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🏛 | It is difficult to establish an original candidate ... Constitutional Democratic Party Prefectural Federation in the Ishikawa Governor's election "I want to recommend someone who can walk together in a neutral position"


It is difficult to establish an independent candidate ... Constitutional Democratic Party Prefectural Federation in the election of Governor of Ishikawa "I would like to recommend a person who can walk together from a neutral position"

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This is an account for "Ishikawa TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV series) news.

The Constitutional Democratic Party Ishikawa Kenren held a meeting in Kanazawa to discuss measures for the election of governor.The meeting is private ... → Continue reading

 Ishikawa TV

"Ishikawa TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Ishikawa Prefecture.

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Ishikawa Television Broadcast

Ishikawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Ishikawa TV Hosou,British: Ishikawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) IsIshikawaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcaster. Abbreviation TheITCHowever, it is rarely used nowPopular nameIsIshikawa TV Website,A TV scheduleIt is widely used in such places.


FNN-FNSOf seriesTV stationAndChunichi Shimbun(At the Hokuriku Headquarters (Kanazawa)Hokuriku Chunichi Newspaperissue)·Tokai TV broadcastingHas a close relationship with.note that,2005 3ToMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThe investment ratio of Chunichi and Tokai TV is higherMass media concentration exclusion principleAlthough it was punished with strict caution because it violated the investment regulation of Chunichi, the restriction on the investment ratio in the adjacent area (which borders Gifu prefecture, which is the area of ​​Tokai TV) was relaxed, and Chunichi The combined investment ratio of both Tokai Television companies is higher than at the time of disposal).note that,Hokoku newspaperThere is also a small amount of capital from (see the "Capital Structure" section for details).

1990 May 4ToNippon TVAffiliateTV KanazawaUntil the opening of the stationA TV that gives you the energy of a genius Takeshi!], Etc., many programs of the Nippon Television series were also broadcast.also,following yearMarch 10Hokuriku Asahi BroadcastingUntil the opening of the stationTV AsahiA series of programs are also being broadcast,Cross net stationEven though it is not, "PermanAnd 'Live TV until the morning!] Was also online at the same time.Due to these effects, despite being a single affiliated station1985 From December 41987 May 8Was broadcast until "SunsetWas not broadcast[3].

The current office building "Media Building" is a four-story building built on the site of the former main building, and has a total floor area of ​​approximately 4 m2.5, which is 4,000 times that of the former main building.Due to the low earthquake resistance of the old main building2012 The plan started in December,2014 May 4Start of construction,2015 May 5An important facility (production studio, news studio, electrical room) that was completed in Japan and has a seismic standard set to 1.25 times the standard of the Building Standards Act and is designed to withstand an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher. Flood damage countermeasures are also taken into consideration, such as placing the[4].

Toyama-FukuiIssued inNational newspaperThen, the program guide is published in each paper.Toyama and Fukui prefecturesNihon Keizai Shimbun・ Toyama PrefectureSankei ShimbunIs full size, in Toyama and Fukui prefecturesYomiuri Shimbun(Both are in the second TV section) ・Asahi Shimbun・ Toyama PrefectureMainichi Newspapers・ Fukui PrefectureSankei ShimbunThen it is posted in half size.Local newspaperThen.Toyama newspaper(2nd TV column) ・Hokuriku Chunichi NewspaperToyama version ・Fukui newspaper(2nd TV column) ・Daily Fukui-Chunichi ShimbunThe Fukui version is published in half size or smaller.TV KanazawaUntil the opening of the Yomiuri Shimbun (Toyama Prefecture version), Toyama Shimbun, Hokuriku Chunichi Shimbun (Toyama Prefecture version, Fukui Prefecture version that was published at that time),Chunichi ShimbunIt was posted in full size in the Fukui prefecture version.After the opening of the station, it is less than half size.Sports paperThen in Toyama and Fukui prefecturesSports Nippon(Osaka head office version) ・ Toyama PrefectureChunichi Sports・ Fukui PrefectureNikkan Sports(Osaka head office version) full size, in Toyama and Fukui prefecturesSports report(Toyama prefecture is the Tokyo head office version, Fukui prefecture is the Osaka head office version) and it is posted in half size or less.Toyama prefectureNorthern Japan Newspaper(2011 9・ Fukui Prefecture Mainichi Shimbun ・ Toyama Prefecture ・ Fukui PrefectureSankei sports-Daily Sports・ It is not published in Nikkan Sports in Toyama Prefecture and Chunichi Sports in Fukui Prefecture.

2021 May 6After the general meeting of shareholders and the subsequent board of directors, as an outside directorChunichi ShimbunHiroko Hayashi, a director in charge of electronic radio waves, has been appointed president. Became the first female president since the company was founded in 1968.ActiveCommercial broadcastFemale presidentNiigata TV 21of,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. OfMaki HiharaIt will be the third person following[5].

Business location

Main office
  • IshikawaKanazawa18 Chi, Kannondomachi (〒920-0388)
    • Once in KanazawaMinami TownThe annex was located on the 3rd floor of the Kanazawa Chunichi Building, but it has been abolished by integrating it with the head office in Kannondomachi.
Tokyo branch office
Osaka branch
Nagoya branch
Toyama branch

Capital structure

The names of companies / organizations and individual titles are those of the time.[6][7][8][9].


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shares
300 million yen600,000 share46
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Tokai Broadcasting Center140,700 share23.45%
Chunichi Shimbun119,500 share19.91%
Tokai TV broadcasting59,000 share9.83%
Fuji Media Holdings30,000 share5.00%
Asahi Shimbun30,000 share5.00%
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office30,000 share5.00%
Kitaguni Shimbun30,000 share5.00%

Past capital structure

Information camera installation point


master station

Relay station

Remote control key ID:8, Organization channel: 081-082

  • Komatsu Kinpira 18ch 0.05W
  • Komatsuo hut 28ch 0.05W
  • Shioya 16ch 0.3W
  • Tsurugi 28ch 0.3W
  • Torigoe 28ch 1W
  • Oguchi 28ch 1W
  • Hakusanshita 16ch 0.01W
  • Shiramine 28ch 0.1W
  • Kaga Higashi Taniguchi 44ch 0.05W
  • Katayamazuma 47ch 0.05W
  • Tsubata Takenohashi 28ch 0.01W
* Reception is possible in some areas of neighboring Toyama and Fukui prefectures.In the case of terrestrial digital broadcasting, a branch number is attached (Toyama TVとFukui TVBecause both use the remote control key ID "8").The position is8Numbers other than (3,11Etc.)

Analog broadcasting

2011 May 7The one at the time when the broadcast ended at 12 o'clock.note that,Suzu CityThe relay station in2010 It was abolished on July 7th.

master station

  • callsign:JOIH-TV
    • Channel: 37ch
    • Transmission output: Video 10kW, Audio 2.5kW
    • Sending place: 18 Chi, Kannondomachi, Kanazawa

Relay station

  • Nanao 55ch
  • Wajima 35ch
  • Hakui 44ch
  • Kaga Yamanaka 35ch
  • 55ch in front of the gate
  • Shika Togiryoke 38ch
  • Awazu 55ch
  • Tsururai 47ch
  • Hakusan Shiramine 58ch
  • Daishoji 43ch
  • Shioya 57ch
  • Hakusan Torigoe 55ch
  • Oguchi 46ch
  • Machino 47ch
  • Yanagita 44ch
  • 43ch in front of the east gate
  • Utatsuyama 55ch
  • Daishoji West 60ch
  • Noto 35ch
  • Kanazawa Gosho 41ch
  • Noto Ukawa 56ch
  • Anamizu 40ch
  • Noto Kashima 35ch
  • Nakajima 56ch
  • Nanao Nadaura 24ch
  • Hegura 44ch
  • Monzen Kuresaka 58ch
  • Monzen Minazuki 44ch
  • Nabeya 52ch
  • Anamizu Hira 52ch
  • Tsubata Minamichujo 57ch
  • Komatsu Kinpira 57ch
  • Kaga Higashi Taniguchi 58ch
  • Monzen Aki 47ch
  • Hakusanshita 56ch
  • Tsubata Takenohashi 57ch
  • Komatsuo hut 57ch
  • Anamizu Cape 52ch
  • Yoshinoya Senami 47ch
  • Katayamazuma 48ch
  • Katayamazumachi 62ch
  • Shika Uwadana 55ch
  • Kanazawa Kamiyachi 58ch
  • Kanazawa Fushimigaoka 45ch
  • Kagayama Chunan 55ch
  • Suzu 47ch[12]
  • Suzu signal smoke 27ch
  • Suzu Otani 39ch
  • Suzu Suzunai 27ch
  • Suzu Higashi Wakayama 59ch
  • Suzu Wakayama 60ch
  • Suzu Morikoshi 38ch
  • Suzu Misaki 59ch
■GifuAlthough it was possible to watch even a part ofGifuhosoKamikanoyama master stationBecause it is the same channel as, interference occurred.
* In the past, some parts of Toyama PrefectureCable TVでRebroadcast outside the areaWas carried out, but it was completed by the time of complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting.

service area

The service area is in Ishikawa prefectureToyamaAlmost the entire western part,FukuiIt covers a part of Reihoku and eastern Toyama prefecture.


  • 1967 (42)
    • May 10 --Application for a radio station license to establish Ishikawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.[13].
    • May 11 --Preliminary license issuance[13].
  • 1968 (43)
  • 1969 (44)
  • 1970 (45)
    • May 12 --Introduced a color processor and made local news color[15].
  • 1971 (46)
    • May 10 --Start broadcasting information program "Town Information"[15].
  • 1972 (47)
  • 1974 (49)
    • March-Introduced a color relay vehicle.
    • May 3 --Affiliated company "Ishikawa TV Company" Co., Ltd.[15].
    • May 4 --The first wide program "It's 4 o'clock your open space" starts broadcasting[15].
    • May 4 --Start broadcasting "Song Grand Special" to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the station[15].
    • May 6 --The 1st Hokuriku Ama Golf Championship held[15].
    • May 11 --Opened Ishikawa TV Annex.The president's office and business bureau move to Korinbo Chugoku Building[15].
  • 1976 (51)
  • 1977 (52)
    • October-The 10st Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Road Race is held.
    • 11 ――As part of the 10th anniversary commemorative project, we gathered experts from Ishikawa prefecture and established an ITC club.
  • 1978 (53)
  • 1980 (55)
    • May 5 --Preliminary license for sound multiplex broadcasting.This license broadcast started on September 9 of the same year[17].
    • May 7 -"Song home run] Start broadcasting[17].
  • 1981 (56)
  • 1984 (59)
    • August-Open-air concert "POP Hill" is held.
  • 1988 (63)
    • May 9 --Start of operation of emergency alarm device "EMS"[18].
    • May 10 --Completion of the Video Materials Center Building[18].
  • 1989 (XNUMX)
    • May-Held the "5st World Kite Festival" to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the station.
    • SNG and F-SAT system operation.
  • 1990 (2)
    • May 7 --Completion of extension work for the new head office building[19].
  • 1991 (3)
  • 1995 (7)
    • May 5 --Completion of the North Building of the head office[19]
    • 10 --Start broadcasting the in-house produced program "Gokigen Ripe Expedition" during the golden time[19].
  • 1999 (11)
    • May 5 --Completion of a new steel tower with a height of 160 meters[20].
  • 2003 (15)
  • 2004 (16)
    • March --The head office master building is completed, and the 3th anniversary of the opening of the "Ishikawa TV Festival" is held.
    • "Oku Noto Women's Sea"Galaxy awardReceived the TV category Excellence Award.
  • 2005 (17)
  • 2006 (18)
  • 2009 (21)May 7 - Analog broadcastingTwo years before the end,Zhuzhou relay stationFor 10 hour from 00:1, analog broadcasting will be suspended on a trial basis (digital broadcasting is normal broadcasting).
  • 2010 (22)
    • May 1 --One and a half years before the end of analog broadcasting, analog broadcasting was suspended for 1 hours for two days from 12:00 to January 1 on the same day at the Zhushu relay station (digital broadcasting is normal broadcasting).
    • May 7 --Complete end of analog broadcasting of Zhuzhou relay station[22].
  • 2011 (23)
    • July 7-Analog broadcast ends at noon.Completely stopped at midnight on July 24, the following day[22].
  • 2012 (24)
  • 2014 (26)
    • January-Moved to a separate building on the premises to rebuild the company building.
    • May 4 --Groundbreaking ceremony for Media Hall[22].
  • 2015 (27)
    • May 5 --Completion of new office building "Media Hall"[23].
  • 2018 (30)
    • May 1 --A fire broke out at the transmission tower on the premises due to a lightning strike.Due to this effect, the Hokuriku Broadcasting (MRO) program shared with the main office has stopped.[24]..Installed a temporary antenna and started broadcasting at 1kW on January 18th.[25][26].
    • May 8 --This restoration to the output before the above fire[27][28].
  • 2019 (31, the first year of Reiwa)
    • April 4-1th anniversary of the opening of the station.In commemoration of that, Ishikawa TV's first corporate history, "Overcoming the 50-year wave stop accident of Ishikawa TV』(99 pages in total) was published.
    • April 4-"6th Anniversary Special Program from Kaga to Noto Ishikawa 50 million Thank You TV" was broadcast live for 115 hours.
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)
    • June 6-Master (Master Control) update[29](Made by Toshiba).

Network transition

Major TV programs

■Taizi TheSubtitled broadcasting.

In-house program

Broadcast frame
  • Gogo ☆ Pre (Monday-Friday 14:45-15:42, subtitled depending on the work)
  • According to ☆ Para (Wednesday / Thursday 0:30 --1:22 (Tuesday / Wednesday midnight)[36])
  • Sata ☆ Dora Sata ☆ Rose (Saturday afternoon time zone, subtitled broadcast depending on the program)

Fuji TV series program

Those without the notation of the production bureauFuji Television Network, IncProduction,Delay netOr local sales frame on the net at the same time as the production station[37]Program posted.
  • As of August 2019, 6, the Fuji TV affiliated delay net has not been broadcast.
Irregular broadcasting

TV TOKYO series program

Other programs

Finished program

In-house program

Fuji TV series

TV Tokyo series


TV Asahi series

* Programs with a star in the program name are programs that have been transferred to Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting.

NTV series

* Programs with a star in the program name are programs that have moved to TV Kanazawa.


Mr. Ishikawa

  • Mr. Ishikawa(Mr. Ishikawa) was produced in 2003 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the opening of Ishikawa TV.Mascot character..The hairstyle is designed to imitate Ishikawa's "stone" character.Neither age nor gender has been clarified.
  • From that unique characterYuru CharaAsJun MiuraIntroduced in the book ofcostumeWill appear in.In addition, in the PR commercial "Mr. Ishikawa" of the station, he received the highest award in the TV commercial category of the 15 National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Awards.
  • After that, sales of character products (Mr. Ishikawa's shop) andCrown programIt will also appear in "Mr. Ishikawa's Favorite II" (finished). Since April 2006, it has also appeared in the opening and closing of the broadcast on the 4st.
  • In July 2008, a DVD of Mr. Ishikawa's theme song "Ishikawa Samba" was released.
  • It is also used in the logo mark of Ishikawa TV (the "stone" part of Ishikawa TV is Mr. Ishikawa's face).

From 1976 until the change to Mr. Ishikawa, the character "U-chan Boy" ("ITC Boy" when it first appeared) was used.[58][59].


In recent years, mainly fixed-term contract employees.







Main employees / performers other than announcers


  • Tatsuya Motoyoshi(Former Deputy Director of the News Department, FormerHakuiLong)
  • Takuro Ueno (Ishikawa TV employee at that time <2013-2017,Yomiuri TelevisionTransferred to>)-"Mr. Ishikawa Information Live Refresh" Regular, "Refresh Plus", "Mr. Ishikawa Everyone's News" Broadcast, Sports Live

Features in programming

* There may be a large disparity between programs that are online and those that are not.The following is a concrete example.

Mezamashi TV-Mezamashi Doyoubi
  • Until June 2013, 6, "Mezamashi TV" will start broadcasting on the Internet station until the end.[62]It was, but from July 2013, 7, full net[63]Migrated to.However, even before this, I had a temporary full net.[64]。なお、第1部の5:25 - 5:55は2013å¹´9月27日までローカルセールス枠(任意ネット枠)となっていた。反面、土曜日版『めざましどようび』は従来より6:00スタートのフルネットとなっている[65].
  • Fuji TV's 10 o'clock information programIs not online. For 2000 years from April 4 to March 2012, it was also the only non-net station in the Hokuriku region.2008 May 4From now on, in the time zone, the local wide "Ishikawa-san Information Live RefreshIs being broadcast.However, from March 2011th to 3th, 14, the content was changed to those related to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake), so "Refresh" was suspended and before the frame movement that Fuji TV was broadcasting in the same frame at that time. of"Want to know!』(1st term) was temporarily netted.also,"Spice TV Domo ☆ Kininal!Was broadcast on "Kitchen de SHOW] And other cornersKansai TVSimilarly, it was not broadcast at all, but from April 2009, only "Kitchen de SHOW" was broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday even after the end of "Domo ☆ Kininal!".On the other hand, Fukui Television in the neighboring prefecture said that the frame was "What's the rumor ?!"I had been online at the same time since the start of" (Toyama TV also started online at the same time), but "I want to know!" (Phase 1) was the last to leave the internet.
Direct hit Live Goody!
Live News It!
  • Hokuriku 3 prefecturesFNNThe only affiliated station produced in-houseEvening local wide showNot broadcasting[68].. From 2001 to 2003, at 17:XNUMX on weekdays,Sunset Wide Machikado GenkiouMonday-Friday's information program was being broadcast, but since April 2003, "FNN Super News』Switched to the simultaneous net.After that, from April 2012, 4, on Fuji TV, after moving and expanding the frame, "Want to know!・第1部』ネット開始のため、9年間放送してきた第1部の放送を2012å¹´3月30日限りで一旦打ち切りこれまで16時台に放送していたドラマの再放送を繰り下げて放送することとなったが、2012å¹´7月30日より第1部(16:50 - 17:54)のネットを再開した。その後、『Mr. Ishikawa Everyone's news(Everyone's news) ”→“Mr. Ishikawa Prime News(Prime news evening) ”→“ Ishikawa-san Live News it! (Live News it!) ”, But the program changed from 17:XNUMX to the national frame.[69]のネットは継続されている。16時台に関しては2013å¹´4月1日から『スーパーニュース』が16:30開始となり石川テレビでも16時台(16:30 - 16:50)をネットしたが、同年6月28日をもって同枠のネットを打ち切り、同年7月1日から16:50開始に戻った[70].. From September 2020, 9, Fuji TV changed the program title to "Live News It!" And expanded the broadcast time from 28:15 to 45:19.In line with this, Ishikawa TV also changed the program title to "Ishikawa-san Live News It!", And "It!" Part 00 (1:15 --45: 16) and Part 50 (2:16 --50: 17) The net. It will be the first time in 48 years and 16 months on the net at 7:3. From August 2021, 8Toyama TVStarts the first part online[71]Therefore, the only Fuji TV affiliated station in the three prefectures of Hokuriku to net from the second part of "It!"Fukui TVOnly (jumped at 16:50 and jumped at 2021: 3 until March 26, 17).
Tonight tonight
  • In-house produced program in 2005 ("Thousands of customers! Heartwarming Monday』) Was being broadcast, but by exchanging frames between the two programs from 2006, it will be on Mondays at 2:19.Nep LeagueWas restarted on the net at the same time.In the in-house produced program, once a month from July 2006 to June 7, "Ishikawa TV Hi-Vision Special "Connecting Time"』Has been broadcast, but later, in principle, replacement broadcasting was not performed. From April 2015, the 4:19 level on Monday was converted to the network sales frame, and the local itself moved to the 19:XNUMX frame on Tuesday, but the replacement broadcast is still not done.
Sakagami Animal Kingdom
  • Friday 19:19 is a local sales frame in the Fuji TV series, and it is basically simultaneous net.It broadcasts in-house produced programs on an irregular basis (in the past, the local sales slot was around XNUMX:XNUMX on Mondays).As a general rule, we did not broadcast on the time shift network, but for "Sakagami Animal Kingdom", the next Saturday morning that was broadcast on Fuji TV.[72]Transfer broadcasting to.
  • In 2007Nodame CantabileWas broadcast at around 15:1, but it has never been broadcast since then.In particular, it is the only station that has never broadcast a record of works in the era of broadcasting two works a week in an area with four or more commercial broadcasters.
  • "Music fair"[73]And "KinKi Kids Boom Boom"[74]Is not online at all.
  • in the past"SunsetDid not broadcast[75]..On the other hand,"All Night Fuji』I have been online.In addition, late-night programs often end suddenly, for example, "Peke x pon] Was temporarily discontinued in March 2008 (broadcasting resumed in July of the same year).
  • "Mezamashi TV", "Mezamashi Doyoubi", "FNN Live News α], [S-PARK], [FNN newsIn the 5 programs of 』, the local news frame is not set, and the news from Tokyo is usually broadcast as it is during these time zones, but if there is a sudden incident or the chief election, the local news will be broadcast. May be broadcast.
  • Since the opening of the station, the authorities have not broadcast fillers except for serious news in the event of a disaster such as a typhoon or an earthquake. Even in the case, the wave was stopped until 30 seconds before the start of broadcasting), but the filler broadcasting of the weather forecast started around April 2022.Twenty-three minutes before the start of the broadcast, the color bar was switched to and the opening started to flow.However, it may be paused irregularly, in which case the color bar → stop wave → color bar will be performed as before.At the time of filler broadcasting, the closing does not flow and the weather filler is entered as it is.

Major sponsored events

  • Hyakumangoku Road Race

Related company

* Although it is not a related company, Ishikawa TV BroadcastingFM IshikawaIt holds 10% of the issued shares of the company and is the largest shareholder along with the Chunichi Shimbun.In addition to broadcasting FM Ishikawa's commercials, FM Ishikawa may also broadcast advertisements for events sponsored by Ishikawa TV.


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  42. ^ This program is broadcast until 21:00, but there is a jumping point at 20:54, and Ishikawa TV will broadcast the in-house produced program "Ishikawa-san Konya News", so jumping (same for the 2-hour special).
  43. ^ Although it is normally broadcast on the same net at the same time, in-house produced programs may be broadcast irregularly, in which case transfer broadcasting is performed on Saturday morning the day after the broadcast (normal broadcasting only). In the case of the 3-hour special (19:00 --21: 55), in addition to 19:00 --20:00, 21:49 --21:55 will be the local sales quota.It is basically broadcast from 19:00, but on Ishikawa TV, it jumps at 21:49 to broadcast "Ishikawa-san Konya News".
  44. ^ 7: 30-8: 25 is the net sales frame.
  45. ^ Fuji TV was changed to the current broadcast time from October 2006, but Ishikawa TV is in that time zoneKansai TVOf productionTraveling! ~ Fureai Journey ~”(Broadcast ended in March 2008), so the delay net (Monday 3:15 --26: 15 → Saturday 56:16 --55: 17 <However, it may be suspended or unbroadcast. There was.>) And continued broadcasting.The above program was an alternative organization because it was virtually impossible to do simultaneous nets due to sponsored nets, but from April of the same year, "Momo Tours』Move the delay net to this time zone.Due to this influence, in episode 542TorikoThe collaboration with was not broadcast yet. Since April 2013, "Moshimo Tours" moved to the net at the same time because the frame moved from 4:9 to 55:10 on Saturday.
  46. ^ Fuji TV affiliated East Japan / Shinetsu area andTV Shizuoka-Okinawa TV TheEveryone's KEIBA(Fuji TV production) is being broadcast.
  47. ^ Chukyo Tokai TV production from early July to late July, Ogura from late July to early SeptemberTV West JapanProduction and other seasons will be Kansai TV production.GIIn the case of a prize race broadcast, the start of the broadcast time will be advanced.
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  49. ^ Originally, Hokuriku Broadcasting has the broadcasting rights, but since May 2019, it has shifted to irregular broadcasting, so Ishikawa TV saidI-turn』Broadcast.
  50. ^ In rare cases, it may be broadcast in the midnight frame other than the frame treated as "Yoru ☆ Para" in newspapers and electronic program guides.
  51. ^ In April 2017, "World! People who want to go to Japan cheering party" (produced by TV TOKYO) moved to the above broadcast time, so the regular broadcast was discontinued in March of the same year.Currently, it is mainly broadcast as a fill-in-the-blank program on Sunday afternoon.
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  66. ^ If the end of the year or the broadcast day falls on a national holidayJapan netNon-net because I sometimes organize TV shopping.The first part is the net sales frame.
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  70. ^ After that, the key station Fuji TV also abolished the 16:2013 level on September 9, 27, and returned to the start at 9:30 from September 16, 50.
  71. ^ Jump off at 10: 4 after October 16th
  72. ^ Fuji TV will broadcast on November 2019, 11 in the afternoon of November 29, 11.
  73. ^ From the opening of the station in 1969 to September 1981, it was broadcast on the net sales frame, but since October of the same year it was changed to a regional sponsored net frame, so FNS member stations including the authorities (others)Akita TV-Nagano Broadcasting-Fukui TV-San-in Central TV-Okinawa TVIs applicable.note thatNST Niigata General Television-Saga tvIs censored before that)Shionogi PharmaceuticalI haven't been online yet because I wasn't covered by the sponsored internet.
  74. ^ It is with the authorities that there is no broadcasting recordTV Miyazaki(FNN /NNN【NNSNon-member] /ANN(Triple net station) (the latter is an FNS member station, but it is mainly organized by Fuji TV, not a full net).
  75. ^ FNS affiliated stationでprogramThe broadcasting station that did not broadcast is the main stationAkita TV,TV Yamaguchi,TV Nagasakiwas. (TV YamaguchiIs nowFNSWithdraw. )

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


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  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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