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🏛 | Can Japan formulate its own strategy in the US-Japan relationship that clarifies China?


Can Japan formulate its own strategy in the US-Japan relationship that clarifies China?

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Regarding the Taiwan Strait, where tensions are rising, Mr. Tanaka argues that Japan's position has been consistent with a peaceful solution since the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and for that purpose total diplomatic efforts including building trust with China are indispensable. Did.

On May 21, the speech NPO was Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, the chairman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Japan Research Institute, regarding future US-Japan relations, and the former Self-Defense Forces ... → Continue reading

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Diplomatic efforts

    Taiwan Strait

    Taiwan Strait(Taiwankaikyo) isMainland China(People's Republic of ChinaFujian Province)WhenTaiwan(Republic of China) SeparateStrait.


    The narrowest northern part of the strait, about 130 kilometers wide[1].East China SeaSouth China SeaMain connectingRouteBut also.

    International law / military

    Slightly closer to Taiwan in the center of the straitPenghu IslandsAnd among the islands scattered along the coast of mainland ChinaKinmen Island,Matsu Island TheTaiwan side Effective dominationare doing.National warLost toChinese National PartyEvacuated to Taiwan (Taiwan National GovernmentSince then, the People's Republic of China, which regards Taiwan as its own territory and aims to annex and unify it, and the Taiwanese side have faced each other politically and militarily.It is a substantial maritime military demarcation line for Taiwan and also the largest defense demarcation line that protects Taiwan from China.

    United Nations Convention on the Law of the SeaThen,WatersWidth ofBaselineTo 12nautical mile(Approximately 22 kilometers)[2]..The Taiwan Strait is about 130 kilometers even in the narrowest part[1]Nevertheless, the Government of the People's Republic of China said that the Taiwan StraitInternational watersClaims not, butUnited States Department of StateOfficially states that it does not accept this view[3].

    In the Taiwan Strait and above it, NakadaiNavy-air forceIn addition to being activeUS Navy,French navy,Royal Canadian Navy OfwarshipIs passing.The People's Republic of China has protested and warned against the navigation of these third-country warships in the Taiwan Strait, but the US Navy said, "International law"Flies and sails anywhere as far as the permit allows," the French government said, "I sail the Taiwan Strait about once a year without any accidents or reactions."[4][5][6].

    Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of ChinaIn response to a French ship sailing on the Taiwan Strait on April 2019, 4,Waters"Illegal entry into the world"[6].

    People's Republic of China started in 2016 as part of China-Taiwan unification work5 year planVia Pingtan Island, which faces the northern part of the straitUndersea tunnelIncorporated the concept of passing through[1](Including other assumed routes, "Taiwan Strait TunnelSee also).


    The natural conditions of the Taiwan Strait have four characteristics.

    1. The difference between the two banks of the strait is clear.
    West bankFujian ProvinceMost of the coast is rocky, and the coast is curved and there are many good natural ports.In addition, there are more than 300 large and small islands along the coast.
    On the other hand, Taiwan on the east coast is a sandy coast.Shallow waters are widely distributed on the flat and straight coast, and on the coast砂丘LagoonThere are many.
    2. The seafloor topography is extremely irregular.
    The water depth of the strait is not deep, and the depth of half the water area is within 50 m.The west is relatively shallow, the central and northern regions are relatively deep, and the southeastern region is the deepest.
    The seabed appears above sea level in some areas andPenghu IslandsIt forms islands and shallow waters like this.
    There is one water supply at each of the north and south ends of the strait, which leads to the deep sea.
    3. Continental climate.
    The strait is clearly influenced by the continent, with an annual temperature difference of about 12 ° C.
    The straitTaiwan Mountain RangeSince it is located in the shaded area of ​​the rain, the annual rainfall is around 1000 mm.
    4. The marine environment changes according to the season
    Each in the straitHydrologyThe elements, such as ocean currents, waves, surface water temperature, and salinity, all change clearly with the seasons.


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