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🏛 | Empress Yuriko Koike and Corona.2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election notification date for the future of Tokyo


Empress Yuriko Koike and Corona.2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election notification date for the future of Tokyo

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Since the "Tomin First no Kai" that he founded is the first party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, Mr. Koike can give top priority to "performance" even in the case of coronavirus, and the essential infection control remains neglected even after one year. is.

It has been about XNUMX years since the "Koike boom".During this time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, in which the referees of the citizens of Tokyo will be judged against the city administration, will soon receive votes counting ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly(Tokyo Togikai,British: Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly) IsTokyoParliamentary body (Local council).



1943/(18)6/1,Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentEnactment.7/1, Tokyo system enforcement.9/13, The 1st Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election (constant 100 people).10/11, Opening of the 1st Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Extraordinary Session[1].

1947/(22)4/30, The 2st Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election (constant 120 people).6/27, Established Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Food Countermeasures Committee[1].

1951/(26)1/23,ChiyodaMarunouchiThe Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building was completed.4/30, 3rd Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election (120 people, in the 2nd Tokyo Governor Election executed on the same daySeiichiro YasuiIs elected)[1].

1955/(30)4/23, 4th Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election (120 people, Seiichiro Yasui was elected in the 3rd Tokyo Governor's election executed on the same day)[1].

1959/(34)4/23, 5rd Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election (120 people, in the 4nd Tokyo Governor Election executed on the same dayRyutaro AzumaIs elected).5/18, A resolution to invite the Olympics at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Council.10/2, Established Olympic Tokyo Games Preparation Executive Committee[1].

1963/(38)4/17, 6th Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election (120 people, Ryotaro Azuma won in the 5th Governor of Tokyo election executed on the same day)[1].

Voluntary dissolution

Prefectural councils usually hold term expiration elections every four years (Unified local elections), But the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly1965/In (40), it was the first prefectural assembly to hold an election by "voluntary dissolution".In addition, it should be noted.House of RepresentativesSimilarly, if a resolution is resolved to distrust the governor or chief, the governor or chief can dissolve the parliament (Local Autonomy Law, Article 178).

LDPThe chairman's election on March 3, the same year, which was a fierce battle between the three metropolitan assemblies of Sadao Koyama, Kenzo Fujimori, and Yoshio Kato, seemed to end with the election of Koyama, but on the 3th of the same month, FujimoribriberyStarting with being arrested on suspicion, by May 5th, 20 members of the Liberal Democratic Party's Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including Koyama and Kato, had two other cases concerning the chairman's election and licensing.corruptionIn every daybriberyOn suspicionArrest-ProsecutionUnprecedented "bottomless corruption" to be done[Annotation 1]It came to show the appearance of (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Black Mist Case).

The distrust of the citizens of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has increased,社会-Communist-Fairness-Private company4 parties and the Tokyo areaUnionFive members of the council are the metropolitan assemblyRecall movementOn May 5, the "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Renewal / Dissolution / Recall Promotion Headquarters" was established.Tokyo based on recall requestElection Management Committee 6/3Recall vote tonotice..However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly was hurriedly enacted under the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party and came into effect on June 6.Special Law on Dissolution of Local Government AssemblyBased on the decision to voluntarily dissolve without waiting for the expiration of the term two years later,7/14The election was held in.

This isThe Constitution of JapanIt was the first election by the voluntary dissolution of the local council below.Or laterTokyo Metropolitan Assembly ElectionTwo years later (July, two years later) from the governor's election held in the Unified Local Elections, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election came to have the meaning of an interim election for the metropolitan government.afterwards2012/From (24)2016/To (28)Shintaro Ishihara,Naoki Inose,Yoichi MasuzoeDue to his resignation during his term of office, the Tokyo Governor's election also deviated from the Unified Local Elections, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election will be held one year after the Governor's election.

Democratic Party Metropolitan Assembly 1st Party

2009/(21)7/12Made inTokyo congressist electionIt is,45th House of Representatives general electionIt was positioned as an outpost.The issue unique to Tokyo isNew Bank TokyoManagement problems,Tsukiji market relocation problem, MetropolitanChildren's hospitalIt was the abolition problem of. Ruling partyIsLDP-KomeitoThe goal is a majority,Democratic PartyIs of the metropolitan assemblyRegime changeWas the goal.The Democratic Party took a bullish stance, including 58 people and officially recognizing 8 people in Ota Ward, which has a fixed number of 4.Voter turnout is high due to high attention2005 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly ElectionIt greatly exceeded 43.99% of the total and became 54.49%.1950/Since (25), the Liberal Democratic Party has been defeated by the Democratic Party candidate in Chiyoda Ward and Chuo Ward, where it has protected its seats.MaintenanceEven in Ome City, which is said to be strong, it was defeated, and only the islands kept the seats in the one-person district.As a result, the Democratic Party of Japan, which won the top prize in 1 constituencies, jumped from 38 seats to 34 seats and became the first party, but it was not possible to secure a majority even with the cooperative consumer network.The Liberal Democratic Party lost from 54 seats to 1 seats,1965/It fell to the second party since (40).On the other hand, the Komeito was elected five times in a row because the voting bloc worked.The result was that the Democratic Party was the only one to win, with the Communist Party reducing to 2 seats and the Seikatsusha Network to 5 seats.

Passed motion of no confidence in the chair

2011/(23)10/18, On the last day of the 3rd Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Regular MeetingMuneharu WadaTo the chairNonconfidence ResolutionIs submitted and passed by the majority of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party.This is the second time that a motion of no confidence in the chair has been submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, and the first time it has been passed.

Liberal Democratic Party 1st Party Recapture and Democratic Party 4th Party Fall

2013/(25)6/23Made inTokyo congressist electionThen, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party won all the candidates and became the 1st and 2nd parties, respectively.This is the first time that the Liberal Democratic Party has been elected, and the Komeito has been elected six times in a row.On the other hand, the Democratic Party lost 6 seats and was defeated, and fell to the 15th party after the Communist Party, which greatly increased the number of seats to 17 seats.In the Third Pole, Your Party struggled with seven seats, while the Ishin no Kai officially recognized 4, but only two seats.Consumer net increased by 3 (maintaining the status quo due to the drop in recommendations), and other parties could not win seats[2].

After taking office as Governor Yuriko Koike

2016/,Tokyo Governor's election held in JulyWonYuriko KoikeIs appointed Governor of Tokyo.Since then, active movements have been seen in each parliamentary group.In December of the same year, the Komeito of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly1979/Reviewing the cooperation with the Liberal Democratic Party faction that has continued since[3]..At the end of the year, three members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party submitted a notice of withdrawal from the denomination to the Secretary-General of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party. The three held a press conference and announced that they would launch a new parliamentary group, the New Liberal Democratic Party.In addition, the policy to remain in the LDP[4].. Next day2017/In January, a political organization virtually led by Governor KoikeTomin First MeetingStarted activities as a local political party.OldEveryone's partyThree members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, who belong to the parliamentary group "Kagayake TOKYO", have notified the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly of the establishment of a new parliamentary group "Tomin First no Kai Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly" in the form of renaming "Kagayake TOKYO".[5].. In June of the same yearDemocratic PartyHowever, among the parliamentary groups in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 14 members of the former Democratic Party "Democratic Party" and the former Democratic PartyRestoration PartyJoined two parliamentary groups of the "Democratic Party Metropolitan Assembly" to form a new parliamentary group "Tokyo Reform Parliamentary Group"[6]..In addition, the new parliamentary group will send a love call to two people of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Consumer Network" and two independent people to call for participation.[7].. On February 2, two of the three people who withdrew from the "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party" and formed the "New Wind Liberal Democratic Party" submitted a withdrawal notice to the Liberal Democratic Party. Accepted and joined the Tomin First no Kai[8].

The problem of relocating the Tsukiji market to the Toyosu areaabout,2/22, At the plenary session held in the afternoon of the regular meeting of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, unanimously established a special investigation committee (2005-article committee) with strict investigation rights based on the law over a series of problems concerning the Toyosu market. It was passed unanimously.This is the seventh time in 12 years since 7 that the Hyakujo Committee has been established in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.At the time when the committee decided to purchase landShintaro Ishihara・ Former governorTakeo Hamauzu・ It is also decided to summon witnesses of the former vice-governor[9].. March 3th, on a series of issues surrounding the Toyosu marketHyakujo CommitteeIs the opening.On the first day, summon the people involved at that timeCall to witnessWent[10]..Then, the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, who decided to relocate on March 3, will be convened to summon witnesses.[11].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,2017 Tokyo ElectionsWas held, and the Tomin First no Kai, led by Governor Koike, won a big victory in which 50 out of 49 official candidates were elected.Secured 6 seats, including the additional official approval of the 55 recommended independent candidates, and seized the position of the first party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly from the Liberal Democratic Party.In addition, more than half of the forces supporting Governor Koike, such as the Komeito and Consumer Net, who cooperated in the election, won the victory.On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party ended up with 23 seats and not only fell from the position of the first party, but also suffered the worst catastrophic defeat ever, far below the 2009 seats of the 38 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.[12]..While the Communist Party absorbed the votes of the opposition to both the Abe administration and Koike Metropolitan Government and further expanded its power, the Democratic Party / Nippon Ishin no Kai was buried in the composition of "Tomin First no Kai". Restoration remains one seat as it was before the election[13]In the case of the Democratic Party, the number of seats, which was 7 before the election, decreased by 2 to 5 seats, which is much lower than the previous 2013 seats (15), which was the lowest since the former Democratic Party of Japan was formed.[14].

Koike on September 9thHope partyWhen it became clear that he would take office as the representative of the Diet and advance into the national affairs, the relationship with the Komeito deteriorated.[15]..Komeito officially declared withdrawal from the governor's ruling party on November 11[16]..On the other hand, since Tomin First alone does not reach the majority of the parliament, it is said that the Koike side is conspicuously seeking the cooperation of the Komeito.[17].



4 years.Parliamentary dissolutionIf is implemented, the term of office of members of the Diet will end even before the term of office expires.


127.The number is declining due to cost reductions, mergers of local governments, and population decline.

Selection method

Middle-election systemSingle-seat constituency systemImplemented.In the pastWalkoverThere are three cases: the Seven Islands of Izu constituency (at that time) in 1951, the Hachioji constituency in 1963, and the Kodaira constituency in 2021.[18].

Regular meeting

The number of regular meetings is set to four times a year. (Ordinance on the number of regular meetings of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly)


In some years, the schedule may not be as usual due to the resignation of the governor and the dissolution of the parliament.


The "Parliamentary Bureau" is set up as an administrative organization that assists the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.The official name is "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Bureau", not "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Bureau". (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Bureau Ordinance)

The current director is Akiko Koyama (former director of the General Affairs Bureau <Tokyo Public University CorporationDispatch>, April 2022, 4-).

  • Administration Department-Secretary Division, General Affairs Division, Accounting Division, Public Relations Division
  • Minutes Department-Bill Legislation Division, Minutes Division
  • Research Department-Management Section, Survey Planning Section

Parliamentary group

Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated partyNumber of female membersRatio of female members (%)
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party33LDP412.1
Tomin First no Kai Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly30Tomin First Meeting1033.3
Metropolitan Assembly Komeito23Komeito313
Japanese Communist Party Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly19Japan Communist Party1473.7
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Constitutional Democratic Party15Constitutional Democratic Party426.7
Independent (Tokyo Mirai)1Independent[Annotation 2]1100
Independent (Tokyo Restoration Society[Annotation 3]1Japan Restoration Party00
Independent (Regional Party Freedom Empowerment Association)[Annotation 3]1Freedom Society[Annotation 2]1100
Independent (green Tokyo[Annotation 3]1Green Party Greens Japan1100
Independent (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Consumer Network[Annotation 3]1Tokyo/ Consumer Network1100
Current employee1253931.2

* As of 2022 year 6 month 22 day[19]

Parliamentary groups with 5 or more members are given the right to ask representative questions, and parliamentary groups with 11 or more members are given the right to propose bills.

Social Democrats The2001/Since the number of seats became zero in (13), the parliamentary group has not been formed by the election of official candidates.[Annotation 4].

An example of parliamentary groups of the same name standing side by side

Your Party (Parliamentary Group "Your Party") initially formed a single parliamentary group of all seven members.2013/(25)7Surfaced aroundYoshimi WatanabeWith the representativeKenji EdaUnder the influence of the disagreement between the secretary-generals, a conflict occurred between four members of the Watanabe faction who recommended the parliamentary group secretary-general, and three members of the Eda faction who recommended the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.Eventually, four members of the Watanabe faction left the parliamentary group and formed a new parliamentary group (Your Party Tokyo), so for a while the parliamentary group bearing the name of Your Party coexisted. Was continuing[21][22]..Eda left the party at the end of the same yearUnity PartyWhen the Eda faction was formed, the three members of the Eda faction joined the Unity Party and changed the name of the parliamentary group to "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Unity Party" (later).Japan Restoration PartyUnification groupWas formed), and the coexistence state was resolved.

2016/(28) February 3Democratic PartyRestoration PartyJoinsDemocratic PartyIn response to the formation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, it was expected that the former Democratic Party of Japan, the Democratic Party of Japan, and the Japan Innovation Party of Japan would be unified, but "because the countries merged." However, it is not possible to join immediately. We have not talked yet, and I would like to think after proceeding with discussions. "(Former Democratic Party)Daisuke Ozaki・ It was postponed due to the situation (Chairman of the Democratic Party of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly).On April 4, the same year, the former Democratic Party notified the change of the parliamentary group name to "Democratic Party" and the former Restoration to "Democratic Party Metropolitan Assembly", but the denominations were not unified and there were two denominations of the Democratic Party.[23]..The following day, on February 2017, 2, this situation was resolved by the merger of the former Democratic Party "Democratic Party" and the former Restoration "Democratic Party Metropolitan Assembly" and the formation of a new parliamentary group "Tokyo Reform Parliamentary Group".[24].

2016/At the end of the year (28), three of the members of the Liberal Democratic Party's Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Liberal Democratic Party and announced that they would form a new Liberal Democratic Party.[25]..The following January, 2017, the "New Liberal Democratic Party" was formed, but on February 1, two of them left the Liberal Democratic Party and joined the Tomin First no Kai, so they became a "single party". The coexistence state was resolved by the return of the only member of the "New Wind Liberal Democratic Party" to the "Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party" on January 2, 20.[26].


Constituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstant
Adachi6Katsushika4Edogawa5Hachioji City5
Tachikawa2Musashino1Mitaka City2Ome1
Kodaira2Hino city2Nishitokyo2Nishitama2
Minamitama2Kitatama Daiichi3Kitatama No. XNUMX2Kitatama XNUMXrd3
Kitatama No. XNUMX2Island1

* The population of the Shimabe constituency is less than half of the population per member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, but it remains as a special constituency based on Article 1 of the Public Offices Election Act.The Chiyoda constituency has been excluded from the special constituency since the 271 election.[27].

* The Nishitama constituency, the Minamitama constituency, and the Kitatama first to fourth constituencies are voluntary constituencies based on Article 15, Paragraph 3 of the Public Offices Election Act.

* The fixed number allocation was changed in 2016, and the fixed number decreased by 1 in Kita Ward and Nakano Ward (both 4 → 3).The constants have been adjusted by 1 in Machida City and Kitatama 3rd constituency (Machida: 4 → 2, Kitatama 3rd: XNUMX → XNUMX).[27], Applied from the 2017 election.


Changes in constituencies

Election results

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly ElectionIt is,1965/(40), "" which originated from corruption by the election of the chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyBlack fog caseSince the voluntary dissolution inUnified local electionsHas not been implemented.Mid-year of Unified Local Elections (Ox year,Year of the Snake,Year of the rooster).also,election,House of Councilors ordinary electionIt is often held just before the election of members of the Diet (HeiseiAfter that1997/Except for2021/In that case, it has a strong character as an election that predicts the outcome of the election.

In fact, it is said that all the results of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election are directly linked to the national election immediately after, and in 1989 (Heisei 1993), the Liberal Democratic Party was defeated and the Socialist Party won. Wins. In 4 (Heisei 55), the Japan New Party made a breakthrough, the Socialist Party was defeated, and in the general election immediately after that, the Socialist Party was defeated by the new party boom centered on the Japan New Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party collapsed in 2001. In 2005 and 2, the Liberal Democratic Party kept the first party with the popularity of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi as a tailwind. Will be the arrival of. In 2009 (Heisei 21), the Democratic Party won an overwhelming victory and the Liberal Democratic Party lost a lot, which triggered a change of government in the general election immediately after. On the contrary, in 2013 (Heisei 25), the Democratic Party drastically reduced the number of seats, the Liberal Democratic Party won overwhelmingly, and the Communist Party made a leap forward.[29]..However, in 2017 (Heisei 29), this rule of thumb was overturned, and the Liberal Democratic Party, which had the lowest number of seats in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, won the general election about two and a half months later.

In the following election results, the 20th recommendation for the Komeito candidate for the first citizen of Tokyo, the 19th recommendation for the Komeito candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party in the constituency, and the recommendation for the Democratic Party candidate on the consumer net Recommendations are omitted.

21 times
2021/(3rd year of Reiwa)7/4Enforcement
 Political partyOfficial recognitionRecommendmeter
Ruling partyCitizens of Tokyo3131
Turnout: 42.39%
20 times
 Political partyOfficial recognitionRecommendmeter
Ruling partyCitizens of Tokyo497[Annotation 5]56
Communist191[Annotation 6]19
Turnout: 51.28%
19 times
 Political partyOfficial recognitionRecommendmeter
Ruling partyLDP59059
Turnout: 43.50%
18 times
 Political partyOfficial recognitionRecommendmeter
Ruling partyLDP38038
Opposition民主543[Annotation 7]54
Net21[Annotation 8]2
Turnout: 54.49%
17 times
 Political partyOfficial recognitionRecommendmeter
Ruling partyLDP48048
Turnout: 43.99%

From major members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Member of the House of Representatives (current position)
Member of the House of Councilors (current position)
Chief (current position)
Former member of the Diet and others

Successive chairs

1[30]Hideo Arima1943/1944/
2Umejiro Osawa1944/1945/
3Shugoro Uchida1945/1946/
4Shinsuke Kuwahara1946/1946/
5Shugoro Uchida1946/1947/
6Eiaki Ishihara1947/1951/
7Minichi Kikuchi1951/1952/
8Seisuke Saito1952/1953/
9Tsuneji Sasaki1953/1954/
10Kubodera Denkichi1954/1955/
11Hisakichi Shinomiya1955/1956/
12Toshiji Nakanishi1956/1957/
13Mitsugu Kamijo1957/1958/
14Nagao Shimizu1958/1959/
15Michiharu Uchida1959/1960/
16Unokichi Murata1960/1961/
17Takebe order1961/1963/
18Shoji Koyama1963/1963/
19Shigenao Okubo1963/1965/
20Sadao Koyama1965/1965/
21Tsuji Ohinata1965/1969/
22Hideo Kasugai1969/1972/
23Naoyuki Tomita1972/1973/
24Yasunosuke Daigo1973/1975/
25Hisashi Yamamura1975/1977/
26Ichiro Kono1977/1979/
27Ichiro Takahashi1979/1981/
28Genji Suganuma1981/1983/
29Tetsuo Tanabe1983/1985/
30Sadaichi Wakamatsu1985/1987/
31Nobuyoshi Kondo1987/1989/
32Motoi Ogura1989/1991/
33Koji Kobayashi1991/1993/
34Norio Okuyama1993/1995/
35Noriyuki Kumamoto1995/1997/
36Kozo Tanaka1997/1999/
37Morio Shibuya1999/2001/
38Toshiya Mita2001/2003/
39Shigeru Uchida2003/2005/
40Chuichi Kawashima2005/2007/
41Toshio Hiruma2007/2009/
42Ryo Tanaka2009/2010/
43Muneharu Wada2010/2011/
44Akihiko Nakamura2011/2013/
45Toshiaki Yoshino2013/2014/
46Naoki Takashima2014/2015/
47Shigeyuki Kawai2015/2017/
48Daisuke Ozaki2017/2019/
49Ryoichi Ishikawa2019/2021/
50Shigeki Miyake2021/

Parliamentary compensation and allowances

PositionRemunerationState affairs activity expenses
Chair1,271,000 yen per month500,000 yen per month
Vice-chairman1,147,000 yen per month
Chairman1,059,000 yen per month
Vice Chairman1,040,000 yen per month
Member1,022,000 yen per month

Parliamentary pension

Other allowances
In the past, for each day attending the plenary session and committees, 10,000 yen was paid to members of the special ward and Shimabe, and 12,000 yen was paid to members of other districts, in addition to the member's compensation. , 29 unanimously approved the abolition at the 1st plenary session[31]..Even after the cost reimbursement is abolished, the actual expenses of transportation and accommodation will be paid only to the members of the Diet who live in the island.


Akihiro Suzuki Noji problem

2014/(26)6/18,Fumika Shiomura(Your Party) during a statement on the issue of declining birthrateAkihiro Suzuki(LDP) Is "quicklymarriageI think it's better to do it, "he skipped Noji.In addition, there was a heckler from members of the Diet other than Suzuki.Asahi ShimbunTV AsahiIt was found from the result of voice analysis of the meeting place of[32].

Yasunori Oba poster peeling problem


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New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.

Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "Let's overcome this with words that describe the current situation in the world.New lifestyleIt is an important word to find out and share the wish to get through.With the support for that thought, I made it the runner-up. "In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[9].


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  1. ^ In the case of transmission on the Internet by the government, etc.
  2. ^ In newspaper reports,National newspaperAppeared on all 5 papers. etc.Block paperThen, etc.Prefectural paperThen, in what is evaluated as being equivalent to block paper, Such. In general prefecture paper,etc.



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