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🏛 | Constitutional Democratic Party with Reduced Seats, Will the Communist Party Fail?


Constitutional Democratic Party with Reduced Seats, Will Communist Fighting Fail?

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Otherwise, people would be emptied of the constitutional democratic diplomatic and security policies.

In this House of Representatives election, the Liberal Democratic Party has a stable majority of seats, which is a single majority, 233, and is able to operate the Diet in a stable manner. → Continue reading

 Kosuke Takahashi

Correspondent for Jane's Defense Weekly Tokyo, a British military magazine.Former Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost Japan.Former Nikkei CNBC commentator.Belongs to Horipro. Completed the Graduate School of Journalism and SIPA (International Relations) at Columbia University in 2004.Reporter for Asahi Shimbun, Asia Times and Bloomberg. Articles are also posted on Yahoo! News, NK News, a North Korean-related news site, Asahi Shimbun's essay, and Toyo Keizai Online.

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Diplomatic security policy

Constitutional Democratic Party

Constitutional Democratic Party(Recipients)ConstitutionalismandDemocracyIs the main partyPolitical party.



  1. ^ Although they have the same name, they are legally different organizations.

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