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🏛 | [Breaking News of the House of Representatives] Koichiro Genba, Fukushima XNUMXrd District, is sure to win


[Breaking News of the House of Representatives] Koichiro Genba, Fukushima XNUMXrd District, is sure to win

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Kentaro Uesugi of the Liberal Democratic Party, on the other hand, won his first election in the previous proportional revival and fought against Genba as his previous job.

Koichiro Genba (XNUMX years old), the deputy representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, is in the XNUMXth term of the election for members of the House of Representatives on the XNUMXst. → Continue reading

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Kentaro Uesugi

Kentaro Uesugi (Kentaro Uesugi,1975 〈Showa50 years>May 4 -) isJapan Of政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(2rd term),Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs.


KanagawaChigasakiBackground[2].神奈川県立茅ケ崎北陵高等学校Through[3],2003 (Heisei15 years),Waseda University Faculty of Social Sciencesgraduate[4][5].2004 (16), Co., Ltd.NagaseJoining[5].

2005 (17) August, member of the House of CouncilorsHiroyuki AraiEntered the office[5].2007 From (19)2010 (22) Until July, public secretary[5].

2011 (23), appointed as a director of Nemofila Co., Ltd.[5].

2012 (24) October,46th House of Representatives general electionProportional Tohoku BlockToNew party reformCandidate for single independence from[6].

2013 (25)23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionThen,Fukushima Prefecture Election DistrictOf the Liberal Democratic Party that ran forMasako MoriServed as the head of online elections[2]..In September of the same year, an executive of an IT company[4].

2014 (26) November 11, by the Fukushima Prefectural Federation of the LDPFukushima 3 wardBeing supported by an official candidate, the previous jobSachiko KannoMoved to Tohoku proportional block[2]. July of the same year,47th House of Representatives general electionThen, of the Democratic PartyKoichiro GenbaLost to Tohoku proportional block, which was a duplicate candidate[7].

2017 (29) October,48th House of Representatives general electionHe ran for the Fukushima 3rd district from the Liberal Democratic Party and was defeated by independent Koichiro Genba, but was elected for the first time in the proportional Tohoku block, which was a duplicate candidate (sekihairitsu rate 64.571%).[8].. Aug. 11,Hosoda schoolEnroll in[9].

2021 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,49th House of Representatives general electionAlthough he lost to Genba again, he raised the defeat rate to the 84% level and slipped into the last seat that the LDP won in the Tohoku proportional block and was reelected.





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