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🏛 | [Indonesia] New capital bill passed by the Diet [Economy] Partial function transfer by 24

Photo The new capital of Kalimantan Island consists of the central area (red, about 6,180 hectares) where government agencies are located and the surrounding area (yellow) (from the bill material obtained from the Diet website).

[Indonesia] New capital bill passed by the Diet [Economy] Partial function transfer by 24

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The new capital will be set up in North Punajam Pasul, East Kalimantan, more than 1,200 kilometers away from Jakarta.

On the 18th, the Indonesian Parliament passed a new capital bill on the relocation of the capital from Jakarta to the eastern part of Kalimantan Island at the plenary session ... → Continue reading

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East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan(Higashi Karimantan Shu,Indonesian: Kalimantan Timur, abbreviation: Kaltim)Indonesia OfState.. State capitalSamarinda.Kalimantan (BorneoIt is one of the five Indonesian states in (Indonesia side).The area isPapuaIt is the second largest in the province of Indonesia.The population is 302 (8487 census).In addition to the provincial capital, Balikpapan and Kutai Province are among the most populous areas. In 2010, the northern prefectureNorth KalimantanSeparated as.

Administrative division

East Kalimantan is divided into 10 provinces and 4 cities. year 2012,(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),Tarakan City North KalimantanSeparated as.


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  1. Balikpapan
  2. Samarinda
  3. Bontang

Former East Kalimantan (now North Kalimantan)

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  5. Tarakan City


This state is the oldest in IndonesiaHindukingdomKutai KingdomIt is known that there was.Kutai KingdomThe existence of the monument was revealed by the discovery of a stone monument (Indonesian: Prasasti), and records of the worship of Hinduism by King Mulawarman of Kutai are recorded.Currently the real thingStone monument TheJakartaIt is stored in the National Museum ofSanskritWritten in letters.Reproductions can be seen at the Samarinda State Office.

Capital relocation

2019 year 8 month,JokoThe president is the capitalJakartaTheJavaFrom to the outside of JavaCapital relocationDeclared that.As the best candidate site for the new capitalBorneoThe east coast is an area that covers both prefectures with East Kalimantan.BalikpapanAnnounced that Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, will be relocated to the suburbs[1]..The name of the new capital is "NusantaraWas passed by the Indonesian Parliament, the Secretary of the National Development Planning Agency, Suharso, announced on January 2022, 1.[2][3].

The relocation of the capital required an expense of about 3 trillion yen and a period of 4000 years.[4],New coronavirusThe implementation of the plan is postponed due to the influence of the spread of the infection, and it is expected to be after the latter half of the 2030s.[5].

熱 帯 雨林

A major problem in the state is illegal logging.Now rich熱 帯 雨林Remains in the northern part of Kayan Mentarang National Park.


East Kalimantan economyoil,Natural gas,coal,FriIt relies on natural resources such as.For Balikpapan,Second World Warbefore NetherlandsThere is an oil refinery built by.It was destroyed during the war, but was rebuilt by the Indonesian government.Other industries areAgriculture:とtourismIs.Tourist destinations in East Kalimantan are the Derawan Islands in Blau Province, Kayan Mentarang National Park in Manukhan Province, the crocodile garden in Balikpapan, the deer garden in Punajam Province, and the Dayak tribe in Samarinda. There is Pampang village and so on.The major obstacles to the state's economic developmentTransportationinfrastructureThe state's transportation relies on freighters connecting coastal cities and the Mahakam River basin.


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