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🏛 | All seats in the House of Representatives confirmed


All seats in the House of Representatives confirmed

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Ichiro Ozawa, who has been elected 3 times in a row in Iwate 17rd District, lost the war.

Vote counting for the House of Representatives election was held from October XNUMXst to the early morning of the XNUMXst, and all XNUMX seats were confirmed.Liberal Democratic Party is re-elected ... → Continue reading


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Iwate Prefecture 3nd Ward

Iwate Prefecture 3nd Ward(Iwate Kendai 3) isJapan OfHouse of Representatives general electionInConstituency.1994 (Heisei6 years)Public office election lawInstalled by revision.


Current area

2017 (Heisei 29Public office election lawThe areas after the revision are as follows[1][2].2017 By changing the division of4 wardsThe area has changed significantly due to the abolition of.

Area from 2013 to 2017

2013 (Heisei 25Public office election lawThe areas from the revision to the 2017 single-seat constituency revision are as follows:[3].. With the change of election district allocation in 2013Yamada TownMoved from the 2nd ward to the 3rd ward. (Old area 2)

Area before 2013

1994 (Heisei 6Public office election lawThe areas from the revision to the 2013 single-seat constituency revision are as follows:[4].. (Old area 1)

  • Ofunato City
  • Tono City
  • Ichinoseki
  • Rikuzentakata City
  • Kamaishi
  • Nishiiwai District
  • Higashiiwai District
  • Kesen District
  • Kamiikai-gun


Middle districtMost of the area in the eraIchiro Ozawa OfgroundIsFormer Iwate 2st districtMet.Single-seat constituency systemAfter the introduction, OzawaIwate 4rd districtBecame an electoral district, and the three districts took the form of sending their own confidants.1996 Of41th House of Representatives general electionThen it is Ozawa's confidantYohei SasakiWas elected, but SasakiConservative partyI transferred to Ozawa and found out about him.for that reason,2000 Of42th House of Representatives general electionThen, Ozawa is a new confidant candidateToru KikawadaWas sent and won, and Sasaki was defeated.After that, Huangkawada continued to win in the 4rd ward for 3 terms as Ozawa's confidant.From the introduction of the single-seat constituency system2009 Until the same party as Ozawa (Budding partyLiberal partyDemocratic Party) Was elected by a candidate under the umbrella of Ozawa.

Huangkawada2011 OfGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe relationship with Ozawa deteriorated, and when Ozawa left the party, he did not tune in.Democratic PartyRemained in[5].. For this reason,2012 Of46th House of Representatives general electionThen,Japan Future PartyOzawa belongs as a new confidant candidateLiberal party OfKijuro SugawaraThe election system was the same as in 3, with Naomi Sato, the second daughter of the group, and a newcomer recommended by a former worker in the 2000rd ward vs. Ozawa, but Huangkawada was elected for the fifth consecutive term.

This is where the Democratic Party candidates were elected in the single-seat constituencies in the constituencies that were heavily damaged by the tsunami.Atsushi Azumi OfMiyagi 5rd districtWas only.LDP OfHidenori HashimotoAlthough the single-seat constituency was buried in the battle between the two and finished in third place, the LDP won a big victory in the single-seat constituency in this election.Proportional Tohoku BlockInDuplicate candidacyAll the candidates who were doing it were able to be revived, so I was in 5th place on the listResurrection winning.. It produced two winners for the first time since the establishment of the 3rd ward.

2014 Of47th House of Representatives general electionThen, turning around from the last time, led by OzawaParty of lifeDid not give a candidate, and Huangkawada and Hashimoto clashed, and Huangkawada won, but Hashimoto again won the proportional revival.

2017 Due to the revision of the Public Offices Election Law, the number of single-member constituencies in Iwate Prefecture was reduced from 4 to 3, resulting in a major change in the constituency.The constituencies of the new 3 wards are Ichinoseki City of the old 3 wardsHiraizumi TownOther than that, it was divided into districts that followed most of the former four constituencies that were Ozawa's constituencies. Made in October48th House of Representatives general electionThen, Huangkawada of the former 3 wards retired, and Hashimoto became a proportional lower-ranking independent candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party (result was rejected, died the following year).In the single-seat constituency, Ozawa in the former 4 wards (as a candidate for opposition unification)Liberal party(Running without belonging)Takashi Fujiwara(Liberal Democratic Party / Proportional Resurrection) ran for skidding, Ozawa was elected, and Fujiwara was proportionally revived.

2021 Of49th House of Representatives general electionThen, Ozawa enters an unusual country due to the situation between Fujiwara and the close battle.[6][7]However, in the ballot counting held on October 10, Ozawa was controlled by Fujiwara, and he was defeated in his first constituency for the 31th time, and he was running for duplicate.Proportional Tohoku BlockStayed in the revival winning[8][9][10][11]..It was the first time in Iwate Prefecture that the LDP won seats in multiple single-seat constituencies after the introduction of the single-seat constituency system.

Electoral member

Election nameYearsWinnerFactionRemarks
41th House of Representatives general election1996 (8)Yohei SasakiBudding partyOld area 1
42th House of Representatives general election2000 (12)Toru KikawadaLiberal party
43th House of Representatives general election2003 (15)Democratic Party
44th House of Representatives general election2005 (17)
45th House of Representatives general election2009 (21)
46th House of Representatives general election2012 (24)
47th House of Representatives general election2014 (26)Old area 2
48th House of Representatives general election2017 (29)Ichiro OzawaIndependent
49th House of Representatives general election2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)Takashi FujiwaraLDP

Election results

49th House of Representatives general election(2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 10 Iwate Prefecture 3nd Ward

Cabinet of Time:The 1nd Kishida Cabinet Dissolution date:2021 May 10 Publication date:2021 May 10
Number of voters on the day: 37 Final turnout: 7117% (compared to the previous time:increase1.41%) (National turnout: 55.93% (increase2.25%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisTakashi Fujiwara38LDP118,734 vote
RatioIchiro Ozawa79Constitutional Democratic Party109,362 vote

Cabinet of Time:3th Abe 3nd remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2017 May 9 Publication date:2017 May 10
Number of voters on the day: 38 Final turnout: 9315% (compared to the previous time:increase1.46%) (National turnout: 53.68% (increase1.02%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisIchiro Ozawa75Independent130,229 vote
——Constitutional Democratic Party-Japan Communist Party-Social Democrats-Liberal partyRecommend×
RatioTakashi Fujiwara34LDP96,571 vote
74.15%Komeito recommendation

Cabinet of Time:Second Abe remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2014 May 11 Publication date:2014 May 12
Number of voters on the day: 24 Final turnout: 6234% (compared to the previous time:Decrease6.54%) (National turnout: 52.66% (Decrease6.66%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada61Democratic Party80,339 vote
RatioHidenori Hashimoto47LDP46,165 vote
57.46%Komeito recommendation
Yukio Kikuchi55Japan Communist Party15,328 vote

Cabinet of Time:Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2012 May 11 Publication date:2012 May 12
Number of voters on the day: 23 Final turnout: 6102% (compared to the previous time:Decrease9.76%) (National turnout: 59.32% (Decrease9.96%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada59Democratic Party62,684 vote
——New National PartyRecommend
Naomi Sato46Japan Future Party43,539 vote
69.46%New party earthRecommend
RatioHidenori Hashimoto45LDP36,234 vote
57.80%Komeito recommendation
Yukio Kikuchi53Japan Communist Party8,642 vote

Cabinet of Time:Aso Cabinet Dissolution date:2009 May 7 Publication date:2009 May 8
Number of voters on the day: 24 Final turnout: 9636% (compared to the previous time:increase1.93%) (National turnout: 69.28% (increase1.77%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada55Democratic Party122,746 vote
Hidenori Hashimoto42LDP57,674 vote
Tadaomi Abe35Happiness Realization Party2,811 vote

Cabinet of Time:Third Koizumi remodeling cabinet Dissolution date:2005 May 8 Publication date:2005 May 8
Number of voters on the day: 25 Final turnout: 9095% (compared to the previous time:increase1.84%) (National turnout: 67.51% (increase7.65%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada51Democratic Party102,477 vote
Hidenori Hashimoto38LDP69,817 vote
Yukio Kikuchi46Japan Communist Party13,816 vote

Cabinet of Time:1st Koizumi 2st remodeling cabinet Dissolution date:2003 May 10 Publication date:2003 May 10
Number of voters on the day: 26 Final turnout: 1820% (National turnout: 59.86% (Decrease2.63%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada50Democratic Party93,862 vote
Riki Nakamura41LDPyuan79,453 vote
Yukio Kikuchi44Japan Communist Party10,690 vote

Cabinet of Time:Second Mori Cabinet Dissolution date:2000 May 6 Publication date:2000 May 6 (National turnout: 62.49% (increase2.84%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisToru Kikawada48Liberal party58,776 vote
Riki Nakamura38Independentyuan52,368 vote
Shiga Setsu67LDPyuan30,623 vote
Yohei Sasaki58Conservative party20,000 vote
Shuji Kumagai40Democratic Party15,483 vote
Yukio Kikuchi41Japan Communist Party10,414 vote
Tadashi Kato67Independent2,846 vote

Cabinet of Time:First Hashimoto Cabinet Dissolution date:1996 May 9 Publication date:1996 May 10 (National turnout: 59.65% (Decrease8.11%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisYohei Sasaki54Budding party103,952 vote
Shiga Setsu63LDP58,881 vote
Eiko Onodera61Japan Communist Party17,846 vote


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Ichiro Ozawa

Ichiro Ozawa(Ichiro Ozawa,1942 Showa17 years>May 5 -) isJapan Of政治家.Constitutional Democratic PartyBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(18nd term).

Minister of Home AffairsandNational Public Safety Commission Chair,Deputy Secretariat of the Cabinet Secretariat (in charge of political affairs),LDP secretary general,New PartyRepresentative secretary,Budding partySecretary General, New Frontier PartyParty leader,Liberal partyParty leader,Democratic PartyRepresentative agent,Democratic Party Representative,Democratic Party Secretary,People's lives are the firstRepresentative, Liberal Party representative,Liberal partyHe has served as a co-representative.



IwateFromLawyer・ Being a politicianSatsuki OzawaAs the eldest son ofTokyoTokyo cityShimotani Ward(CurrentTokyoTaitoOkachimachiWas born in.

father·SaekiWas a member of the Tokyo Prefectural Assembly at that time[1]..Mother Michiha exChiba Prefectural Assembly memberThe fourth daughter of Gisuke Araki[Note 2]..My father was 44 years old and my mother was 42 years old, and since my parents were born when they were old, they were like "grandchildren".[1].Permanent Address TheIwateOshu City(OldMizusawa).

When I was 3 years oldTokyo air raidIn order to escape, the Ozawa family moved to Mizusawa, the birthplace of Saeki.Evacuation official[2].

school days

After working at Mizusawa Municipal Mizusawa Elementary School (currently Oshu Municipal Mizusawa Elementary School), Mizusawa Municipal Tokiwa Junior High School (currently Oshu Municipal Mizusawa Elementary School)Oshu City Higashi Mizusawa Junior High School) After completing the second year of TokyoBunkyo Ward XNUMXth Junior High SchoolTransfer to school.

Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High SchoolAfter graduation,Keio University Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of EconomicsEnroll in.My nickname in college was "Dad".It is said that this nickname was given because the body was large and quiet and had a somewhat calm appearance.[3].. While at schoolKenzo KigaBelongs to the seminar.From the beginning of enrollmentEconomicsThanlawHe was enthusiastic about studying and was enthusiastic about listening to legal classes.[4].

1967 (Showa 42) Graduated from university in the spring.To become a lawyerGraduate School of Law, Nihon UniversityLearn the law at[5][Note 3]..At Nihon University Graduate SchoolFamily lawSpecialize inMasayuki Takanashi(Honorary President of Japan University) Received the bar examination (lawyer education) and dissertation guidance.

1968 (Showa 43) On May 5, my father, Ozawa Saekiheart failureSuddenly died[6], Abandoned becoming a lawyer as a result of this[7].

Liberal Democratic Party era

Young and mid-career era

1969 (Showa 44), with the sudden death of his father, Saeki32nd House of Representatives electionToFormer Iwate 2st districtからLDPHe ran for official recognition and was elected at the young age of 27.This general electionParty secretaryWas commanded asKakuei Tanakaso,Eisaku Sato→ Kakuei Tanaka (ShuzankaiSeven-day party / Thursday club) And received Tanaka Kaoru[8]..OzawaKakuei Tanaka CabinetAlthough he was a first-year student, he worked as a "Tanaka's treasured child".[9]..At that time, it was a mid-career member who was taking care of the young members of the sect.Kanamaru ShinIt was the beginning of a teacher-apprentice relationship that continued until later.[8].. Back thenUniversity disputeIs intense, Tanaka's liver roastedUniversity management temporary measures billWas the focus of the political affairs, and the representatives who were enrolled in the graduate school during the conflict era were rare at that time, so Ozawa at the beginning was a literary school.FamilyI was aiming for.In addition, just after the first electionThyroid cancerHe was suffering from illness, and at one point he couldn't make a voice and thought about retiring from politics, but he was completely cured by surgery.

It was the second term of the House of Representatives1973 A construction company in Niigata prefecture that was sponsoring Kakuei TanakaFukuda Corp.Married to Kazuko, the eldest daughter of Chairman Tadashi Fukuda[10]. 1982 (57) Director of the General Affairs Bureau of the Liberal Democratic Party (currently referred to asElection measures chairperson).1983 (Showa 58)13st House of Councilors election(First timeStrict restraint roster ceremony) When Nakasone and others insisted that "priority was given to the incumbent" when they were in charge of ranking in the proportional district, they made full use of data such as the gathering of party members and the size of the supporters' association, and 20 newcomers within the 9th place. I pushed through the theory of sending.Was done after thatFormer Kyoto 2nd districtDue to two vacanciesHouse of Representatives by-electionAt that time, most of the opinions in the executive department were to avoid two people and keep one person, but Ozawa insisted on two people.Sadakazu TanigakiHironori NonakaTwo newcomers from Japan are supported, and both of them are elected with exquisite vote splitting.The prime minister, Nakasone, praised him as "it's like watching a doctor's surgery."

after that,Chairman of the House of Representatives Steering CommitteeServe.At that time, it was customary to enter the cabinet after retiring from the chairman of the House of Representatives Steering Committee.However, he could not enter the cabinet after he retired, causing a discrepancy.This is believed to have encouraged Tanaka not to enter Nakasone.After this turmoil,Year 1985(Showa 60)Second Nakasone Reshuffle CabinetMinister of Home AffairsandNational Public Safety Commission ChairEntered the cabinet for the first time.Although he was 43 years old at the time, it has been 16 years since he was first elected, and he entered the cabinet relatively late among the same winners.In the same year, he rebelled against Tanaka, who had been influential as a leader of the Thursday club.Noboru Takeshita,Kanamaru ShinIn-house study session with othersFoundationTwo years after forming1987 (Showa 62)KeiseikaiAs independent.

Takeshita era

In the Takeshita school, seniorsKeizo Obuchi,Ryutaro HashimotoTogether withTakeshita faction magistrateHe was counted as one of the presidents of Takeshita.Inaugurated in the same yearTakeshita CabinetThen.Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatWas appointed to.consumption taxOver tax reform such as introduction国会With no prospect of deliberation, it was called "the de facto country-to-chairman".OppositionStrive for countermeasuresDemocratic PartySucceeded in deliberation and approval.In this way, the party's reputation was raised, and during this period, the Takeshita Cabinet held talks to open the construction market between Japan and the United States.Uno CabinetBy coordinating difficult negotiations such as telecommunications talks in the United States, it has become known to US government officials as a "tough negotiator."During the Uno Cabinet period, he was appointed Secretary-General of the Keiseikai.

By the intention of the Takeshita faction, especially Kanamaru1989 In 8 monthFirst Kaifu CabinetWas established at the young age of 47 at the recommendation of Kanamaru.Party secretaryWas inaugurated.Along with Kanamaru and Takeshita, he became a substantial force in the administration.Twisted DietUnderneath, he took measures against the Diet by making full use of pipes with opposition parties such as the Komeito.Recruit caseA difficult battle was expected in the first general election1990 (2)39nd House of Representatives election,LiberalismIn the name of maintaining the systemFederation of Economic Organizations(Keidanren) Victory by collecting 300 billion yen in election funds from affiliated companies.August of the same yearGulf WarWhen the outbreak, OzawaDispatched the Self-Defense Forces to the Persian GulfI sought to do it. "AsiaIt is necessary to considerMinistry of Foreign AffairsAndDoveIsToshiki Kaifuprime ministerSuppressed the cautious argument and forced the bill to be submitted (note that this bill is from the opposition partyMasaharu GotodaIt was abandoned due to opposition from the Liberal Democratic Party doves, and laterLaw on Cooperation for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations(PKO Cooperation Law) is enacted)[11]..Ozawa himselfJapan remodeling planamongPKFToSDFHe expressed his position that participation was also permitted.

At that time, it was called "Mr. external pressure" etc.Michael armacostIt has become common for the ambassador to Japan to jump over the prime minister, Kaifu, and talk directly with Ozawa (plus Kanamaru), and it was said that Armacost met Ozawa more often than Kaifu.[12].US-Japan structural consultationHowever, despite strong opposition from the Ministry of Finance, it was concluded that public investment would be 10 trillion yen in 430 years.[13]It is said that Kanamaru, Ozawa, and Armacost had already talked about this after discussing the amount of money prior to the government.[14]..In September of the same year, represented by Kanamarunorth koreaParticipate in a visiting group (Kanamaru visiting group).AlsoSouth Korea OfRoh Tai FookPresidentWhen he visited Japan, at the party board meetingWar responsibilityIn questionJoint statementIt was reported that he refused to state his apology, saying, "What should I apologize for?" Regarding the content of the discourse of the Emperor.[15]

SDF overseas dispatchWhile having a concern likeTwisted DietUnderadministrationBecause it requires the cooperation of the opposition to operateNational raceOzawa is at the tip of KanamaruKomeitoDemocratic PartyApproach.As part of cooperation with both parties12th Unified Local ElectionInTokyo Governor ElectionSo, the incumbent recommended by the Confederation of Tokyo Metropolitan BranchesShunichi SuzukiInstead of the newcomerNaonori IsomuraTo support.HoweverShigeru KasuyaIncluding, the Liberal Democratic Party's Toren executives at that time supported Suzuki, and they were defeated by a large margin of nearly 90 votes.In addition, I was enthusiastic about running just before the announcement of the election of the governor of Tokyo.ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木I talked with him and gave up running, but he said that a lot of money had moved.partMedia[Source required]Was reported to.Although the Liberal Democratic Party won the entire unified local elections conducted by Ozawa, Ozawa volunteered to Kaifu himself, took responsibility for the election of the governor of Tokyo, and resigned as the party secretary-general.This resignation also became a form of in-law to the Komeito and Democratic Socialist Party,Private sector routeContributes to the maintenance ofNon-LDPCoalition governmentInOne one riceIt also became a hint of.

Immediately after resigning as secretary general, he became acting chairman of the Keiseikai.With Chairman Kanamaru and faction owner Takeshita, "Kintake smallLeading the largest faction's Keiseikai in the system, and continuingKaifu administrationContinued to be an influential person.However, Kanamaru gradually began to plan to hand over the faction to Ozawa, and deepened his feud with Takeshita, who was aiming for the re-pitching of the prime minister.June of this yearAnginaCollapsedNippon Medical School HospitalWas hospitalized and spent more than 40 days in medical treatment.[Note 4].

In the same year, Prime Minister Kaifu told the media that he would "take a serious decision" after the political reform bill was abolished due to undelivered parliament.It was clear that this was a statement suggesting the dissolution of the House of Representatives, which led to a backlash from the mainstream rebels within the party.In addition, Ozawa of the Takeshita faction, who supported Kaifu as the mainstream faction within the party, also said in front of the media, "What does (Umibe) say?"Kaifu had a weak internal party base, but the approval rating was high, soRight to dissolveIt seems that he tried to gain public support by conducting a nerve war over exercise through the media, but this backfired and soon announced his resignation from the post of prime minister ("Ama grated"reference).At this time, Kanamaru told OzawaNext presidential electionOrdered to run for the prime minister and aim for the successor of the prime minister, and received the will of KanamaruKozo WatanabeHe also persuaded Ozawa, but it is said that he refused because of his age of 49 and heart disease (admitted to Nippon Medical School Hospital due to angina and myocardial infarction).Later, Ozawa often said, "If I wanted to be prime minister, it was this time."Weekly AsahiIn an interview with "Keiseikai is the largest factionMiyazawaAlsoWatanabe MitchieHe also said that I would cooperate if I ran, so at that time, when I said "yes", I was the prime minister.When I think of Mr. Miyazawa and Mr. Watanabe, I felt that I couldn't jump over and be the prime minister.Not long ago, I had just suffered from a heart problem and was not mentally ready, so I resigned. "[16]It has said.

If the largest faction, Keiseikai, makes its own candidate for presidentMiyazawa school-Mitsuka school-Watanabe schoolWas showing a willingness to compete in the "Three factions coalition", but when it became clear that he could not make his own candidate, the three factions began to fight for the support of the Keiseikai.May 10Miyazawa, Watanabe, who had announced that they would run to determine the candidates supported by the Keiseikai.Hiroshi MitsukaI had an interview with them at their own private office (so-called "Ozawa interview").At that time, the support of the Takeshita faction was in a situation where the next president was virtually decided, and the behavior as if to call the candidate for president who is the territory of the faction that exceeds the number of elections or age to his office and decide the next prime minister. It has been criticized for being arrogant and is regarded as a testament to the power of the Takeshita faction at that time.Hirano SadaoAccording to the dayHotelBecause the venue was full and I couldn't make a reservation anywhere, and it was a different story to visit from the side of Ozawa who recommended it, I decided to have an interview at Ozawa's office)[17]..Miyazawa later serialized in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, "My resume"I was asking for support from here, so it was a good idea to go there," he recalled. 1991 (Heisei 3)Governor of Aomori PrefectureIn the electionRokkasho Reprocessing PlantIt was said to be inferior because it was carried out in a fierce opposition movement over the attraction.Masaya KitamuraHe supported the candidates over the head as the party secretary-general, and contributed greatly to the election of Kitamura in tightening the parties concerned.[18].Miyazawa CabinetIt is said that he exerted tremendous influence on the formation of the cabinet, and a large number of members close to himself were admitted not only from his own faction but also from other factions. (Koichi Kato,Hideo WatanabeWait. )

Takeshita faction split, Haneda faction formed

1992 (4),Tokyo Sagawa Express IncidentKanamarupublic opinionResigned from the faction chairman and resigned as a member of the Diet in response to severe criticism from1993 (5)May 2ToCall to witnessIs receiving).Ozawa was the successor chairman, Kozo Watanabe, who was close to Kanamaru.Keiwa OkudaTogether withTakeshi HanedaTakeshita, Hashimoto, who advocates Keizo Obuchi, who is directly affiliated with Takeshita.Kajiyama ShirokuI was in conflict with them.House of RepresentativesThe numbers were in competition,House of CouncilorsTakeshita himself was involved and decided to support Obuchi[19]..As a result, the successor chairman was appointed to Obuchi.Ozawa did not accept this, and with Haneda, Watanabe, Okuda and othersReform Forum 21The faction was divided after the (Haneda faction) was launched.

Miyazawa remodeling cabinetThe Haneda ministerial post inEconomic Planning Agency(Funada Gen)WhenDirector of Science and Technology Agency(Mamoru Nakajima) Was treated coldly.In addition, Kajiyama of the Obuchi faction, who fought a fierce struggle over the successor chairman of the faction, was appointed as the party secretary general, and the Haneda faction fell into the anti-mainstream faction.On the other hand, Ozawa called the mainstream "Old schoolHe called himself a "reformist" and had his own theory.Political reformI appealed to the whole claim.

Under these circumstances, OzawaMay 5Self-authored "Japan remodeling plan(It was in late June that it was lined up in the store).The book sold over 6 copies, which is unusual for a politician's book, and became a 70 bestseller.Your ownpolicy・ Widen the political viewPeopleBased on Ozawa's philosophy, the policy is summarized mainly by bureaucrats and experts, but the active international contribution including the military aspect presented here,NeoliberalismEconomic reform,Regime changePossibleTwo-party systemThe claim of political reform that makes this possible has been made since the 1990s.PoliticsIt was ahead of many of the challenges.

Non-Liberal Democratic / Non-Communist Coalition Government Established

1993 (5)May 6,OppositionFrom MiyazawaCabinet distrustWas submitted, 39 members of the Liberal Democratic Party, including the Haneda and Ozawa factions, agreed, and the distrust proposal was passed 16 to 255 due to the absence of 220 members, and the Miyazawa Cabinet dissolved the House of Representatives (Liar dissolution). same yearMay 6ToMasayoshi TakemuraLeaving the Liberal Democratic Party (New partyWas formed).This contributed to the decision to leave the party by members of the Haneda and Ozawa factions.May 6,New PartyWas formed.Ozawa was appointed as the party's representative secretary-general, but when he held a press conference to form the party, he could not be seen at the venue and was criticized as "hidden behind the party leader (Haneda)."In the days of the secretary-general of the Japan Renewal PartyKeeperAdvisory panel withHangingI declined the interview,Press clubPress conferences including foreign media and weekly journalists who do not belong to the media will be the point of contact with the news media.After that, I wrote an article saying that it was not trueNews agencyThePress conferenceBecause of the exclusion from the journalism, the leaders of the public party have been criticized by journalism for unconditionally responding to interviews.

May 7,40th House of Representatives general electionIn the Liberal Democratic Party, the majority split, the Japan Renewal Party,Japan New Party, New Party Sakigake's three new parties have made great strides.Miyazawa CabinetResignation(To the successor president of the Liberal PartyYouno KonoWas elected).Ozawa is the representative of the Japan New Party immediately after the general electionHosokawa GohiInformally met.Hosokawa was considering a coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party, but when Ozawa asked him to take office as prime minister, he leaned toward non-private and non-communist forces.May 8, 8 party coalitionHosokawa CabinetWas established.

Under the Hosokawa administration, OzawaCabinetApart fromRuling partyHeld the "Coalition Government Representatives' Meeting", which is the decision-making body of the Komeito Party.Secretary General OfYuichi Ichikawaと と も にadministrationTrying to take the initiative (XNUMX line),official residenceAim for led politicsChief Cabinet Secretary OfMasayoshi TakemuraConflict violently.

1994 (6), with OzawaUnder Secretary of Finance OfJiro SaitoBecomes the center,consumption taxThe "national welfare tax" concept was decided to abolish the tax and create a 7% welfare tax.May 2Before dawn, Hosokawa suddenly announced the "national welfare tax" concept.public opinionReceived a fierce repulsion.again,社会・ PRESTO ・Private companyIn response to criticism from each party, Hosokawa withdrew the "national welfare tax" concept the next day.Chief Cabinet Secretary Takemura publicly stated that he had not heard of the national welfare tax concept in advance, and the confrontation with Ozawa became even sharper.Hosokawa, who was forced to choose between Takemura and Ozawa, raised his army to Ozawa and failed to reshuffle the cabinet for the purpose of removing Takemura. However, the relationship between Takemura and Hosokawa also cools down rapidly.Disgusted by the series of movements, Hosokawa suddenly announced his resignation.

Following the resignation of Prime Minister Hosokawa, OzawaMichio WatanabeWatanabe was unable to decide to leave the Liberal Democratic Party, and the idea was abandoned.The ruling coalition has agreed with Haneda's successor.However, in 1994 (Heisei 6)May 4Immediately after the nomination of the leader of the party, the Japan Renewal Party, the Japan New Party, the Democratic Socialist Party, etc. formed a unified parliamentary group "Renewal" excluding the Socialist Party.Haneda CabinetBecame a minority ruling party.

The Hata Cabinet passed the budget for 1994, but the policy talks between the ruling coalition party and the Socialist Party aimed at eliminating the minority ruling party broke down, and the Liberal Democratic Party submitted a bill of distrust of the cabinet to the House of Representatives.At first, Haneda was hungry for dissolution and Ozawa was in tune with him, but in the end he abandoned the dissolution general election.May 6ToCabinet resignationHowever, the Hata Cabinet ended in the second short-lived administration after the war with a term of office of 64 days.

Ozawa used to be the successor to HanedaLDP secretary generalFormer Prime Minister who teamed up asToshiki KaifuDecided to carry.Kaifu was the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for Political Reform at that time.New Policy Study Group(Kawamoto faction) He was also the representative caretaker.1994 (6)May 6, Liberal Democratic PartyPrime Minister Nomination ElectionAnd the chairman of the Socialist PartyMurayama Tomi CityKaifu left the Liberal Democratic Party because he showed a policy to vote forTakashikai· "Free Reform AllianceWas formed and became a candidate for the leader of the coalition government.However, after losing to Murayama 261 to 214 in the final vote, Ozawa fell into the position of opposition for the first time in his life as a politician.There were voices within the New Frontier Party pursuing Ozawa's responsibilities, but Ozawa's strength was needed to consolidate the former coalition government and realize the formation of a new new party, so it was not a big move.

New Frontier Party

1994May 9,Japan Communist PartyA parliamentary group "reform" was formed by 187 opposition parties except for.On the same day, a total of 186 members of the Diet, including 39 members of the House of Representatives and 225 members of the House of Councilors, officially launched the "New Party Preparatory Committee," and Ozawa was elected as the chairman of the New Party Preparatory Executive Committee.In this way, the formation of a new new party centered on Ozawa was prepared, and in the same yearMay 12ToBudding partyThe formation tournament was held.Kaifu became leader and Ozawa became secretary general of the party.[20]..At the inaugural press conference of Kaifu, the core questions were concentrated on Ozawa who was present, and Kaifu said, "Because I am the leader of the party." "Isn't the order of the questions reversed?"

1995 (7) October,17st House of Councilors electionSo, we won 19 seats, which is much higher than the 40 seats for re-election.In the party leader election held in December of the same year, there was a movement to "remove Ozawa" led by Haneda and Hosokawa, so he decided to run for himself and collided with Haneda, a longtime ally, and Ozawa defeated Haneda. , Was elected the second leader.The breach with Haneda became decisive, creating further rifts within the party.

1996 (8)May 10To41nd House of Representatives electionWas held, and the New Frontier Party made a claim in Ozawa's party leader election as a party pledge "five contracts with the people"consumption taxDefer 3% of rate, reduce tax by 18 trillion yenPledgeHowever, the 160 seats before the election were reduced by 4 seats to 156 seats, effectively defeating them.With proportional representation in principlerepeatProhibition of running, in the proportional districtSoka GakkaiExpecting support fromKomeitoDue to the preferential treatment of the members of the family, many members of the young new party boom generation with weak election ground were defeated.

After the general election, the opposition to Ozawa intensified within the party, and a number of people left the party.Tsutomu Hata and Morihiro Hosokawa formed a non-mainstream school in 1996.May 12, HanedaKeiwa Okuda-Tetsuto IwakuniLeaving the New Frontier Party with 13 members of the Diet,Sun partyWas formed.

1997 (9), Ozawa of the Liberal Democratic PartyKamei ShizukaSo-called tie-up withConservation Union PlanI made a big turn.However, within the New Frontier Party, against such a security alliance lineTwo-party systemThe opposition from the standpoint of aiming forMichihiko KanoFormed a policy study group "Reform Council".

May 12Ozawa defeated Kano and was reelected in the party leader election.Prior to this party leader election, KomeitoNext House of Councilors electionDecided to fight independently, and the departure from the New Frontier Party accelerated.Ozawa, who was re-elected as party leader, took a purifying route and demanded the dissolution of the former Komeito group / Koyukai and the former Democratic Socialist Party group / Minyukai within the New Frontier Party.May 12Ozawa said that he would split the members of the House of Councilors of the former Komeito Party and join them in Komeito, and announced the formation of a new party and a split party of the New Frontier Party.The New Frontier Party was in turmoil and decided to split the partyGeneral Assembly of both HousesEnded in chaos.

Liberal Party era

Forming a party and returning to the ruling party

1998 (10)May 1,Liberal partyWas formed, and Ozawa became the party leader.Initially, it was thought that more than 100 members of the House of Representatives would gather, but in the end, only 42 members of the House of Representatives and 12 members of the House of Councilors, a total of 54 people, participated.Opposition1st PartyDemocratic PartyHanded over to.

same yearMay 7 Of18st House of Councilors electionIt was thought that a difficult fight was inevitable, but Ozawa was also popular,Proportional representationWith 514 million votes, he won a total of 6 seats and fought well.After the Upper House electionExtraordinary DietThen, the Democratic Party representative will be nominated as the leaderNaoto KanTo the opposition unification candidate,House of CouncilorsThen the Liberal Democratic PartyKeizo ObuchiSuga was nominated (because Obuchi was nominated in the House of Representatives)Superiority of the House of RepresentativesObuchi became prime minister based on the principle ofOzawa had a strategy to drive the government and the Liberal Democratic Party through a joint struggle with the opposition parties in the upper house, but Suga said, "I will not make it a political situation."Financial Reconstruction ActBy cooperating with the Liberal Democratic Party in the enactment of the opposition party, the opposition party's joint struggle has been broken.

In October 1998, Ozawa was Chief Cabinet SecretaryHironori NonakaTalks with and started coalition negotiations.Ozawa is a partyNational electionI used my own face photo, using advertising expenses that far exceededPosterHundreds of thousands of sheets are pasted on the streets of the whole country,tv setBut I pushed out my face photo all overモ ノ ク ロ OfCMIs broadcast every day to advance the coalition negotiations to the advantageBill ClintonThe same year just before visiting JapanMay 11, Signed an agreement with Obuchi about the coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party[21].

1999 (11)May 1The self-reliant coalition government was officially inaugurated in Japan, and the party secretary generalTakeshi Noda Minister of Home AffairsOzawa returned to the ruling party for the first time in five years.During this coalition, the House of RepresentativesNumber of members20 reductions, ministerial post reductions, andUnited KingdomType cabinetTwo-party systemAs aiming forGovernment memberWith the abolition of the systemUnder Secretary of StateFrom controlDeputy Minister-Parliamentary SecretaryThe transition to the system andParty debateThe Liberal Democratic Party swallowed the reform of the Diet, including the establishment.In addition, "文藝 春秋』September special issue contributed" Japan Constitutional Amendment Draft "and talks about his own constitutional amendment theory[22].

In October 1999, the KomeitoadministrationTo enter the,Self-public coalition governmentWas established.The presence of the Liberal Party within the administration is inevitable because both the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party have decided to suppress the majority of the upper house (Nonaka et al. Formed a coalition with the Liberal Party to pull the Komeito). It has decreased.Electoral alliance between the two parties has not progressed slowly, and OzawaLDP PresidentDissolution of both parties to Prime Minister Obuchi, newConservative partyRequested the formation of.Yasuhiro Nakasone,Kamei ShizukaEtc. had a policy of allowing Ozawa to return to the party, but anti-Ozawa forces within the party said, "Ozawa's return to the party is not allowed, and Ozawa's return to the party is allowed." If it is not recognized, the coalition will be dissolved. "2000 (12)May 4However, no agreement was reached and the coalition was eventually dissolved.Immediately after Obuchicerebral infarctionCollapsedMay 5Died in.


The Liberal Party is a coalition secessionist who supports Ozawa,Takeshi Noda-Toshihiro NikaiDivided into coalition remnants such as, the remnantsConservative party(As a result of the division, the Liberal Party has 18 members of the House of Representatives and 4 members of the House of Councilors, a total of 22 members, halved, and 26 members of the Conservative Party participated).The Conservative Party, who found out about Ozawa,Political party grantHe demanded a split to share the halves, but the Liberal Party refused.Conservative lawmakers were treated as leaving the party, and they could not get any party subsidies and entered the general election.

2000 (12)May 6Was done immediately after the division of42nd House of Representatives electionWith the popularity of Ozawa, he won about 660 million votes as a proportional representation, and won 22 seats, which exceeds the current number of seats, and fought well.At that time, a TV commercial (Ozawa was hit in the face), which is said to have invested about 20 billion yen, became a hot topic (while the Conservative Party dropped sharply to 7 seats).After leaving the coalition, he was forced to steer to the opposition party's joint struggle, but he started with the former New Frontier Party, which had confronted Ozawa in the past, and the Democratic Party, which has many former Socialist Party graduates.OppositionIt was hard to say that the relationship with was good.

2001 (13) In January, aiming to develop future leaders, within the partyIchiro Ozawa Political School(Ozawa Juku) was opened.After the merger with the Democratic Party of Japan, this cram school will be operated as Ozawa's private cram school.

same yearMay 7 Of19st House of Councilors electionThen to the Liberal Democratic PartyKoizumi whirlwindBlows, Ozawa's hometownIwate Prefectural AssemblyHowever, although he was forced to struggle, he won by a small margin.Although the number of seats remained the same as last time, the proportional representation of the Liberal Party was only about 6 million votes (about 420 million votes from the 18th House of Councilors election and about 100 million votes from the 42nd House of Representatives election).

Democratic era

Minyu merger

2002 (14), partly due to the results of the 19th House of Councilors election, OzawaYukio Hatoyama(at that timeDemocratic Party Representative) Accepted a proposal for consultation on the merger of the Democratic and Liberal parties.However, due to insufficient coordination within the Democratic Party and rejection of Ozawa within the Democratic Party (Hatoyama was forced to resign as a representative).Elected as party representative after Hatoyama resignedNaoto KanThe merger concept returned to a blank slate, but Ozawa asked the party name, platform, and officers to accept the maintenance of the current system of the Democratic Party, and the two parties agreed to merge.[23].

Immediately before the merger of the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party, the Liberal Party was an affiliate of Ozawa and an aide.Hirano SadaoMade a donation of 13 yen to serve as the accountant.Of this amount, 6816 million yen was a political party subsidy funded by taxes.Suga grasped the situation at that time and leaked to the surroundings that he was "made by Ozawa", but he did not make it public because it merged harmoniously.This act was later questioned and discussed as a party subsidy law amendment.[24].

2003 (15)May 9, The Liberal Party officially merged with the Democratic Party, and Ozawa declared that he would be a soldier and became useless.May 11 Of43nd House of Representatives electionThe Democratic Party won 40 seats, 177 more than the pre-publication seats.May 11Ozawa was appointed as acting representative.Minyu mergerLater, Ozawa first partneredSocial Democratic PartyConsists of graduatesDemocratic faction-New political bureau round-table conferenceLeadTakahiro Yokojiwas.Ozawa and YokomichiSecurityOn the surfacepolicyAfter that, Yokomichi and the former Social Democratic Party acted together with Ozawa (Yokomichi returned to national affairs).1996 Lower House electionBut,Hokkaido 1th districtOzawa's nephew was scheduled to run as a New Frontier Party rookie and fight Yokomichi.Non-LDP・ The opposition parties fight together andNobutaka Machimura OfHokkaido 5th districtThe constituency was changed to, and the former Democratic Party was defeated in the 5th district).Ozawa also called on the Social Democratic Party to join the Democratic Party in order to rally the opposition, but it failed.Economic policySo farNeoliberalismTo the policy of emphasizing "local economy" and "employment".

At first, he did not participate in the neo-liberal "small government study group" that was expected to become the Ozawa faction.Tohoku regionHe formed the "Tohoku Parliamentary League" by gathering only the members from which he was born, and showed his attitude toward regionalism.

2004 (16) October,Pension unpaid problemOzawa was appointed as the successor representative of Suga who resigned as the party representative after taking responsibility for the confusion caused by the situation, but immediately after that, Ozawa himself alsoNational pensionBecomes a compulsory enrollment system1986 (61) I declined to take office as a representative because I had not joined before (after all)Katsuya OkadaBecame the successor representative). 2004May 7Made in20st House of Councilors electionLater, at the request of Okada, he became the party's deputy representative.

2005 (17)May 9,44nd House of Representatives electionThe Democratic Party suffered a devastating defeat that reduced the number of current seats by nearly 60, Okada resigned as the representative, and Ozawa also resigned from the post of deputy representative of the party and did not run for the party representative election held six days later.The reason why he did not run for office was that he was far from the government, and that he did not run for the same year.May 7Vote counting was doneTokyo congressist electionWithin the party that drives Okada to resign as a representative, depending on the result ofCoup d'etatIt is believed that some media reports that he had planned with Hatoyama also had an effect.Elected as Okada's successor representativeSeiji MaeharaAsked Ozawa to take office as acting party representative, but Ozawa refused.

Party representative

2006 (18)May 3Maehara said, "Horie mail problemResigned as party representative, taking responsibilityMay 4 OfDemocratic Party for the Democratic PartyOzawa got 119 votesNaoto KanWas elected as the 6th Democratic Party representative.General Assembly of both HousesIn his speech, Ozawa said, "In order to survive unchanged, we must change."19st century OfItaly貴族The movie "Lynx"First, I must change myself," and impressed "New Ozawa."[Note 5].

After the election, Ozawa makes Suga acting as the party's representative and Yukio Hatoyama as the party's secretary-general.Troika systemWas laid.Also, with the former executive departmentNext CabinetAll members remained.OzawaGovernment-designated city-PrefecturesAs a general rule, it has announced a policy of prohibiting carpooling in the election of chiefs.In addition, in response to the Diet, the confrontation stance with the ruling party was clarified by the "opposition axis route" instead of the "countermeasure route" of the Maehara era.

May 4, The House of Representatives was downwind on email issuesChiba 7 wardBy-electionSo, I won by a small margin.Half a year laterMay 9Ozawa was re-elected without a vote in the Democratic Party for the Democratic Party.May 9, Officially reappointed as a representative at the extraordinary party convention.afterwards,AnginaI felt signs of a seizure, so I was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo for examination.May 10Discharged toArteriosclerosisRevealed that is progressing.

Breakthrough in Unified Local Elections and Upper House Elections

2007 (19)May 4ToUnified local elections(First half) was held in Iwate prefectureGovernorIn the electionOzawa ChildrenIs a representative ofTakuya TatsumasuIs elected.Iwate Prefectural AssemblyIn the parliamentary elections, the number of seats was increased to maintain the first party, and in other prefectural and cabinet order elections, the Democratic Party jumped from 1 seats (including the Liberal Party before the merger) to 230 seats, an increase of 145 seats.

May 4Made inUnified local electionsIn (second half)Municipal assembly electionSo, the Liberal Democratic Party has reached a record low number of seats, and while other parties have cut below the previous seats, the Democratic Party has increased its seats by nearly 3%.

May 7Made in,21st House of Councilors electionThe Democratic Party of Japan won 60 seats and became the first party of the House of Councilors, and the entire opposition party (Communist partyIncluded) obtained a majority.Ozawa said that he was taking a rest on the day of the election counting because of "advice from a doctor".MediaDid not show up in front ofMay 7Ozawa said he would continue to be a member of the House of Representatives as promised.In August, former representative Maehara and former representative Okada were appointed as deputy representatives of the party, establishing a party-raising system.

Twisted Diet

In response to the result of this House of Councilors election国会 TheOppositionDemocratic Party of Japan takes control of the House of Councilors proceedingsTwisted DietIt became the state of.

May 8Will expire in NovemberAct on Special Measures Against TerrorismRegarding the (Terrorism Special Measures Law) issue, OzawaAfghan WarHas not reached the consensus of the international communityJMSDFInsisted that the support activities of the company were not allowed, and expressed the opposite intention.[25]..Of the prime ministerShinzo AbeConsidered a direct meeting with Ozawa in order to overcome the situation, but did not realize it, and due to his physical condition, he announced his resignation on September 9.After all, the Terrorism Special Measures LawAbe CabinetResignationDue to the influence of, the deadline could not be extended and it expired.

Decide to replace AbePrime Minister Nomination Election May 9Made inHouse of CouncilorsAt the end of the final voteFukuda Yasuo(LDP President) Was suppressed, and Ozawa was nominated (133 votes for Ozawa, 106 votes for Fukuda).House of RepresentativesFukuda nominated inSuperiority of the House of RepresentativesBased on regulationsprime ministerIt became.The reason why the nominations of both houses were differentKeizo ObuchiCabinetUnder the DemocraticNaoto KanIt was the fourth time in nine years since he was nominated.

2007 May 11, Ozawa met with Fukuda,Coalition governmentHe brought his opinion back to the party and consulted with the extraordinary board of directors, but refused the coalition due to opposition within the Democratic Party.May 11, Responsible for the coalition turmoil and announced the resignation of the representative, but received a detention within the Democratic PartyMay 11Announced the continuation of the representativeMay 11At the round-table conference of the members of both Houses, the representative continued throwing was approved (for details, seeDalian Initiative (Japan 2007) See).

After that, it was submitted to the House of Representatives as a successor to the Terrorism Special Measures Law.Special Measures Bill for Implementation of Supply Support Activities for Counterterrorism Maritime Prevention Activities(New Terrorism Special Measures Law) was voted onMay 11House of RepresentativesMain ConventionPassed by2008 (20)May 1In the morning plenary session of the House of Councilors, which is dominated by the Democratic Party, it was rejected by the majority and returned to the House of Representatives, but at the plenary session of the House of Representatives in the afternoon.Ruling partyIt was passed and passed again with a majority of more than two-thirds of the votes.

Continue2008 May 1Convened in169th DietIt is,Gasoline taxEtc.Provisional tax rateThe ruling party, which appeals for an extension of 10 years, and the opposition party, which insists on abolishing the provisional tax rate, are in direct conflict.Gasoline DietWas also called.May 2, The House of Representatives passed a 2008 budget bill in the absence of three opposition parties.Ozawa criticized the ruling party for "the relationship of trust has completely collapsed."[26],Communist partyThe opposition exceptBudget CommitteeThe Diet slipped absent.Bank of Japan GovernorEven in personnel affairsMinistry of Finance,Ministry of FinanceExperienced as administrative vice-ministerToshiro Muto-Koji TanamiAs a result, the inauguration of the president of the House of Councilors disagreed with the House of Councilors one after another.Fumiaki ShirakawaWas appointed president.Due to these effects, the provisional tax rate for gasoline etc. could not be passed by the House of Councilors in March, and after the provisional tax rate excluding automobile weight tax was temporarily abolished on April 3,Re-passed by the House of RepresentativesDue to this, it was revived one month later.

2008 May 9, Ozawa won three non-voting elections for the Democratic Party for the Democratic Party.

2009 (21)May 5,Nishimatsu ConstructionIn relation to suspicionPublic secretary ArrestIn response to being doneDemocratic Party RepresentativeAnnounced resignation[27]..In the representative election to decide his successor, together as an aideTroika systemSupportedYukio HatoyamaSupported.

From acting party representative to secretary general

May 5At the request of Yukio Hatoyama, who became the successor representative, he was appointed as the acting representative in charge of elections.Naoto KanHowever, as the number of substitutes increased, Ozawa was requested to be the first, and he was treated as the first among the three representatives.It will be the first time in 3 years to take office as a representative[28][29][30].45nd House of Representatives electionOzawa is temporarily towardKomeito representative(At the timeAkihiro OtaIs the groundTokyo 12 WardConsidering a candidate for country change to.However, the effect diminished due to the resignation of Ozawa's representative,Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election of the same yearThe Democratic Party of Japan won overwhelmingly, and the judgment that "you can win even if you are not Ozawa" worked, so on August 8 after the dissolution, as beforeIwate 4rd districtIt was decided to run for[31][32]..Former Ozawa aide who was supported by the Liberal Democratic Party as a thug in the lower house electionYoshinobu Takahashi14 selections, defeating them by a large margin.At this time, the maximum number of winningsKozo Watanabe(DemocracyFukushima 4 ward),Takeshi Haneda(DemocracyNagano 3 Wards),Mori(Liberal Democratic PartyIshikawa 2 wards) And others.

In the lower house electionRegime changeAfter fulfillingMay 9Hatoyama requested Ozawa to take office as secretary general and expressed his intention to accept it.Regarding the appointment of Ozawa as secretary general, contrary to Hatoyama's "unification of policy decisions into the cabinet", with the governmentRuling partyHatoyama said, "The secretary general is a party affair."policyConfirmed that the government will make the decision. "[33][34][35].

2009 (21)May 9Democratic PartyGeneral Assembly of both HousesOzawa was officially appointed as secretary general[36].

2010 (22) October,Tokyo Inspection Special Investigation Division ThePolitical Funds Control LawServed as Ozawa's secretary on suspicion of violationTomohiro IshikawaA member of the House of Representatives and a secretary of Ichiro Ozawa.Takanori OkuboAnd one other personArrestAnd three people in FebruaryProsecutionbottom.The indictment was a false statement exceeding 20 billion yen, which was the largest amount ever for a false statement under the Political Funds Control Act.On the other hand, Ozawa's suspicion is insufficient,DismissalIt became.After that, by September, Ozawa's prosecution-equivalent vote and non-prosecution will be repeated twice.

May 6, At the meeting with Yukio Hatoyama to discuss the advancement and retreat, Hatoyama who expressed his resignation was urged to resign as secretary general, and the next dayMay 6Expressed his intention to resign as secretary general[37].

Candidate for party representative election

Naoto Kan, who became the representative of the Democratic Party of Japan and the prime minister as the successor to Hatoyama, was in the days of Ozawa and Hatoyama.ManifestWe have turned to the "de-Ozawa" route, such as reviewing the above and appointing a member of the Diet who is far from Ozawa in a key position.However,2010 (22)May 7 Of22st House of Councilors electionThe Democratic Party suffers a defeat that breaks the current seats and is comingDemocratic Party for the Democratic PartyAt, some members of the party said that Ozawa should be supported as a rival to Kan.

On the way, there were movements such as unifying the candidates to the incumbent Naoto Kan, but Ozawa finally decided to run and the incumbentPrime ministerWith Naoto KanOne fightIt was a fierce battle that completely divided the party into two.While Yukio Hatoyama and Tsutomu Hata set out to support Ozawa, they were once called Ozawa's allies.Ishii Hajime,Kozo WatanabeTurned to support Suga (Chairman of the House of Councilors OfTakeo NishiokaRemained Democratic, but announced that he would be completely neutral and abstain.)

The result was defeated due to the fact that the party members and supporters voted a big difference, and the Haneda group and Hatoyama group who expressed their support for Ozawa, etc. There was also a view that it would continue to maintain a certain degree of influence within.In fact, it was whispered that the Liberal Party of Ozawa would become a single-digit party in the House of Representatives if it did not merge with the Democratic Party, but due to the merger, it became within the Democratic Party.Ozawa ChildrenHe built a solid foundation centered on young people called.

Suspension of membership and withdrawal

January 2010Rikuzankai caseProsecution examination committeeIndicted by2011 (23) in AugustCompulsory prosecutionWas done.

February 2011, 2, Ichiro Ozawa is a detectiveDefendantThe Democratic Party of Japan's Institutional Review Board listens to Ozawa's defense and confirms the disposition of "suspension of party membership until the decision of the trial by compulsory prosecution is finalized" filed by the Democratic Party of Japan's standing secretariat. After the procedure, the Democratic Party Standing Executive Committee decided to dispose of it.[38].

On March 3, Ozawa dissatisfied with the suspension of party membership, saying that it was "different from the usual prosecution," and filed a complaint with the Democratic Party Standing Executive Committee, but in July the Democratic Party Ethics Committee dismissed it. It was approved and the party membership suspension was decided.As a result, Ozawa lost his candidate qualifications and voting rights.

2011 May 3ToTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeWhen the outbreak occurred, he learned that his hometown of Iwate Prefecture had been damaged and said, "It's okay from now on. I want to fly as soon as possible."[39], Immediately considered entering the site.However, I gave up because I was afraid that if I entered the site in the middle of relief activities, it would cause trouble for the victims due to security etc.[39][Note 6]..Instead, Iwate Prefecture Governor and other localsLocal governmentCooperate with the staff of the company, such as keeping in touch with them, and share the information.Central government agencyAct as a coordinator between the government and local governments, such as by communicating to government officials and making adjustments.[39].. 2011May 3, Visited Iwate prefecture for the first time after the earthquake,Masahiko YamadaUnder the presence of[41],Iwate Prefectural OfficeOf the Governor of IwateTakuya TatsumasuTalked with[41]..In response to Takuya Tasso, Ozawa said, "(The country) cannot recover without investing a huge budget."[41]Insist, etc.reconstructionHe emphasized the need for national support and expressed his intention to encourage the government to support himself.[41].

In March 2011,Great East Japan Earthquake,Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAgainstKan administrationDissatisfied with the response of the Liberal Democratic Party with Yukio Hatoyama and othersOppositionIn response to the proposal to distrust the Cabinet submitted by Ichiro Ozawa, 71 members of the Diet who support Ozawa gathered at the Ichiro Ozawa office.Grated Kan) Was activated.In addition, Ozawa himself decided to be absent from the Cabinet distrust proposal because he took the "statement of resignation" from Suga.Ozawa GroupIt was decided to vote voluntarily.This action has once again resulted in a three-month suspension of membership from the Democratic Party executives.

With the resignation of Kan in August 2011Democratic Party for the Democratic PartyThen, each candidate requested support from Ozawa, who does not have the right to vote, and received a great deal of attention as "Ozawa's visit."At that time, the handling of disposition by the next representative also became an issue.2009 House of Representatives electionAs the Ozawa Group, in collaboration with Yukio Hatoyama, from the standpoint of opposition to the revision of the promise ofMari EedaHowever, KaiedaFinal voteYoshihiko NodaIt was pointed out that the centripetal force in Ozawa's party was weakened.[42].. September 2011, 8House of Representatives OfPrime Minister Nomination ElectionSo, I got one vote while being a criminal defendant[43].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nihon UniversityAt the board of directorsMakoto KogaAppointed as a director of Nihon University as a successor[44].

2012 (24)May 1Visited the coastal area of ​​Iwate prefecture, which was heavily damaged by the earthquake[45].

2012 year 4 month,Tokyo District CourtRegarding the Rikuzankai case at the first instance of無罪Was handed down[46].

August 2012, 3,consumption taxTax increase billCabinetHe criticized the decision as "there is something to do before the tax increase"[47].House of RepresentativesMain ConventionInSocial security and tax integrated reform related billVoted against[48].

same yearMay 7, For the above reasons, with 50 members of the DietDemocratic PartySubmitted a notice of withdrawal to[49]..On the following day, the Democratic Party of Japan said that opposition to the passage of a bill related to integrated social security and tax reform and submission of a notice of withdrawal would be an act of anti-party, and 3 people including Ozawa.RemovalDecided the policy to dispose[50][51]..Finally, at the extraordinary standing board meeting held on the 9th of the same month, 37 members, including Ozawa, who opposed the consumption tax increase bill in the House of Representatives, were dismissed as originally proposed.[52].

After leaving the Democratic Party

2012May 7, Ozawa is a new party with group membersPeople's lives are the firstWas formed and became the representative.The platform of the new party is "independence and symbiosis"Breaking with nuclear power generationAnd raise an anti-tax increase.On the other hand, the large-scale withdrawal of Iwate's local councilors and supporting groups, who have consistently acted with Ozawa until then, has surfaced.

July 11st of the same year,Tokyo High CourtIn support of the first instance, on the 19th of the same monthappealWas abandonedRikuzankai caseOzawa's innocence was confirmed in[53][46].

In November, people's life first disbanded,Japan Future PartyAfter joining the company, he announced that he would not hold a party position.

Right after46nd House of Representatives electionIn, the Tomorrow Party of Japan drastically reduced the number of seats from 61 to 9 seats.Ozawa ran only in the single-seat constituency and won 15 elections.Most wins The first win is synchronized in ThailandKozo Watanabe(Fukushima 4 ward),Takeshi Haneda(Nagano 3 Wards),Mori(Ishikawa 2 wards) Retired from politics2021 Of49nd House of Representatives electionIt will continue to record the maximum number of winnings independently until.However, in this election, of the four wards in Iwate, only the four wards in Ozawa won the seats in the future.Since the introduction of the single-seat constituency system, all the constituencies except the two constituencies have been consistently elected by candidates of the political party to which Ozawa belongs. became.

In December, following the devastating defeat of the general election, Ozawa and future party representativesYukiko KadaThe confrontation with them has surfaced.Kada and others left the party, and the remaining Ozawa and others changed the party name to the Liberal Party, and their aidesYuko MoriWas appointed as the representative.

2013 (25)May 1, Ozawa was appointed as the party representative of life in place of Yuko Mori.same yearMay 7Made in23st House of Councilors electionIn, all the officially recognized people including Yuko Mori were defeated, and they are also local.IwateThen I understood Ozawa and 袂Tatsuo HiranoWas elected.

Joined Taro Yamamoto

2014 Enforced in July47th House of Representatives general electionAs a result, the Liberal PartyPolitical party requirementsLost.However,May 12ToIndependentMember of the House of CouncilorsTaro YamamotoJoined the party and met the party requirements.In addition, the party name was changed to "Liberal Party, Taro Yamamoto, and Friends."[54][55].

Attempted takeover of Japan Innovation Party

Around the second half of 2015Restoration PartyThe cause of the split between the Tokyo group and the Osaka group is ostensibly the dismissal of Secretary General Kakizawa.However, under the hood, when the Hashimoto faction decided to vote for each party member and member of the Diet in order to take the initiative in the party representative election, Ozawa noticed this and Matsuno preached a joint battle line with opposition parties such as the Democratic Party. Instructed Ozawa members of the Liberal Party and the Japan Innovation Party to gather members of the Japan Innovation Party in order to re-election.Members of the Diet and aides near OzawaKenko MatsukiIt is said that the acting secretary-general gathered about 1 party members, Matsuno secured about 1, and Yoshio Maki, the chairman of the committee, secured about 3000.Hashimoto, who sensed these movements, decided to take the initiative before losing the national election.Sankei ShimbunPolitical department editorial board is analyzing[56].

Liberal Party renamed

2016 May 10, From the party of life, Taro Yamamoto and friends at the press conferenceLiberal partyAnnounced to change to[57].2017 Of48th House of Representatives general electionSo the Liberal Party does not have an official candidate and is independentIwate Prefecture 3nd WardRun from, 17 selections.

Join the Democratic Party for the People and rally the opposition

2019 On May 1National Democratic Party OfYuichiro TamakiTalked with the representative and agreed on a policy to join the people and the Liberal Party[58]Officially joined the Democratic Party for the People on April 4 and dissolved the Liberal Party[59]..For Ozawa, he became a member of the former Democratic Party's genealogical party, which he once knew, for the first time in seven years.

In May of the following year, he was appointed as a consultant to the general election of the Democratic Party for the People.[60].. Of the same summer25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionSo, I avoided the public movements such as street speeches and devoted myself to the underwater elections.[61]..In November of the same year, he left the party in opposition to joining the Liberal Party.Toru KikawadaBecame the representative of the Democratic Party for the People's Iwate Prefectural Federation as a successor[62].

He celebrated his 2019th year in office on December 12, 28.Regarding the annual special commendation for 50 years in office, the Secretariat of the House of Representatives has withheld a consultation saying, "Even though I have been in office for 50 years, I am developing political activities (in active duty)."[63][64].

August 2020, 9,Constitutional Democratic PartyAnd the new "New", a new party that joins the Democratic Party for the PeopleConstitutional Democratic PartyJoin the party.On October 10, the same year, the formation tournament of the Constitutional Democratic Party Iwate Kenren was held, and Ozawa was appointed as the representative.[65].

Single-seat constituency defeat / proportional revival

Done on September 2021, 1049st House of Representatives general electionIn the single-seat constituencyLDPOfficialTakashi FujiwaraWas defeated with a difference of about 9 votes.It was a revival election in the proportional Tohoku block.

Middle-election systemFrom currentSingle-seat constituency proportional representationIchiro Ozawa, who was the actual person who led the transition to, and once boasted the skill of being called "the god of elections" and "the god of elections", was defeated in the single-seat constituency and revived proportionally. It was the first defeat in 52 years of parliamentary life.

Perhaps the death of the chairman of Ozawa's supporters' association in the previous year also had an effect, and it was reported that he had a difficult time from the beginning of the election campaign, and Ozawa entered the country on the first day, which is said to have been the first time since he was elected.In addition, a former aide who ran for the election head of the Fujiwara camp from the Liberal Party and separated from Ozawa through the Democratic Party.Tatsuo HiranoWas inaugurated, and the secretary sent to Ichinoseki City, where Fujiwara struggled last time, also separated Ozawa from the other.Toru KikawadaThe secretary was sent in, and the separation of former aides and subordinates of loyal retainers was also great.In addition, Hirano slammed Fujiwara into the election tactics of "Operation Kawakami," which Ozawa once struck, and became a form of being scolded not only by his former aides but also by the election tactics he taught.[66].

On November 11, the same year, he resigned as the representative of the Iwate Prefectural Federation of the Constitutional Democratic Party, taking responsibility for the result of the lower house election for the entire prefecture.[67].. November 11th, party representativeYukio EdanoWith the resignation ofRepresentative electionIs carried out.Ozawa has both the first vote and the final voteKenta IzumiVoted for[68].. On December 12, he became the highest advisor to the Iwate Prefectural Federation of the Constitutional Democratic Party.[69].


Haneda and Ozawa's first book, "Japan Remodeling Plan," published when the Ozawa faction was launched, insisted on the drastic abolition of economic regulations.Grand CanyonFor example, there is no fence inSelf-responsibilityPostwar JapanConvoy systemInsisted on switching from.However, in the New Frontier Party leader electionUruguay RoundAs a countermeasure, he promised to spend 3 trillion yen on agricultural subsidies.Big governmentHe also showed his position.In addition, after the merger of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, the fusion with former Social Democratic Party members was promoted.

Is a constitutional reformist[70], 1999 "Draft Constitutional Amendment of Japan" showed its own constitutional amendment[22]..On the other hand, in the United Nations dispatch unit concept under the current constitution announced in 2004, and the international security policy announced in October 2007 by further developing it, Japan maintains logical consistency with the current constitution. International security policy (UN centricism) Is insisted.AlsoUnited Nations peacekeeping operationsabout,SDFConsistently insists that a separate specialized organization should be set up to participate.

Diet, election measures

Self-authored "Japan remodeling plan"There are a small number of Dada children who are in favor of the majority, and in order to appease them, they change everything at their own discretion," he said. There is.Ozawa says, "If you do enough deliberation."Ruling partyI took the position that it was unavoidable to vote by.on the other hand,OppositionIn the times, the ruling party has a large number of membersForced votingIf you doRefusal of deliberationHe also showed the attitude of the opposition party to fight.However, this attitude was sometimes criticized as "abandoning sufficient deliberation" and "helping the ruling party's proposal to be passed" by frequently refusing deliberation.

OzawaDobu board electionTo a young member of the Diet who is close to himself, "I can't help being in the Diet.[71][72]""partyPolicy Research CommitteeEven if you attend the meeting, you will not be evaluated by voters."Let's go around the local area," he said, saying that election measures are more important than parliamentary deliberation and policy research.[73]..Ozawa himself often国会Has been pointed out to be absent[74]..However, as mentioned above, in the 49th House of Representatives election, the aides and loyal retainers who used to be Ozawa were defeated for the first time by the Fujiwara camp's dove board election tactics for the opponent Takashi Fujiwara's camp.

January 2016Abe Cabinet OfAmari AkiraOzawa said, "Political fundsThe flow should be open up to 1 yen.No matter where you get your donations or where you use them, it's up to the people to decide, so open it up.That is the idea of ​​my Political Funds Control Act.It is important to make the balance clear and transparent so that the public can understand it. "[75].

Constitutional reform theory (constitutional theory)

The "Draft Constitutional Amendment" states as follows:[22]..On the other hand, it is deployed in JapanGuardian movementIsNobel Peace Prize in Article 9 of the ConstitutionIn September 2014, in order to obtain support from foreign countries, South KoreaLee Byung YuanUri Party heldThe chairman is using the signing campaign in Korea to realize the award.[76].

Constitutional invalidation
San Francisco Peace TreatyDeclared that the constitution enacted under the occupation was invalid when it was approved as an independent country in Japan.Souichi Sasaki,Yoshio OishiHe argues that a new constitution should have been enacted as well.Constitutional scholarToshiyoshi MiyazawaOppose the claimConstitutional revision debateIs supporting.
House of Councilors reform theory
The House of Representatives and the House of Councilors have almost the same authority, and both are to be elected, so it is inevitable that the House of Councilors will be elected.Political partyAnd the originalBicameral systemRegarding the House of Councilors, citing that the division of functions ofUnited KingdomAiming to introduce "House of Peers without power" like.In this case "AristocratMembers are not elected, but give one-time titles and honors to those who have achieved achievements in various fields, and those who have served as members of the House of Representatives for a certain period of time are also members of the House of Representatives for life. Expect discussions from high places by Ozawa himself)[77].
Creation of the Constitutional Court
trialTake as an example the slow progress ofLitigation lawAmendGermany-France-ItalyHas been introduced inConstitutional lawsuitHandle onlyFirst trial systemInsist on the establishment of a new court.The selection of people is the Diet orCabinetNominated,Private school grantOf the description partArticle 89AmendDecentralizationEnacting the basic law,Tokyo extreme concentrationIs to be dispersed.
Constitutional invalidation(Voluntary constitutional theory) Is insistedThe Constitution of JapanIt does not insist on a constitutional amendment under the amendment provisions of the Democratic Party of Japan.FoundingInsists.

These ideas haven't changed in general.2017 Also, regarding the Constitution of Japan, it was premised on the recognition that "it is invalid in terms of legal theory. The Civil Code clearly states that contracts concluded under compulsion are invalid. This is a universal idea." Regarding the constitutional reform by the Abe Cabinet, he evaluated that "the future of Japan is uncertain because bad children are playing with the constitutional reform using their power as toys."[78].

Royal family

  • 2009 (21)May 12 South KoreaSeoul OfNational UniversityIn the lecture at the presentNortheastern China OfEurasian nomads Korean PeninsulaAfter becoming indigenous in Japan, moved to JapanYamato Imperial CourtMadeNamio EgamiClaim (Equestrian conquest dynasty theory[Note 7])[80],Royal familyAbout, a powerful person in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula crosses the seaNaraHe announced that he had established a government in Japan, saying, "There is a Japanese history expert named Mr. Egami. This teacher is also a person who strongly insisted on the theory of conquering the horse race about the origin of the Japanese nation. According to the teacher's theory, it corresponds to the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, now South Korea, but the people in power in this area probably crossed the sea.KyusyuArrived in the areaMieSince it became established inNaraEnterNara BasinEstablished a government in.This also appears in Japanese mythology, but it is exactlyEmperor JimmuThe first generation called ToseiEmperorAs for the story, Professor Egami mainly insisted on such a theory. "" I may not be able to return to Japan if I speak more strongly, so I will leave it at this level here. Maybe historical "I think this is a fact," he said. "It is possible if the Korean people accept and welcome the visit to Korea."[81][82][83]..However, the Japanese government announced in September 2009Lee Myung-boPresidentWhen asked to visit the Emperor of Japan, he replied, "The Constitution stipulates that the Emperor cannot act in politics."[83].
  • 2009 years,Chinese Communist PartyNext periodGeneral secretaryWas unofficially decidedXi JinpingWhen the then-Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau visited Japan in December, the Hatoyama administration and the Chinese governmentEmperorI assumed a meeting with.However, since the detailed schedule for visiting Japan has not been decided, he went to the imperial family.National actIt is customary to make a request at least one month in advance (So-called "1 month rule"), The Ministry of Foreign AffairsImperial Household AgencyWas in distress.The Chinese government has been unavoidable due to the health problems of the emperor, and the atmosphere of unreasonableness has begun to occupy the majority within the Democratic Party.May 12From 143 members of parliament alone (over 600 people in total)Visiting groupOzawa, who was planning to visit China[84],May 12It is said that he told Hatoyama, who was the prime minister, by phone that he had to hold a press conference, what he was going to do, and that he was messed up quickly.[85][86]..DefendedShingo HaedaTo the Imperial Household Agency Secretary, "Civil servantIf you oppose the Cabinet from the standpoint of, you should give your opinion after giving a resignation. "[87]..The Imperial Household Agency, the ruling and opposition parties, and the media criticized Ozawa's request as "the emperor's political use."[88]..Also, in the same month of the same yearEmperor's birthday holidayI checked Ozawa's mansion in advance.Right wingRushed into Ozawa's residence, and protests continued by the sound trucks that lined up even after the new year.[89]..The town protest was tremendous and is said to have triggered his wife to leave the house.
  • August 2014, 2,Foundation DayBy the wayJapan-Korea relationsMentioningEmperorOn the grounds that he said, "Emperor Hanmu OfLady TheKorean Peninsula OfBaekje OfprincessIt's about you. "However, the emperor's remark was "Emperor Kanmu'sBirth motherIs BaekjeKing MuryeongTo be a descendant ofJapanese sequelIt is written in ", and does not talk about the rest.[90].

Constitutional interpretation

Abolition of Cabinet Legislation Bureau
In 2003Cabinet Legal Affairs BureauSubmit abolition bill[91]..About the Cabinet Legislation Bureau "Constitutional interpretationYou do not have the authority to establish.It is the Cabinet that is in charge of that. "2009 In (21), the next termOrdinary DietDiet lawAmendment,Cabinet Legal Affairs BureauIt is supposed that the Diet answer will not be accepted[91][92]..From the Asahi Shimbun and others, there is concern that "in the name of bureaucratic criticism, we will change the interpretation of the Constitution" and "the guardian of the law".[91].
Article 9 of the Constitution
"Monopoly defenseIn the preamble of the ConstitutionPacifismAnd Article 9 (1) and (2) of the Constitution are retained.Article 9.5 adds international cooperation for peace and the establishment of a UN standby force.The Self-Defense Forces will concentrate on national defense.note that,Right to self-defenseIs exercised only when Japan is infringed by imminent fraud, whether individually or collectively.The definition of imminent fraud is not clarified.
Overseas dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces
OzawaInternational Security Support UnitTolerateDarfur conflictHe emphasized UN centrism (the constitution is lower than the United Nations), such as participation of troops in the United Nations and participation in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).However, he did not make a statement about reviewing the standards for using weapons at that time.The government has summarized the view that escort participation in ISAF itself is constitutional.[93].
Collective self-defense and collective security
Iraq warType (exercise of collective self-defense) -Initiated by another country activating the right of self-defense戦 争To participate inUnionArmed Forces (OEF) Is unconstitutionalAct on Special Measures Against TerrorismI also opposed the extension of.
Kisaburo YokotaConstitutional interpretation[94]Positive and active pacifismPerspective[95]からGulf WarMultinational forces(Collective securityUse of force based on),United NationsApproved byUnited Nations ArmyI agree with the participation of.
Paper at the time of 1999[22]In response to the claim that the emperor should be specified as the head of state, he stated that "there is no doubt that the head of state is the head of state" and "the emperor is positioned as the head of state" even in the text of the current constitution. ing.
Emperor special conferenceOn the issue, December 2009, 12Press conferenceIn response to the reporter's question, "You should reread the Constitution a little, the state affairs and actions of His Majesty the EmperorPeopleIt is done with the advice and approval of the Cabinet / Government, which is the representative of the company. "[96]But on the 15thCommunist party OfShizu KazuoChairmanTo reporters, "The Emperor's ConstitutionNational actIt does not include meeting foreign dignitaries.Mr. Ozawa should read the Constitution carefully. "[97].

Diplomacy, defense policy

Basic posture
All over the world, especially China, South KoreaIncludingAsiaHe insisted on the realization of a peaceful, free and open relationship of trust with the countries.Specifically, strengthening Asian diplomacy, liberalizing trade and investment,Official development assistanceDrastic review of (ODA), etc.2009 (21)May 2"It doesn't make much sense for the United States to have troops on the front lines in this era.米 国Presence in the Far East7th fleetThat's enough ... I think we can talk about Japan's role in security and the Far East ... Rather than just following the United States, we also have a decent global strategy. At least for matters related to Japan, we should share more roles.That would reduce the role of the United States. "[98].
In December 2009, he led 12 Democrats, including 143 members of parliament, during the parliamentary session.Visit to Chinadid.
Okinawa U.S. Army
2010 (22)May 9,Okinawaabout"MarinesI don't need the actual combat unit ofMinistry of DefenseNot only from within the Democratic PartyTaiwan,Korean PeninsulaHe was criticized for not being able to respond to an emergency, "may be suspicious (with a review of the Japan-US agreement)."[99].
Class A war criminal,BC class war criminal,Yasukuni Shrine
In the Diet reply on April 1986, 4, "I think everyone should go with a natural feeling. I will continue to worship when such feelings come to my mind." , "Secretary of StateWhether it is or not, I want to continue to go "," It doesn't matter whether it's A-class, B-class or C-class "," It happens to be a defeat.Victorious countrySome people were considered war criminals. "
Also, on October 2008, 2Chosun IlbofromInterviewThen,Yasukuni Shrine ProblemThe Japanese side is making a big mistake.If the Democratic Party takes power, it will separate the war chief from Yasukuni Shrine and build a strong relationship of trust between South Korea and China. "
Nuclear weapons
Thousands of shots in Japannuclear weaponsAlthough capable of producing (2002), it does not have any military or political benefits.Don't even argue (2006).There was an opinion within the party that the possession of nuclear weapons should be allowed and that nuclear armament should be discussed.
About the Peripheral Situation Law
North Korea in January 2006Nuclear testThe situation on the Korean Peninsula after going toPeripheral situation lawOzawa et al. Said that "the Peripheral Situation Law cannot be applied" over whether or not "" can be applied.Troika systemAnnounced the view of.However, in response to this, Seiji Maehara and other parties expressed their opinions that "the Peripheral Situation Law can be applied," and the Democratic Party's diplomatic and defense department said, "Ozawa and other representatives of the Troika system are of the Democratic Party of Japan. It is not the official view of the Democratic Party, "and the confrontation and disagreement within the Democratic Party over security policy has surfaced.
North Korean abduction
"No matter what you say to North Korea, the abduction issue will not be solved. You have to bring a lot of money and say,'Please give me some people.'"News reportWas done[100].
territorial dispute
"WeRuling partyWhen it becomes, I will put a button on the territorial dispute. "" For example,尖 閣 諸島Is a territory peculiar to Japan even from a historical point of view.Make it clear.Self-governmentI will not postpone it with the Yasushi strategy liketerritorial disputeDeclares a prompt solution[101]..Also, on July 2008, 7, at a press conferenceCourse of Study OfTakeshimaWhen asked about the problem, he said, "We should have a good discussion before the textbooks to fill the gap in the way of thinking between Japan and South Korea. The order of avoiding discussions and not putting them in the textbooks is different. I'm in control, so I can't help saying that it's my territory if I leave it alone. "Japanese govermentCriticized[102].
Tibet and the People's Republic of China
2008 Tibetan mayhemAfter that, in a lecture on April 2008, 4,Tibetan problem"The contradictions of the Chinese administration have been raised in the wake of ethnic problems.CommunismDictatorshipThe administration and political freedom of the country cannot be established by the principle. "Communist partyadministrationIf he wants to survive as the times change, he must change himself, "he criticized China.[103].
Promotion to the Ministry of Defense
Ozawa, who had insisted on the promotion of the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Defense since the Liberal Party era, said, "The ministry responsible for national defenseCabinet OfficeIt's not a good thing to be only one external agency. "However, because there was opposition within the Democratic PartyHouse of RepresentativesSecurity committeeAtDefense "Ministry" promotion related billWas absent from the deliberation.

Legal affairs

Constitutional amendment(Article 96 of the Constitution) National Voting Bill
He opposed the bill submitted by the ruling party.After that, after discussions with the Democratic Party of Japan, the revised ruling party was approved.note thatCorporate citizen-Communism opposed the bill itself.
For many years of my ownPolitical Funds Control LawViolation case (Later)Prosecution examination committee"Is it something that an amateur can judge?"[104].
Civil law
SelectiveFamily name by coupleAbout system introductionMizuho FukushimaIn response to the question, he said, "I basically agree."[105]..On the other hand, according to a 2014 Asahi Shimbun survey, "I can't say either."[106]However, in the same survey in 2017, "if anything, I agree"[107].

Election system

Single-seat constituency system
Permanent resident foreigners local government
oldColonyPermanent residence that moved to Japan due to policy and lived as it was after the warForeigner・ The familyJapanese nationalityEven if it is difficult to obtain, consider the historical circumstances and also in the arearesidentsInsists that local suffrage should be given to foster a sense of solidarity with[108]..For the purpose of acquiring the right of foreigners to voteKorean nationals in JapanReceived words of support from, and Ozawa also expressed his gratitude for it.NaturalizationHe said he was expecting a vote of "Korean"[109].

Economic and fiscal policy

In "Japan Remodeling Plan"Small governmentAdvocating a route since the 90'sNeoliberalismTypicalStructural reformPioneer of.HoweverDemocratic Party RepresentativeAfter that, I suddenly changed the route and said, "I went too far.Market principleAnd the slogan "People's Life First" was put forward.

On September 2010st, ahead of the 9 Democratic Party for the Democratic Party,National propertyTheAsset-backed securitiesIf it becomes, Japan is still about 200 trillion yenGovernment bondClaims to be able to issue[110], The same nightNHK News watch 9When I appeared inKensuke OkoshiIn an interview with "200 trillion yen of asset-backed securities, interest income of several trillion yen is generated every year.National treasuryThere is also a trial calculation that comes in all the time. "But it isDefaultIt means that the state-owned property will be seized in the case of It was difficult to understand what I said, so it was generally ignored by the media[110](Mari EedaSupports Ozawa's proposal, and is originally said to be Kaieda's advice.[111]).

Tax system

Consumption tax, pension system reform
In "Japan Remodeling Plan"consumption taxTo 10%income taxThe Hosokawa administration also raised the national welfare tax concept, but from the latter half of the New Frontier Party era, the consumption tax debate was sealed.
pensionTo unify all pensions by making specific financial resources. Basic pension that pays 1 yen per person per month and conventionalSocial insurance premiumA double-decker income-proportional pension that maintains the system.The consumption tax will be maintained at 2%, but all the tax revenue will be used for welfare purposes and will be allocated to the basic pension.However, 5% consumption tax (about 5 trillion yen) is not enough to cover the basic part of the pension, so we will try to derive the necessary financial resources from the existing budget. There was criticism that the pension could be paid to only half of the people at 13 trillion yen, but he argued that "13 trillion yen is enough to limit the benefits to low-income earners."
Provisional tax rate
By Democratic PartyRegime changebeforeRoad specific financial resourcesTo general financial resourcesGasoline tax(Gasoline tax) Was insisted on abolishing the provisional tax rate. 2008May 3In this regard, he insisted, "There is no need to extend the provisional tax rate, it is better to give back for the sake of people's lives."[112]..Regarding the impact of the abolition on local finance, 9000 billion yen is planned to go to rural areas within the road specific financial resources, of which 3000 billion yen for municipalities needs to be treated. Give your opinion and take care of itGeneral account-Special accountIt is possible to allocate to the municipalities by using the surplus and reducing waste.[113].
However, in 2009 after the change of government, based on the petition sent to the party, provisional measures such as the gasoline tax, which was abolished in the House of Representatives election manifestation in the "priority request" for reflection in the government's 2010 budget. Tax rate changed to "maintain"[114], Since the Suga administration, with social security and tax reforms, etc.ManifestIt may be criticized for being inconsistent with the attitude of appealing for compliance.[115].

Trade / trade

ThoroughFree tradeHe is a commentator andNortheast asiaからSoutheast AsiaIn the end, we will realize free trade that has spread to the whole world. "[116].

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership AgreementWe are cautious about this.Press conference"I agree with free trade, but I am weakindustryThe department suddenly said,TariffIt's abolition, it's free competition. ”It is premature to do it before measures are taken to protect people's lives. "[117]He expressed concern about his hasty participation.He also mentioned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership has a wide range of application areas.Agriculture, forestry and fisheriesIt's not just about.Rather (米 国The aim of the main is in other areas. "[118]It is said that it will affect other than agriculture, forestry and fisheries.2011 (23)May 10Is an executive officer of the Democratic Party of JapanToshio Mitsui-Katsumasa SuzukiRequested that they take a cautious approach to negotiations for participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement.[119][120].Yoshihiko NodaWhen he announced that he would participate in the negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, "Can the domestic system be properly established?"[121]"Can we negotiate on an equal footing and protect the interests of the people?"[121]I have a question such as.
May 2011,Asahi Shimbun"Mr. Ozawa, positive for TPP"[122]Some, such as raising the headingNews agencyWhen it was reported that Ozawa was active in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Ozawa office sideTwitter"It is reported in some papers that" TPP is "Mr. Ozawa positive" ", but that is incorrect."[123]There was also one act that denied a series of reports.

Administrative reform

CentralizationInsist on the transition from the system to the local sovereignty system, and by consolidating the municipalities to about 300DecentralizationIs recommended.The authority of the central government is limited to diplomacy, security, etc., and is individualSubsidyCreated bureaucratic ruleInterestIt is said that it will be abolished because it will be a hotbed for the local economy, and it will lead to the revitalization of the local economy by collectively granting it as an independent financial resource and transferring the financial resources and authority to the regions.[Source required]
Civil servant reform
Centralized management of executive staff in the CabinetCivil servantForRight to strikeWith the grantconfidentialityTo reduce violations and liberalize contact with government officialsSpecial corporation,Independent administrative agency,Special accountInsists on a review of.[Source required]

Welfare and labor policy

Correct social disparities.Child-rearingSupport, "parent allowance" for households living with parents, "parent allowance" for households with childrenChild allowanceWill be delivered.ManagementIs free competition, but non-managerial positionslifetime employmentTo[Note 8].labor lawShould be based on long-term stable employment.Expand the support system for the recovery and reemployment of frustrated managers and workers.
Immigration policy
With the Liberal Democratic PartyBusiness worldSome "ImmigrationIn response to the movement to consider "acceptance", "it is totally useless. It is still called" slave labor ".Non-genuineWorkerThe problem is serious.Developing countryAccepting unskilled workers fromSlaveryIsn't it?SecuritySome are worried about the problem, but before that, such acceptance of immigrants was a blasphemy of human dignity and was very humanely unacceptable. "Ruling partyCriticized immigration policy[101].

Nuclear power and energy policy

When he was the representative of the Democratic Party
After Ozawa became the Democratic Party representative in 2006Nuclear powerHas been positioned as "transitional energy" since the formation of the partyEnergyThe policy has changed and it has been revised to the view that it will actively promote nuclear power as a permanent energy source.[124][125].
Regarding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentOn the night of April 2011, 4 after the outbreak, with more than a dozen members of parliamentMinato-kuAkasakaWhen I had a dinner at a Southern European restaurant inFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantIs not stable.Just trying not to exploderadiationIs dripping.If you do not take fundamental measures, it will be difficult.You have to send a suicide squad to completely suppress it.Politics is the decision[126]"I stated my opinion.On the other hand, on the morning of May 5th of the same yearSotobo OfFishery: OfHarmful rumorWith an aide member for the purpose of resolutionChibaIsumi CityOff the coastHorse mackerel,GruntThefishing, ItsashimiAnd eatFishAppealing the safety of[127].
After leaving the Democratic Party
At the time of the "People's Life First" party in July 2012,Breaking with nuclear power generationAs a pillar of policy, aiming for the total abolition of nuclear power plants within 10 years[128].

Education policy

The Democratic Party's original "" which is different from the ruling party's proposalBasic Education LawEstablished.Education budgetDeveloped countryCorrect and raise the current situation of middle and low ranks. From 5 years old to high schoolCompulsory educationSpread out.To all the peopleHigher educationTo give you the opportunity奨 学 金Expand the system.Educational staff such as teachersgovernment officialTo stabilize your status asdisputeI don't recognize the right.

Agricultural policy

Basically, it is a position to promote free trade and FTA (Free trade agreement) Promotion.Currently 39% to ensure Japan's security[129]Has fallen toFood self-sufficiencyTo the same level as other developed countries.Majors such as grains to revitalize farmers and rural areasAgricultural products Household income compensation systemTo introduce.Traceability systemWith expansionmachiningFood OfPlace of originMandatory indication of origin includingFood safetyTo secure.

Relationship with other parties and supporting bodies

Electoral cooperation
ThoughtfullyMaintenanceIn Although[Source required],Self-governmentFor overthrowCommunist partyAll includingOppositionAnnounced that it will not refuse the election cooperation by[130]..Socialist PartyCompany public routeSince then, "Non-Liberal Democratic / Non-CommunistIt was an unusual view as a representative of the first opposition party, which had been the norm for excluding communism.Therefore, not only from the self-public, but also within the partyAnti-communismThere was criticism from others.The Communist Party is currently a "market-focused" Democratic "The third wayIt didn't happen because the public was critical of the route.
Grand coalition
Grand coalition turmoil that was picked up at the end of 2007 (Dalian Initiative (Japan 2007)) Then the Democratic PartyadministrationIn order to take, coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party,Coalition governmentOf the Democratic Party inManifestHe argued that it was necessary to realize the achievements and show the ability to take charge of the administration.After the Dalian concept disappeared, the confrontation with the Liberal Democratic Party was strengthened, and it was decided by election.Regime changeThe aims.

System introduced by Ozawa

The system introduced by Ozawa (bill, etc.).

Single-seat constituency system
According to the person himself, it is possible to change the governmentTwo-party systemIntroduced to realize.
But,49th House of Representatives general electionThen, he was defeated in the single-seat constituency and was revived proportionally.
Party debate
LDP secretary generalEfforts in the times.Passed the bill.
Press clubAbolition of the system
General press conferenceFree journalistAlso open toTakashi UesugiAre free to interview.

other than this,Political Ethics Review BoardIs said to have said "I made it"[131].

Ozawa Group


Character review

Political parties involved in the formation are often disbanded or split, and are described as "breakers."[132].. In 201246th House of Representatives general electionright beforeYukiko KadaWas launched in a hurry with the party leaderJapan Future PartyIt was reported that this was the fifth time that the party changed into a "Liberal Party" in just one month due to an inner ring.[132].

Kajiyama ShirokuAndNoboru TakeshitaHe was also an ally and a friend of mine, but later confronted (XNUMX War).However, Ichiro Ozawa himself says, "The battle between me and Noboru Takeshita."Kajiyama replied that Ozawa, who repeatedly formed and purified a new party, was a "ruthless politician."[133].Akira IkegamiAccording to the report, lack of effort to explain is one of the reasons why aides are separated.[134].Kozo Watanabe"It's because of human nature that people always move away from Ozawa's surroundings. When Ozawa says" XNUMX + XNUMX = XNUMX, "he says," No, XNUMX + XNUMX = XNUMX. " You will not be able to associate with the other person.I was the only one who could speak back and control.You need Ozawa to create a new party.However, if a party is formed, Ozawa will get in the way.It's a repetition. "[135]..As a person who has separated from OzawaTakeshi Haneda-Norio Sugiyama-Hiroshi Kumagai-Funada Gen-Katsuya Okada-Toshihiro Nikai-Takeshi Noda-Chikage Ogi-Yuriko Koike-Shigeru Ishiba-Taichiro Nishikawa-Yoshinobu Takahashi-Hideo Watanabe-Yasuhiro Oe-Shingo Nishimura-Hirohisa Fujii-Kazuhiro Nakatsuka-Takeshi Shina-Toru Kikawada-Tatsuo HiranoEtc.

Hideyuki TanakaWas evaluating the firmness of Ichiro Ozawa's mouth.Before the announcement of the Hosokawa Cabinet's list of cabinets, an NHK reporter came and asked, "Please tell me the names of the ministers other than the six names of the Socialist Party."Will be Minister of FinanceHirohisa FujiiTanaka, who was a close friend of the Okura Committee, came to say, "I'm free, so let's get together with the old Okura Committee members." "I don't know this person will be the Minister of Finance." I was surprised and was an aide to Ichiro OzawaToshio YamaguchiBut,"Nobuo Matsunaga OfMinister of Foreign AffairsIs absolutely useless. "Takeshi HanedaCame to say without knowing that[136].

As a person who has a cooperative relationship with Ozawa but did not join (leave) the party of lifeTakashi Kawamura(Tax reduction JapanRepresentative, join the party of the future),Masahiko Yamada(Green windBelongs to, independent after the party is disbanded),Sotoyamasai(Kono talkThe best in the party of life, such as insisting on withdrawalRight.2012 Lower House election(I lost the race even though I changed my saddle),Yukiko Miyake(CurrentIndependent) Etc.

Relationship with Kozo Watanabe

Ichiro Ozawa of the Liberal Democratic Party, Keiseikai eraKozo WatanabeKnown as an ally of.Since the birthdays are the same, it has been customary to hold a joint birthday party every year since the first election.He will continue to act after leaving the Liberal Democratic Party, but broke up during the New Frontier Party.He clarified his confrontation with Watanabe, who became a colleague during the Democratic Party of Japan.


Immediately after the first electionThyroid cancerAlthough it was revealed that he suffered from the disease, he was completely cured by surgery.However, in the summer of 1991, when he was the actual influential person of the Kaifu administration as acting chairman of the Takeshita faction.Heart diseaseSince I was hospitalized in心 臓There is constant health anxiety over.The name of the disease at that time wasAnginaHowever, since the hospitalization period was as long as 42 days,Myocardial infarctionThere is speculation that it was.After that, for health care, it is a daily routine to take a walk for about 30 minutes in the early morning, stop smoking at all, refrain from drinking sake by 3 go, and do not miss a rest of about 2 hours after lunch.[137]..However, these restrictions could affect political activity and could lead to criticism and speculation. He was hospitalized for a cold from October 2008th to 10th, 6, and was scheduled for the 13rd of the same month.India OfShinPublic affairs such as the party board meeting including the meeting with the Prime Minister were also canceled due to poor physical condition, and the meeting with Prime Minister Singh was held.HatoyamaThe secretary general acted as a substitute[138].171th DietDuring the session (January 2009, 1-June 5, 6), four of the 3 House of Representatives plenary sessions held by the end of February were absent.[137].


Kakuei TanakaToFatherHe said that he received the politics and the scent of life.It is also called "Dobu board",The population densityIt is said that he learned from his father that he would never neglect the steady election campaign, starting from the low rural areas and going around the voters' houses one by one.In historical figures,Fukuzawa YukichiAs the ancestor of Japanese civilizationKatsu Kaishu,Ryoma SakamotoWith a certain understandingSaigo TakamoriAs a politician / personToshimichi OkuboSaid that he was aiming for[139].PrewarSuccessive Prime MinistersThe person I admire inTakashi HaraIs. Also,Ryotaro ShibaI love reading novels.In mangaHirokane Kenshi"Ryusuke Kaji's proposal] OrGeorge Akiyama"Turbulent cloudIn particular, "Haguregumo" has published a book called "Selection: Ichiro Ozawa's Ten Masterpieces of Haguregumo".

Liberal Democratic Party withdrawal

When Ichiro Ozawa left the Liberal Democratic Party, he said that he would break down the old-fashioned politics called "collusion politics."United Kingdom,AmericalikeTwo-party systemThere was a clear vision of wanting to create.Single-seat constituency systemFrom the same constituency if you introduceLDPSocialist PartyThis was because the politicians of the world would not be selected.Ozawa states that he did not voluntarily leave the Liberal Democratic Party, but was kicked out by some lawmakers with vested interests.At that time, the Takeshita faction of the Liberal Democratic Party had fierce conflicts over international contributions and the single-seat constituency system.Keizo ObuchiThe fact that they were defeated is behind Ozawa's departure.However, Ozawa himself had no intention of leaving the party even after voting in favor of the 1993 Miyazawa Cabinet distrust proposal, and intended to reform the party, but Takemura and others who opposed the distrust proposal took the initiative. The departure was the trigger.

View of religion / civilization

When he was the secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, he established a cooperative relationship with the Komeito to survive the reversal of the ruling and opposition parties.Even in the Hosokawa coalition governmentYuichi IchikawaI tried to take the initiative in the administration by laying a line.HoweverBudding partyThe era was one of the causes of the party's dissolution in conflict with Komeito, who was a member of the party.

Since the birth of the Democratic Party of Japan in 2009, he has often taken actions that suggest cooperation with the Komeito and Soka Gakkai.2010 (22)May 2OzawaAzuma KoshiishiIt was reported that he had a meeting with an executive of Soka Gakkai with the chairman of the House of Councilors.May 3Denied it at a press conference.However, the stance toward the academic society is different from the urgent pioneers of Soka Gakkai critics such as Naoto Kan and Yoshito Sengoku.[140][141].

2009 May 11,Yumiko HimeiWith themKoyasan-Kongobuji TempleVisited at that timeAll Japan Buddhist ChurchAs chairmanKoyasan Shingon sect OfYukei MatsunagaWhen I met with the presidentキ リ ス ト 教IslamDecided that they were both exclusive, and said, "With a background of (exclusive) Christianity.文明It is,WesternAt the same time as criticizing "the deadlock of society itself", "BuddhismAccepts everything, everyoneBuddhaA very broad-minded person who can becomeReligious-哲学"[142][143][144].

In response to this remarkJapan Confederation of Christianity(Yamahisa NobuhisaChairman) is nextMay 11, Sent a protest letter addressed to Ozawa to the Democratic Party headquarters asking for the withdrawal of remarks[145]..OzawaMay 11At a press conference, he explained, "I said the theory of religion and the theory of civilization." "(Buddhism says that the basic idea is different from other religions."[146].

In August 2010, Ozawa performed in Tokyo, and AmericansObamaHe praised the election of the president, but said that "Americans are unicellular."This case was reported in the United States, along with the aforementioned discriminatory remarks about Christianity.[147][148].


GoHis skill is amateur XNUMXth dan, and it is said to be the strongest in politics.Yoda NoriIt is said that he is receiving guidance from.

In politics, it has seven dans of amateurs, which is higher than Ozawa.Kaoru YosanoThere is.Yosano also taught Go to Ozawa until a few years ago (a teacher-apprentice relationship that changed its shape).

Ozawa aims to popularize GoJapanese Ki-inWeekly GoWe often play public games at special events.At that event, October 2007, 10,ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo Go Salon "Ranca"Confronted Kaoru Yosano at[Note 9].One anotherKomiIn the 6th and a half, Master Yosano grabbed black, and after a fierce battle for two and a half hours, Ozawa won the game.[Note 10]..Also, on December 12th, at the same event held at the same place, the artist'sJunichi WatanabeAnd won, albeit by a small margin.

I play against professionals many times[Note 11]..Before the Democratic Party took powerSeiko Ogawa, Norimoto Yoda and many others.


Nico Nico Douga
Nico Nico DougaHe has made positive comments about Internet media such as.After pointing out that existing media such as newspapers and television are edited and reported, it is evaluated that the live voice can be easily transmitted to the people with Internet media.
2007 (19) October,21rd House of Councilors ordinary electionHe appeared on Nico Nico Douga just before, and became a hot topic.Since then2008 (20) November2009 (21) On New Year's Day, we held a "1 people online interview".Also, from September 2008, the official video corner "Ichiro Ozawa Channel" was opened. In September 9, he appeared on a Nico Nico Douga program when he ran for the Democratic Party for the Democratic Party.
TwitterAlthough he was interested in, he hadn't opened an account for a while because it was difficult to operate.However, on Twitter, there are many accounts that call themselves Ozawa,Takashi UesugiAccording to these interviews, it has become clear that the account is a spoofing account.When I appeared on a Nico Nico Douga program, I was informed that spoofing by Uesugi was rampant, and there was a scene where Ozawa himself smiled bitterly.[150]..But a few days later, I really received a tweet from my spoofing account.TBSMisreported that Ozawa started Twitter, and immediately after that there was a riot to apologize.[151][152]..Among the accounts impersonating Ozawa, even accounts that gather more than 9000 followers have appeared.[153].
Also, in the Nico Nico Douga program, Ozawa suggested that the office staff learn how to operate Twitter. 2010May 9, Official account of Ichiro Ozawa office opened on Twitter[154]..However, since it is not an individual account of Ozawa but an account of the office, tweets of office staff are posted instead of Ozawa himself.In a tweet on the same day, "Currently, Ichiro Ozawa's" person "does not have an official Twitter account. Please be careful about spoofing."[155]Is calling.

News program

 Passion news live "News Oped® ”(NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO)

Entertainment shows

Soledame!-Your common sense is insane!?-(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) (Broadcast on July 2017, 7)Entertainment showsIt was the first appearance[156].

Toshiyuki Nishida

Toshiyuki Nishida TheNHK taiga drama-Yatsushiro Shogun Yoshimune(1995, NHK)Tokugawa YoshimuneWhen I played, I referred to Ozawa, who was a member of the New Frontier Party at the time.Number of tacticsIt overlapped with the two living people who were good at.Yoshimune thought that his appearance was like Mr. Ozawa.The only portrait left was the grandfather who had become a wrestler, but when he was young, he was often seen as a sumo wrestler.It may have overlapped with the solid image of Mr. Ozawa. "[157]It has said.


Kakuei Tanaka

  • Kakuei TanakaOzawa was born in 1947, the same as his eldest son, Shopo (died at the age of 5 in 1942), so Tanaka was said to have loved Ozawa like his son.On the other hand, Ozawa also longed for Kakuei and was the only member of the Diet who belonged to the Keiseikai, which was independent of the Tanaka faction.trialI listened without fail.At the same time, Kakuei's daughter,Makiko Tanaka(Makiko also recognizes Ozawa as an older brother) and is the only former Takeshita faction to be allowed by the Tanaka family.Death dayI visited the Tanaka family.As a result, Ozawa made an effort to leave Makiko's Liberal Democratic Party and join the Democratic Party of Japan.He also declared, "The father of politics is Kakuei Tanaka."
  • The battle between Ozawa and Fukuda, who used to be Kakuei Tanaka's kaiken,"SecondKakufu War'Was called.However, they had no intention of doing so, and former Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka, the daughter of Kakuei, who criticized Fukuda sharply, was attracting attention, and there was also a view that this was the true "second Kakuei War." ..

Pet dog

  • House of Representatives in April 2006Chiba 7 wardBy-electionIn party advertisingShiba Inu"Momo" is appointed. "Momo" went out to support Ozawa and the candidates and got a lot of attention.According to Ozawa, it resembles the Shiba Inu "Chibi," which was Ozawa's dog at the time. Ozawa who lost "Chibi" in October 2007Shed and cried. In 2008, he started to keep two new Shiba Inu puppies and named them "Kuro" and "Chai" based on the color of their coat.[158].

Episodes about South Korea

  • 1999 (11) in August South KoreaOn the 18th of the same month, he became the first (at that time) Japanese party executive / ministerial class politician.SeoulIt is inGold nine[159]-Yin Bongji-Lee Bong Chang-Baek Jeong-gisuch as,Anti-JapaneseI visited a terrorist cemetery.In this regardToa Nippo"We are evaluating it as part of our efforts to approach South Korea for a new Korea-Japan relationship," Munhwa Ilbo said.Far rightMaintenanceIt has been pointed out that it is an advanced calculation to dilute the typical color. "
  • The first Japanese politician to officially accept a Korean secretary[160].. A Korean woman appointed in 2000Suk-hyong KimWas an international secretary and was an interpreter at the time of meetings with foreign dignitaries.[160]..In addition, since Kim is engaged in Japanese politics, he exchanged information with the Korean Embassy in Japan at any time regarding political affairs.[160]..This Korean secretary was released by the Korean government in July 2007.Women's clubParticipating in the "World Korean Women's Network" sponsored by the Japanese representative[161]..This group is located in Western countriesComfort womanAboutJapanese govermentHas held more than 700 protests and rallies against[162]..While this woman is Ozawa's secretaryTokyo UniversityObtained a PhD in2008 (20) After leaving the secretary in May, he has been appointed as a graduate school faculty member.[163].
  • Ozawa has a problem that some Koreans claim sovereignty and land is being acquired by Korean capital.TsushimaAbout the former Union PresidentKiyoshi SasamoriAsked "What do you think?" And Sasamori said, "I'm worried about Tsushima.ウ ォ ン"It looks like the economy will buy up," Ozawa said. "It's a great opportunity now. Because of the strong yen (in Korean territory)JejuBuy me "Masahiko YamadaWhat I said in a greeting at a party of members of the House of RepresentativesNews agencyTold by[164], Ozawa himself denies the existence of this statement[165].
  • 2012 August 8, South Korea ’s “Toa Nippo』, Ozawa2009 In 12 monthDemocratic Party RepresentativeWhen I visited Korea asLee Myung-boPresidentTo "IPrime ministerIfTakeshima OfPossessionGive up the right.However, of Shimane fishermenFishing rightsI want you to guarantee. A South Korean diplomatic source who joined the parley said the president did not show interest, saying that he had stated informally.2012 Reported that it was revealed at the end of August[166][167]..Ozawa said, "IPress conferenceEtc尖 閣 諸島"Takeshima has repeatedly said that it is a territory peculiar to Japan."News reportDenied the content[168]..Also on July 8thAsahi Shimbun digital TheKorean presidential office"The Dong-A Ilbo report was incorrect and unfounded. It was confirmed by Cheong Wa Dae."People's lives are the first OfShozo AzumaReported that he contacted the secretary general[169].

International exchange with the United States and China

  • Ozawa believed that exchanges between Japan, the United States, and China were indispensable for world peace and stability, and continued grassroots-level international exchange activities as his lifework, apart from his official work as a politician.With the United States in 1990John ManjiroIn 1992, he established the John Manjiro Whitfield Memorial International Grassroots Exchange Center. Highly interested in Japan in 2001ChicagoAbout 20 students from a specific junior high school in the city were invited to Japan every year.With China, the 1986st Great Wall Project was held in 1 with the cooperation of the All-China Youth Federation, and dozens of youth leaders and university students were invited every year.Since the Ozawa office was in charge of international exchange activities together with the implementing organization, several foreign graduate students were working at the office.
  • A congratulatory telegram was sent to commemorate the 2021th anniversary of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party on July 7, 1.[170].

Word record

  • "myDead fatherAlso left the voter,heritageThere was no"1983 (58)May 1Sankei Shimbun[171]
  • "The promise is a plaster. If you replace it, it will work."[172].
  • "Press conference is a" public "service"[173].
  • "RefuelingThe bill to extend the activity is unconstitutional "(about the absence of the House of Representatives re-voting of the bill in 2008)"[174].
  • "It is regrettable that Japan does not allow Koreans living in Japan to participate in local governments" (in a meeting with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in 2008).[175]
  • "I am,Japan-US AllianceHe is one of the people who has been advocating from the beginning that it is more important than anything else. (In an interview after the meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on February 2009, 2)[176].
  • "You don't have to know the details of politics. You can change the government with your own vote. I just want you to understand that." (October 1, 2008, on an internet TV program)[177]
  • "I'm in charge of elections. I can't do anything other than elections."[178].
  • "The carrying Mikoshi is light and the par is good. It moves as the bearer wants."It is sometimes misunderstood that it refers to Toshiki Kaifu during the prime minister's era, and Kaifu himself misunderstands that it refers to himself in later memoirs.[179]Actually, when the Tanaka faction supported Yasuhiro Nakasone in the 1982 LDP presidential electionOff-the-recordIt is a remark. In 1994, a political reporterTasaki ShiroWas first revealed and talked about by an article published by[180][181]..In addition, Sadao Hirano, an aide, claims in 1990 that the words he had spoken to newspaper reporters in 2008 during the Kaifu administration were mistakenly transmitted.[182]As mentioned above, Tasaki's off-record memo, which published an article saying "Mikoshi is carrying", clearly states that it was Ozawa's remark in 1982. "We chose Nakasone with the intention of taking the cabinet as well as the party. There is even a line that names Nakasone.
  • "It's a historical fact that I have to apologize as a Japanese citizen" (December 2009, 12, Seoul, South Korea)National UniversityTouching Japan's Korean colonial rule in a lecture)[183]
  • "His Majesty the Emperor"Emperor HanmuWas the princess of Baekje'(December 2009, 12, Seoul, South Korea, Kookmin University lecture)[184].
  • "If an official of some cabinet bureaus says something about the Cabinet's policy, it should be said after submitting a resignation." December 2009, 12 Maybe it will be used for politics over the meeting between the Emperor and Vice President Xi Jinping of China. About Shingo Haketa, Vice President of the Imperial Household Agency, who expressed concern about the possibility[185].
  • "The secretary general of the party is to win the election campaign. The party's approval rating is irrelevant." "I'm not worried (declining approval rating) at all. "Mostly" April 2010, 4 At the party headquarters press conference, the opinion polls of each news agency showed that the approval rating of the party and the cabinet was declining.[186].

Remarks on the abduction issue

In an article on "Democratic Party Anatomy 2009" on page 3 of the Sankei Shimbun morning edition dated March 2, 1, Ozawa said at a meeting held in Tokyo in early February by Democratic Party lawmakers and supporters, "What is the abduction issue for North Korea?" It doesn't help. I have to bring a lot of money and say, "Please give me some people." "

In response to this article, the Rescue Society was flooded with inquiries by phone and email, and at the Rescue Society, Acting Chairman Tsutomu Nishioka commented, "Is the Ozawa Democratic Party representative's remark true?"[187]announced.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party sent the deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party to the editorial director of Sankei Shimbun and the director of the political department.[188]He asked for corrections and apologies for the article, and requested a response by the end of March 3.

In response to this request, the Sankei Shimbun Political Director responded in writing to the Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Party on March 3, stating that "it was obtained as a result of legitimate interviews and is supported."[189]However, the Democratic Party has not argued against this at all.

Remarks to Americans and British

2010 (22) In a lecture at "Ichiro Ozawa Political School" on August 8, he talked about his view of the United States and said, "I like Americans, but I can't seem to have a single cell."[190].

Regarding US President Barack Obama, "In a society where I never thought that a black president was possible, a black president was born. There was even a rumor that if a black man came out, he would be assassinated, but he emphasized the change in this crisis. I chose Mr. Obama. "[190].

"I never think Americans are clever, but I really appreciate democracy and the fact that the people's willing choices are being made in the event of a crisis."[190].

In addition, Mr. Ozawa said, "In the political, bureaucratic, and business worlds, the devastation of the spirit,JapaneseIs rapidly deteriorating. "[191].

Second World WarA movie set inBridge over the battlefield]BritishIntroducing the discipline of the POWs, he said that he did not like Britain because he was doing a lot of bad things and facing a gentleman, but he said that he (made) the army fighting for his country. There is consciousness. The basic consciousness of democracy that it is our own society and our country is thorough. "[190].

Other remarks

2016 At the 9nd Extraordinary Diet Session on September 26, at the plenary session of both Houses of RepresentativesShinzo AbePrime Minister Belief speechWhen the Liberal Democratic Party members applauded Abe all at once, he said, "It's a strange sight. I don't think it's ever seen in the Japanese parliament, is it North Korea?Chinese Communist Party CongressI felt a little more anxious because of that. "[192].

Political funds

Criminal procedure related to Ozawa from 2009 to 2013

2008年11月19日、西松建設海外事業部の元副事業部長が逮捕され、21日西松建設社長の自宅を家宅捜索、2009年01月14日西松建設元副社長ら4人、21日西松建設前社長が相次いで逮捕された。そして、2009年3月3日に小沢のPublic secretaryIs the accountant of the RikuzankaiTakanori OkuboWas arrested and charged by the prosecution for violating the Political Funds Control Act with the former president.In addition, the former secretary of Governor Nagano, who was interviewed for this suspicion, committed suicide on February 2, and a former member of the House of Representatives who pointed out the adhesion between Mr. Ozawa and Nishimatsu Construction at the upper house on March 24 He died of a heart attack in Seoul on the same day, and on March 3, the office of a member of the House of Councilors, who was said to be the Democratic Party's safeguard, was burned down.

Ozawa, who was the representative of the Democratic Party at that time, criticized the prosecution's investigation while denying the illegality of the liability issue in which the secretary was charged, and announced that he would continue to represent the party.However, due to the upset within the party on this issue, Ozawa resigned as Democratic Party representative on May 5.

In January 2010, three secretaries of Ichiro Ozawa, including a member of the House of Representatives Tomohiro Ishikawa, were arrested by the prosecution on suspicion of violating the Political Funds Control Act and charged in February.Ozawa himself was dismissed due to insufficient suspicion.In response, Ozawa, who was the secretary general of the Democratic Party at the time, criticized the prosecution's investigation and announced that he would continue to be the secretary general of the party.But in aprilProsecution examination committeeMakes a vote equivalent to the first indictment.Even if the prosecution did not prosecute, if it was equivalent to the second prosecution, Ichiro Ozawa would be prosecuted, causing turmoil within the Democratic Party.In addition, 1% of the people were not satisfied with Ozawa's explanation, including criticism of the prosecution, in the opinion poll, and criticism erupted within the party in June.Yukio HatoyamaOzawa also resigned as chairman of the Democratic Party, as the prime minister announced his resignation that he should settle the politics and money of the Democratic Party.

In October 2010, the prosecution examination committee voted against Ichiro Ozawa for the second indictment, and was indicted compulsorily in January 10.In response to this, the Democratic Party of Japan was suspended from membership for an indefinite period until the decision of the trial was finalized.

2013 On March 3th, to Okubo, Ozawa's public secretary,Tokyo High CourtimprisonmentProbationA five-year sentence was given, and on the 5thappealThe decision has been finalized.

Not covered by labor insurance

Employed by Ozawa's office on March 2009, 3Part-time jobAnd about private secretariesLabor insuranceIt was reported that he had not joined.The office explained to the Sankei Shimbun, "I haven't subscribed for at least three or four years, and I will pay a considerable number of unpaid insurance premiums."In the future, we plan to check the past employment situation and report it to the Labor Bureau, but the only penalty for discovering that you have not taken out labor insurance is the insurance premiums for the previous year and the year before the previous year, and a 3% surcharge. , Most of the unsubscribed portion will not be blamed.According to the Sankei Shimbun, there is a possibility that the office has not reported anything other than a "regular secretary" since Ozawa's first election, and the number of people targeted will be several hundred.[193]..According to the Sankei Shimbun, "While both parties criticized the non-subscription of labor insurance for dispatched laborers, they had similar problems at the party leader's own office."[193].

On September 2009, 9, the "Basic Calculation Report" required for paying unpaid insurance premiums was "absent" as of the end of July, so the insurance premiums for 25 and 7 are still paid. It is reported in the Sankei Shimbun that it has not been completed.The unpaid portion and the payment of the surcharge in 18 became prescription in mid-July.The Ozawa office said, "In the investigation (of Nishimatsu Construction's illegal donation case), all the accounting documents were seized, there were no documents necessary for the investigation and procedure of the unpaid amount, and the general election schedule overlapped, so the procedure was completed. It's taking time. "Documents seized by the prosecution can be returned or copied, but the office has not responded to the Sankei Shimbun as to whether or not there was an application.[194].

Parliamentary League


Political career

  • December 1969 First elected member of the House of Representatives in the Liberal Democratic Party
  • November 1972 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • December 1975-September 12 Deputy Secretary of State for Science and Technology
  • 1976
    • December House of Representatives election (12rd term)
    • December-November 12 Deputy Secretary of State for Construction
  • 1978
    • January-December 1 Chairman, Ministry of Science and Technology, Liberal Democratic Party
    • December-December 12 Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Political Fisheries Department
  • 1979
    • March-February 3 Chairman of the Iwate Prefectural Federation of the LDP
    • December House of Representatives election (10rd term)
  • November 1980 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • December 1981-November 12 Vice Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Political Survey Committee
  • 1983
    • December House of Representatives election (12rd term)
    • December-December 12 Chairman of the House Steering Committee
  • December 1985-June 12 Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission
  • November 1986 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • December 1987-June 12 Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat
  • August 1989-April 8 Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • February 2 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (2th term)
  • 1993
    • June-November 6 Representative Secretary of the Japan Renewal Party
    • December House of Representatives election (7rd term)
  • December 1994-December 12 Secretary General of the New Frontier Party
  • December 1995-December 12 New Frontier Party leader
  • November 1996 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • January 1998-September 1 Liberal Party leader
  • November 2000 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • 2003
    • September 9 Liberal Party joins Democratic Party
    • December House of Representatives election (11rd term)
    • December-May 12 Acting representative of the Democratic Party
  • November 2014-September 11 Deputy Representative of the Democratic Party of Japan
  • November 2015 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • April 2006-May 4 Representative of the Democratic Party
  • 2009
    • December-May 5 Acting representative of the Democratic Party
    • December House of Representatives election (8rd term)
    • September-June 9 Chairman of the Democratic Party
  • 2012
    • July-November 7 People's Life First Representative
    • December House of Representatives election (12rd term)
  • January 2013-December 1 Heisei Life Party Representative
  • November 2014 Election of a member of the House of Representatives (second term)
  • December 2014-January 12 Representative of the Liberal Party and Taro Yamamoto's friends
  • January 2015-October 1 Co-representative of Taro Yamamoto and his friends at the Liberal Party
  • October 2016-September 10 Liberal Party Co-Representative
  • October 2017-Elected member of the House of Representatives (10th term)
  • September 2020-Reiwa 9rd year Representative of the Iwate Prefectural General Branch Federation of the Constitutional Democratic Party
  • October 2021 ~ Member of the House of Representatives Proportional Revival Election (10th term)

Election history

CommentelectionEffective dateConstituencyPolitical partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rate
Vote ranking
/No. of candidates
constantVote difference
(And runner-up)
Loss rate
Proportional section
Number of winners
/No. of candidates
This32th House of Representatives general election1969/12/27Former Iwate 2st districtLDP71,52026.711/6426,085---
This33th House of Representatives general election1972/12/10Former Iwate 2st districtLDP60,67519.182/8417,192---
This34th House of Representatives general election1976/1205 daysFormer Iwate 2st districtLDP71,44921.981/6419,151---
This35th House of Representatives general election1979/1007 daysFormer Iwate 2st districtLDP70,18321.521/7434,882---
This36th House of Representatives general election1980 0May 6Former Iwate 2st districtLDP72,83822.271/8433,884---
This37th House of Representatives general election1983/12/18Former Iwate 2st districtLDP63,21218.874/642,071---
This38th House of Representatives general election1986 0October06 daysFormer Iwate 2st districtLDP95,20824.801/7441,164---
This39th House of Representatives general election1990 0May 2Former Iwate 2st districtLDP89,44924.081/7431,512---
This40th House of Representatives general election1993 0May 7Former Iwate 2st districtNew Party142,45140.821/6395,205---
This41th House of Representatives general election1996/10/20Iwate 4rd districtBudding party125,61964.681/4187,137---
This42th House of Representatives general election2000 0May 6Iwate 4rd districtLiberal party119,09959.701/4181,682---
This43th House of Representatives general election2003/1109 daysIwate 4rd districtDemocratic Party128,45865.111/4191,207---
This44th House of Representatives general election2005 0May 9Iwate 4rd districtDemocratic Party124,57859.951/4176,485---
This45th House of Representatives general election2009 0May 8Iwate 4rd districtDemocratic Party133,97862.551/5192,288---
This46th House of Representatives general election2012/12/16Iwate 4rd districtJapan Future Party78,05745.501/4130,170---
This47th House of Representatives general election2014/12/14Iwate 4rd districtParty of life75,29347.791/3117,469---
This48th House of Representatives general election2017/10/22Iwate 3rd districtIndependent[197]130,22957.421/2133,658---
Ratio49th House of Representatives general election2021/10/31Tohoku proportional(Iwate 3rd district)Constitutional Democratic Party109,36247.952/213.92.1124/13
18 elections (18 members of the House of Representatives)


  • 2014/9/4 Honorary Doctorate, Kookmin University[198][199]


Ozawa family

(IwateOshu City,TokyoSetagaya
  • grandfather·Tokutaro(Agriculture)
fieldsXNUMX eachAntiOwn step by step, so-calledMiddle farmerMet[200].
  • grandmother·Tome
  • father·Saeki[201](Lawyer, politician)
1898 (Meiji 31) October- 1968 (Showa 43) Died in May.
IwateIsawa DistrictMizusawa Town(MizusawaAfter that, now,Oshu CityI'm fromFarmerBorn in1923 (12th year of Taisho),Nihon UniversityFaculty of LawAfter graduating, in December of that year at the young age of 12Lawyer examPassed the exam and opened a law firm the following year.Tokyo City CouncilCongressman,TokyoAfter working as a member of the Diet1946 (Showa 21), elected a member of the House of Representatives.Second Yoshida Cabinet OfMinister of Transport,Second Yoshida Cabinet OfMinister of Communications, The first generationPostal ministerCum first generationMinister of Telecommunications,Second Yoshida Cabinet OfMinister of Construction, At the Second Ikeda CabinetSecretary of Administration,Hokkaido Development AgencyServed as secretary.
According to Ichiro, "My father became a member of the city council and prefectural assembly in Tokyo from the age of thirty, entered the world of politics, and after the war he participated in national affairs as a member of the House of Representatives from his hometown. He was in charge of the administration of the Diet and the party's measures for the House of Representatives, and often became the head of the election measures headquarters, and was in charge of the election.Single-seat constituency systemWas the theory of introduction of[202], "My fatherGrandpa liqueurDrowning inDrinking peasant OfPeasantI grew up eating or not eating as a slapstick.So it ’s terriblePovertyPerhaps because of that, it was a rather dissident way of thinking.After the war OfEconomyI hated universalist society and politics,EstablishmentHe was a man who had a very strong opposition to that. "[203].
  • mother·Road(Former Chiba Prefectural Assembly member's fourth daughter)
1901 (Meiji 34) February birth ~ 1995 (7) Died in February.
ChibaHigashi KatsushikaKazahaya Villagebirth. "MichihaXNUMXth year of the Meiji eraFebruary XNUMXthToChibaSource ofLordWas born as a daughter of.My parents' house is quiteHeavy farmingSo, I was raised as a young lady from the time I was born.Kudan Seika High SchoolThen laterKashima constructionBecome the chairman's wifeUme KajimaWas also the same window.
The birthplace is "stationKarayolandI was able to go home without stepping on, and I used to drive back and forth to the station to go to school. "Squirewas.His father's ritual is also a human beingChibaHe was a member of the big prefectural assembly and was wealthy.Both parents are enthusiastic about education and laterdoctor,LawyerMany families have become lieutenants, and their brothers have been killed in action as lieutenants.
  • sister(2 people)
  • Ex-wifeKazuko(NiigataConstruction companyFukuda Corp.Chairman, eldest daughter)
    • For many years, he was the chairman of the local women's organization, the Hydration Society.The driving force behind Fukuda's becoming a major general contractor was Kakuei Pipe as a leading supporter of Kakuei Tanaka, who had the ground in Niigata Prefecture.Public worksHas achieved rapid growth centered on.With Kakuei Tanaka as a matchmaker, Ozawa got married in 2, the second term of the House of Representatives. Immediately after the dissolution was announced in 1973Weekly BunshunReported Kazuko's letter that she had divorced Ozawa.Neither has made a clear statement about the fact of the divorce.Kazuko's younger sister, the second daughter of the positive, is married to a member of the House of Representatives, Wataru Takeshita, who is the younger brother of former Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita.[204].
  • I have three sons.


Takeshita Wataru(Politician, formerprime ministerNoboru TakeshitaHalf-brother, wife is Masako Fukuda's second daughter)
Kanamaru Shin(Politician, Kanamaru's eldest son, Yasunobu's wife, Kazuko, is a formerprime ministerNoboru TakeshitaEldest daughter) etc.[205]
(14s) Takenaka Toemon ━━┳ Sumi ┃ ┣ Kohei Takenaka ━━ Yuji Takenaka ┃ ┃ ┗ Renichi Takenaka ┃ ┃ ┃ Mitsumasa Yoneuchi ━━━━ Kazuko ┃ (former Prime Minister) ┃ Yuzo Takeshita ━━━━┳ Noboru Takeshita ━━┳ Kimiko ┃ ┃ ┃ ┗ Sadaichi Takenaga ┣ Saburo Takeshita ┣ Maruko ┃ ┃ ┃ ┗ Kazuko ┃ ┃ ┃ Masanobu Kanemaru ┃ ━━━━┳ Masako ┣ Minoru Fukuda ┗ Kazuko ┃ ┏ Man Saeki Ozawa ┣ ━━━━ ╋ Man ┃ ┃ ┗ Man ┣ ━━━━━ Ichiro Ozawa ┃ Michi Araki


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