge disagreements. In 1988GreeceとTurkeyThe "Davos Declaration" adopted by the war was evaded on the verge of war. At the 1992 Annual MeetingFrederik Willem Declark Former President of South AfricaNelson Mandela It was the first time in a country other than South Africa to meet with South African President Mangosuthu Buteriji, Inkatha Freedom Party Chairman. At the 1994 Annual General Meeting,IsraelMinister of Foreign AffairsSimon PerezとYasser Arafat Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) The Chair has agreed on an agreement on the Gaza and Jericho districts. In 2008,Bill Gates MicrosoftThe chairman gave a keynote speech on "creative capitalism".Creative capitalism is a form of capitalism that harnesses the power of the market to address the needs of the poor and to both create profits and resolve world inequality.


Late 1990s,Major countries summit,World Bank,World Trade Organization,International Monetary FundWith資本主義とGlobalizationClaims to increase poverty and destroy the environmentAnti-globalizationReceived severe criticism from activists.MelbourneAt the World Economic Forum held in Tokyo, 1,500 demonstrators protested and 200 representatives were blocked from entering the conference hall.Around the annual meeting in DavosDemonstration activitiesIs occurring repeatedly.Bono(U2) Ironically called "the rich people gathering in the snow."

2003/From the January Annual Meeting, Open Forum Davos (Switzerland)ProtestantCo-sponsored by the Church Union), it provides a place for the general public to discuss globalization.The open forum is held annually at a local high school, inviting prominent politicians and business leaders, and is open to the public for free.

The annual meeting is also referred to as "a mixture of glitz and staleness," and has been criticized for keeping away serious economic problems and producing little substantive results.In particular, they have little or no economic expertiseNongovernmental organizationIt is mentioned in the spear ball that the participation of is increasing.The Davos Conference, alongside key figures in the business and political world, is now more of a media interest than a discussion with insightful experts on the subject of the global economy (world climate change and Africa's). Focuses on AIDS issues, etc.).

In addition, the statistics and rankings published by the World Economic Forum use some arbitrary statistics, and there are criticisms that there is a problem with reliability.[7].

Public security costs

In January 2000, 1 protesters marched in Davos, during which time the localsMcDonald'sThe window was broken.Davos meetingsecurityHas been strengthened and demonstrators have been moved away from this Alpine resort, the demonstrators are mainly in SwitzerlandZurich,Bern,BaselIt is done in.Security costs shared by the World Economic Forum, Swiss states, and national authorities have been repeatedly criticized by the Swiss domestic media.[8].

Impact from investing supporters

Further involvement,Kennedy SchoolAuthorized members in(English edition)WEF's strategic partners (who have the ability to set an intellectual agenda for the conference and are rewarded for their contributions at the annual conference) have serious criminal, civil or human rights. He points out that he has continued to condemn the breach of the forum, a prominent issue raised about the legitimacy of the Forum as a neutral convener on certain topics.[9]


"Davos"[Note 1] Refers to the (dominant) rich global eliteCoined wordYet, their members see themselves as completely "international."that isWall streetApplies to leading financial firms inWorld leaderSimilar to the term Master of Universe.

The Davos speculate that their identities are an individual choice, not their origin. Believe in the word "Davos" firstSociologist OfSamuel P. HuntingtonAccording to them, they "have no need for state loyalty, see the border as an obstacle that should have disappeared thankfully, and see the state government as its only useful function is the global manipulation by the elite. Think of it as a relic of the past that facilitates[10] .2004/In "Dead Souls: The Denationalization of the Americal Elite" in the article, Huntington argues that this international perspective is in the position of a minority elitist and cannot be shared with the nationalist majority of the nation.[11].

DavosThe supranational ideology ofLiberal democracy The end of history and the last human beingWhere is to present the full satisfaction ofFrancis FukuyamaTo present a serious problem to the claim ofHudson Institute Of(English edition)Suggested.[12]


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