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🏛 | That person too ...?Artists celebrating the "30th anniversary of their debut" this year are too dangerous

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That person too ...?Artists celebrating the "30th anniversary of their debut" this year are too dangerous

If you write the contents roughly
Made a major debut with the single "18 months / young lady" of the rock band "Sharam Q".

Happy new year. Thirty years ago from 2022 (Reiwa 4), 30 is 1992.The bubble economy is ... → Continue reading

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Band (music)

Band(British: band) OrOrchestra(Gakudan) isSongThePerformanceA group that does.


If you just say "band"jazz,Lockな どPopular musicOften refers to, but in a broader senseGenreIt doesn't matter. However,OrchestraIs often distinguished from a band.The difference isElectronic musical instrument,Electric guitar,drum setSeems to be whether or not you are using[By whom?].

As a translationOrchestraThere is (Gakudan). However, when it is called an orchestra, it also includes an orchestra (orchestra), especially an orchestra.Brass bandOften refers to a group.In this case, an electronic musical instrumentGuitar, The drum set has not joined the part.

Usually mostlyMusical instrumentIt refers to a group of performers, but very rarely,vocalSometimes used for groups. For words that can be used not only by musical instrument playersunit,グループThere is.

The English word "band" means not only a music band but also a group (""Band of Brothers"Such).


By genre

rock band

mainlyLockA band whose purpose is to play. Generally, it is composed of 3 to 5 members or more (sometimes 2 members), and the composition of musical instruments is also diverse, but it is generally classified as follows. In the absence of full-time vocals, it is often the case that some or some of the members also serve as vocals.[Note 1].

3 person formation
Guitar trio
ギ タ リ ス ト+bassist+drummerThe composition of.
The basic organization of rock bands.Three-pieceSometimes called.
Keyboard trio
KeyboardistComposition of + bassist + drummer.
A three-piece that holds a keyboard instead of a guitar. Of course, it’s no longer a guitar rock band[Note 2].
4 person formation
Guitar trio + vocals
A 4-person type with individual three-piece and vocals. Another basic type of rock band that can be dedicated to the part in charge individually.
Guitar trio + guitar
A type that can hold two guitars. Compared to the three-piece type, the vocals are harder to stage flashy, but the two guitars add thickness to the sound.
Guitar trio + keyboard
A type to insert a keyboard. Similarly, the sound is thicker than the three-piece.
5 person formation
Guitar trio + vocal + guitar
There are two guitars, and a five-member group dedicated to vocals. Since there are many parts and vocals are also dedicated, the performance itself is relatively easy although there are many people.
Guitar trio + vocals + keyboard
The guitar trio will have more dedicated vocals and keyboards.Everyone is in charge of another part and is dedicated, so there is a high degree of freedom in sound.
Guitar trio + guitar + guitar
A type with three guitars. In this format, there are few bands where all three guitars are in charge of guitar at face value, and most of the time there is a "multiplayer that handles guitar".
Guitar trio + piano + synthesizer
A piano and synthesizer are included in the guitar trio.
Guitar and other multiplayer + drums
DuounitSo, the smallest organization as a rock band that can make a strong beat sound. Although it is the simplest organization, there are many bands that take this organization with relatively new bands.
Guitar trio + keyboard + percussion
5 people.Basically this organization, but in some cases percussionTrumpetIt is also anomalous.In addition to the current organization, the old organization is guitar + guitar (or guitar +Bruce Harp) Was a 7-member organization.
Guitar trio + guitar + guitar etc + vocals
6 people. There are few rock band types that exceed this number.
Guitar trio + guitar + drums (percussion), keyboard, etc.
A type with 6 drums and 2 drums. The sound pressure increases and the performance is high due to the drumming of two people, but the combination of drums is strongly required.
Guitar trio + saxophone + vocals + 2 side vocals
A very rare 7-person formation. The Checkers are the first in Japan. After the dissolution, it did not appear until JAYWALK.
Guitar trio + guitar + drums + keyboard + vocals
7 people. Very rare group with 2 drums, 2 guitars and all parts. Currently, only JAYWALK has been confirmed.

Jazz band

mainlyjazzA band whose purpose is to play.

Jazz combo
A band composed of a small number of people. The structure of the band has much in common with the rock band, but since there are many cases where brass / horn is added, there are more types of formation than rock. In addition, conventional jazz bands were basically organized by live musical instruments,Miles DavisSince then, the introduction of electric / electronic musical instruments is not uncommon (Weather Report,Chick corea,Herbie HancockSuch).
Big band
A large band.
Swing jazz band
Swing jazzA band mainly for playing.


Orchestra,Symphony orchestraAlso called. mainlyClassical musicAnd an orchestra aimed at playing non-popular music. However, "Boston Symphony Orchestra"When"Boston Pops OrchestraIn some cases, multiple genres are played in the form of ".Vienna Philharmonic,Berlin PhilharmonicIn many cases, the name of the activity base is used.

In addition, it is a song for an orchestra, and a small ensemble may be performed at the same time as a separate corps in a place away from the orchestra on the stage, and this small organization is called banda in Italian.Banda (orchestra)See.

Popular orchestra

Popular band,Pops orchestraAlso called. It is an orchestra mainly aimed at playing popular music, and the conductor himself is often the leader.

Brass band

Depending on the number of people


Female vocal band
Female vocalThe band in charge of.Rebecca,LINDBERG,JUDY AND MARY,DREAMS COME TRUEAnd many more.
Girl band
As a general rule, a band composed only of women[1].
Back band
In principleaccompanimentBand responsible for.
Jam band
On stageImprovisationA band whose main purpose is to do.
Copy band
Or "cloneband". A band that plays like any famous band. Not only the performance content,ClothingAnd stage actions are also copied. There are various reasons for existence, such as respect by fans and alternatives when the original band cannot be called due to various reasons.
Comic band
As the name of the band suggests, a band that plays with the content of the situation, relatives, current affairs, etc. As a main concrete exampleCrazy cats,The Drifters[Note 4],Zuotobi,Potato Kin Trio,in factSolo bandTreated guitarist王 様,Busy forThere is.
A term used mainly for small groups of classical music groups of several to a dozen people. SometimesjazzIt is also used for groups that play.
Sound system
reggaeBand. The origin of the name is speaker etc.Audio equipmentBecause it was provided including.Now[When?]Is called a sound system even if you don't have audio equipment.
Indie band
MajorRecord companyNot belonging to (major label)IndiesA band that is active mainly on labels.
Amateur band
amateurBand by.


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注 釈

  1. ^ However, vocals are not mandatory for rock bands,Ventures,focus,Steve Morse・ There are also instrumental rock bands such as bands.
  2. ^ However, there are cases where the keyboard player is in charge of the bass part of the performance with one hand and the bassist is in charge of the guitar in the part of Tarkus by Emerson Lake & Palmer and the first impression of the evil scripture # 9.
  3. ^ From formationJeff BeckUntil withdrawal.
  4. ^ Although his activities as a comedian group are famous, he is originally a band.


Related item

Sharan Q

Sharan Q(Sharan Queue) isJapan Ofrock band.OsakaIt was formed by people from all over the world.

Affiliation office TheUpfront promotion(Formerly: Up-Front Agency), but now Sharam Q is the parent company of Up-Front Promotion.Up front group OfIn-house company・ Up-front agency (predecessor of up-front promotion), and each member belongs to a different affiliated office.

The record company belonged to before the suspension of activitiesBMG Fun House(Old: BMG Victor → BMG Japan, now:Sony Music Labels) However, from the resumption of activities in 2006 to the re-suspension of activities in 2014, the up-front groupFunctional subsidiaryIsUp front works(zetimaI belonged to the label).


Old member


January,Kinki UniversityFormed by 5 people, mainly students from[1].. The name of "Sharam Q" belonged to the memberAmateur bands name"Shutters"(Shu, Makoto belongs)"RAM (random)"(Tsunku, Shu, Taisei belong to)"QP"(Hatake belongs to)[2]..Initially, it was planned to be named "Sharan P", but a female comedy duoOkyanpyIt became "Sharan Q" as it reminds me of.
Formed "Suppon Family" with an amateur band in Kansai,OsakajokoenI started a street live at.Once in TokyoHarajukuPedestrian paradise that existed in "Hokoten, Which is commonly known as "Shiroten".
NHK"BS Young BattleWon the 2nd Grand Prix (winning song: "Song of Mr. Koike, who loves ramen").
Major debut in July.Many around my officeEntertainment officeFought for the battle, but the up-front agency was finally selected.Tsunku later said that entering the upfront was "KAN(199133th Japan Record AwardThe winner) belongs to the group. "However, the slump continued for a long time after his debut.
"If this doesn't sell, it's the last"Upper/Kyoto/Things/WordHowever, the desperate marketing to the radio was successful, and it was a smash hit.The same year "Single BedBecame a long-selling seller and recorded million sales.Local / KansaiABC Radio,OBCNo songs before "Single Bed" were aired on the program, but this is Tsunku's "MBS Young TownBecause I was a personality atMBS RadioThis is because there was an unspoken understanding that the songs of artists who are doing personality in Japan will be excluded by ABC and OBC.On the other hand, it was on the air at FM stations in the Kansai area.
Million's "Sly womanA big break.Became the leading band from Kansai. "My Babe Until you sleep",album"GamblerAlso recorded millions (Sharam Q'salbumAs the first million hit). "Crazy woman" and "All Japan Cable Broadcasting AwardWon the Grand Prix and was also a "sly woman"The 46th NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appeared as a top batter.
He energetically performed in live performances and music programs, and received a light talk.HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMPIn ", Tsunku is"Masanori HamadaThe law of selling when you get hit by your headWas advocated.
single"Good reason",album"Single Best 10 BonusRecorded a million hit.single"Shadow of tears",album"GOLDEN Q"ButOriconWon first place in the week. In August, the live tour '1 Summer Ran "Peach Color Crest Operation" was held, and including other live tours, the Nippon Budokan performance was held for 8 days throughout the year.
The flashy stage costume (about 10 million yen), which was a hot topic in October, was stolen.
Received the "All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award" Grand Prix for the second consecutive year, and "Good reason"The 47th NHK Red and White Singing BattleI participated in "" for the second consecutive year.
In 3 monthOsaka DomeIn addition to holding the "Sharan Q Triumphal Concert" to commemorate the completion, the members' Shu, Taisei, and Makoto units "Super !? TensionsWas formed, and the development of CD releases and TV appearances was carried out.
Starring movie "Sharan Q Enka no HanamichiWas released, and the movie theme song "Power song"so"The 48th NHK Red and White Singing BattleParticipated in "" for the third time in a row for three years.Also, audition programsASAYANStarted producing activities at.
As a producing activity, HatakehaMichiyo Heike, TsunkuMorning Musume.Was in charge of.
In December, he assaulted a minor woman who was living with him and sent documents.The fixed media exposure was done by four people.Later, she officially announced her withdrawal, and the unit "Super !? Tensions" within the members was also disbanded.
"Are you a magician?The release and the 10th anniversary live were held in a hurry with four people, and the subsequent activities were blank, and the members mainly performed solo activities.
Since then, Tsunku has been a solo singer and Morning Musume.To start withHello! ProjectActive as a producer of.HatakehaHOUND DOG OfHideki SamejimaFormed Rose of Rose with them.Makoto Taisei is on vocalsSachiko OnishiWelcomeeast cloudWas formed.
In March, a remake of "Ramen-loving Koike-san no Uta"Koike-san's song, which loves new ramenWas released and the activity resumed, and a live concert was held in August.As a result of discussions about the difference in the direction of music during the production of the album, in December, we announced an indefinite suspension of activities called "break".Since then, including after resuming activitiesTV guideTalent directoryBoy corpsSimilarly, it is expressed individually, not as a group.
2001/ - 2004/
Tsunku is a producer and band "THE Tsunkubito, And developed solo activities centered on self-cover songs, and in 2001 renamed the credit for entertainment activities to "Tsunku♂".
Hatake continued his guitarist and production business, Makoto performed activities such as hosting Hello! Project concerts in parallel with drummer activities, and Taisei performed solo activities as a talent.
In December, at Tsunku's Christmas dinner show, Tsunku announced that he would "restart around next fall" and resume activities.I'm a senior in the officeTakao HoriuchiHe said that he was urged by the company and decided to discuss with the members and related parties.
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Epson Shinagawa Aqua StadiumAt the dolphin show held at the facility, all the members gathered for the 1st anniversary celebration event of the facility.
At a press conference, in addition to announcing the resumption of Sharam Q's activities, Taisei announced that it would be renamed to "Taisei."The first TV appearance after the suspension of activities on "HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP" broadcast in the same month. In October, he performed a live concert for the first time in about 10 years, and in November, Morning Musume.The cover song was released as the first single after resuming activities, and a dinner show was held in December.
Outstanding band activities include a Christmas dinner show in December, with the exception of several appearances on TV shows.49th Japan Record AwardHe only showed off "Sly Woman".
A dinner show will be held in August.In December of the same year, he released the best album with DVD and held the "Sharan Q 8th Anniversary Festival" at Nippon Budokan for about 12 hours. KAN,Kenichi Kurosawa,Chisato Moritaka,Hiroshi Itsuki,Hello ProA total of 25 groups of 59 people related to such things rushed to cheer.In addition, he announced a new song "I love you" whose sound source is undecided.
It was the 20th anniversary of the formation, but in March the official fan club "CLUB QUE" was disbanded with the launch of Tsunku's own fan club "Natural Otoizumi".
January,Tomoharu ShojiとMiki FujimotoAll the members met at the wedding ceremony for the first time in a while.
As in the previous year, there was no noticeable activity. In December, the best album of the planning board was released.
Great East Japan EarthquakeIn response to the event, four members gathered for the first time in a long time, and KAN's "Love wins”
This song is a limited-edition song that all members participated in, and only Hatake plays the guitar instead of the vocals.
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the formation, a live house in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo "Shibuya eggman4 members held a press conference and announced a full-scale restart. It was announced that the live tour will be held for the first time in 7 years and that the representative song "Single Bed" will be re-recorded.[3].
Self-cover single on July 7 for the first time in about 17 and a half years"Single Bed"Has been released.
March 3th, Tsunku ♂Laryngeal cancerAnnounced that he suffered from[4][5].. On September 9th, I once announced "complete remission"[6]Revealed on October 10 that the cancer had been rediscovered and had surgery in early October[7].
On April 4, Tsunku attended the entrance ceremony of Kinki University. The vocal cords were removed during surgery in October 4, and it was announced that he had lost his voice.[8][9].

Award history / main records



    • 29th All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award Grand Prix (Namida no Kage)
    • 38th Japan Record Award Excellent Work Award & Arrangement Award (Good Reason)
    • 29th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award (Pop Category) & Most Requested Singer Award & Grand Prix (Namida no Kage)
  • 1997/
    • 11 timesJapan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Artist Award & Album Award (Pop Category) "Single Best 10 ★ Bonus ★"
  • Million hitSingle
    Sly woman, single bed, good reason, My Babe until you sleep
  • Million hit album
    Single Best 10 ★ Bonus ★, Gambler



#Release datetitleC / WOricon highest rank
11992/May 718 monthsPrincessOut of range
21993/May 2Very merry-go-roundPlease do it!Out of range
31993/May 5Do you have friendsHey! MR. Obochan (Bubble Burst)Out of range
41994/May 1Upper/Kyoto/Things/WordRainy day big miscalculation47 bit
51994/May 7It's useless just to fall in loveFor You ~ Let's raise the wings ~28 bit
61994/May 10Single Bedplease9 bit
71995/May 5Sly womanIn the rain / Kuroda Bushi2 bit
81995/May 8Look at the skyI want to be seen by someone more3 bit
91995/May 10My Babe Until you sleepHappy Life3 bit
101996/May 4Good reasonI love you so much3 bit
111996/May 7 Shadow of tearsMoving1 bit
121996/May 11NICE BOY!SWEET and SWEET4 bit
131997/May 4I wonder if that is the caseHeart3 bit
141997/May 8Power songGoodbye Nancy10 bit
151998/May 2Urban melodynoise7 bit
161998/May 5HauntFate13 bit
171998/May 10Just on my loveon second thoughts10 bit
181999/May 2Are you a magician?Powerful footsteps24 bit
192000/May 3Koike-san's song, which loves new ramenmost / New Ramen-loving Koike-san's song (SEXY Funk Ver.)23 bit
202006/May 11walkingChanrari Chararirara30 bit
212013/May 7"Single Bed"Shinkirou Shinkirou / Come on! Our future60 bit


Original album

#Release datetitle
11992/May 9Explosion! Henachoko Punch
21993/May 3Road to the best-selling child in a traffic jam
31994/May 2Loss time
41994/May 11Inferiority
51995/May 11Gambler
61996/May 12GOLDEN Q
71998/May 3孤独

Best album

#Release datetitle
11996/May 6Single best 10 ★ with bonus ★
21999/May 3Best Album Bonus '96-'99
42008/May 12Sharan Q Hatachi's best album with DVD
52010/May 12GOLDEN ☆ BEST Sharan Q
62013/May 8Sharan Q Best ~ Quarter Century Legend ~


#Release datetitle
11997/May 8Sharan Q Enka no Hanamichi


PV collection
#Release datetitle
11993/May 12It's too early to become a tengu!
21995/May 6It's too early to become a tengu! Vol.2 ~ Actually, there is also Vol.1! ~
31997/May 12It's too early to become a tengu! Vol.3
#Release datetitle
11996/May 5Sharam Q Live Video VOL.1 Serious Game(DVD: April 2001, 4, November 4, 2003)
22007/May 1Sharam Q Live Tour 2006 Autumn Ran Zuru "Live Live Live"
32009/May 1Yangtan 30 Celebration Osaka Dome Completed Sharam Q Triumphal Concert(Web mail order)
42009/May 3Sharam Q 20th Anniversary Live "Thank you! Hatachi's Sharam Q Everyone is celebrating!
Nippon Budokan Festival-It's long- "(Web mail order)
#Release datetitle
11991/May 12Tengu no Gunte(Indie release)


  • Love wins --Takao Horiuchi, the founder, KAN (also serving as a piano) who sang the original song, Hello! Project,T-Pistonz + KMCParticipated as "Ai wa Katsu Singers" with them. Released on June 2011, 6.

Tie-up list

Appointment yearSong titleTie-up
1993/Very merry-go-roundNippon TVsystem"Urutora 7:00"Ending theme
Tokai TVOther "Spencer's Coffee Shop"Ending theme
Do you have friendsTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"Super Mario Club』Late opening theme
1994/Upper/Kyoto/Things/WordTV Tokyo series "Asakusabashi Young clothing store"Ending theme
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Lord's Pheromone"Opening theme
It's useless just to fall in loveTV Tokyo series "Asakusa Bridge Young Clothing Store" ending theme
For You ~ Let's raise the wings ~KIX Image Song
Single BedNippon TV anime "D・N・A² ~He's lost somewhere~"Ending theme
1995/Sly womanFuji TV systemKoji Imada's Shibuya back apple] Ending theme for February 1995
Look at the skyNippon Television'95 Play Space Professional Baseball』Second half theme song
I want to be seen by someone moreNHK-BS"BS Young Battle '95"Theme song
My Babe Until you sleepTV Tokyo series "NEWS Morning JAM"Ending theme
Dramatically -'90 Dream-Nippon TelevisionNew store opened! SHOW by Show by 2"Ending theme
Otsuka PharmaceuticalSponsorship "Pocari Sweat MUSIC BATTLE SOUND SUCCESS "CM song
1996/Good reasonFuji TV Thursday Theater"Age,35 I miss you] Theme song
I love you so muchFuji TV Thursday Theater "Age, 35 Koishikute" Insert Song
Unbiased love -FUHEN-AI-Fuji TV Thursday Theater "Age, 35 Koishikute" Insert Song
Shadow of tearsFuji TV systemHEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP"Ending theme
MovingFuji TV "Fuji TV Relocation" Campaign Song
NICE BOY!Nippon City Media"Q Mail" CM song
1997/I wonder if that is the caseSuntory"BittersCM song
Power songTohoDistribution movie "Sharan Q Enka no Hanamichi] Theme song
1998/Urban melodyTBS Radio"Kenji Ohtsuki and Kimi of Tamago"Ending theme
HANDSFuji TV systemProfessional baseball news"Theme song
HauntTV Asahisystem Thursday drama"Terrible! Daughter-in-law War Rasetsu no Ie] Theme song
Just on my loveTBSSeries animeSorcer Orphen』Opening theme (Episode 1-Episode 16)
Taxi driverNippon TelevisionUse of oysters in downtown!"DowntownTalkDashi(1998-1999)
1999/Are you a magician?TBS anime "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen" opening theme (Episode 17-Episode 24)
2006/walkingTV Tokyo series "TV champion"Insert song
2010/Sly womanTV Tokyo Drama 24"Moteki』Episode 3 popular song
2013/Mirage ShinkirouNippon TelevisionTraveling along the way"Ending theme
Come on! Our future
2017/Single BedWarner bros moviesDistribution movie "22nd Year Confession-I'm a Murderer-"Insert song

TV appearance

Music program

Entertainment shows

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
1995/(7)/46 timesFirstSly woman01/25Sakai Noriko
1996/(8)/47 times2Good reason18/25Sachiko Kobayashi
1997/(9)/48 times3Power song07/25Takako Matsu
  • Appearance order is expressed as "appearance order/number of participants".


Photo album


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注 釈


  1. ^ Makoto isKinki University High SchoolOriginally from Tsunku, he was a classmate from high school, but he was not the only university student because he could not go on to internal school due to poor grades.
  2. ^ 1st song SHOW From the Nippon Television series broadcast on October 2011, 10
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