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🏛 | Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly recommends resignation due to unlicensed accident

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Resignation recommendation to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly for unlicensed accidents

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After the discovery of unlicensed driving, he was dismissed from Tomin First no Kai and formed a one-person parliamentary group on the 6th of this month.

Representatives of each parliamentary group of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly held a meeting on the 15th, and during the election period of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election on the 4th, an accident resulting in injury or death due to unlicensed driving ... → Continue reading

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ExpulsionWhat is (jomei / jomyo)?GroupTo make a member of the above lose the status of a member against the will of the member disposal.

Usually, the member is a groupRuleViolate and against itSanctionsIt is done as.In this case, reinstatement of status is not permitted.

Expulsion of Japanese lawmakers

Expulsion in the Diet

Expulsion is stipulated as a type of punishment for members of parliament (Article 58 of the Constitution of JapanItem 2,Diet lawArticle 122 No. 4).

The expulsion is targeted at "members who have found order in the hospital" (Article 58, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution of Japan), more specifically.House of Representatives rulesThen, "a person who finds out the order of the House of Representatives or damages the dignity of the House of Representatives and the situation is particularly serious" is intended (Article 245 of the Parliamentary Procedure).Parliamentary ProcedureIt stipulates that "a person who makes a noise in the House of Councilors or pollutes the body of the House of Councilors and whose circumstances are particularly serious" is targeted (Article 245 of the House of Councilors Regulations).

Disciplinary offense TheDisciplinary Committee(Article 234 of the Parliamentary Procedure, Article 234 of the Parliamentary Procedure), after which the chairman will report at the plenary session.In order to remove a member of the Diet, it is necessary to vote in plenary session of the House of Representatives to which the member to be removed belongs by a majority of two-thirds or more of the members present (Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution of Japan).In addition, based on the Parliamentary Procedure, even if the expulsion resolution in the plenary session does not agree with the majority of the attending members by more than two-thirds, other punishment can be imposed with the approval of the majority of the attending members. (Article 58 of the Parliamentary Procedure, Article 2 of the Parliamentary Procedure).

If the member is dismissed, the member loses his or her status.However, the dismissed person can become a member of the Diet again if he / she runs for the election after the disposition and is elected, and both Houses cannot refuse the person who has been dismissed and has been elected again. (Article 123 of the Diet Law).

Parliamentarian dismissed in parliament
Plenary session decision dateParliamentMemberPraiseAntiratiothe reason
1950/4/7House of CouncilorsTomozou Ogawa1181092.19%When the budget proposal was decided at the plenary session, the opposition party opposed it because it ignored the principle of parliamentary management because it voted in favor while debating against it.
1951/3/29House of RepresentativesKanichi Kawakami2397177.10%Representative questionIrregular remarks in (I have not received permission to speak, the point isNoji..government·GhqTo blame the policy as a reactionSocialist stateとrevolutionPraise,Parliamentary politicsBecause I refused to apologize for the remark that can be taken as a denial of

Expulsion in the Imperial Diet

The expulsion in the Imperial Diet was said to be by the House of Representatives by the House of Representatives and by the House of Lords by the Imperial Court.[1].

There were two types of expulsion, one was due to punishment and the other was due to refusal to convene or absenteeism.[1].

Expulsion due to punishment
In the House of Representatives, a motion was made with the approval of 20 or more members from the day of the crime (Article 98 of the House of Representatives Law), and the number of votes was said to be more than two-thirds of the attending members (Article 3 of the House of Representatives Law). Item 2).However, it was said that the House of Representatives could not refuse if a dismissed member was re-elected in the election (Article 96 of the House of Representatives Law).
Expulsion due to refusal to convene or absence
If a member of the Diet does not respond to the convocation within one week after the designated date without a justifiable reason, or if he / she is absent from the plenary session or the committee without a justifiable reason, an invitation issued by the chairman even though the deadline for the appointment has expired. If you do not attend within one week after receiving the letter, you will be suspended from attending at the House of Lords and will be asked for a court decision, and you will be exempted from the House of Representatives (House of Representatives Law No. 1). Article).

Members of the House of Peers should be expelled with a command even if they are sentenced to imprisonment or more, or if they are sentenced to bankruptcy and confirmed (Article 10, Paragraph 1 of the House of Peers Ordinance). It was said that a member of the Diet could not become a member again without further permission (Article 10, Paragraph 3 of the House of Peers Ordinance).

Dismissed member of the Imperial Parliament
Plenary session decision dateParliamentMemberPraiseAntiratiothe reason
1893/12/13House of RepresentativesHoshi Toru1859266.78%Despite the alleged bribery voted to distrust the chairChairBecause I stuck to the seat
1938/3/23House of RepresentativesSuehiro Nishio3204388.15%National Total Mobilization ActIn the deliberation of the proposalPrime Minister KonoeOn the contrary, he praised him as "like Stalin"Masatomo-Civil affairsBecause both parties saw it as a problem
1940/3/7House of RepresentativesTakao Saito296797.69%Anti-military speechInvited a military backlash

Expulsion in local council

Under the current system, regarding the expulsion of local councilorsLocal government lawIt is stipulated in Article 135, and it can be done for members who violate the Local Autonomy Law and the regulations on meetings and committees.Expulsion is a type of punishment (Local Autonomy Law, Article 135, Paragraph 1), and in order for the motion to be on the agenda, it must be proposed by one-eighth or more of the number of members (Local Autonomy Law No. 8). Article 1, Paragraph 135).Regarding expulsion, the quorum is more than two-thirds of the members of the Diet, and the number of votes is more than three-quarters of the members of the Diet.

Proceedings related to the resolution of expulsion

Expulsion of political parties

Political partyEven inParty rulesFor anti-party acts, anti-social acts, and acts that are offensive to public order and moralsParty memberExpulsion to (Depending on the party, "Removal") Is stipulated.in particular,Member of ParliamentAttention is paid to the disposition by the party headquarters in the actions of experienced and experienced central executives.

Public office election lawIn Article 86, Paragraphs 9 and 10, if a candidate for the proportional district of the national election is no longer a member of a political party due to expulsion, the party will say, "The candidate is no longer a member of a political party. "Notification", "Document describing the procedure for the expulsion" and "The fact that the expulsion was carried out properly"Party leaderIt is stipulated to submit a "swearing oath".Due to this procedure, there will be a vacancy.Advance winningEven if it is the target of, it will not have the right to win because it has been deleted from the proportional representation list of political parties.As an example16rd House of Councilors ordinary electionでJapan New Party OfProportional representationWas on the listTetsuhisa Matsuzaki(Detail isJapan New Party Advance Replenishment Casechecking),45th House of Representatives general electionでDemocratic Party OfProportional Tohoku BlockThere is an example of being listed in the list (proportional alone).

Expulsion of experienced members of the Diet

Yoshida Liberal Party

Both laterMaintenanceParticipating in the Liberal Democratic Party.

Japanese Socialist Party,Social Democrats
Budding party
Old Democratic Party,Democratic Party,Democratic Party
(Old) Constitutional Democratic Party
(Old) Democratic Party for the People
  • Michiyoshi Yuki(2018): Because of betrayal that criticizes the executive department, damages the party's honor and trust, and disturbs the party's unity.[4][5]..After working as an independent(Old) Constitutional Democratic PartyJoined the parliamentary group. In September 2020(New) Constitutional Democratic PartyParticipated in the party.
  • Hiroyuki Nagahama,Masato Imai(2018): Because of betrayal that disturbs the unity of the party.Imai has been removed from the Democratic Party for the second time.Nagahama joined the (former) Constitutional Democratic Party after working as an independent.Imai joined the Constitutional Democratic Party's parliamentary group[6], Joined the formation of the (new) Constitutional Democratic Party in September 2020.
  • Yukihisa Fujita(2019): For acts that damage the honor and trust of the party, acts that disturb the unity of the party, and acts of serious rebellion that conflict with words and deeds. Joined the (former) Constitutional Democratic Party.
  • Kazunori Yamai(2019): Due to an extremely irresponsible act of abandoning heavy responsibilities during the Diet session, despite being in a key position as acting chairman of the Diet. Joined the (former) Constitutional Democratic Party's parliamentary group. In September 2020, he joined the formation of the (new) Constitutional Democratic Party.
Belonging to the partySoka GakkaiIf a member of the Diet is expelled from the party, he will continue to be expelled from the academic society.
  • Toshio Ohashi(1988): Criticized the party and Soka Gakkai.
  • Yoshikatsu Takeiri(1998): Criticism of the party and Soka Gakkai.Exiled after retiring from politics.
  • Junichi Fukumoto(2007):House of Councillors electionCriticized the party over abandoning candidates.
  • Kiyohiko Toyama(2022年):無登録で融資の仲介を頻繁に行ったことで、貸金業法違反罪で在宅起訴されたことによる。
Everyone's party
Former Nippon Ishin no Kai,Restoration Party,Osaka Restoration Society, Nippon Ishin no Kai
Below, oldJapan Restoration Society (2012-2014)Expulsion in.
  • Shingo Nishimura(2013): Inappropriate remarks on the comfort women issue.Following his enrollment in the Democratic Party, he was exiled for the second time.afterwards,Sun partyFormed a party and represented.
Less than,Restoration PartyExpulsion in.
Less than,Osaka Ishin no Kai and the current Nippon Ishin no KaiExpulsion in.
Japan Communist Party
Since 1990, the number of people who have been dismissed from the Japanese Communist Party has decreased, and the number of people who have been dismissed has increased.

Expulsion and expulsion of celebrities and veteran activists in the postwar Japanese Communist Party

In the Japanese Communist Party from the 1950s to the 60s,Armed struggleA large number of expulsions have been issued due to sectarian acts such as aiming to continue the route.

Assuming that these exiled persons are repentant, the latter part of Article 54 of the Party Covenant states, "The re-entry of exiled persons isCentral CommitteeWill be decided. "However, it is difficult to overturn the expulsion because many of the expulsion decisions are made by the central committee (there may be expulsion decisions by lower-ranking organizations such as prefectural committees and branches).[7].

Expulsion requires a clear anti-party act as stated in the first sentence of Article 54 of the Party Code, "Must be done with the utmost care", but expulsion "disqualifies as a party member or damages the party's credibility." It is possible because of that.alsoArticle 10 Applicable party memberIt is possible to overturn the removal by the decision of the branch or district against the party in the form of a re-entry decision by the prefectural committee, but if a higher organization (prefecture or central) decides to remove the party due to anti-leadership reasons. The correspondence is different and it cannot be overturned.Expulsion is recognized as the decisive differenceRequest for retrialHowever, it cannot be done by removing the registration.This is judged to be advantageous to the organization in that it deprives those who have been removed from the register of opportunities for counterarguments.

In addition, expulsion and expulsion are also carried out not because of line conflict but because of acts that are not suitable as members of the Diet or party, such as bribery.

Proceedings in the expulsion of a political party

Expulsion of corporations / unions

combinationIn, it can be done by other agreements only if there is a good reason.However, this requirement can be relaxed by the union's internal rules.Medical Corporation,Vocational training corporationandSchool corporationMembers in (CorporationIn the case of (members of)Donation actso,FoundationandCorporationIn the case ofArticles of IncorporationDetermined by.

Expulsion in the Ritsuryo

Expulsion(Jomyo / Jomei) is an ancientRitual systemWas sentenced inOfficial・ Additional punishment for superiors.Eight cruelty・ The late murder / rebellionMarriageIf you commit a crime, or if a person in the position of supervision or guardian commits a crime at the place in charge, stealing, abbreviated person (trafficking), human trafficking law (bringing the law), Other fifth class (Exile) If you commit a considerable amount of crime, in addition to each sentence, since you were bornOfficial position-HonorsDeprived of everything,KageIn the case of those who do not have one, they were demoted to ordinary people.Also,Ranka-Joba-GidaWas confiscated and was subject to duties like the general public, but it was said that the officials had it.LiteratiFrom the viewpoint of respecting the honor as "", the duty that accompanies actual labor and military service was exempted.In addition to this, there were exemption officers (incumbent rank, deprivation of honors if no rank), exemption officers (deprivation of both incumbent ranks and honors), etc.Put these togetherExemptionCalled (jomen).

In the Japanese decree system9st centuryExecution has been virtually suspended since thencapital offenseIt was sometimes executed as an additional sentence of exile, which was carried out as an alternative to.

Exemption and punishment with similar effectsGovernment allowanceWas a serious disposition related to the status of a government official, so once in JapanMinistry of JusticeEven after the disposal is decided byPrime MinisterA retrial was carried out inEmperorNeeded royal assent.Exemption / GovernmentPositionWas destroyed by the Daijo-kan on the day when the emperor's approval was given.Shikibu Ministry,Ministry of MilitaryThe letter "毀" was also written at the top of the copy of the title kept in.

In case of expulsion, after 6 publications from the time of disposition (the first after 6 years have passed)investitureIn (usually the 7th year of the New Year), the ranks that were downgraded by several steps according to the original ranks were re-ranked (in the case of a resident officer, 1 after 1 listing). The rank is downgraded, and in the case of a dismissal, the rank downgraded to the second floor is rewritten after 3 listings).In Japan, these re-regulations are in place.Keiun3 May 2(706 May 4) Is known to have been introduced for the first time ("Japanese sequel』\ Keiun 3 yearsOctoberGora ToraArticle),Great treasure lawThere is no provision for recitation inYoro RitsuryoFor the first time since becomingRitsuryoThere is also a theory that it was added as a provision of.

If you are dismissed for reasons other than the eight cruelty, murder, and rebellion,pardonEven if the punishment was not executed, the expulsion was not lifted, but for other reasons, the dismissal was reduced to an exemption officer if the sentence was exempted by amnesty, and to an exemption officer if the sentence was commuted.


Expulsion of the sports world

In the case of Japan, each sports organization that is a foundation or an incorporated association stipulates in the act of donation, the articles of incorporation, or the rule book in accordance with the above-mentioned "expulsion under the Civil Code".

Expulsion of professional baseball

Expulsion of Nippon Professional Baseball

Professional baseballSuperviseInstituteJapan Baseball OrganizationIn (NPB)Baseball agreement[10] In Chapter 18"Harmful behavior"There is a provision that disqualification is stipulated in three stages: fixed term, indefinite period, and permanent.Of these, indefinite and permanent correspond to the "expulsion" in this section.

If you are disqualified, the NPB team andSAMURAI JAPANIt is forbidden to be a player or leader ofIndependent LeagueAnd overseas professional baseball organizations that have contract agreements with NPB (MLB,CBE,Taiwan Major League,CBL) Will not be able to continue working.further,Japan Baseball FederationNew registration to amateurs such as working people and club teams throughJapan Student Baseball AssociationStudents are not allowed to attend the student baseball qualification recovery workshop for professional baseball players.[11]..In addition, the newspaper company's exclusiveBaseball critic, Broadcasting station exclusiveBaseball commentatorAlso, those who are disqualified will not be hired.Gentleman agreementThere is[12].. In addition,Masters LeagueIs not NPBNational Baseball Promotion AssociationThere is no problem in participating because of the jurisdiction, but no match has been held as a league since 2010 (Heisei 22).

An example of a permanent disqualification is the Black Mist Scandal.Masaaki Ikenaga3 teams and 6 people are famous.An example of indefinite disqualification is2015 Discovered in (27)Giants baseball gambling problemAtMasao Kasahara,Satoshi Fukuda,Tatsuya MatsumotoThere is.Fixed-term disqualification was discovered after three indefinite disqualifications were confirmed due to the Giants baseball gambling problem.Kyousuke TakagiThere is an example.

By the way, permanent disqualification can be reviewed and canceled with a commissioner declaration for 15 years, or after 5 years by application from the person himself, but in order to actually return, the team to which he belonged at that time was disqualified. Permission is required (if you have subsequently sold or merged, the successor team).

Independent league expulsion

BC League,Shikoku Island League plusThe Nippon Professional Baseball Agreement applies even to this team, but it is not the NPB that decides the disqualification.Japan Independent League Baseball Organization(IPBL).

Expulsion of amateur baseball

Expulsion of Japan Student Baseball Association

Oversees amateur baseball in college and high schoolPublic interest incorporated foundationJapan Student Baseball AssociationThen,Japan Student Baseball CharterIn Article 29"If an officer of a student baseball organization, baseball club, member, leader, referee, or student baseball organization violates this Charter or does not follow the precautions or strict cautions set forth in the preceding Article, the Association will contact the person concerned. Can be disposed of. "As the heaviest disposition, there is a provision for expulsion in Article 30 of the same.

If you are dismissed, you will lose all qualifications related to student baseball of the relevant individual, and you will also be excluded from the "interaction with people who do not have student baseball qualifications" in Article 15 of the Charter.By the way, expulsion is to be applied only to individuals, and if you want to make the entire baseball club or the affiliated university baseball federation / prefectural high school baseball federation equivalent to expulsion, if it is a member school"Deregistration", Non-member schools"Disqualification"To[13]..In addition, if a member or an individual instructor commits a violation, the entire baseball club may be punished together.[14]..In addition, faculty and staff who have nothing to do with student baseballCheer team, If it is a private school, it is the installerSchool corporationIt is also stipulated that even if an officer of the baseball team commits a violation, the leader or the entire baseball club can be subject to disposition.[15].

If it is a high school, the disposal will be from the prefectural high school baseball federation.Japan High School Baseball FederationAfter the deliberation committee decides the direction of disposal, it is submitted to the examination room meeting of the Japan Student Baseball Association and the final decision is made.In the case of a university, from the university baseball federation to which you belongAll Nippon University Baseball FederationAfter reporting to, it will be submitted to the association.However, it is also possible to make a direct escalation to the association, such as a report from an outsider. In this case, the Japan High School Baseball Federation and the All Japan University Baseball Federation will conduct an investigation under the direction of the Director of the Examination Office.Cases reported directly to the association tend to be subject to heavy disposition due to delays in reporting.

The association paves the way for those who have lost their student baseball qualifications due to expulsion, depending on the degree of remorse, according to Article 29-6 of the Charter."The content of the disposition can be canceled and changed in consideration of the circumstances of the person to be disposed of after the disposition."There is a possibility that the expulsion will be canceled in the future.Also, if you are dissatisfied with the decision of expulsion made by the examination room, the president of the association orJapan Sports Arbitration AgencyIt also stipulates that you can file a complaint with.

1946 Since its establishment in 21, there have been no cases in which the association has dismissed individual members (athletes) who are still in school.There are multiple examples of instructors such as directors and responsible teachers, and recently1997 (9)Toyo OhimejiDirectorAddictive gambling offenseArrested in,2002 (14)Ehime Prefectural Yoshida High SchoolDirectorChild pornography prohibition lawExample of being arrested for violating a crime[16] and so on.2011 (23) In FebruaryKanagawa Prefectural Yae High SchoolFormer teacher who was the director of the baseball clubStimulants Control LawDismissed after being arrested for violation[17],Also2015 In (27), although the school name was not announced, the responsible teacherYouth protection and ordinanceThere is an example of being arrested for violating (fornication) and being expelled[18].

Also, the deregistration of the entire baseball club is2007 (19)Senshu University Kitakami High SchoolAnd of 2011Izumo Hokuryo High SchoolIn each case, the Japan High School Baseball Federation deliberation committee gave a notice equivalent to the disposition and submitted it to the association, but in both cases, the baseball club was disbanded or the Takano Ren was withdrawn just before the examination room meeting, and no disposition was taken. ..

Expulsion of the Japanese Baseball League

society-Club teamFor university and high school baseball clubs that are not registered with the Japan Student Baseball Association, a public interest incorporated foundationJapan Baseball FederationIt will be under the jurisdiction of (JABA).The Japanese Baseball League has registration rules for teams or individual athletes.[19] In Article 16, "there was an act that damaged the honor of this federation, member local organizations and district federations, or violated the purpose of establishing the federation, the articles of incorporation and other regulations, and the purpose, regulations, regulations, etc. of member local organizations and district federations. It is stipulated that the registration can be canceled at "when", which corresponds to expulsion.Article 33 for officers and Article 42 for local organizations and district federations have almost the same provisions.The disposition is said to be carried out with the approval of the board of directors of the federation and the consent of the presidents of the member local organizations and district federations.

As an example of the actual disposal,2013 Was expelled in (25)Takumi NumataThere is.After dropping out of college, Numata explored the possibility of contracting with a professional while enrolled in a club team, but ignored the negotiation limit period set by the agreement between NPB and JABA and MLB.Los Angeles DodgersAt that time, he was dismissed because he did not take a document proving that he was a full-fledged club and did not cancel his amateur registration.After returning to Japan, Numata of the BC LeagueGunma Diamond PegasusBecame a Japanese professional player in Japan, and then in the same leagueIshikawa Million StarsAfter, of NPBTokyo Yakult SwallowsDraft nominated and joined the team.

Expulsion of sumo wrestling

Sumo OfProfessional entertainmentPublic interest incorporated foundationJapan Sumo AssociationThen, "dismissal" exists in the system as the heaviest disposition that exceeds "dismissal", and it is a general companyDisciplinary dismissal, It is positioned that the strong intention equivalent to the insulation of the yakuza society is expressed by the consensus of the members of the association.

If you receive a disposition, you will not be paid any retirement allowance or service allowance (equivalent to a special retirement allowance for a general company).Not only will you not be able to participate in any of the activities that the association will carry out in the future, but you will also not be able to have any interests or business relationships with the association or related companies.If an active wrestler is expelled, the previous oneNumbering・ It is said that there was no status or competition results.

2014 (26) When the company was transferred to a public interest incorporated foundation, the award and punishment rules were amended, and even if it corresponds to expulsion, the board of directors can flexibly respond to "dismissal" as the best disposition that can be taken in normal times. I decided to do it.However, the dismissal may be triggered by a special resolution of the Board of Trustees only in the case of an emergency in which the executive department determines that the dismissal will not be understood by the fans.During the time of the former legal incorporated foundation, a board of councilors was convened in favor of more than three-quarters of the board of directors, including officers.ElderlyAll have Japanese nationalityYokozuna-OzekiTeam, andTatsuyukiIt stipulated that a special resolution would be made with the approval of more than three-quarters of all members of the council.

1925 (TaishoIt has not been applied since the establishment of the current corporation in 14), but it was the predecessor due to the conflict of management methods in the Meiji era.Daikaku Riki AssociationThere is an example in which several wrestlers who tried to set up another organization were expelled. In 2009 (Heisei 21)marijuanaThere was a veto theory for the wrestlers arrested for possession, but "it is inconsistent because another wrestler arrested for possession of cannabis was dismissed the previous year." However, if it is rejected, it will be more confusing. "In addition, even if you are dismissed, "RetirementIn any case, it is an extremely heavy disposition, and the only professional sumo organization is the Japan Sumo Association. Therefore, the player's life will be virtually cut off).

2021 (Reiwa3 years), in January placeNew coronavirus infectionWhile creating guidelines unique to Kakukai, such as prohibiting unnecessary and unurgent going out to prevent the spread of infection, we repeatedly visited mahjong stores and sex shops and eat out with multiple people.Tokitsukaze masterIt was reported that the Japan Sumo Association, which took seriously the maliciousness of the scandals, is considering the first expulsion in history since the establishment of the current corporation.[20] However, in the end, it has settled down with "retirement advisory disposition (retirement allowance 30% reduction)", and expulsion disposition is avoided.[21].

Expulsion of judo

judoA public interest incorporated foundation that is a de facto top-level organization that certifies dan levels.KodokanThen, the code of ethics[22][23] In Article 3"Staff[24] If there is an act that violates human rights or denies personality in the judo field, or if there is an act that goes against the spirit of judo or damages the dignity or honor of a person involved in judo, it can be punished after hearing. "There is a system of expulsion in Article 4 as a specific disposition.This is a public interest incorporated foundation that is an affiliated organizationAll Japan Judo FederationThose who are superior to the disposition of the Kodokan and have been dismissed from the Kodokan will also have their dan level certified by the Kodokan revoked.

In addition, in the All Japan Judo Federation, it is equivalent to expulsion."Permanent suspension of membership registration"As a person who has received this applicationMasato UchishibaThere is.

Boxing expulsion

Professional boxingIn the case of, the organizations handled by the players and the leaders / entertainers are different.

General FoundationJapan Boxing CommissionFrom (JBC)boxerFor athletes who have been issued a license, JBC will have the effect of expulsion by depriving the license.on the other hand,trainer,Club owner,promoterJBC not only refuses to issue licenses to leaders or holders of licenses given to entertainers, but is also an industry group of boxing gyms.Japan Professional Boxing Association, And the boxing associations of each region, which is a subordinate organization, need to be dismissed.

For foreign players, JBC will suspend activities for a limited period of time by prohibiting invitations."Stop boxer activity in Japan"By doing so, it will be treated the same as expulsion or permanent expulsion.

Religious expulsion

Christian expulsion

キ リ ス ト 教AtheresyWrongDoctrineTo the claimants and those who have sinnedChurch disciplineIt is executed as a disposition.Those who have been expelled will no longer be treated as members of the Church and will be disconnected from the Church at all, but will be allowed to return if repentance is granted.

Buddhist expulsion

Danke systemHowever, if there is a valid reason on the temple side, the Dan family can be expelled.In the new religious movement, the individual or group of believers was wrongDoctrineOr criticizing the founder or executives, or excluding the offender.

Expulsion of the Dan family

In the Edo period, if it was judged that the Danish could not fulfill their responsibilities as a believer, the temple wouldDanka systemWas able to be refused.It is a de facto expulsion of the Danish, and at a later date,Reformation by SōmonAlso deleted fromAbsentee,outcastWas excluded from social life.

Religious freedomSince the Meiji era when was guaranteedBodhi TempleThe priestDanjinTo be expelled"Disposal of dandelion"That is.Specifically, it was judged that there are reasons for the temple to suffer significant disadvantages, such as not requesting a funeral to a temple that has become a Danish, and not paying the management fee for the graveyard for a long period of time.If you get rid of the graveyard, you lose the right to continue using the graveyard in the temple territory, and you may be charged a graveyard fee.

Expulsion of Nichiren Shoshu Sect

Nichiren MasamuneThen,"Expulsion of believers" TheExcommunicationIt is positioned as the heaviest sanction that can be taken as a sect against individual believers at home.If this is not an individual believer, but the entire Hokkoko under its umbrella is equivalent to expulsion"Dissolution during the course",AlsoPriest officialMonkSanctions with deprivation of priesthood"Repulsion"It's called (Hinseki).

1974 (49), Nichiren Masamune dismissed the Myoshin lecture, which was in fierce conflict with Soka Gakkai.In response to this, Myoshinko caused a violent incident against the Soka Gakkai (the attack on the headquarters of the Myoshinkokai), and the furious Somon dismissed 33 related Myoshinko executives.Some of them were lecturersJinbei AsaiAt that time, he was the chairman of the current KenshokaiShoe AsaiIs also included.

In the early 1980s,ShoshinkaiMore than 200 monks who participated in the event were dismissed.

さ ら に1992 In (4), the Honorary Chairman who had excommunicated with the entire Soka Gakkai in the previous yearDaisaku IkedaWas dismissed from the congregation1998 In (10), the qualifications of the remaining members of the university were also lost due to the revision of the sect.

This means that if a member of the Nichiren Shoshu sect belongs to another religious group, he / she will lose his / her qualification as a believer.Adopted childIf you have adopted (married), you will not let the family of the marriage (married) fall down and join Masamune, but the houseBodaiji TempleIf it belongs to, it is also subject to expulsion.Edo periodSomon KaiIn, it is derived from the fact that the people could only be registered as a Dan family in one temple at the same time.

However, a method of accepting former members who have withdrawn from Soka Gakkai, Kenshokai, or Shoshinkai as a sect is also considered, and those who have lost their congregation or qualifications also visit Sueji and obtain permission from the chief priest. If you receive a solicitation ceremony ("Receiving'It is possible to return to the congregation.

Expulsion of Soka Gakkai

Established as an affiliated organization of Nichiren Shoshu, then BuddhistEmerging religionBecame a groupSoka GakkaiArticle 69 of the Constitution stipulates that "members will lose their qualifications due to withdrawal or expulsion", and as a concrete operation, Article 72 of the Constitution states that "members who have said or acted unsuitable as members will be warned according to their circumstances. , You can suspend your activity or dispose of your expulsion. "[25].

Regarding the disposition, the "examination committee" established in the central and general prefectures must promptly process allegations made by executives above the ward headquarters.[26].

Expulsion of Komeito members

KomeitoThose who have been exiled from the Diet will sooner or later be exempted from the academic society.As an exampleYoshikatsu Takeiri 1998 Immediately after being expelled from the Komeito in 10, Soka Gakkai also exempted Takeiri.Also1988 The party was expelled in (63)Toshio OhashiHas also been expelled from the academic society.HoweverYukimasa Fujiwara,Yano AyaSince the Komeito party has forgotten the disposition, the withdrawal notification has been accepted and the academic society has voluntarily withdrawn.

Expulsion of general members and academic society executives

Even general members and academic society executives will be expelled without mercy if they are arrested by the police for crimes.Furthermore, Article 4 of the Membership Regulations prohibits academic members from lending and borrowing personal money both inside and outside the association, and if this is discovered, they will be subject to punishment, and depending on the circumstances, warnings, demotions, and suspension of activities will be the worst In some cases, expulsion is possible (only for a large amount of money such as thousands of yen or tens of thousands of yen, and temporary lending and borrowing of small coins such as juice and tobacco money is allowed).

This provision is the second presidentJosei TodaWas strictly operated during the time when he was alive, and in the case of Osaka, the chairman at that timeTakashi KoizumiAnd the chief of public relations who was dispatched as the chief executive officer of the campaignDaisaku IkedaAll the arrested members were expelled except (later the third president and honorary chairman).However, after Toda died and became the Ikeda system, unlike Masamune Nichiren, there was an internal situation that once he was dismissed, he could never return to activity, and the executives involved in the incident caused by the academic society Some of them were not expelled, etc."I acted for the academic society and was arrested."The treatment of academic members and executives who have been recognized as being recognized has become less favorable than in the Toda era.

As an example,Speech publication obstruction case,Kenji Miyamoto Home eavesdropping caseOne of the academic members mentioned in the sentence of Kenji Miyamoto's home eavesdropping case was not expelled because he was involved in and was arrested.2004 (16)Yahoo! BB customer information leakage caseHas been arrested as an executive of Soka Gakkai.Also in 2002Mobile phone call record theft caseThen, the three arrested perpetrators were not expelled, and the telecommunications company was banished.Disciplinary dismissalThere is also a history that the dismissed academic members re-employed at another company by mediation of the Soka Gakkai defense team before the trial was finalized.[27].

In addition, if it is discovered that a general member has been admonished at a temple of Nichiren Shoshu or Shoshinkai without taking the procedure for withdrawal, or has been enrolled in the Fuji Oishiji Kenshokai, he will be expelled by the prefectural examination committee. There are times.In the past, there were cases in which the withdrawal procedure was taken but later canceled and switched to expulsion.

Expulsion of Fuji Oishiji Kenshokai

It is also a new religious movement of the Nichiren Shoshu family.Fuji Oishi Temple KenshokaiThere is also a system that allows members (believers) to be expelled.However, unlike the Soka Gakkai, the rules of the Kenshokai do not provide any provisions regarding expulsion.The academic society makes the final decision on the expulsion in writing, but at the Kenshokai, the executives of the branch or corps simply inform the person of the decision verbally or by telephone, and the expulsion is done.

Also, as with academic societies, once you are expelled, you cannot return to work, but in rare cases, the same shakubuku as withdrawals may occur.In that case, if it is discovered at a later date that the expulsion was decided at the branch or corps level in the past, the expulsion will be switched to the headquarters level and re-entry will not be possible.

Members who have transferred from Soka Gakkai to Kenshokai will not be able to return to the society when they are withdrawn or dismissed as mentioned above, even if they are dismissed because their loyalty to Shoei has declined.As a result, some people gave up returning to the academic society and transferred to Somon and Shoshinkai again.However, those who have not been a member of the university before joining the Kenshokai can be transferred to the Soka Gakkai after being expelled from the Kenshokai.In this case, at the time of admission, the district manager or ward headquarters level will carry out a stricter examination than the usual new shakubuku, and if you are a vice president or an experienced executive in charge of the prefecture, approval from the central headquarters may be required.

Expulsion of Aleph

Of the successorAlephThen, if you fail to pay the membership fee, you will be automatically expelled.[28].
Split from AlephHikari no OtowaIn, it is said that you can exempt if any of the following applies[29].
  1. When an act violates the basic principles of the cult, this constitution and the provisions of the board of directors
  2. When you violate a serious law
  3. Of the cult or other membersHurt your honor and credibilityOr when it causes serious damage
  4. When interfering with the activities of the cult or other members
  5. Of other membersRight of privacy,Publicity rights,CopyrightAnd other rights infringement
  6. In addition, when you do something that is judged to be unsuitable as a member

Islamic expulsion

Islam prohibits the abandonment of faith, which in turn means that excommunication and excommunication cannot be carried out against Muslims.Therefore, there is no concept of expulsion in Islam.

Yakuza expulsion


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Related item

Tomin First Meeting

Tomin First Meeting(Tomin First?English: Tomin First no Kai, Tokyoites First,Tokyo Citizens First[9][10]) IsJapanPolitical organization[11].TokyoTo work on the groundRegional party[Note 1]so,Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyForm the first parliamentary group of[12].Yuriko KoikeFounded by[13], Presided over by the political school "Cram school of hopeIs the mother's body.Governor of Tokyo Koike serves as a special advisor[14].

Mass mediaIs abbreviated as "Tomin First no Kai""Tokyo Fa""Citizens of Tokyo""Citizen F""Tomin First"[15][16].



2016 7 month 31 dayTokyo Governor ElectionAnd at that timeLDPBelongingMember of the House of RepresentativeswasYuriko KoikeCandidate with his predecessor, even though he could not get a recommendation from the Liberal Democratic PartyYoichi MasuzoeLiberal Democratic Party's recommendation by the Liberal Democratic Party's method of criticizing the predominant metropolitan assembly constitutionHiroya MasudaThey were defeated by a large margin and won.Koike said after winningTomin First"ManifestFormerly who supported Koike in the election of the governor of Tokyo by proposing the reform of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly with the slogan ofEveryone's partysystemTokyo Metropolitan AssemblyParliamentary "Bright Tokyo"(Shun Otokita, Both corners,Reiko Ueda3 people) etc.Ruling partyAnnounced intention to form a political school on September 9th[17]did. In response to Koike's intention on September 9, he was a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.Toshima City CouncilLegislatorHirotaka MotohashiIs the representative, Shun Otokita is the accountant[17]As TokyoElection Management CommitteeTo the political organization "Tomin First MeetingReport the establishment[17], Was established as a political organization by members of the Diet who support Koike on the 20th.The party name was taken from the wording in the manifest[17].. Political school "Political school" presided over by Koike on October 10Cram school of hopeIs opened[18], The new candidates for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election the following year were mainly selected from these students.

Five Toshima Ward members who were dismissed from the Liberal Democratic Party Tokyo Federation on December 12 withdrew from the Liberal Democratic Party Liberal Democratic Party.Hirotaka MotohashiFormed a new parliamentary group "Tomin First no Kai Toshima Ward Assembly" with the secretary-general of[19].2017 March 1Regional party"Kagayake Tokyo" changed the name of the parliamentary group to "Kagayake Tokyo"Tomin First no Kai Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyI changed it to[20]..Koike's special secretary for political affairs as the representative of the associationKazusa NodaWas inaugurated and Koike was not in the position[21]Appointed as Special Advisor on April 4[13].

Voted on February 2017, 2Chiyoda WardThe long election became the first election for the citizens of Tokyo.Chiyoda Ward is Koikeya and the former governorNaoki InoseLiberal Democratic Party criticizes what it calls "Don of the city council"Shigeru UchidaIn the local area of ​​the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, the mass media took up the issue as "a proxy war between Koike and Uchida."[22]..Incumbent supported by KoikeMasami Ishikawa Kaoru YosanoMy nephew gave a big difference to the LDP's recommendation[23]..After the election, Uchida declares that he will not run for the next Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election and will retire from politics.[24].

On February 2, two members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly who left the Liberal Democratic Party joined Tomin First.[25]The number of members of the parliamentary group became 5, and it was held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.Representative questionGot the right.

2017 Tokyo Elections

April 2017, 4, the third revision of the rules.The provisions of the general meeting have been deleted, and the representative will be elected not by the general meeting but by the representative selection committee stipulated by the bylaws of the bylaws, and officers other than the representative will be elected by the nomination of the representative.[26][27].

Of the party on April 2017, 4PlatformAnnounce[28]And of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly electionManifestWas announced on May 5rd and all on May 3rd.The contents were 5 basic policies such as "Parliamentary Reform" and "Enactment of Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance".[29].

At this point, Koike had not officially left the Liberal Democratic Party, but on May 5, he announced that he would be the representative of the Tomin First no Kai.[30]Submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Liberal Democratic Party on June 6st[31]However, the Liberal Democratic Party withheld the decision until after the end of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.[32]..At the "Tomin First no Kai Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election Rally" held after that, Koike officially became the representative by declaring that he would "represent Tomin First to show his determination to truly advance the Great Tokyo Reform." Inaugurated[33].

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, including the students of the desired cram school, the Liberal Democratic Party andDemocratic Party50 official candidates such as the active Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly who changed fromKomeitoWith 23 peopleTokyo/ Consumer NetworkIn addition to the official candidates who signed a total of 1 electoral alliances with one person, they mainly left the Democratic PartyIndependentWe recommended 11 candidates. As a result of the ballot counting on July 7, a fixed number of 2 personIslandsForty-nine people were elected, excluding the one who lost the LDP incumbent in the constituency.After the election, six additional independent candidates from the Democratic Party who were recommended were officially recognized and became 1 seats, and the first party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly was seized from the Liberal Democratic Party.[34]..In addition to the Komeito and Seikatsusha Network, which cooperated in the election, the total number of seats was 55 in Tokyo citizen F23, Komeito 1, and Net 79, and the Koike power won the majority.[34].

On the following day, the board of directors of Koike and Noda decided to reappoint Noda as a representative and to become a special adviser to Koike.[Note 2]..Koike announced this at a press conference on the same day, so-calledDual representation systemHe stated that he would "dedicate himself to the governorship", citing concerns about such things.[35][36]..On the same day, the Liberal Democratic Party approved Koike's departure from the party, which had submitted a notice of withdrawal.[37].

Koike is on the 3rd of the day after the electionPress conferenceHe denied that he was "not in that situation right now" about advancing into national affairs.[38], June 8Fuji Television Network, IncIn an interview with the Diet, he stated that he was preparing to advance into national affairs, including candidates for national elections.[39].

Announced executive appointments on July 7[40].

The winners of the Tomin First no Kai are members of the Your Party, and other than the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party, who are inexperienced as members of the Diet and are unfamiliar with interviews. Restrict coverage of[41], Produces a collection of hypothetical questions and answers for the media and distributes them to the members of the Diet[42]とTOKYO MXReported.

48th House of Representatives general election

In national affairs, Koike's aide left the Liberal Democratic Party with Koike.Masaru WakasaA member of the House of Representatives is a political organization "Japan First no Kai(Nippon First Kai) ”was established on July 7th.[43]..The party name "Tomin First no Kai" was also considered, but because a political organization with the same name had already been established.[Note 3]Wakasa said, "I refrained from doing so because it would cause confusion."[44]..Koike did not participate in the association, but on September 9th, he was a lecturer at the association's political school "Keisho Juku".[45].

On September 9, representative Noda resigned to concentrate on his original duties, the governor's special secretary, and succeeded him.Chiharu ArakiThe general affairs chairperson is elected by the representative selection committee[46][Note 4]However, after the announcement, it became a debate that the party rules were not disclosed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and the citizens of Tokyo, and the full text was later released.[26].

On September 9,Tsukiji market relocation problemAssisted Governor Koike withAoyama Gakuin UniversityFormer professor resigned as an advisor to Tokyo on the 19thToshiro KojimaBecame Secretary-General of the Political Investigation Committee[47][48].

Wakasa aims to launch a new national political party based on the "Japan First No Kai"Democratic PartyLeaved the partyGo Hosono,Japan Restoration PartyWas expelledYoshimi WatanabeI was asking them to participate[49]The dissolution of the House of Representatives is imminent, and on September 9, Koike himself became the representative of the national political party "Hope partyAnnounced the formation of[50]And officially formed a party at a press conference on the 27th[51].

On September 9, the Democratic Party announced that it would effectively join the party of hope and apply for official recognition.[52].

On October 10, the Party of Hope and Tomin First no Kai signed a policy agreement.48th general electionAgreed on election cooperation in[53].

The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, which was involved in the support from the candidate for the election of the governor of KoikeShun Otokita(Later elected as a member of the House of Councilors) and Reiko Ueda announced that they would leave the party in opposition to the party's management policy, and held a press conference on October 2017, 10.[54].

As a result of the ballot counting on October 10, the party of hope was sluggish and fell below the pre-announcement power, and the position of the first opposition party was alsoConstitutional Democratic PartyThe result was robbed by.In response to this result, the Democratic Party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, which was considering joining the Tomin First no Kai, withdrew its policy.[55].

After the general election

2017 On November 11, it will be the first municipal election in Tokyo after the general election.Katsushika City CouncilParliamentary elections are held, and Tomin First no Kai is old with four newcomersDemocratic PartyA total of five official candidates were submitted, including one former job that he belonged to, but only one former job, Hideaki Utena (Human), was elected.[56].

2018 2 month 25 dayMachida-shiIn the parliamentary election, the official incumbent Shigetaro Ozeki defended his seat[57].. It was held on November 4 of the same yearNerima Ward AssemblyMemberBy-electionThen, the Liberal Democratic Party joined the formation of the Tomin First no Kai, and the party of hope for the general election candidacy (Tokyo 9 Ward) However, he had two official candidates, one former job who was defeated and one newcomer, but none of them could win a seat.Nerima Ward is an electoral district when Governor Koike was a member of the House of Representatives.Tokyo 10 WardRegarding the defeat of Governor Koike at the knees, the candidate for the former job who was defeated said, "I have the impression that the boom is over."[58].

On March 2018, 3, the Japan First Association was disbanded on this day.[59].

2018 In May, the party of hope split over how the opposition party should be reorganized.Many of the party executives joined the Democratic PartyNational Democratic PartyIn addition to participating in, Hosono et al. Became independent.In addition, some conservative lawmakers were newly formed.Hope partyAsked Koike to become a special adviser, but Koike resigned.[60], "I will push forward with the metropolitan government. I would like to avoid involvement in national affairs (in the future)," and stated that he would stay away from national affairs.[61].

2018 November 7, 2319th Unified Local ElectionAnnouncement of prospective official candidates (primary official recognition)[62], Approved to 10 incumbent district council members belonging to Tomin First no Kai.Then oldEveryone's partyMultiple people, including the former ward council, have been selected as official candidates.[63].

After that, defeats in various elections in Tokyo continued.September 9th of the same yearShinagawaIn the long electionConstitutional Democratic Party-Japan Communist Party-Liberal partyAlthough he recommended Hirohiko Sato, a former Liberal Democratic Party Metropolitan Assembly, he is in his current position recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party.Ken HamanoLost to[64]..On December 12, 23, two seats were monopolized in the 2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.Nishitokyo OfCity councilYoshishige Yoshida, the official incumbent, was defeated in the parliamentary elections[65].

2019 Takahiro Okuzawa on January 1th,Rei Ina Saito, Kyoko Morisawa's three metropolitan assemblies said, "The party management of the Tomin First no Kai is various policies (such as the Shinagawa Mayor's election where the recommendation candidate was defeated).electionSubmitted a notice of withdrawal because the decision-making is unclear.The number of people who left the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly was five, following Otokita and Ueda.Okuzawa, Saito, and Morisawa will work as independents in the future, with Okuzawa as the representative.[66]Announced to launch a new parliamentary group "Independent Tokyo Mirai"[67]..Okuzawa et al. Explained that the relationship with Koike was "not a rebellion against Governor Koike," but he was holding back from leaving the party.[68]Koike said that he was "sorry" and "no cause" for the departure of the three metropolitan assemblies.[69]..After that, the three metropolitan councils submitted a parliamentary group formation notification to the chairman, officially left the parliamentary group, and formed a new parliamentary group "Independent Tokyo Mirai" on January 3, 2019.[70].

19th Unified Local Election

19th Unified Local Election OfOutpostBecame2019 3 of the monthTaito Ward AssemblyTwo officially recognized newcomers were elected in the lower house election[71][72].

In the municipal elections (announced on April 4th, vote counting on April 14st) held in the latter half of the Unified Local Elections, the Liberal Democratic Party, which had 21 people in Tokyo, was significantly narrowed down by the Tomin First no Kai. Only 392 people were counted[73]..Koike also forgot to support the candidates during the election.[74]..As a result of the election, 24 people were elected and the number of seats was doubled, but four newcomers missed the seats, leaving anxiety about solidifying the ground.[75]..All 12 incumbent candidates were elected[76].

On May 5, one official candidate was elected at the bottom of the Adachi Ward Assembly election.

On June 6, the first party representative election since the formation of the party was announced, but there was no notification of candidacy other than Araki of Hyundai Omote.[77], Araki's continuation was approved at the general assembly of all members of the Diet and branch managers on the 23rd.[78].

After the unified local elections

2020 May 1, In the Fuchu mayoral electionLDP,Komeito,Social Democratic PartyThe incumbent Norio Takano, who was recommended with him, won the third term.

same yearMay 5, The former chairman of the town council recommended in the Okutama mayoral electionShinko ShikaokaBut,LDPDefeated the recommended incumbent Fumio Kawamura and won the first prize[79].

June 6, Koike's term expires2020 Governor of Tokyo ElectionAnnounced to run for.In this election the Liberal Democratic PartyToshihiro NikaiSecretary-GeneralThey expressed their support for Koike's reelection, but Koike indicated that he would not seek the recommendation of a political party, and the LDP voted voluntarily.[80]..Regarding this, there is a view that Koike had the intention of preserving the confrontational composition between the Tomin First no Kai and the Liberal Democratic Party in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election next year.[81]..Tomin First no Kai did not recommend or support Koike as a party, but Chiharu Araki, the representative, became the head of the Koike camp.[82].

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly by-elections (4 constituencies), where votes are counted on the same dayKitaFormer secretary of Koike in the constituencyTAKARAGENNEThe heavenly wind Ibuki is supported.The party side pushed Koike, who was reluctant to stand for the candidate, and Koike told the second floor, "I persuaded the candidate of Tomin First to decline the candidacy, but did not respond." Did not enter.In addition, the Komeito, which cooperated with the Tomin First no Kai in the previous Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, has now recommended candidates for the LDP in all constituencies.[83][84].

As a result of the ballot counting on July 7, Koike was re-elected by a large margin, but Tenfu lost in 5th place out of 5 candidates.[85].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Announced a draft ordinance that imposes a fine if a positive person does not comply with the restrictions on going out and infects another person over the spread of the infection.[86]..The draft ordinance was officially proposed on November 11, but criticisms continued from other parliamentary groups, saying that it could create mutual surveillance.[87], Komeito is also expected to be rejected by deciding a policy to oppose "I can not agree as long as there are penalties"[88]..Finally, the Komeito offered a "continuous consultation" in the form of a rescue boat, and the Tomin First no Kai abandoned the submission of the bill on December 12.[87][89].

On December 12, Ayumi Saigo submitted a notice of withdrawal and announced that he would join the Nippon Ishin no Kai.Became the sixth party member in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly[90].

2021 Tokyo Elections

2021 In the Mayor of Chiyoda election in January, the Tomin First no Kai was held by Koike's aides.Takaaki HiguchiHe recommended the former Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and received support from the Union Tokyo and the Democratic Party for the People.In this election, the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito recommended Kyoichi Hayao, a former Chiyoda Ward council, so the same year.Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly ElectionIt was noticed as an outpost.On the other hand, Shigeru Uchida (LDP's chief adviser), who was criticized by Koike four years ago by name, was told by Hayao.2010 Leaving the Liberal Democratic PartyTachiagare JapanThe relationship was not good due to the circumstances of participating in the event, and he did not appear at Hayao's departure ceremony.[91].. Higuchi was elected as a result of the ballot counting on the 31st.[92].

On February 2, Yoshiyuki Kurishita submitted a notice of withdrawal from the party[93].. On February 2, it was reported that Shigeru Ishige, who had submitted a notice of withdrawal from the other party in search of a horse to be elected to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, was dismissed.[94].

On May 5, Koike stated that he would like to send ale to the reformers who act with the citizens first, regarding the response to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election. Avoided support[95]..Regarding Koike and the Liberal Democratic Party, in November 2018, Koike apologized to the Liberal Democratic Party executives, saying, "There were some parts that were overstated in past elections."[96]In addition, in the 2020 budget plan, the Liberal Democratic Party is proceeding with the restoration of relations, such as supporting the Tokyo budget plan for the first time in three years.[97], Tokyo executives said that Koike was cautious looking at the power map after the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.[95].

On June 6, just before the election announcement, Koike was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo because he was too tired to rest.[98].. On June 6, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election will be announced.On the same day, Chiharu Araki revealed that he had requested the appointment of a representative in a reporter's interview.[99][100].. Koike was discharged on the morning of June 6[101][102]..At the same time, he announced his discharge comment.Regarding the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, he just said, "Amidst the pile of issues in the city administration, including measures against the new coronavirus, we will continue to reform and send a yell to everyone who keeps the tradition."In an expression like omnidirectional diplomacy, a senior LDP executive said, "The" people who keep the tradition "in the comment are probably ours and the Komeito. We should not support only the citizens of Tokyo." Stated[103].

However, on July 7, the day before the ballot counting day, Koike encouraged candidates for the Tomin First no Kai. As a result of the ballot counting on the 3th, the Tomin First no Kai reduced the number of seats from 4 before the election to 46 and the Liberal Democratic Party gained 31 seats and regained the first party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. The number of seats won by the Liberal Democratic Party did not reach 33.2009 Tokyo ElectionsThe result was the second lowest in the past.Since the Komeito Party, which had teamed up with the Tomin First no Kai last time, has revived the election cooperation with the Liberal Democratic Party this time, optimism has been circulating within the Liberal Democratic Party that "the doubling of the 2 seats last time is hard" from the beginning of the election campaign. The Tomin First no Kai caught up in the final stage, winning three seats in the one-person district. The Tomin First no Kai, which had even predicted a "big defeat," had a certain number of seats reduced and showed its presence, and some members of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "There was also a sympathy vote for Mr. Koike."In response to the election results, Araki said, "I handed over the first party and feel responsible. I tried to penetrate it at the risk of my life, but it was still not enough."[104][105][106].

Re-elected in Itabashi Ward constituency on July 7Fumiko KinoshitaWhen he backed up his car at the intersection of Takashimadaira 7-chome, Itabashi-ku at around 2:7 am on July 3 during the election period, he hit a stopped passenger car and was slightly injured by a man in his 50s and a woman in the driver's seat. It was revealed by the media that Kinoshita was unlicensed during the suspension period.Tomin First no Kai dismissed Kinoshita on the same day[107]..Kinoshita was indicted at home for driving a passenger car seven times in total from May to July of the same year, and resigned as a member of the Diet on November 5.[108].

49th House of Representatives general election

On October 10, Araki is a political organization for national elections.First no kaiAnnounced that it will establish.Araki was appointed as the representative of the new party,Next House of Representatives electionIntroduced the intention to aim for candidate support mainly in Tokyo[109].. On the 15th, it announced that it would give up the candidate for the next House of Representatives election.Mr. Araki announced a comment saying, "Because of the fact that the announcement date has come earlier in the shortest postwar schedule, we have decided that it will be difficult to meet the expectations of the citizens of Tokyo, and will work toward the next national election." ..A member of the House of Councilors who was aiming to form a new party or a plan for multiple incumbent Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly to "change"Kiyoshi UedaThere were plans to discuss and cooperate with them, but they all ended in failure.[110].

Political position


Tomin First no Kai is in the party platform"Great Reform of Tokyo"Is holding[6]..The following is the definition[6].

"The University of Tokyo Reform" means the capital city of Tokyo in the future.Economy-welfare-EnvironmentRebuilding into a new Tokyo so that it can become a sustainable society in all fields.Polishing Tokyo's attractive assets,International competitivenessTo improve.It is to stage up to a safe society where each and every citizen of Tokyo can play an active role.



List of successive representatives

代RepresentativeTerm of officeRemarks
1Replace this image JA.svgHirotaka MotohashiMarch 2016, 9-March 16, 2017Toshima City CouncilMember
2Replace this image JA.svgKazusa NodaMarch 2017, 1-March 23, 2017Governor of TokyoSpecial secretary
3May 29, 5 Meeting with the Governor of Tokyo 11 (cropped) .jpgYuriko KoikeMarch 2017, 6-March 1, 2017Governor of Tokyo
4Replace this image JA.svgKazusa NodaMarch 2017, 7-March 3, 2017Governor of Tokyo Special Secretary
5Replace this image JA.svgChiharu ArakiOctober 2017, 9-PresentTokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Party officer

As of July 2021[114]

PositionNamePolitical party of origin
RepresentativeChiharu Araki─[Note 5]
Special advisorsYuriko KoikeLDP
Advisor / Chairman of All Parliamentary BranchesDaisuke OzakiDemocratic Party
RepresentativeYu ItoDemocratic Party
Deputy representativeTakaaki Higuchi─
Secretary-GeneralHiroki MasukoDemocratic Party
Deputy secretary generalTakayuki Morimura─
Chairman of General AffairsNobuko Irie─
Deputy General Affairs ChairmanAkira Fujii─
Chairman of Government Affairs SurveyHiroshi Yamada─
Deputy President of Political InvestigationArihiko Koyama
Yasuhiko Takita
Democratic Party
Chairman of the Basic Municipal Liaison CouncilIkuo SatonakaLDP
General Manager of Election Countermeasures HeadquartersHirotaka MotohashiLDP
General Manager of Organizational Measures HeadquartersKazuki MuramatsuLDP
General Manager of Public Relations HeadquartersAiri Ryuen─
General Manager of Women's Advancement Promotion HeadquartersKayoko Akane Kubo─[Note 6]

Past Officer Table

RepresentativeRepresentativeSecretary-GeneralDeputy secretary generalChairman of General AffairsChairman of Government Affairs SurveySpecial advisorsInauguration
Kazusa Noda2017/1
Yuriko Koike2017/4
Yuriko KoikeKazusa Noda2017/6
Kazusa NodaDaisuke OzakiHiroki MasukoArihiko KoyamaChiharu ArakiAkira YamauchiYuriko Koike2017/7
Chiharu Araki2017/9
Arihiko KoyamaYu Ito
Kimura Motonari
Nobuko IrieHiroshi Yamada2019/7
Yu ItoTakayuki MorimuraAround the fall of 2021


Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

(At the time of the party)3 / -127Joining party +3
2017 Metropolitan election49/50127Additional official approval+6, leaving party-8, resigning -1
2021 Metropolitan election31 (+1 *) / 47127* Independent candidate with party membership, leaving party-1

Affiliated politician

As of July 2021[115]


Person's nameMunicipalities
Yuriko KoikeGovernor of Tokyo
Takaaki HiguchiMayor of Chiyoda

Local council

Cram school of hope

Koike is the head of the political school that became the parent body of Tomin First no Kai.

Issue 1

A total of 2016 courses were held from October 10, 30 to March 2017, 3, with the aim of finding candidates for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.The instructor isNaoki InoseFormer Governor of TokyoTakashi KawamuraMayor of Nagoya,Kiyoshi UedaGovernor of Saitama Prefecture, etc.[116]..The tuition fee was 5 yen for men, 4 yen for women, and 25 yen for those under 3 years old, for a total of 3747 people.[117].

Issue 2

It was scheduled to start on October 2017, 10 in order to find candidates for the wards, cities, towns and villages in Tokyo, but it was announced that it will be postponed to November 29 and will be postponed again next spring.[118].2018 In June, it was reported that the desired cram school homepage was closed without reopening the cram school, and that there were less than 6 applicants for the second term.[119].

As a political school with a similar name, there is "Kibo no Tou Political School" (started in September 2018) by Shigefumi Matsuzawa and other new parties of hope, but Koike does not participate in this.[120].

Political parties in a friendly relationship

  • Hope party - 2017 May 9Although it is a national political party established by Yuriko Koike on its own behalf, it is not the same party or organization as the Tomin First no Kai.
  • Komeito ――In national affairs, we have formed a coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party, but on March 2017, 3, we announced election cooperation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election with the Tomin First no Kai.[121]..A policy agreement was signed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.However, it was held the day after the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly electionYamaguchi NatsuoDuring the summit meeting between the representative and the president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Shinzo Abe, it was confirmed that the self-government would cooperate at the national level and continue to operate the coalition government.[122].. With the formation of the party of hope in September 2017, the Komeito side has also seen a move to dissolve the cooperation in the metropolitan government, and on November 9, 2017, the secretary-general of the Komeito party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, Kunihiro Higashimura, joined the Tomin First no Kai. Expressed the idea of ​​breaking the cooperative relationship with the governor and leaving the ruling party[123].2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly ElectionThen, because I decided to cooperate with the Liberal Democratic Party, I was in conflict with the Tomin First no Kai in the election.[124].
  • Tokyo/ Consumer Network --On April 2017, 4, a policy agreement was signed for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, and it was also agreed that the Tomin First no Kai would recommend one official candidate for the Consumer Net.[125]..After that, he changed to the metropolitan opposition party and in the 2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.Constitutional Democratic PartyIt became a conflict in the election because it cooperated with.
  • National Democratic Party --A political party that inherits the lineage of the party of hope and will not join the Constitutional Democratic Party in 2020Yuichiro TamakiWas reunited as a representative[Note 7]..What is Tomin First no Kai?Chiyoda Mayor ElectionThere is a certain cooperative relationship, such as supporting Takaaki Higuchi, who resigned from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and challenged him (Higuchi was elected).[126]. AlsoUA Zensen,Electric Power SorenSince there are candidates within the organization of industrial unions such as those in both parties, there are many cases where the municipal council has formed a unified parliamentary group (Toshima City CouncilSuch)
  • Tax reduction Japan - Aichi,Nagoya cityA local political party that operates mainly in Japan.RepresentTakashi KawamuraSince the mayor of Nagoya has a close relationship with Koike, he has a cooperative relationship with lectures at the cram school of hope and support speeches at the 2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.Kawamura is aiming to finally join the tax-reduced Japan and Tomin First no Kai, and Koike is also positive.[127][128].

Support group


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