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🏛 | House of Representatives election Ishikawa XNUMXrd district Liberal Democratic Party, former job Mr. Nishida surely won


House of Representatives election Ishikawa XNUMXrd district Liberal Democratic Party, former job Mr. Nishida surely elected

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He has been a member of the Nanao City Assembly for three terms since 2001 and a member of the prefectural assembly for three terms since 3, and was elected for the first time in the previous House of Representatives election.

The House of Representatives election was voted on the XNUMXst, and Shoji Nishida, a former Liberal Democratic Party employee, confirmed the election in Ishikawa XNUMXrd district.Constitutional Democrats ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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Japanese Local Assembly

Japanese Local Assembly(Japanese only)Japanese local councilOrganize thatVotingA person who is qualified to participate in. RegionelectionElected by.

Local governmentIn principle, a local council is to be established, and that council consists of members of the local public body who are publicly elected. To the members of local government,Member of ParliamentUnlikeNon-arrest privilegeas well as the Immunity privilegeIs not given.

Voting right

Those who meet all of the following requirements areVoting rightHave (18 article).

The revised Public Offices Election Law was enacted in June 2015, and the voting right age was reduced from 6 years old to 2016 years old or more from June 6 (18 years old)[1].

Right to vote

Persons who meet all of the following requirements areRight to voteHave (19 article1).

  • A person who has the right to vote of a member of a general local public assembly
  • 25 years old or older

Election system


Number of membersIt is,Ordinance(Article 90 paragraph 1, paragraph 91 paragraph 1).


LegislatorTermIs, in principle, four years (Article 4).By-election,Increased electionIn the case of a member elected in (XNUMX), the term will be shortened together with the term of office of the member elected in the general election.

But1991 (HeiseiHyogo prefectural assembly, Kobe city assembly member, Nishinomiya city assembly member, Ashiya city assembly member elected in April election,1995 (7)May 1 OfGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeWas supposed to be implemented in April of the same year, taking into account the impact of theUnified local electionsIn order to prioritize reconstruction over implementation, the special law enacted the election postponed in June and extended the term of lawmakers by two months, resulting in four years and two months.

Prohibition on concurrent work

Ordinary members of the local public assemblyHouse of RepresentativesMemberOrHouse of CouncilorsCannot be a member of the Diet (92 article1).

A member of a general local public assembly cannot serve as a member of a local public assembly or a full-time employee (Article 92, paragraph 2).

Part-time job prohibition

Ordinary local governmentMembers of the parliament of

  • A person who contracts to the ordinary local government andManagerOr
  • Mainly for the ordinary local public bodiesContractAn unlimited liability employee of a corporation thatDirector,Executive officerOrStatutory AuditorOr those who should be equivalent to these, managers and liquidators

Can't beat (92-2).

Contracting as used herein is understood to include not only contracting under civil law, but also economic and commercial transactions that are widely carried out as business and that are in continuous business relationships for a certain period of time.

This aims to ensure the objective fairness of the affairs of local governments.

It should be noted that contracting is prohibited only for individual members of the Diet, not for their families.

Parliament decides whether a member of the parliament is not part-time. In this case, this shall be decided by a majority of two-thirds or more of the members present (127 article).


The chairperson and members of the ordinary local public assembly

  • Cases involving oneself or parents, grandparents, spouse, children, grandchildren or siblings or
  • Cases where there is a direct interest in the work that oneself or these persons engage in

Can not participate in the proceedings. However, with the consent of the congress, they can attend the meeting and speak (117 article).


Ordinances of ordinary local governments may impose punishment by voting on members who violate this law and the rules of the Council and the Ordinances of the Commission (134 article). Matters necessary for punishment shall be specified in the meeting rules (Article 134, paragraph 2).

The punishments include (135 article).

  • In the open forumWarning
Give a request to give up on the future.
  • In the open forumXie Xie
Have aloud the parliamentary apology at the open forum.
  • For a certain periodAttendance
Prohibition of attending Congress for a certain period of time. It is limited to the same session and does not extend to later meetings.
  • Expulsion
Strip a member of the Diet.

懲罰の動議を議題とするに当っては、議員の定数の8分の1以上の者の発議によらなければならない(135条2項)。 除名については、当該普通地方公共団体の議会の議員の3分の2以上の者が出席し、その4分の3以上の者の同意がなければならない(135条3項)。

Revocation action against punitive decision

Supreme CourtIn a case in which the effect of a disciplinary decision to suspend attendance for three days for local council members was disputed, "In a society or organization with an autonomous legal norm, the realization of the norm is a matter of internal discipline. There are things that are left to autonomous measures and do not necessarily make the matsuri suitable for trial. "[4]As a result, I understood that the punishment for suspension of attendance was this.However, in a judgment of the En Banc on November 2, 11nd year of Reiwa, "In light of the nature of the punishment for suspension of attendance and the degree of restrictions on the activities of members of the Diet, it is appropriate as this is only a temporary restriction on the exercise of the rights of members of the Diet. It cannot be said that it should be left to the voluntary and autonomous resolution of the parliament. ”The suspension of attendance is also subject to judicial review.Regarding the dismissal, it was said that judicial review would be extended because it is a matter that leads to the order of civil law, not just a matter of internal discipline, which is a serious matter concerning the loss of the status of a member of the Diet.[5].

Until now, it has been said that warnings and apologies are not subject to judicial review, but after the en banc decision on November 2, 11nd year of Reiwa, attention is being paid to what kind of judicial decision the court will make in the future. is there.

In the case of members of the Diet, each House is guaranteed a high degree of autonomy under the Constitution, and the Constitution itself grants each House the right to dispute a qualification trial. It is understood that the decision of the House of Representatives will be final.

Life members (members)

In many municipalities (including special wards, the same applies below), certain conditions (depending on the The qualification of a member of the parliamentary office is granted on the condition that the tenure is about 8 to 12 years). Benefits for parliamentarians vary depending on the municipality, but a letter of appreciation, a memorial or insignia of the parliamentarian, the title of an honorary member, an invitation to a ceremony held by the municipality, condolences with due courtesy at the time of death, and other mayors of the municipality The treatment is defined for matters that are deemed necessary (*).

Member compensation

Number of members

As of July 2020[6]Number of prefectural assembly members 2,643 (including 303 female members)

Number of members of the municipal assembly 29,608 (including 4,382 female members)

  • Komeito 2706
  • Japanese Communist Party 2488
  • Liberal Democratic Party 2179
  • Social Democratic Party 207
  • Nippon Ishin no Kai 43 people
  • 43 parties to protect their people from NHK
  • Constitutional Democratic Party11
  • Democratic Party for the People 4
  • 1194 people of various factions
  • Independent 20647 person

Around April 1987, the number of councilors in prefectures and municipalities was 4.[7].


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