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🏛 | Company's "Defined Contribution Pension" If you change jobs, it will be negative ...?What is the iDeCo "trap" that reporters were addicted to?

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If you change jobs to the company's "Defined Contribution Pension", it will be negative ...?What is the iDeCo "trap" that reporters were addicted to?

If you write the contents roughly
The National Pension Fund Association has set up a call center exclusively for automatic transferees.

There is a system called "Corporate Defined Contribution Pension" (corporate DC).I think there are many people who are subscribed to at the company they work for ... → Continue reading

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National Pension Fund Federation

National Pension Fund Federation(National Pension Fund Association)National Pension ActWas established on the basis ofCorporation established by special law.1991/May 5, Ministry of HealthMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Established.

VariousNational Pension FundWorking as a federation of.2002/ThanDefined contribution pension lawOn the basis ofDefined contribution pensionAs the main body of the individual pension, the company is engaged in the business of creating individual pension agreements, confirming the qualifications of subscribers, and collecting premiums.


  • National National Pension Fund

Function-based fund

  • Dentist National Pension Fund
  • Judicial scrivener National Pension Fund
  • Japanese Lawyer National Pension Fund

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Call center

Call centerTo the customerTelA business establishment / department that specializes in response operations, like a contact point for inquiries from major companies.telephone lineLarge-scale facilities with a large number of operators and the number of operators that can handle them are often called "call centers," "customer centers," or "customer centers."in Japan104 number guideOr 116 general receptionNippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationBy (later NTT) telephone business center and private sectorTelephone agentIt originates in.

Depending on the company, we accept paid services or free services.Recently, not only telephone (voice call) but alsofacsimile(FAX) ・電子 メ ー ル-Social MediaSince there are many ways to contact and contact instead of voice calls, we receive inquiries by various means.Customer CenterIn some cases, the contents are almost the same.

GeneralconsumerForMail order・Service industry・Manufacturing industryI doCompany(Company) often accepts complaints, various inquiries, and orders, and in the past, the main business was to respond to reception (inbound), but in recent years, new customers have been receiving new customers.PioneeringBusinessOutbound marketingIt is also used for.

As an example of special usage, from the one-on-one system,Clinical trialInDouble blindIt is also used to ensure the blindness of the study.

Business and the system that supports it

The business is roughly divided into two types: inbound, which receives calls from consumers, and outbound, which makes calls from companies such as sales. Some centers handle both, while others only handle either.

1990 eraTechnology and experience are required to build the entire system, such as mechanization to lighten the burden on the operator, and since it has become more sophisticated in terms of operations such as recruitment training for operators and extension of inbound reception time,ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グBecame the mainstream.

Inbound work flow

consumerIn case of accepting various inquiries and orders (inbound) from the other party,Phone NumberIs displayedNumber displayAnd linked with thisDatabaseThe system enables deeper collaboration with sales and product development(CTI; Computer Telephony Integration)It came to come off.

Inbound work is basically performed by the following procedure.

  1. Automatic voice responseAt the first reception, the pushbutton signal (DTMF), etc. to select the message.
  2. Auto answerIf you are satisfied withAutomatic voice response deviceCorrespondence is completed only.
  3. If operator support is required, it will be assigned to the selected operator specializing in the matter.Even in that case, most of the standard response parts such as company name and operator name are pre-recorded.
  4. If the operator is unable to respond (the reception desk while seated is occupied), the user is notified by an automatic response that there is congestion.
  5. When the operator starts handling, the identity of the inquirer (customer identification) is first performed. It is said that the confirmation is often made mainly by the customer's first and last name, registered address, registered telephone number, customer number, etc.
  6. After the talk between the operator and the inquirer is over, the operator writes down and saves the conversation with the inquirer to the terminal.Repeat these series of operations.

Outbound business flow

Outbound work is basically performed by the following procedure.

  1. Automatic predictive dialing (predictive dialing) by predicting the operator's call termination and customer situation to the telephone number recorded in the database.
  2. Only the calls answered by the customer are distributed to the operator.
  3. The operator responds while referring to the customer information database.

In many business establishments, it is performed when there is a high probability that the customer will stay at home and there is no inconvenience, and there is little inbound work, and the operator is vacant.

Call center (customer center) business system

Although there are some differences, most call centers have the following configuration.

In the server room

The following devices are placed in a room isolated from the operator from the viewpoint of personal information protection management, and the room is called a server room, a machine room, or the like.It is a shared facility in the call center.Multiple of these devices will be installed depending on the size of the call center.

Customer information, product information, order information, reception history, etc. are recorded.It is generally installed outside the call center, but it may be cut out and copied to the system inside the call center.
ACD (Private branch exchange)
The incoming call is distributed to each operator. It has a routing function such as changing the number of telephones to be distributed according to the operator's ability and work style, and in cooperation with a database server, distributing telephones from customers requiring attention to experienced operators. Dialer to automatically call customers for outbound operations[1]Is used.
The ability to record various statistical information and provide it as an analysis report is also essential.
Recording all calls
A device that records all the contents of a call.Evidence when complaints or troubles occur, or operatorEducation, Used for recording/verifying call contents.
ACDA server for linking with other systems. For exampleACDA typical example is to link the caller / incoming phone number with the business system together with the event from, and display the customer and its related information and response history on the business system based on this.It is also common for business systems to link phone numbers to make calls.

Operator desktop equipment

The following equipment is installed for each operator seat.From the viewpoint of business efficiency and prevention of personal information leakage, call centers shared by adjacent operators are rare.

Private branch exchange desktop terminal
Receive a call, hang up, put on hold. A box-shaped device with buttons for basic phone operations such as operator login, logout, and leaving the phone, to which a headset is connected. In addition, there is an SV call button for calling the person in charge (SV; Supervisor). Depending on the equipment, these buttons are displayed on the screen and operated with a mouse or keyboard.
Use a headset to operate the computer with both hands while talking to the customer.Call center business headsets are equipped with a special microphone () that collects only the voice of the mouth, making it difficult to pick up conversations with the operator next door.This is to ensure a clear conversation with the other party when many operators are present, but it is also useful from the viewpoint of preventing personal information leakage.

Network isolation

In order to completely separate the network that stores personal information from the business processing network, each terminal device (oftenPersonal computerDivert) is placed. Normally, it is not possible to print from terminals belonging to the personal information network, and it is necessary to prevent leakage of personal information. At the same time, update and editing of display contents are also prohibited at some call centers, and personal information is prevented from being altered intentionally or by mistake. As the two types of networks are physically separated and used as shown on the left, one operator seat has twoconsole(With display deviceInput deviceSet) is placed.

Main display
A display for displaying the information entered by the operator, such as customer inquiries and orders. It also displays the call time with the customer who is on call and the total call time for the day. In some cases, an operation panel with the function of a desktop terminal is displayed.
Sub display
Of responding customerspersonal informationAlso, information about customers who are currently responding, such as past order details and response details, is displayed. Depending on the call center, you can divert the light shield hood or use a privacy filter that allows the display to pass through only from the front (Polarized lightA filter is attached to prevent operators from seeing through the seats next to them to prevent leakage of personal information, and at the same time reduce the suspicion of leakage of personal information to the operator.
Keyboard, mouse
A general keyboard is connected to enter order details. Although it is often possible to perform all operations with only the keyboard, in recent years, in order to reduce the educational cost of operating the device, a mouse is connected so that it can be operated more visually or a display is used instead of the mouse.Touch panelIn some cases, it is a formula.

Location conditions

Traditionally,工場Etc. were directly managed, and employees of each company were in charge of the call center,Free Dial,Navi dialSuch asAdvanced telephone serviceBegan to expand1995/From around that time, in rural areas where wage costs were relatively low, to call center operating companiesア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グHas increased.For this reason, when talking to a call center operator, the geographical sense may shift (when the inquirer talked with the intention of calling to Tokyo, the call center on the receiving side was in Okinawa, so the operator I don't know the geography of Tokyo, and as a result, it takes time to explain the location).

Exceptionally, NTT104 can retrieve data from all over the country with a computer, so if you know the address, you can handle any phone number without any problem, and there are centers all over the country.

If you open a call center in a rural area, it is far from big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka,Leased line-IP phone(IP Centrex) Etc. together to reduce the communication cost of companies that open call centers (when viewed in Okinawa, it is adjacent due to the exception of remote islands)MAIs considered a districtKagoshimaExcept for, all farthest distance calls will be very expensive. Also,Local governmentSince it spends a certain amount of subsidies on telephone charges and initial investment, the overall cost is considered to be low.

eachGovernment-designated city,Prefectural office locationCall centers are set up around the area, but especiallySapporo,Sendai cityIs one of the districts where many call centers are located because the language is close to the standard language and the local government is enthusiastic about attracting.In recent years, the population of women and students has increased, and from the perspective of risk avoidance after the Great East Japan Earthquake,Fukuoka CityThe number of center establishments in is increasing.


Moreover,international callIs cheapIP phoneIn order to use the time difference for 24 hours, there are call centers in multiple countries where labor costs are low, and there are businesses that outsource the work, and the number of companies outsourcing is increasing. From the point of view of the receiving country, there is the advantage that foreign currency can be earned by exporting the service.

English-SpanishThere is a lot of support inJapaneseSome services are available.

The typical one isChugokuso,DalianIsDELL,hp,GE,Optical communication,MI Communications,Masterpiece groupSuch asBPOCall center,Contact centerIs installed,北京市Then,Tele performanceIs a Chinese corporation.

またKingdom of ThailandHowever, the BOI (Thailand Government Investment Commission Secretariat) established the call center as an investment encouragement industry on October 2002, 10 (in February 30, the name of the encouragement industry wasBPORenamed to expand the scope of encouragement)Asia Dynamic Communications(Currently, the company name is “Masterpiece Group (Thailand)”), which has received the investment incentive benefit.

Personal information protection, measures against information leakage

Since the call center handles a large amount of customer's personal information and confidential information, strict protection of personal information is required.Information leakageMeasures are thorough.However, the following measures are not taken at all call centers.

Education to prevent information leakage
In the training at the time of joining the company, we will educate from basic knowledge such as "what is personal information", "what is information leakage", and "what happens if information is leaked".
Have them write a pledge that "if information is leaked intentionally or negligently, we will be liable for the damage" and "we will not say anything about our business even after retirement".
Access control
ID cardBiometricsEntrance and exit management is performed using, and the appearance of entering and leaving the room is taken by a security camera.
Peep measures
In many cases, a privacy filter is applied to the display of the operator's desk so that the characters displayed on the screen cannot be discriminated from an oblique direction.
Professional headsets used in call center operations are designed to pick up only sound within a range of tens of centimeters around the microphone.Even if you speak louder at a remote location in the center, it is difficult for the other customer to hear the content.
Countermeasures for illegal acquisition of information
In order to prevent the operator from acquiring unnecessary personal information for business, the personal information displayed on the screen is only the personal information of the person with whom he is currently talking, and the personal information of other customers can be searched arbitrarily. It's rare to be there.Even if you can search the database, the search history will be recorded.
Away management
If an IC card reader for inserting an ID card is installed in each operator console, the operator console cannot be used unless the ID card is inserted, and the operator console is locked when the ID card is pulled out. There are also cases. By providing a rest space and entrance to the toilet outside the operator room and forcing ID card authentication when leaving the operator room, the ID card can be reliably pulled out when leaving the operator. I try not to keep my personal information displayed on the desk.
Electronics,Removable mediaNo carry-on
In the room where the operator worksfloppy disk,USB memory,CD-RRecording media such as smartphones, digital cameras,IC recorderIt is prohibited to bring in such electronic devices at all (if it is unavoidable to use it, it is necessary to obtain permission from the person in charge in advance).This is intentional or negligentComputer virusIt is also useful in preventing the infection of.
In addition, in the personal computer installed in the operator's seat, a floppy disk drive orMemory card reader/writer,optical drive(CD-ROM,DVD-ROMEtc.) are removed or changed to a "read-only" drive, and the USB port is also blocked.
DHCPServer not used
From the viewpoint of preventing personal information leakage and computer virus inflow, it is extremely rare that a DHCP server is used in building a network within the center.


  • The only means of inquiries from customers is still "telephone" (voice inquiries), and the majority of companies電子 メ ー ル,Website内 のCounterfeit(Mail form),facsimileThere is no alternative method (inquiry by text information) such as (FAX).
    • If you only respond to inquiries by phone,Deaf person,Speech impairedThere may be a problem in dealing with such things.
    • Similarly, if the means of telephone inquiries are abolished, beginners who cannot master PCs and smartphones (Information vulnerable) May interfere with inquiries and support.
    • If you can respond to inquiries by e-mail, chat, or other textual information, you will be able to take a closer look at the points you want to inquire in advance.Files in emails (photos, PCscreenshot, Videos, etc.) can convey more accurate information, but many companies do not accept emails with attached files as part of anti-virus measures.
  • Depending on the company's budget and business conditions, the number of operators that can be deployed is limited, so there are call centers that do not easily connect to the telephone.
  • There are cases where users are frustrated by the fact that they cannot connect by phone or reply to e-mails and faxes late, and become emotional and desire to respond to unreasonable complaints.
  • The good thing about toll-free numbers is that you have to deal with malicious prank calls all the time.
  • Year-roundInevitably because it is operated inShift workTherefore, I can hardly take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
    • As an alternativeWeekdayMay be a holiday, but it is still not a complete weekly holiday (two consecutive days off).
    • Even though I am allowed to work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there is no extra wage for "working on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays" (the hourly wage is the same as on weekdays), so it is not worth it.
    • It is difficult to maintain motivation (motivation to work) because many workers suffer from stress and mental disorders because they can handle complaints and work without rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.TurnoverIs high.
    • TurnoverBecause it is a high-level job, there are few regular employees hired,Part-time job-(I.e.Such asNon-regular employmentMost of the operators are (short-term employment on a monthly basis).
  • Different operators have different skills and proficiency, and they may be told that they are completely different when they call again.
  • There are too many divisions, so push (DTMFOften users are confused when making a selection in ).
    • When customers who are connected to inappropriate departments are instructed to redistribute to appropriate departments, some customers feel this is a nuisance.
  • If you call a different department, the operator may not be able to understand the response information in the previous department from the viewpoint of personal information protection, and the customer may need to explain the situation again (in the previous department, It is possible that you are entering a correspondence log).
  • If the only way to contact us is by telephoneMobile phoneWhen used from, the radio wave is often cut off and the call may be cut off. Even if the call is redone, the call is not always connected to the operator who was in the middle of the conversation.
    • Problems such as misunderstandings and differences in interpretation between the customer and the operator can often occur, but this can be avoided to some extent by equipping the telephone equipment with a call recording function.

Major call center companies in Japan


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