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🏛 | Funding for Choose Life Project, approved by Constitutional Democratic Secretary General Fukuyama [Full comment]


Funding for Choose Life Project, approved by Constitutional Democratic Secretary-General Fukuyama [Full comment]

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Regarding funding from the Constitutional Democratic Party, five people, including Daisuke Tsuda, Natsuki Yasuda, and Keiko Kojima, who have appeared on CLP programs, announced a protest statement jointly on January 5.

"Choose Life Project" (CLP ...), which distributes videos on various social issues. → Continue reading

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Daisuke Tsuda

Daisuke Tsuda(Daisuke Tsuda,1973/May 11 - [1]) IsJapan Ofjournalist[2],caster.

Neologue Co., Ltd.CEO,InstituteInternet User AssociationRepresentative Director.Osaka University of EconomicsFaculty of Information SociologyVisiting Professor,Asahi ShimbunEditorial Writer,Niigata DailyspecialEditorial boardAlso serves concurrently.

Waseda University Faculty of Social SciencesAfter graduation,Net runnerAfter working in the editorial department, established Neolog Co., Ltd. in 1999.[3][4].. In 2013, he launched the political media site "Politas". 2014,Kyoto University of Art and DesignFaculty of Arts, Department of Literary ExpressionVisiting ProfessorInaugurated (until 2017)[5].

Kansai UniversityFaculty of InformaticsProject Professor,Kyoto University of Art and DesignFaculty of ArtsVisiting Professor, Department of Literary Expression,Tokyo Institute of TechnologyLiberal Arts Center Part-time Lecturer,Sophia UniversityDepartment of literatureNewspaper departmentPart-time lecturer,Waseda University Faculty of LiteratureHe has served as a professor.


TokyoKitaTakino RiverBackground[6]..Father KimioSocialist associationA sect activistJapanese Socialist Party(Current:Social Democratic Party) Vice-chairmanTorao TakazawaHe also served as a private secretary to a member of the House of Representatives.The mother is an employee of a national university. I have a younger sister under 2 years old[7][8].Red flagHe states that reading "Red Flag" when he was a junior high school student was the catalyst for becoming a "writer".[9].

Tokyo Metropolitan Kitazono High SchoolHe said that he used to play games with his friends in the club room without going to class because the school spirit was free with no uniforms or school rules.He says that he belongs to multiple club activities such as band activities, and the newspaper club that he was doing with his friends is the current origin.He recalls that the newspaper advertising income of 2 to 3 yen for each newspaper issue and the annual budget of 30 from the school were used for eating and drinking of the members.[10]..Because I wasn't in class, all the college entrance exams I had when I was active fell and I became a ronin. 1年間の予備校生活を経てAfter a year of prep school lifeWaseda University Faculty of Social SciencesSchool of Political Science and Economics, Meiji UniversityPassed,Waseda UniversitySelected[10].


By 2010, the live broadcast of Tsuda was noticed on Twitter, and the word "tsuda" became popular.[11][12]..Tsuda said he began posting the council's discussions on Twitter in real time when he was a member of the council on copyright issues in the spring of 2007.[12]..According to Tsuda, this word was obsolete by 2012[13].

Aichi Triennale 2019

September 2017, 8, ``Aichi Triennale 2019Appointed as artistic director[14][15].

The art festival opened on August 2019, 8.Special exhibition of the art festival "Inconvenient expression exhibition・ The exhibition was canceled due to criticism and intimidation of "afterwards".The executive committee's cancellation of the exhibition and its subsequent resumptionHideaki OmuraWith the governorTakashi KawamuraMayor of NagoyaConflict occurred and developed into a political problem[16][17][18][19]..I was also influenced by the Liberal Democratic PartyHirohiro UehataKobe City CouncilScheduled to attend due to protests by lawmakersKobe CityThe symposium on contemporary art (held on August 8) sponsored by the Kobe Citizens' Culture Promotion Foundation, an affiliated organization of Kobe, was forced to cancel.[20].

August 2020, 8, Orthopedic SurgeonKatsuya TakasuKawamura played a central role in signing the recall movement for Governor Omura.[21]..On August 8, the same year, Takasu said, "We spread false information on Twitter and interfered with the signing campaign for recalls."Tomohiro Machiyama,Rika Kayama, Tsuda filed criminal accusation with Aichi Prefectural Police[22].

Furthermore, "" led by Takasu and KawamuraTax reduction JapanOfNagoya City CouncilOn October 3, the same year, they filed a lawsuit with the Nagoya District Court over the Aichi Triennale, asking Aichi Prefecture to claim damages of about 10 million yen from Omura and Tsuda.[23].

On November 11, the same year, Takasu announced that he would stop signing activities in the middle of the year due to the worsening of his cancer condition.[24][25]..In response to this, Tsuda on the same dayTwitterPosted as follows[26].

It's okay to cancel, but the signatures of 43 people collected, there are reports that "there are a lot of signatures of the same handwriting" from multiple selections, and reports that "I entered my name even though I did not sign" If it is true, it is a big problem that hinders sound democracy, so please ask the media for additional coverage of this matter.

On November 11th of the same year, Takasu protested against Tsuda's tweet on Twitter, saying, "Does Tsuda look like a person who votes illegally? I will never cheat."[27].

On February 2021, 2, the Aichi Prefectural Election Commission announced the results of a survey that 1% of the submitted signatures of about 43 people were invalid.[28][29]..Was the executive secretary of the recallTakahiro TanakaAre known to be involved[30].

Documents sent due to signature obstruction 

September 2021, 9 in Aichi PrefectureHideaki OmuraRegarding the signing movement for the governor's recallTwitter"People who participated in the recall of the prefectural governor, the real name and address will be announced to the citizens of the prefecture in the Aichi prefectural gazette."Rika Kayama,Tomohiro MachiyamaWith 4 peopleLocal government lawOn suspicion of violationDocument inspectionIt became clear that it had been done[31].

Chronological Table

1990 era
  • 1997/ --Started writing as an IT-related writer while attending Waseda University School of Social Sciences.
  • 1999/ --Established Neologue Co., Ltd. and CEO.
2000 era
  • 2002/ --Opened a personal news site "Music Distribution Memo" (blog).
  • 2006/
    • Established Natalie Co., Ltd., Director (--July 2014).
    • Cultural CouncilIn charge of expert advisors in multiple subcommittees in the Copyright Subcommittee (-2008)[32].
  • 2007/
  • 2008/
    • Vice President of Information and Communication Policy Forum (ICPF), a specified non-profit organization (-March 2014)
    • Founder and founder of the Forum for Experts in the Digital Content Law.
    • Founder and founder of the Content Society.
    • Member of the Broadband Association "P2P-related Problem Study Group", a specified non-profit organization.
2010 era

Remarks / Claims

  • In 2007, at the Private Recording and Recording Subcommittee of the Copyright Subcommittee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, which was a member of the committee, regarding the illegal download proposed by the music and film industry, "There is a high possibility that punishment will be imposed in the future. There is no doubt that copyrighted works other than music and video, such as texts and photographs, will be covered at the request of the industry. That would cause great confusion over the Internet in general. "[37].
  • 2014 years,Democratic PartyIn the bulletin "Press Democracy", "MinorityOf peoplehuman rightsAnd of societyDiversityI think the key to the revival of the Democratic Party in the future is whether or not we can become a party that keeps an eye on us. "Why don't you argue about'what is the new liberal'and recreate the platform again?", "I'm looking forward to the Democratic Party."[38].
  • South Korea OfLee Myung-boPresident OfTakeshimaTaking the opportunity of landing,Shin-OkuboIn response to the protests that took place in 2013, the Democratic Party of JapanYoshio Arita,Lawyer OfKenji Utsunomiya,Koichi YasudaSent a message criticizing the protest demonstration with us[39].
  • "All the citizens who do not allow discriminatory remarks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly"Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Heckler ProblemWhen I held an event about, I moderated it. "For womenDiscrimination·Human rights violations","Recall (local government)"Society can only be changed by each person implementing an action plan." For the eventChange.orgRepresentative of JapanHarris Suzuki Emi,Lotus,Mizuho FukushimaEtc. participated[40].
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Heckler ProblemFumika ShiomuraAgainst the Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyYajiRegarding the remark, "ThatAnachronismI think it's a shame to make such a statement. "[41].
  • During college, he belonged to the Waseda University Overdubbing Art Study Group and composed with Roland W-30. The band names are "PUPPET" and "Sync Beat Busters". The main playing instruments areBaseas well as the synthesizer.. He was also involved in composition[Source required].
  • 2016 yearsNew Word/Buzzword AwardAbout "Nursery school fell Japan dies" nominated forShuntaro TorigoeAgree with[42].
  • Newly launched on August 2017, 8Abe remodeling cabinetMinister of Foreign AffairsWas appointed toTaro KonoAbout the father'sYouno KonoHe said that he had a different political stance, and when he noticed that he was a parent and child, he said that it was judged that "this is because parents are like this." Those who were negative about taking office said, "See you again.AsiaDo you have a dogeza diplomacy? "[43].
  • In recent yearsHashtag activism"(TwitterhashtagWe are promoting political and social movements that utilize the above, and advocate its sophistication and smartness.[44][45].
  • In August 2017, when Lully Miura, who was present in the Nico Nico Live debate program "Abe away? Live broadcast saying what you want to say about cabinet reshuffle", left the office, "Is it a toilet? Is it a washroom?" "Sound While imagining the smell ... "A few days later, when I was pointed out on Twitter that this was sexual harassment, I initially denied that I had never done that, and blocked the person who pointed out.[46][47]However, after that, there were criticisms such as his attitude toward social sexual harassment cases and whether it was a double standard, and after being reported in the media etc., "I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable" "I'm sorry for the co-star I was drunk and made sexual harassment to a woman, "he officially acknowledged and apologized to Miura. "I'm going to live with my heart as a stupid behavior for the rest of my life," he said.[48]did.

Private life

Married a general woman in 2002SuginamiKoenjiIt was reported that divorce talks were underway in 2016.[6].. As of 2021Minato-kuLiving in[49].

Major books

Single Author

  • "That's why I can't stop WinMX" (Impress・2003)
  • "Google-Searching for information on the Internet using the search engine Google" (Daily Communications, 2004)
  • "Who kills" music "?" (Sho swimming company・2004)
  • "Amazon-How to use the online shop Amazon to the limit" (Daily Communications, 2005)
  • "Amazing Google Techniques That Make a Difference at Work" (Seishun Publisher・2006)
  • "How to use free software to speed up your work" (Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd., 2006)
  • "Twitter Social Theory-A New Real-Time Web Trend" (Yosensha・2009)
  • "Breathing method of information" (Asahi Publisher・2012)
  • "Revolution of Mobilization-What Has Social Media Changed?" (Chuko Shinsho Lacre, 2012)
  • "Move politics on the web!" (Asahi Shinsho・2012)
  • "Tweet & Shout New Independent Era Begins" (Tokyo News Service, 2013)
  • "Finding Jewels from the Sea of ​​Garbage Information-Future Social Media Navigation" PHP Institute <PHP Business New Book>, January 2014, 1.
  • "Surviving the Information War-Media Literacy as a Weapon" Asahi Shimbun Publishing <Asahi Shinsho>, November 2018, 11.


  • "Troubleshooting the NEC PC-98 series that works immediately" (Mainichi Communications・ 1998) Co-authored with Masaaki Takayasu
  • "Adult iPod that sticks to higher-grade mastery and goods" (Nikkei BP・ 2005) Co-authored
  • "CONTENT'S FUTURE Post-YouTube Era Creativity" (Shoeisha, 2007) Co-authored with Nobuyoshi Kodera
  • "Book Business 2.0-A New Book Ecosystem in the Web Era" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha・ 2010) Co-authored
  • "Future Survival Music Theory-What USTREAM, Twitter Has Changed" (Chuko Shinsho Rakure・ 2010) Co-authored with Kenichi Makimura
  • Co-authored "WikiLeaks that Japanese do not know" (Yosensha, 2011)
  • Co-authored "Earthquake and Nuclear Damage in the IT Era" (Impress Selection, 2011)
  • Co-authored "Society driven by real-time media: a new horizon of civic movement, public opinion formation, and journalism" (Tokyo Shoseki, 2011)
  • Co-authored "3.11 Followed by the Free Press Association of Japan" (Fusosha Publishing Co., Ltd., 2011)
  • "Mechanism of media" (Night flight・2013)Akira IkegamiCo-authored with
  • Koichi Yasuda,Meng Takano,Rika Kayama,Kunio SuzukiEtc. "Abe Administration's Net Strategy" Creation Edition New Book, 2013.
  • Kyoji Nishi, Daisuke Tsuda "To cross the border. 』Aki Shobo, May 2015, 5.
  • Hirata Oriza, Daisuke Tsuda, "The Whereabouts of Japanese Art-Why Art Creates Division?" Seigensha, June 2021, 6.

Appearance work

TV program
Radio program
  • Love & Peace (June 2015, 6,Asmik Ace,directed by:Sonoko Onsen
  • Kitazono Modern History-The Reality of Impact Hidden Behind Freedom- (2021, Director: Shindai Nakamura)


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