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🏛 | Escape from position talk and gather knowledge with an open mind (Seita Emori, National Institute for Environmental Studies Global Environment Sen…


Escape from position talk and concentrate knowledge with an open mind (Seita Emori, National Institute for Environmental Studies Global Environment Sen ...

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Can oil-producing countries move to a new economic structure as they are no longer able to make money?

The Genron NPO publishes "Evaluation of International Cooperation for Global Issues" every year.In recent years, the world ... → Continue reading

 The Genron NPO

Genron NPO is a private-sector-led, neutral and independent think tank that crosses national borders and collaborates with many knowledgeable people around the world. Since its founding in 2001, it has continued to provide a "stage of speech" that confronts Japan's democracy and future challenges by connecting people who are active on the front lines of various fields in Japan.And, in collaboration with the world's major think tanks and many knowledge groups, we are creating a new flow to confront various difficulties in the world and Asia.

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New economic structure

    Economic structure

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      Economic structureWhat is (Keizai Kozo)?Economicsthe termone of.Worldwide andCountryIn unitsEconomic activity OfConstructionSay that.The state of this economic structure is prosperous in the target organizational unit.industryIt depends on what it is like.for example,Agricultural countryThe economic structure of a nation that is said to bePrimary industryIt is in the form of being occupied by.This economic structure isCountry economic growthIt means that it will change from doing, and if a nation where the primary industry was thriving grows economically, that nation willSecondary industry,Tertiary industryIs in the form of a transition to a nation that occupies the economic structure.The change in economic structure means that many of the nationsPeople OfOccupationIs also changing, and if the nation has changed its economic structure along with economic development, that nation'sNational incomeIt means that both are improving.

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