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🏛 | <House of Representatives election, Niigata> Liberal Democratic Party XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses "not a terrible defeat"


<House of Representatives election, Niigata> Liberal Democratic Party XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses, "not a terrible defeat."

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In addition, Shuichi Takatori, the chairman of the prefectural federation, lost in the single-seat constituency, but there was no voice among the prefectural assembly calling for a change of chairman.

On the XNUMXst, the Niigata Prefectural Assembly of the Liberal Democratic Party gathered to look back on the results of the House of Representatives election.Looking ahead is coming next year ... → Continue reading

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Prefectural Federation Chairman

Shutori Takatori

Shuichi Takatori(Shuichi Takatori,1960 (Showa35 years)May 9 -) isJapan Of政治家,LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(5th term), Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Niigata Kenren[1].

House of RepresentativesAgriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Committee Chair,House of RepresentativesWelfare and Labor Committee Chairman,Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office,Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Chairman of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of the Liberal Democratic Party,Special Assistant to the President of the Liberal Democratic Party・ Served as the first deputy secretary-general.


Takada Junior High School attached to the Faculty of Education, Niigata University,Niigata Prefectural Takada High SchoolThroughWaseda University Faculty of Lawgraduate.National land plan,Osawa ShokaiAfter working at1993 To my father,Takatori OsamuBecame a secretary to a member of the House of Representatives[Source required].

2003 11 of the month43th House of Representatives general electionInNiigata 6th districtI will run for the first time fromDemocratic Party OfNobutaka TsutsuiLost to lose.

2005 9 of the month44th House of Representatives general electionThen, I lost to Tsutsui again in the single-seat constituency,Proportional revivalFirst win.Seiwa Policy Study GroupJoined (Mori school → Machimura school → Hosoda school)[Source required].

2009 May 8 Of45th House of Representatives general electionHe lost to Tsutsui three times, and was defeated without a proportional revival.2010 May 1Reappointed as the head of the XNUMXth constituency of Niigata Prefecture from the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters[Source required].

2012 May 12 Of46th House of Representatives general electionTsutsui, who will be the fourth confrontation in Japan, was elected without allowing a proportional revival and returned to national affairs.2013 May 9,First Abe CabinetでParliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareAppointed to.2014 May 9,LDP political investigation committeeAppointed Chairman of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare[Source required].

2014 Of47th House of Representatives general electionAnd a newcomer to the Democratic PartyMamoru Umetani3 selections without allowing proportional revival.2015 May 10,3th Abe 1nd remodeling CabinetでDeputy Minister of the Cabinet OfficeAppointed to[2][3][4].

2017 Of48th House of Representatives general electionThen.OppositionUmetani, who became a unified candidate, ran as an independent and became a single combat, but he won 2212 selections by 4 votes.

2020 May 9For the first time as a member of parliamentInfected with new coronavirusI was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo[5].May 10Was discharged from the hospital and resumed parliamentary activities on the 5th.[6].May 10,House of RepresentativesAgriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Committee ChairAppointed to[7].

2021 10 month 31 day49th House of Representatives general electionThen, I lost the auction this time with a narrow difference of 130 votes from Umetani, and 5 selections with proportional revival[8].


Constitutional amendment

Consumption tax hike

  • 2012 In the public questionnaire ofconsumption taxThe2014 4% in April,2015 Regarding the enactment of a law to raise it to 10% in October, he answered that "the current 10% should be maintained"[9].
  • 2014 In the public questionnaire of "2017 The consumption tax rate should be raised to 4% in April. "[10].
  • 2017 In the public questionnaire ofconsumption taxThe2019 "Agree" about raising to 10% in October[11].
  • We support the "Proposal for the second supplementary budget for the second supplementary budget for the second supplementary budget for the" 0 trillion yen of fresh water "to protect the people", which advocates "examination of 100% consumption tax".[12].

Tohoku Region Pacific Ocean Offshore Earthquake Reconstruction Financial Resources

As of April 2011, 4,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)ofreconstructionIn terms of financial resources, we opposed the tax increase that would put a brake on the expansion of domestic demand.BOJbyGovernment bondExpressed the view that direct underwriting should be done[13]..The use of reconstruction funds should be limited to the disaster area.[9].

TPP accession issue

Conversion from TPP opponents to supporters

As of July 2011, 5Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPP) membership

"I think that TPP is a waiver of national sovereignty and is not the "opening of the country" of Heisei but the "selling country" of Heisei.There are many thoughts and judgments among politicians, but the TPP issue is like a Lithomas test paper on whether or not they are "conservative politicians" who are determined to protect Japan.'

— Shuichi Takatori Official Blog (About TPP (Heisei selling country)Than)

Was dissenting[14][9]..Critics in oppositionMizunori MasanoriQuoting the opinion of[14].

As of 2013, he insisted that "we will firmly oppose TPP negotiations and eliminate tariffs without sanctuary." "It is a vital benefit for Japan. If this cannot be observed, we should withdraw immediately." rice field[15].

Following the general agreement on October 2015, 10, Takatori has maintained the national trade system and extra-frame tax rates for rice, and has secured exceptions to the complete elimination of tariffs on other products. orUniversal insuranceIt is insisted that there is no need to change the system.[16].

Blog writing problem

On February 2016, 2, he resigned from the Minister for Special Missions (Economic and Fiscal Policy) of the Cabinet Office due to a scandal.Amari AkiraSuccessorNobuaki IshiharaParticipated in the TPP accession agreement signing ceremony in Japanese clothes on behalf of.After participating in the signing ceremony, Takatori

"After the ministerial meeting in New Zealand, the signing ceremony and joint press conference were successfully completed.It was a hospitality for me to be guarded by six police motorcycles and police cars to the airport and a helicopter from the sky.The blue cheese was delicious!'

— Shuichi Takatori official blog (from TPP signature ceremony)

Reported on his blog[17](Then Takatori deleted this blog (Later)).In response to this post, after the TPP came into effect, the tariffs on Japanese blue cheese were halved (the tariffs on cream cheese were completely abolished), and Japanese dairy farmers were hit hard, but Takatori's post was written by Japanese dairy workers. There were criticisms that no consideration was given to the house.[18][19][20][21].Democratic Party OfNobuyuki FukushimaA lawmaker accused Takatori of "conservative politicians are the ones who are worried about dairy farmers."[18]..It was also reported that a Japanese government official who was involved in the TPP negotiations sighed, "What is the taste of cheese?"[17].

Regarding the TPP signing ceremony, Takatori wrote on his blog, "It was a hospitality for me to have six police motorcycles and police cars to the airport, and a helicopter to guard from the sky." The problem was that I introduced it with[19][17]..In response to this, the Liberal Democratic PartyKoichi HagitaDeputy Secretary-GeneralSaid that it was inappropriate for Takatori to announce the local security posture, and took strict caution.[22][23].

Takatori, who received a series of criticisms, deleted the problematic blog and then deleted it because it was misunderstood because of the limited time in the car heading to the airport. I would like to be careful about the expression of[24].

Energy policy

As of June 2011, 6, "Breaking with nuclear power generationIf we aim to achieve alternative energy, we should secure alternative energy. "methane hydrateMentioned about[25].. ExistingNuclear power plantabout,Nuclear Regulatory CommissionShould be restarted if new safety standards are met by[9].

Japanese defense related

  • When I was a candidate for the House of Representatives in 2012, I asked the Mainichi Newspapers for a selective questionnaire.Japan's nuclear weaponsIs selected as "It should be considered depending on the future international situation"[9].

Selective surname by couple

  • Selective in the 2017 Asahi Shimbun surveyFamily name by coupleAnswered "If anything, I disagree" about the introduction of the system[26].
  • On January 2021, 1, 30 volunteers from the LDP parliament, including Takatori, urged about 50 of the 47 prefectural council chairpersons to not adopt a written opinion in favor of the introduction of selective married couple surnames. Was mailed.Local lawmakers and citizens have criticized Takatori and others for threatening the independence of local councils.[27][28][29][30][31].

Response to accusations over the 2021 House of Representatives election

2021 May 11, A colleague of the Liberal Democratic Party House of RepresentativesHirohiko IzumidaIs ownTwitter"This House of Representatives general electionSo, I was asked for a slush fund of 2 to 3 million yen. The context was "If you don't pay, you'll fall into the election."In Hiroshima事件I thought I would do it well just because there was, but I refused illegal acts. "[32][33][34][35][36].

On the morning of November 11, the same year, IzumidaFNNWhat I requested for the interviewLDPI answered that it was a related person[37][38]..On the same day, Takatori, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation, announced a comment saying, "I told (Izumida) that I have nothing to do with the Prefectural Federation.In response, Izumita argued, "I have some evidence, but I have to be involved at all. ???"Liberal Democratic Party Nagaoka branch managerPrefectural assembly OfIsao Hoshino"I've said that I should pay for the elections, such as document costs, but I haven't said anything else," Izumida said in a statement.On the same day, the Liberal Democratic Party Nagaoka branch held a general affairs meeting and decided to request the replacement of Izumida for the Niigata 5th district branch chief of the House of Representatives election.[39].

On December 12, the same year, Izumida held a press conference and revealed that the person who requested the back money was Isao Hoshino.[40][41] ..He also said that he plans to submit a document requesting the expulsion of Hoshino to Takatori, the chairman of the prefectural federation.Hoshino completely denied Izumida's testimony, saying, "I can't help if I'm told a lie, because there's nothing I can't do," in response to an interview before the press conference began.[42].

Recognition of history

About the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Far East International Military TrialRegarding (Tokyo Tribunal), "The winner is the loserWar crimesUnjustified to judge unilaterallytrial'[43]Claims that it was.

About history textbook problems

History textbook problemFor, "Based on the International Military Tribunal for the Far EastVictorious countryTo teach the history that was conveniently madeAfter the war"History textbook" states that "this situation must be improved."[43]. Also,Japan Junior ChamberRevealed that he was one of the creators of "Proud Modern History to Tell My Child" published by[43].

About Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni ShrineActive in worship. On July 2011, 7NiigataJoetsu CityHeld atShinzo AbeIn the opening remarks of the occasional lecture, "(Abe againPrime ministerI would like you to visit Yasukuni Shrine on August 8th, no matter what happens. "[44]. San Francisco Peace TreatyWith the effective date ofRestoration of SovereigntyOn April 2010, 4Tomomi InadaVisited Yasukuni Shrine with members of the House of Representatives[45].



Takatori family (NiigataItoigawa)
1868 October(MeijiFirst yearOctober)Living[50] - 1958 (Showa33 years)OctoberNo
  • Great-grandmotherSen(Niigata, Kasahara Ushikuro's eldest daughter)[50]
1867 (Keio3rd grade[50] --Death
1894 (Meiji27 years)OctoberLiving[50] --Death
  • grandmother·Naru(Niigata, Masugoro Tanabe, XNUMXth daughter)[50]
1898 (31th year of Meiji)OctoberLiving[50] --Death
1929 (Showa4 years)OctoberRaw - 2019 (ReiwaFirst year)OctoberNo
  • mother
  • Wife, with 2 children[52]


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外部 リンク

Public office
Yosuke Isozaki
Masaaki Taniai
Japanese flag Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Yasuhiro KozatoIn collaboration with

Next generation:
Yoshitaka Ito
Koji Kato
Ryomasa Akazawa
Masaaki Taira
Yasutoshi Nishimura
Yasuhiro Harinashi
Yosuke Takagi
Akihiro Nishimura
Yasuhiro Kozato
Akira Sudo
Japanese flag Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office
Matsumoto Akira
Fukuoka Shimaro
Shinpei Matsushita
Masahito Moriyama
Tsutomu Tomioka
Yosuke Takagi
Yamamoto Junzo
Shinji Inoue
Kenji WakamiyaIn collaboration with

Next generation:
Hirotaka Ishihara
Takao Ochi
Youhei Matsumoto
Jiro Akama
Masahito Moriyama
Toshie Mizuochi
Yosuke Takagi
Shinsuke Suematsu
Tadahiko Ito
Kenji Wakamiya
Tamagawa Marukawa
Naomi Tokashiki
Japanese flag Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
Kiyomi AkaishiIn collaboration with

Next generation:
Emiko Takagai
Mt. Hashimoto
Masayoshi Yoshino
Japanese flag Chairman, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Committee
Next generation:
Hiraguchi Hiroshi
Hideki Niwa
Japanese flag Chairman of the House of Representatives Welfare and Labor Committee
Next generation:
Tsutomu Tomioka
Party position
Hiromi Yoshida
Special Assistant to the President of the Liberal Democratic Party
Fourth generation: 10-2019
Next generation:
Tomomi Inada
Liberal Democratic Party Chief Deputy Secretary General
Next generation:
Sou Yamaguchi


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